Reading Eye Contact: 7 Signals She WANTS You

The internet. Home of countless hentai flicks and ‘inspiring’ quotes:

If you want to know the truth, Look into their eyes
– Pragyanshu Pandey

No clue who that dude is, but he helped me with an intro to this article.

Whether you’re talking to a beautiful lady on the street or getting to know a girl in the club or you are on a date with a señorita:

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could just tell from her eye contact if she’s into you?

Yes! So in this article, you’ll learn:

  • Reading eye contact: 7 subtle signals that show she’s interested in you
  • Why her eyes tell you more than she would want
  • How you can tell from her gaze, if she’s getting turned on
  • How to make a woman completely crazy about you with laser eye contact
  • Much more…

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Reading women’s eye contact is important

I know doubts whether a girl likes you, during a date or interaction, can demolish your romantic ambiance within seconds.

Maybe it has happened to you before. You start thinking:

  • “Does she even care about my passion for collecting Smurf figures, or am I boring her to death?”
  • “Does she actually feel comfortable in my presence?’ or
  • “Holy Mother Mary, I’d like to touch her full lips with mine. How the hell am I to know if she would reciprocate my kiss?”

Maybe she thinks that your story about Smurf fanaticism is as exciting as a moldy Chiquita banana and felt more uncomfortable with you than lying under a sewer drain…

…or she thought your date was fantastic and was disappointed that you didn’t kiss her, even though she wouldn’t have wanted anything more.

The consequence of not being able to read her eyes correctly can be, in the worst case, that she breaks off contact with you quicker than you can pronounce ‘antidisestablishmentarianism.’


Because almost all women think that a man, who lacks an understanding of her subtle signs, is unattractive.

But before you start to panic:

Calm down, bro.

About 98% of all men RANDOMLY interpret a woman’s hidden signs correctly, or via lucky guess of their intuition.

So that you can count yourself into the vanishingly low 1%, who can read her most subtle signs and act towards it socially intelligently. I’ll reveal to you one of the most important indicators of interests:

Her eyes.

In countless studies, researchers came up with an amazing insight:

Our eyes act like mood rings, which your little niece Anni once wanted for her birthday.

Depending on mood, the size of our pupils change – regardless of any influence of light.

The clue:

This happens completely subconsciously, and without us having the opportunity to do anything about it.

For you, this means that beauty in front of you can mislead you with her words, but not with her eyes.

7 eye contact signs she reveals herself with

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s explore the subtle signs she can throw at you with her blinkers.

Sign #1: Bambi’s eyes

Widened, almost sparkling pupils, surrounded by relaxed facial muscles around the eye region.

When she looks at you this way, you’re doing an excellent job, bro.

Can you read her eye contact? What do you think it means?

Research has shown that pupil dilation is an indicator of sexual arousal.

So your chosen one high-likely thinks you’re sexually attractive.

She thinks that you’re so awesome that her eyes literally can’t get enough of you – her pupils enlarge to capture more of you.

Her gaze resembles young Bambi who jumps from one colorful flower meadow to another with a thirst for adventure.


Take these two crucial factors into considerations while you’re reading eye contact:

  • Your lighting conditions: As you already probably know, the darker it gets, the larger our pupils become so that they can receive more light in order to see more clearly.
  • Her preference for LSD. Yeah, I know, you’re, of course, a responsible male homo sapiens, but if she’s mentally on a trip to rainbow city, her pupils can also enlarge.

Sign #2: Blink orchestra

Do her eyelids look almost like the wings of a hummingbird when she talks to you?

Greenlight for you, sir.

If we think a certain human being is so spiffing that he/she is sexually attracted to us, our conventional blinking turns into a blinking orchestra.

Continue with whatever you’re doing.

She loves it.

Of course, there are other ways to tell if a girl is into you.

If you need more tips on how to know when a woman is interested, check out this article:

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Sign #3: She KEEPS eye contact

“I love to fly with my level 78 orc shaman on my blue shadow eagle,” you tell her as she looks deep into your eyes with relaxed facial expressions.

It looks like she can listen to your heroic WoW adventures all the time.

Congratulations, amigo!

You’re on the right track.

A long and focused eye contact implies a lot of interest.

She likes the way you talk to her.

Keep it up!

But also, keep this in mind:

If her long eye contact language is paired with a frowning forehead, it may also be her attempt to intimidate you.

With this, she might want to test if you can deal with tension.

In this case, stay relaxed and don’t let her baffle you.

See this as a chance to show her that you’re a grounded man who can deal with doubt.

Sign #4: She breaks eye contact looking down

“Isn’t she interested in what I’m telling her anymore?” you may be wondering.

*MEEEEEEP* – with this presumption you couldn’t be more wrong.

A look down, which seems almost intimidated, shows respect for you on the one hand, but also:


This dame sitting or standing in front of you, high-likely signalizes you with this, that your presence arouses her to such an extent that she can’t even keep the tension between you two. She can’t help but look down.

Nice, huh?

So, keep going, bro! Here are 3 more signs that will help you with reading eye contact.

Sign #5: She breaks eye contact looking up

If you’re not outside and she’s neither

  • Seeing Superman outside of a window
  • Sor thinking about an answer to your question, at which time she fed her yellow-green budgie, Igor, in the morning

This sign tells you:

Whatever you’re doing right now, she thinks it’s boring.

If you keep doing what you were doing, she will not only lose attraction but also respect for you.

So, what can you do?

Revive the conversation and steer it to a different topic to change her feelings toward it.

By the way, if you want to find out how to truly master this ability – check out, these articles I’ve written for you:

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Fun Fact:

Check out this quick reading eye language guide.

Depending on the direction in which she breaks the eye contact; you can read relatively accurate, what she is trying to remember.

  • She looks to the right = auditory thoughts – she might try to remember the Tetris melody, for example
  • She looks to the left = visual thoughts – she tries to remember image; f.e. her impressions of her last trip or the color of her diarrhea yesterday)
  • She looks down to the right – she tries to remember a certain sensation (for example the euphoria during her last ‘fooding spree’ of delicious pasta in Vapiano)
  • She looks down to the left – she talks to herself (for example, when she’s comforting herself, before keeping a presentation about her work & travel year in Australia)

Sign #6: She breaks her eye contact looking to the side

Assuming she isn’t thinking about an answer, chances are high that she signalizes with this gesture a message not to be overlooked:

She thinks that whatever you are currently doing is boring as shyte.

Through looking left and right, she scans her environment for more exciting things.

It’s about time to refresh your interaction.

For example,  with the help of this:

>> What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations

Sign #7: The ‘death stare.’

Narrowed pupils surrounded by tensioned up facial muscles around the eye area.

Is she squeezing her eyes as if she’s looking at the sun or a pile of fresh dog vomit?

If your rendezvous doesn’t consist of reading projected letters on a blackboard at the ophthalmologist, she high-likely wants to signalize one of these two things…

  • …either she checks how well you can hold your frame, or…
  • … you’ve done something extremely stupid, and she wonders if you’re a lunatic.

What to do?


Don’t lose your frame and simply continue your talk while switching your topic.

If you feel that you alienated her in any way, add a statement of empathy before you switch to the next topic.

For example:

‘Excuse me, what I just said perhaps came across a bit weird… anyway... [next topic].’

Then continue as if it wasn’t a big deal because it isn’t! The chances are high that she just didn’t like the topic.

You got this, brochacho!

If you don’t want to find yourself in this situation again, here’s a list of the best topics you can talk about with a girl:

>> 15 Best Topics to Talk About with a Girl (Texting/Dates/Tinder)

How you can easily tell if she wants to sleep with you


Now you know what her eyes tell you.

If you recognize some of the positive signs mentioned above, congrats!

You’re on a formidable path.

However, even though reading her eye contact can tell you a lot, they’re solely not decisive enough to come to a clearer conclusion.

After all, she most likely has other body parts, which can be read in combination with her eye expressions.

Often arms and, in most cases, legs, with which she subtly (and most of the time super unconsciously) let you know if she actually likes you (and ultimately also can imagine having sex with you).

And you don’t have to be Alan Turing do decode them. Trust me.

Eye contact reading: An essential basis for flirting

Do you know that exotic beauty glances at you?

For a moment, she keeps deep eye contact with you, which triggers a frantic tingling in you.

You get sweaty hands, your heart starts beating enormously, and you can hardly think clearly.

With an innocent look, this lady has cast a spell on you.

And she did it without even exchanging a single word…

Damn, how does she do that?

And most importantly, how do you trigger that overwhelming feeling with the sexy senoritas of your choice?

However, being able to maintain eye contact and reading eye contact with an attractive woman is ‘just one’ of the attractive skills that will make you a women’s magnet.

“Cool, Dan, but what the hell are the other attributes of a sex-worthy man?”

Excellent question.

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You’re most welcome.

See you on the other side.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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