Are You and Your Girlfriend Compatible? Do This Relationship Test

Relationship compatibility test

We both know why you’re here.

If you have clicked on this article, chances are you are currently under a spell by a certain mademoiselle.

And after dating her you’ve noticed she’s special. A woman that stands out from the crowd.

But you want to be sure if you guys are compatible. If she relationship material. I get it.

That’s why today we cover:

  • How to do a love test to find out if she really fits you
  • Relationship compatibility test questions to probe if she actually wants to be in a relationship with you
  • 3 signs that indicate you belong together
  • How to make sure you end up in a long-term romantic relationship together
  • Much more lovely goods…

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How a relationship test can save you from a broken heart.

I don’t care if you…

  • Only have a crush on her and have hardly exchanged any words
  • Have been on one or even several dates with her
  • Are in a relationship with her

…out of your thoughts about her, there’s one that tortures you the most:


Which is why you apparently thought it was a brilliant idea to search the internet for an ultimate test.

Good idea.

After all, it can be difficult to look objectively at her – especially, if she’s extraordinarily spicy or you’re in love with her.

Your brain can be easily blinded by this so that you only see her through rose-colored glasses.

So, you begin to believe that your chosen one has no flaws and is PERFECT for you…

… Although the exact opposite might be true.

The result?

You enter an unfulfilling relationship with a lady, who wasn’t meant for you in the first place.

You may even start to tell yourself that your relationship was the smartest decision ever.

“Oh, we all have our flaws. I’ll just adapt myself to her…”

And your strategy might seem to work… at least temporarily.

She likes you because you give her the illusion that you’re a good match. She may get involved with you and form a relationship with you.

But after a while, you can’t fool her anymore.

Your true personality shines through, and you realize that you are actually anything but a superior match.

Then it all starts to crumble between you.

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The crisis soon turns into strong resentment, which later leads to impulsive arguments.

Maybe you don’t want to admit your bad decisions and tell yourself:

“Oh, arguing is part of relationships, isn’t it? It’ll be alright. I’ll just adjust myself to her a bit more.”

While you don’t realize you’re on a dark path…

By adjusting yourself further and further for her, you lose more backbone with every day.

“A man who can’t stand up for real him?”
– Her instincts whisper her.

Which might lead to your supposed soul mate losing more respect and thus also attraction for you day by day.

Your decision to disguise yourself catapults you deeper and deeper into a relationship crisis.

A crisis that can drag on for weeks, months or even years.

What a waste of time.

If you’d only have drawn a line under it sooner.

Or even better:

Prevented it from the beginning than getting involved with a woman, who is not your match.

And this is where my royal advice comes in…

The diamond love compatibility test – find out if she’s your soul mate

This test will give you a crystal clear answer.

Diamond is the hardest material on Mother Earth.

At least it seems to come close to that.


Let’s suppose that diamond is the hardest material in the world.

The next step is to think of your current beloved.

You have in mind how cute she is, the way she usually looks at you and her quirks?


Now wait for 13 seconds (yes, it must be exactly 13 seconds; otherwise it won’t work) and grab your right nostril right after that.



Now pull it firmly for 69 seconds.



How firm did it feel?

As soft as a sponge?

Stretchy like a rubber band?

Or was your nostril as hard as a diamond?

Is your answer the latter?

Congratulations, you’ve found your dream girl. You are a perfect match, and you should propose to her as soon as possible.

What, your nostril was anything but ‘hard’ like a diamond?

Pfff… bro.

You’re obviously wasting your time with a woman who is nearly not your match.

Repeat the love match test with another lady you like. Now!

Ok, fine.

Perhaps this love checker is pure nonsense.

But that’s exactly what I think about all ‘psycho tests’ that pages à la wikiHow or other third-string dating sites publish.

If you’re desperately looking for crucial questions that will help you to decide if she’s right for you, then click here…

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And give your skull a solid clip with the biggest rolling pin you can find…

In plain English:

Say goodbye to the thought of ‘needing a relationship compatibility test’ to find out how bueno a woman matches to you.

What you really need is this:

Read this first before answering the love test questions below

All men who are extraordinarily good at seducing women have one thing in common:

They experiment like maddafakkas.

And why I consider you as a fool, if you don’t do the same, I’ll explain to you with the help of a thought experiment.

Let’s say you have a weakness for pizza.

No matter what restaurant you go to… if there’s no pizza, you leave.

Because pizzas always have been reliable to you.

They’re the best meal you’ve ever tasted.

So why should you take the risk of trying something new… or order a dish that might disappoint your taste buds?

What you forget, however, is that your ‘pizza-reservedness’ makes you miss ALL the food you could possibly enjoy 100 times better.

After all, by consuming only pizza, you are only exploring a fraction of your taste buds.

So, you let yourself be constrained by the risk of having unpleasant experiences.

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While real taste explosions will stay hidden from you all your life…

What a tragedy.

I think you see where I’m going with this, amigo.

Perhaps you are firmly convinced that you know exactly the type of woman you prefer.

But if you can still count the number of dates on two hands, I highly doubt that you really know what you’re really into by now.

Having an idea is one thing.

Really knowing which women you harmonize with is something completely different.

So, if you’ve only been in a few or no relationships so far, it’s about time to venture out into the wide world and go out with all kinds of chica bonitas.

“But Dan, I don’t want to become a player!”

I understand.

And don’t see it as being a player. What you’re actually doing is going for what you deserve. And that is nothing less than the absolute best match for you.

The only thing that meeting a lot of women does is preventing unhealthy, toxic, doomed-to-fail relationships.

Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Do the following:

  1. Go out and meet women in everyday situations
  2. Flirt with them in the most attractive way. Authentic and natural
  3. Take them on memorable dates

Done or put on the to-do list?


Then you’re ready for the next passages.

The holy trinity of your outstanding matches and date line-up

As soon as you start going out with women regularly, you will gradually find out what you appreciate more about them and what you tend to dislike.

But the further you go in your ‘seduction journey’, the more Mademoiselles will be interested in you and will be in your life.

Under these conditions you’re confronted with a real first world problem:

“Which woman is most worthy of my time?”

Is it the one…

  • That makes your heart race in particular?
  • You have most things in common with?
  • Who adores you the most?

Listen, bro.

For this purpose, I’ll now give you three crucial relationship test questions with which you can find your diamond among all the jewels.

Put your seat belt on.

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Test #1: Be shameless…

If you are a responsible, courageous, and shameless man, you aren’t afraid to confront fellow men with radical honesty.

  • You dislike something? Then you say it.
  • Did you make a mistake? Then you take responsibility for it and look for ways to fix it.
  • Do you like something that might seem nerdy or feminine in the eyes of others? You don’t care – you still shamelessly share it with everyone you want to.

Is this exactly how you behave towards your potential chosen one without her condemning you for your inner truth?


Does she even act exactly like that towards you?

Then, my friend, this is an excellent indicator that this woman is GF / waifu material.

I mean, why would you even surround yourself with people who condemn your most honest, sincere and authentic self?


There’s no goddamn reason to do this.

Especially when it comes to a partner with whom you want to spend months, years, maybe even your whole life with.

So, watch out for this.

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Test #2: Is she a muse?

“In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the Muses (Ancient Greek: Μοῦσαι, Moũsai, Modern Greek: Μούσες) are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, lyric songs, and myths that were related orally for centuries in ancient Greek culture”
– Wikipedia

Tell me, do you recognize your lady in this?

Is she a woman who inspires you to do your best – but who is also inspired by you to become her best version?

Then – with high probability – you found the right match.

If a certain person didn’t exist, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article today (spoiler: It is not Jesus Christ).

I’m talking about an ex-girlfriend.

She helped me overcome my last self-doubts and motivated me to pursue my actual dream.

By the way, if you are reading this, my dear, countless men are grateful that you did this.

And for you, bro, it should be crystal clear by now what I mean by that point.

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Test #3: Dealing with trauma

Almost every person on this planet has had at least one traumatic experience.

Don’t believe me?

In this study of the World Mental Health Institution, 68,894 participants from 24 different countries of 6 different continents were asked whether they had been confronted with traumatic experiences in their lives.

In the process, 26 trauma categories were created in which experiences such as life-threatening situations, serious injuries or sexual violence were classified.

The result?

For 70% of all respondents, at least one of the above events occurred.

A total of 30.5% of them experienced at least 4 of the above-mentioned extreme cases.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, because your chosen one (and possibly you as well) has most likely had traumatic experiences that have changed her afterward.

Yeah, maybe your flame had a tough past where…

  • She has experienced a dramatic divorce of her parents
  • One of her parents or another person close to her unexpectedly became seriously ill or died
  • She has been abused or raped
  • She was the victim of a drama-fueled relationship or had gotten involved with a violent partner

Events that could easily cause her to…

  • Lose her self-esteem and make her hate herself
  • No longer wanting to engage in relationships (as a protective mechanism)
  • Be paranoid during relationships with men

But if she is NOT determined by them despite this, it’s a huge indicator that you could be incredibly well-matched (assuming you share the same bossy behavior).

If she doesn’t allow herself to be constrained by past misfortunes, it’s a sign that she is convinced that she deserves a good life – which is why she creates it proactively. (Which, by the way, you can also see in her by means of a positive environment)

So, your lady seems to be emotionally stable, which is essential for healthy, drama-free and fulfilling relationships, duuuuuh.

Relationship Test Questions: Result = We (don’t) match… Now what?

You couldn’t answer any of the questions above with a clear ‘Hell yeah, that’s us!’?

Then you’re probably not a good match…

And secretly, you already know what to do in this case:

Get to know other beautiful women who can’t wait to meet a confident man like you.


Could you find two or even all three indicators in your relationship?

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You seem to be a perfect match.

This wonderful ma’am offers you exquisite conditions for a fulfilling relationship.

So, what can you do now?

Depending on whether you’re already with her or not.

Either you make her your girlfriend or you deepen your existing relationship to an unprecedented level.


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As easy as that.

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You’re welcome,
Dan de Ram

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