The 7 Most Common Relationship Problems and Their Solutions

Almost every couple has them…

Relationship problems.

They can arise when you have been together for a long time, but they also occur in relationships that are fresher than mint.

Whatever applies to YOUR relationship, it is important that you get your relationship conflict under control as soon as possible.

A boss does not let women ruin his life. As the wise Jay Z says in one of his rap songs, “I got 99 problems, but a bitch aint one.”

After this article, I want you to be able to say that.

What you will discover:

  • I covered it all: The most common relationship problems and solutions
  • My #1 secret tip to reawaken the feeling of being in love
  • How to win every argument (only use this responsibly!)
  • Why the woman is never to blame (and why that is a good thing)
  • How you give her the best sex she ever had (and why that solves many relationship problems)
  • How to overcome relationship problems in communication
  • And many more tips on relationship challenges…

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Quick note:

Every time I will start of with one of the most common relationship challenges. And then also give a solution to the problem.

So you’re getting to see both the origin of the relationship problems and solutions

Let’s go!

Problem #1: You missunderstand her


It is no secret that there are fundamental differences between men and women.

In childhood these are very manageable: man → penis, woman → vagina.

Then Mr. Puberty comes along and says, “Nope, you can’t go on like this.”

The result?

A grown man and a mature woman, both very different in their nature…

and they do not understand each other.

The #1 relationship mistake many men make is:

They treat their partner as they themselves would like to be treated.

This is a big fat mistake…

It’s like filling up a diesel car with gasoline, just because you drive a gasoline car yourself.

I mean you can do that, but you’ll find that it doesn’t work. Ultimately, you’ll wreck the engine.

A relationship conflict as an example:

The woman storms into the living room and is furious. The man does not understand the problem. Firstly, it is not so bad and secondly it is already over and there is nothing you can do about it.

The woman is annoyed, meets up with her female friends, and complains about the fact that her husband just doesn’t understand her.

Solution #1: Learn to understand women

The man is solution-oriented.

The woman wants to feel understood.

Sometimes, the nature of a woman seems as uncontrollable as a stormy ocean. How can one ever understand them?

However, if you do not allow yourself to be distracted by the superficial waves, and explore the bottom of the ocean, you will begin to understand women.

Fortunately, I did it for you in this article:

>> 7 Keys To Unlock Female Psychology and Understand Women

Problem #2: She played foul game

This is huge relationship challenge. It can happen to you even if you do everything right.

Sorry, bro. People cheat.

A large survey has found that no less than 20% of married men and 13% of married women have cheated on their partner at least once. When you look at non-married couples, the infidelity rate is even higher.

But I’m here to help.

The first thing you need to think about is whether you’re ready to forgive your girlfriend.

No, that’s not the tip I’m about to give you to prevent cheating. It’s what you need in case you fail to implement my genius tips.

I know this is not the most popular opinion, but people make mistakes.

If she cheated on you, there’s a good chance you fucked up in some way… but that does not have to be the case necessarily.

If you observe the sexual behavior of primates (genetically we are so similar to these creatures that it is scary), it is not a miracle that she cheated on you… It’s more of a miracle when she hasn’t.

Never be arrogant enough to think that humans are better.

And let’s be honest.

If you go to a bar tomorrow, pour ten liters of beer down your throat, and a hot Instagram model sits on your lap to whisper in your ear:

“Hey. Where are you spending your night later?”

Will you have enough self-control to say:

“I have a girlfriend, so no thanks!”



But statistically, at least one in four men doesn’t.

>> My Girlfriend Cheated on Me – 5 Ways This Can Be a Good Thing

Solution #2: Be an excellent partner

What I am about to tell you doesn’t sound particularly sexy, is easier said than done, and can’t always prevent cheating.

However, it’s the best solution to this relationship problem:

Be the best men she could ever get.

How do you do that?

By refilling her love tank every day… while remaining a boss at heart.

So pay enough attention to her without sacrificing your manhood.

If you want to keep her, you have to show effort. Give her nice dates. Surprise her. Do not spend too much time with her, but make the time you have with her the most epic hours of her life.

Showing effort does not mean that you have to do what she says. Women don’t know what they want. It’s up to you to figure that out and give it to her. If you become her slave, your attraction will go down the drain and she will find herself a REAL man.

Luckily we have this annoying relationship problem out of the way. Time to continue.

Pro tip:

Wondering how to be the combination of an attractive guy, and still having the empathy and care women seek.

In short, the most magnetic combination you can have.

Check out my Transformation Kit and become the man women desire.

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Problem #3: Things go from bad to worse

A relationship is like a muscle.

Without occasional micro-cracks it cannot grow stronger.

Therefore, arguing/ fighting over things is not only unavoidable, it’s even necessary.

Here are things that will inevitably cause massive relationship problems:

  • Never seeking confrontation out of fear it could harm the relationship
  • Always agreeing, even though you are against it
  • Hoping that the problem will disappear by itself with time

I have a female friend who complains about her boyfriend every time we meet.

“He always acts like everything’s fine. Can’t he see I’m mad? This can’t be?!”

Can you spot a relationship conflict arising from this? Oh, I sure can.

Let’s look at the solution:

Solution #3: How to address things properly

Relationships would be so much easier if men spoke the language of women, and women the language of men more often.

If you have a problem with one of your partner’s behaviors, and you absolutely do not want to leave it unspoken, then there is a good and a bad way.

Let’s start with the bad way that leads to shattered plates and picking up your clothes in the garden the next day:

  • Criticizing your girlfriend
  • Continuously responding cold-heartedly
  • Avoiding the discussion
  • Blaming her

Don’t do that.

It doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

Whose fault is it that the dog ran away? The man who should have been watching him? The woman who didn’t feed him in the morning? The dog because he is as dumb as shit? The cyclist the dog chased? The repairman who still hasn’t fixed the garden fence?

You can spend months and months dealing with the question of guilt, only to find that you haven’t made any progress.

Guilt is nothing more than a socially acceptable concept to hand over responsibility.

It is never your fault, but it is always your responsibility.

Responsibility = a duty to take care of something

So let’s continue with the good path that ensures hot reconciliation sex:

  • Focusing on the problem itself, not on a person’s error
  • Restraining from digging up old arguments that are not relevant anymore
  • Taking a deep and conscious breath in and out before you answer (this works wonders)
  • Having the goal in mind: it is about solving the problem, not about identifying who is guilty

Stop abusing language to get what you want. You may not know exactly what you want yourself. Instead, articulate carefully what you believe to be true.

If you do that, what happens afterward – whatever it is – is the best thing that can happen. All you have to do then is to stand there with your shoulders back and let the result come to you.

Problem #4: The trust is gone

A relationship without trust is like sex without condom. It does work without, but it usually ends up with nothing but problems.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a woman who was very jealous, you know how annoying that is.

If you have ever been very jealous, and your girlfriend was constantly surrounded by guys, you know how annoying that is.

There could be many reasons why she doesn’t trust you or vice versa:

  • Maybe you hide your whereabouts at night from her more often
  • Maybe you cheated on her with her sister (they look so damn similar…)
  • Maybe one of you suffers from fear of loss

Today I will not delve deeper into the psychological origins of fear of loss. All that is important for today is that you understand how toxic jealousy and distrust are to your relationship.

Solution #5: How to build trust

Sometimes there’s a good reason why you don’t trust your girlfriend.

But if there is no reason, it is important that you do not get on her nerves too much.

If it is the other way around, and she mistrusts you for no reason, you don’t have to show any tolerance. Make her understand that her jealousy is unattractive, and that she will eventually lose you if she continues to behave like this.

Most men try to build trust by saying things like:

“Honey, I would never cheat on you!”

“You’re the only one for me, I swear!”

“What do you think of me? I’m not that guy!”

Avoid this.


It’s good that you want to build trust, but you don’t succeed by downplaying how attractive you are to other women.

Women secretly want other women to find you attractive. Who wants a partner whose “market value” is lower than the intellectual level of TV shows on weekdays?

Still, this creates a bit of a paradoxical relationship problem.

Here’s the solution:

  • Don’t take her drama too seriously: In the end, she only shows that she loves you, and is afraid she might lose you.
  • Be transparent: If her whining never stops, give her your smartphone, and let her read your messages.
  • If you don’t trust her, you’ve had too few women: Many men are scared that they might lose their girlfriend, and not be able to find a new one. The result: pathological jealousy. Consider that it might be you, not her.
  • Ask her to be transparent: make her understand that it is impossible for you to be jealous if she tells you who she is texting or meeting up with.

>> Find Out Her Loyalty to Your Relationship With These 11 Signs

Problem #6: You are no longer in love with each other

Remember the early days when you cracked a walnut with your head just to see her beautiful smile?

Every day began and ended with a thought about her. Butterflies in your stomach? Bitch please. With her, those were elephants.

But routine everyday life has thumbed out the fire that was blazing between you.

And it’s happening faster than you think.

The reasons?

  • You take her for granted
  • You stopped flirting with her
  • You no longer go on exciting dates

Your favorite dating coach elDano once had a similar experience.

I was writing the article “35 Exciting Date Ideas: How to Have an Unforgettable Date” when I noticed that I hadn’t taken my then girlfriend out this way for a long time.

I thought to myself: Wait a minute. Just because I have a girlfriend now doesn’t mean that I can’t have that exciting feeling from the initial dating.

I acted before this turned into a big relationship challenge.

Here’s what I did:

Solution #6: Exciting dates

“Honey. Get dressed, we’re heading out.”

“But where to?”

“You’ll see. Come now.”

We spontaneously drove to an adventure park and it really felt like it was back then.

In a way, we became addicted to it. We regularly took time for spontaneity and adventure and both our relationship and our sex benefited from it.

I then sat down on my butt, hit the keys and wrote an article about it so YOU can benefit from it 😉

>> 39 Fun Things To Do Your with Girlfriend That Will Make Her Happy

Problem #7: Your sexlife is dull

Isn’t it crazy that we rather have hot, wild and experimental sex with a stranger than with the partner we love and trust?

I know few couples who still fuck as if there was no tomorrow.

And that’s too bad.

Some even have so little and so dispassionate sex that they begin to lie to themselves and say:

“Sex is not important to us. We love each other.”

Tzzzz. As if sex wasn’t important…

I always say that if the sex between you is good, it improves the relationship by 20%. But if it’s bad, it makes the relationship 80% worse.

So it’s a good idea to get your sex life back to porn star level.

Solution #7: Become a sex god

Every sex god should have a few nasty secret weapons in his arsenal, with which he has the woman completely in his hands.

If your girlfriend doesn’t claw into your skin, doesn’t throw her head back in pleasure, and doesn’t moan your name, then maybe you haven’t found those secret weapons for yourself yet.

Every woman likes different things in bed, which means: The more experimental and open-minded you are, the more likely you are to discover the methods that will brutally excite your partner.

Try the following things:

  • Dirty Talk
  • Dominant sex
  • Variation (from tender to wild to romantic to dirty)
  • Tantra
  • Extremely long foreplay (I understand that you only want to pump a few times, but women need their time to get into the right mood)
  • Open relationship (again, this is not a popular advice, but if you want it, it can really boost your sex life)

Bonus tip: Sharpen your blade

I’ve seen it happen again and again:

There are men whose flirt skills were once as sharp as the blade of a samurai sword…

But since they are in a relationship, they are as dull as a butter knife.

They have become boring, humorless and limb.

What happened to those lions? Why did they allow themselves to become sheep?

Whether you’re in a relationship doesn’t matter. If your flirt skills remain so sharp that they go through your partner’s bitch-shield like butter, then you’re creating so much attraction that there is no room for relationship problems.

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See you there.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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