10 Romantic Date Ideas to Make Him/Her Melt For You

I’ve had enough of this bullsh!t.

Again and again, I see dates sitting wordlessly across each other in fancy-schmancy restaurants, while she pokes her pasta as he clamps the next piece of his Funghi pizza between his cheeks.

How they silently sit together in the cinema, while a third-class schmaltzy flick is projected onto the screen.

What am I talking about?

Well, of wannabe-romantic-dates that actually neither remember afterward.

And yet every average Joe has these melatonin-shot dates, research tells us


We both know that you can do better.


With original date ideas from this article.

How and why I show you in this article:

  • 10 of the most romantic date ideas
  • The crucial difference between a run-of-the-mill and a memorable date
  • How a goat can help you cast a spell over your chosen one
  • How you can surprise your date with a simple twist
  • Romantic date ideas for at home, during the day or night, or if you don’t have much to spend
  • My #1 insider romance tips to make your lady crazy about you

An innovative romantic date not only increases the chance of your date falling head over heels in love with you.

With an original date, you’ll also be able to spice up your current relationship.

Let’s go!

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The romantic date ideas of the average Joe

“F%#K,” he thinks, “IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW.”

She looks into his eyes, while they say goodbye in front of the café where they were supposed to meet.

He timidly moves his mouth towards her full lips and then it happens…

“You’re a super nice man, but I really just see you as a good friend.”


Not cool.

I feel this man’s pain.

Joe had the most positive intentions.

What the hell just went wrong – and why do most dates go 1:1 the exact same way?

I’ll tell you through an insight I had a few years ago after countless unsuccessful dates:

Problems (à la Friendzone blow out) at the end of the date…

… are caused by mistakes at the beginning of the date.

The problem is not that Joe tried to kiss his chosen one at the end of the date.

The reason for flick failure of his date is that his rendezvous was more predictable than an action flick, in which Vin Diesel plays a part.

Every attractive woman has been on countless uncreative café, movie or restaurant dates.

She knows exactly what to expect…

Why you want to be original on your dates

“His name was Ben.

It was our first date – and my God… we had SO MUCH FUN.

First, we went on a boat trip through a river with a sundae in our hands.

At sunset we had some cocktails on the shore.

There my feelings went crazy: I couldn’t help but kiss him.

Later in the evening we went to a bar where he knew they had ping-pong tables.

He challenged me to a game.

After our match we ate a pizza and he walked me home like a gentleman.

I was flabbergasted – Ben offered me by far the best date I’ve ever had.

I have to see him again.”

I found this magical story in a popular women’s forum.

What do you think, bro?

What is one of the biggest reasons why Ben’s Date was crowned with glorious success compared to Joe’s?


In contrast to Joe, Ben offered his lady two decisive things:

  • Originality: Shovelling some scoops of ice cream in an ice cream parlour is a nice idea – however grabbing some ice cream in order to spice up your boat tour… That, dear broski, puts that ordinary idea into a way more exciting context. And with that to the next LEVEL.
  • Dynamic: First a boat tour, then a relaxing-session at the beach, followed by a table tennis match. With location-switches like that you do not only get the feeling you spent more time with each other than you actually have. You also convey a more memorable impression to your date.

And with romantic date ideas you can easily summon both of these powerful effects, I show you…


Romantic date idea #1: Jungle Fever

Penguins, which juicily slap each other.

Watching zookeepers almost being eaten during lion feeding.

Chimpanzees bombarding each other with their own excrements.

Mmmh… what could be more romantic than a visit to the zoo?

Okay, jokes aside.

Are you enthusiastic about the species-rich world of animals?

Your date thinks koalas are sweeter than sugar?

Then bro, a visit to the zoo is just the right thing for you!

Stroll along the compounds with a refreshing popsicle, while you gain unforgettable impressions.

Watch majestic elephants cooling each other down with their trunks.

Admire the elegance of black panthers or the color-orchestra of chameleons.

Moreover, the zoo also has dozens of park benches and flower fields (especially during spring) where you can enjoy your well-earned break after your discovery tour.

Pro tip:

Many zoos have small compounds where you can pet and feed cuddly goats. Here you can come closer to each other easily while creating secret plans to smuggle some of the furry creatures home.

Romantic Date #2: Park Walk 2.0

Take a set of UNO cards, a frisbee disk and a bag of grapes – et voilà:

Ready is the foundation for an outstanding date in the park.

  • Inhale the pure air of mother nature, as you duel for fame and glory on a cozy park bench in an epic UNO tournament
  • Challenge the sportiness of your date in a frisbee match
  • Snuggle up to each other while feeding a duck family

The park offers you ideal opportunities to get into deep conversations.

After all, you’re surrounded by the most flowering fauna in your area and can find tons of places you can be by yourself.

Now, I know it can be hard to come up with things to talk about with a girl.

If you need some tips about how to keep the conversation flowing, check out this article:

>> What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations

Idea #3: Drive-In & Chill

Start your engine and vacuum clean your car well:

Tonight, you have a cinema date in a class of its own!

Enjoy epic blockbusters on a 15-meter-high screen while you make yourself comfortable with homemade popcorn.


Since you are all by yourselves, you can concentrate on the ‘real film’:


Insider tip:

On the page ‘DriveInMovie.com’ you can foolproofly find the closest drive-in theatre in your region.

Secure yourself and extraordinary experience, champ. 😉

And afterward, you can continue your romantic date idea at home for example.

Date idea #4: Camping Deluxe

You’ve been dating for a while, maybe you’ve had wild sex or are already in a relationship?

With this adventure, you can also jazz up your relationship.

Grab a cozy tent with an air mattress, blankets and borrow the fire basket from uncle Jeff.

Today you two are exposing yourself to the endless wild.

With marshmallows and bonfire bread, you can not only let your souls dangle and make plans together how you will seize absolute world domination.


You can simultaneously practice intense coitus under a crystal-clear starry sky.

How can it be even more romantic? 😉

Romantic date idea #5: Play tourists in your own city

This is a perfect romantic date idea near you.

You both don’t have any money or time for a city trip?

But you are still longing for a discovery tour?

Then I have a unique idea for you:

Play tourists in your own city for one day.

Throw yourself into the most ridiculous stereotypical tourist garments and explore the sights of your city as if you were seeing them for the first time.

Extra tip for MAXIMUM tourist vibes:

Search for boat / bus city tours near your location.

You’ll be surprised how little you actually know about your city!

Of course, coming up with an original date idea is great, but you also want to be able to have interesting conversations with her.

Want to learn how to never run out of things to say on a date? Check out this article:

>> 15 Best Topics to Talk About with a Girl (Texting/Dates/Tinder)

Romance date #6: Dinner… with a Twist

For romantic date ideas at home, you want to try this one.

Write your beauty you want to take her out nobly and tell her to dress sexy.

Of course, you also dress up (for example by wrapping your body in a jacket with a shirt).

But when you pick her up, you don’t just go to a snotty place with her.


You take her to the nearest supermarket.

Ideally, you should look for a simple dish before your date, so that you can shop unerringly.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ve already prepared everything:

  • Your dining table is pompously laid
  • Drinks are chilled in an ice bucket
  • The candles are placed beautifully

Watch as the eyes of your girl sparkle and how she can’t wait to get you as dessert…

Date idea #7: Picnic on the beach

Whether at the Atlantic Ocean, a lake or other waters.

Grab a blanket with a picnic basket and fill it with tasty wraps, fresh fruits and a colorful salad.

Watch kite and windsurfers row into Nirvana as you feel the soft sand under your feet.

If you want to be super creative, spin your picnic like this:

Go out on your date under the pretext of going for a walk on the beach.

But before you meet her, hide a prepared picnic basket and a blanket under dense bushes.

While you are strolling along the “magic bush”, point out to her:

“Do you see that in the bush too? …No? I’m quite sure something’s there.”

You go to the bush – and boom:

Your hand pulls out the full basket and the cuddly blanket.

You will hardly see a more surprised face than the one your lady reveals to you at that exact moment.

Restaurant Date #8: Kaiten-Zushi

Fresh fish + vegetarian cuisine – as much as you want?

With this date idea, the twist is already hidden in its name.

Kaiten-Zushi originates from Japan and means something like circulating Sushi.

All you need to know is that these fancy yet extremely affordable restaurants where serve sushi on assembly lines for self-service.

You can find them easily via your bro Google.

I could truly sing a song about how incredible a trip to a good Kaiten sushi restaurant can be.

To spare you that, I’ll tell you a short story:

I went out with Laura.

Curly platinum blonde hair, emerald green eyes and a body, with which she could even compete with Kate Upton.

Laura was as hot as fire.

I decided to take her to the closest Kaiu sushi restaurant after a fruity cocktail in a lounge.

Even though raw fish wasn’t something for her, there was a huge selection of Asian dishes that appealed to her.

Because she couldn’t eat with chopsticks, I fed her.

We laughed and fooled around.

I taught her how to handle the wooden sticks as more and more sexual tension crept in.

Afterward, she invited me to a “coconut water” at her apartment…

Later she told me that she had never had so much fun in a restaurant before.

So, bro – you know what to do!

Do you also have a first date planned with a beautiful girl?

Good on you, man.

I wrote an article about first dates, so if you’re wondering how to have a bullet-proof first date check it out:

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Idea #9: Riding a pedal boat

The sunbeams kiss your skin, a cool breeze is in the air and you steer straight into the sunset.

You have rented a pedal boat and row into the evening in absolute relaxation.

With a rucksack packed with delicate provisions, you appreciate the pureness of nature.

There’s just you, the boat and some grass frogs quacking around.

The perfect setting to get more physical.

Thing is, if you want to get more physical, you need to be able to create a connection with her.

How do you do that? I got you, brother:

>> How To Make A Connection: 7 Tips To Easily Connect With Girls

Romantic date idea #10: IKEA Life Simulation

You want romantic date ideas cheap? Choose this one.

Yeah, bro – you read it right “IKEA Life Simulation”.

A former girlfriend of mine was crazy about a romantic movie called 500 Days Of Summer.

In one sequence of the film, the actors spent some quality time in an IKEA showroom pretending to live there.

She always wanted to experience the same adventure.

So, during a date with her, we decided to ‘accidentally’ drive along a nearby IKEA.

And not so accidentally, I went in with her.

We looked for a showroom house and made themselves comfortable there.

We hung up our jackets on a clothing stand and I served my chica a delicious piece of plastic cake.

We completely emerged into their roles.

The best part was when some other IKEA customers came into our ‘house’.

I greeted them with open arms, gave them a room tour and offered them imaginary cups of coffee.

An older woman even thought we were employees.…

‘Do you work here?’, she wondered.

‘No, ma’am, what a strange question, we LIVE here’, I replied.

After 20 minutes, we decided to watch a movie in my apartment.

500 Days of Summer of course.

That day I fulfilled all her fantasies.

She was overwhelmed by my creativity.

That’s exactly what you can do too by surprising your date with a spontaneous roleplay in a nearby IKEA.

Even Freud knew that fulfilling fantasies makes an impact on a lady

With an ‘I still need a lamp for my apartment, as stylish as you look, you can certainly help me find a fitting one. ;)’, this date idea can be easily threaded in.

Have fun with your adventure!

The #1 insider tip for successful romantic dates

Alrighty, bro.

Now you know 10 unique romantic date ideas with which you can create memorable moments with your queen. You do these romantic date ideas for her.

Ingenious ideas, however, are only half the battle:

If you don’t have a clue how to seduce an attractive woman, even the most innovative dates will take you to the scariest place of our blue planet:

The hellfire of the friendzone.

(And if you’re in a relationship: You struggle to keep your girlfriend if you don’t know how to seduce her constantly.)

And in that place, you probably don’t want to end up (otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this article).

Yeah, Dan, you’re right. Duuuh’. But how the hell do I do that?”

Excellent question.

I’ll tell you by giving you my #1 flirting tips in the form of a free document.

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If you just want to speculate and mentally masturbate about the idea of implementing them, they aren’t for you.



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Your bro,
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