9 Creative Ways to the Perfect Romantic Evening Together

romantic evening

You have an evening date with a beautiful woman.

And this isn’t any attractive lady.


She shares the same enthusiasm for Matchbox cars, likes classical triangle music and has the same penchant for dad jokes as you do.

Holy f*ck – she could be your soul mate!

And exactly because you find her so eerily fantastic, you want to bless her with an incomparable evening.

So, what do you do?

You research original date ideas.

Because hot women are simply fed up with going out on run-in-the-mill dates again and again.

They don’t want to spend three and a half hours straightening their hair, putting on their best make-up and squeezing themselves into sexy outfits to end up in a pitch-black cinema (where the sound alone makes it impossible to get to know each other).

Even if you’re already in a relationship with a wonderful woman, creative dates are crucial for an essential thing:

Long-lasting love and happiness.

All too often I see how countless men enthusiastically change their Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’, but ironically stop from that day on with keeping their relationship exciting.

The consequence?

Their relationship is more short-lived than a mayfly.

On the other hand, if you know exactly how to create unforgettable dates, something great will happen:

  1. your dates long for seeing you again because you offered them an incredible time
  2. your partner (as far as you’re in a relationship) does her best to not lose you, because she simply can’t imagine someone else who can give her the same experiences

So, that from today on you are no longer groping in the slough of unknowingness, I show you:

  • 5 Romantic evening date ideas to vibe the night away
  • How you can transform Mother Nature into your wingman
  • How Mexican maracas can help you turn your girl on
  • A practical romantic evening idea to experience the best sex of your life
  • My #1 flirt tips, with which you drive her crazy about you
  • Much more insights for a romantic evening…

Let’s go!

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Romantic evening idea #1: Sleepover 2.0

Overnight stays at hotels? Pfff, overrated level = over 9,000.

If you want to upgrade the bond between you and your chica, I recommend the following:

Spend a night with her at an extraordinary place.

Be it in…

  • An Indian tipi
  • A treehouse
  • A railway wagon
  • Or in a Mongolian yurt

You can hardly offer your grace a more memorable experience.

“Really Dan, how the hell am I supposed to find any of your suggestions??”

Relax, cowboy – you don’t have to attack the next train and throw the driver and his guests out of the windows…

Adventure portals such as NoLimits24 offer affordable excursions for an unusual night out.

For example, you can even spend the night in a converted igloo.

You don’t have a penny to spare right now?

No problemo, muchacho.

Grab a tent with a comfortable air mattress, blankets, and pillows and borrow your neighbor’s fire basket.

With this equipment, you can easily spend a fantastic night in the wilderness.

With stick bread and crispy sausages, you can philosophize about life and leave all your cares behind.

Besides, there is hardly anything more romantic than passionate sex under a crystal clear starry sky.

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Romantic evening idea #2: Haute cuisine @ home

Tonight, we’re going out. I’ll pick you up at 7:00. P.S. Put on that red dress in which you look so incredibly sexy.

With these promising sentences, you introduce a date idea that has no equal.

But before you put on your finest jacket, do the following:

  • Step 1 – Clean up your apartment: It may sound strange, but sweat-soaked tennis socks and molding chicken nuggets on dirty plates, destroy any potential romantic ambience…
  • Step 2 – Set your dining table: That doesn’t mean you should spread 50,000 rose petals all over the house like a flower girl on LSD. Less is more. You can find excellent inspiration over here.
  • Step 3 – Choose a simple dish on a page like ‘allrecipes’: Whether it’s spaghetti with tomato sauce or potatoes with bratwurst… This idea isn’t about impressing her with a five-star cuisine. Choose a dish that you can prepare together quickly and easily.
  • Step 4 – Chill the drinks: Whether you both have a soft spot for red wine, homemade cocktails or orange juice. If they’re warm as piss they won’t taste nicely. So, make sure you put them in a bucket filled with ice cubes and put them into the fridge.
  • Step 5 – Create an epic playlist: No matter if you use Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music Unlimited or whatever… In the 21st century, we Homo Sapiens enjoy the privilege of creating stunning playlists in minutes. But don’t forget to add your favorite songs for that extra ‘Oh my God, you’ve thought of everything!’ effect

All steps done?


After you’ve dressed up, it is time to pick up your beloved señorita.

Without losing any comment about the name of the supposed restaurant, you first drive straight with her to the closest supermarket.

“I forgot to buy a few things I need for home, and since we’re so close… We’ll continue our journey in three minutes.”

Since you already have the dish for your haute cuisine on your mind, you determinedly buy the necessary ingredients.

After your shopping you drive her to the actual ‘snob-restaurant’:

Your apartment.

“I’ll just take this stuff upstairs.”

Arrived in your apartment, you take the last steps to finish up your prepared undertaking:

  • You light the candles placed in the right order
  • You put the ice-cold drinks on the table
  • You play the music on your sound system

“I need your help for a second.”

As you walk into your home holding hands, your chosen one gradually grasps your secret idea.

Observe how her jaw drops to the earth’s core and enjoy a romantic evening at home.

You want more tips for cooking date ideas?

No problem – here you can find my true ‘Magnus Opus’ for unforgettable romantic candlelight dinners:

>> How to Make a Cooking Date More Epic than Any Date She’s Had

Romantic evening idea #3: Night picnic in your own garden

That must be it.

As it’s constellated…

Yes, I see it clearly!

The Pole Star.

What, it’s moving?

Uh, nevermind… it’s just a plane.

Grab a cuddly blanket and tell your señorita to bring some fruits.

Tonight, my dear bro, it’s picnic night.

Interpret the wildest things while watching constellations as you sit on the ground of Mother Nature.

Pro tip:

Is there some space left in your picnic basket? Then pack some juices and spirits to mix exotic cocktails in paper cups. You can find simple recipes for this easily via your homey Google.

Romantic evening idea #4: Deluxe theme night

Unpack your maracas, amigo – today it’s ‘Viva la México!’

Take your chica to a burrito bar and celebrate your theme night.

Then you buy delicious Tetra Pak Sangria in the next shop and enjoy it at home while you throw yourself into ponchos and put on sombreros.

Dance to La Cucaracha the hottest tango of your life and take the theme night to the next level by doing the following:

Trying out Mexican sex positions.

On the page ‘sexpositions.club’ you can find the most wicked positions that the infinite vastness of the entire Internet has to offer.

For example, the ‘Mexican Halloween‘ position that matches the theme evening.

So, there are NO limits to your romantic night at home.

Insider tip:

If you enter ‘theme party Ideas from A to Z’ at Google you’ll find original inspirations for further memorable theme evenings.


Romantic evening idea #5: Self-made spa

You had a hard day and feel tenser than a smurf that just escaped Gargamel?

Then this idea is a true gift from the relaxation gods.

Rip your clothes off and rub yourself with the frying fat of your great-grandmother’s fryer (or almond oil):

It’s spa time!

Begin with giving each other passionate body massages.

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By the way, if you want to learn how to spoil your lady by every trick in the book, watch this:

After you’ve loosened up your steel-hard muscles, you’ll move your spa to the next location:

The bathroom.

Run a hot bath and put a bath bomb in it.

A fine bottle of champagne and a chocolate fondue prepared with fruits enhances the ambiance tremendously.

After this soothing trip to the bathroom, you can finally end your phenomenal evening in the bedroom to relax even the last parts of your body.

The #1 secret ingredient for a successful romantic evening

Congratulations, hermano.

Now you’ve 5 original romantic evening date ideas to take the relationship with your loved one to the next level.

However, even if you know exactly how to create memorable evenings, but are less talented in seducing women than IceJJFish in rapping, you will end up in it again…

A state of eternal solitude accompanied by desperate masturbation.

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Good question.

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Have fun turning the women’s world upside down.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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