9 Most Authentic Seduction Techniques to Win Over Your Woman

Are there seduction techniques that actually work?

I understand your doubts about this… because many coaches’ pickup tips are just weak ‘tricks’ and sleazy pickup lines.

My tips are designed to REALLY work. In this article, you will learn authentic seduction techniques.

It will include:

  • How simple (and unknown) the #1 seduction technique is
  • Concrete examples of lines you can use
  • 2 Seduction techniques for texting and Tinder
  • How to make your date work for you more
  • 3 Words to use in your compliments
  • How to start your dates in a funny way (2 questions)
  • And much, much more…

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Tip #1: The number one seduction technique

Since I’m a dating coach, many men ask me for a technique, seduction trick or pickup line.

And I get it. A magical sentence seems like such a fantastic solution to all your problems.

A trick to hold on to. Or a simple line so you always have something to say to her.

And of course, you don’t want to fail awkwardly when talking to a hot chick!

That’s why us men want to have some smart lines to say.

No worries! A little further on, I’ll give you some lines to help you to always make a slick impression in social situations.

If you had a solid pick-up line at hand now, you could easily bring the conversation back to life. And that’s exactly what you will get in this article.

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But do you want to know what the best seduction technique is?

Because let’s be honest… all those cheap pickup lines don’t work at all. Even if you look at research there is division between what actually works and is seen as honest and what doesn’t

When we use bad pickup lines, we’re just hiding behind a trick. You can do much better than that.


  • No, not by hiding behind a liter of alcohol.
  • No, not by standing there stammering with a bad ice breaker.
  • No indirect nonsense or excuses to talk to her…

The best technique to seduce someone?

It’s honesty.

Because the best opener is… well, it’s telling the TRUTH.

Perhaps this doesn’t make sense to you or even seems a bit weird.

So how does this look, ‘seducing someone with the truth’?

Here’s an example:

You’re standing in a club or bar. You notice your attention keeps being drawn to a pretty lady. You’re only able to half-concentrate on the conversation with your mate. She’s exactly your type and oohhh so hot.

Then don’t approach her with some bullshit about ‘an angel falling from heaven’. That kind of stuff is for losers.

Go up to her and tell her the truth.

Something like:

“I was standing there talking to a friend and I kept getting distracted as my eyes kept being drawn in your direction. Then after the 4th time, I thought, well that’s a clear sign to come and talk to you. So tell me, who are you?”

This is just one example of how the truth can be expressed of course.

Want more examples of this seduction technique?

Maybe you see her in a store wearing a stylish outfit. What do you do if you want to approach her during the day?

You probably find this quite scary, maybe you feel like everyone’s looking at you! Maybe you think she’s going to think you’re a creep!

If you think that, then THAT is the truth.

Own it. Don’t beat around the bush, it’s very normal that such things are going through your mind.

Say something like:

“Damn, I feel like everyone’s watching me, I’m pretty nervous to say this because you might think I’m a creep. But I want to tell you I think you have a very feminine style. I want to let you know that.”

By being vulnerable and honest, you become very approachable for people. Women won’t find you scary or too direct at all. Even if this doesn’t win over every woman, she will at least respect you.

Honesty is not a seduction technique for beginners, it’s a principle which you continue to practice throughout your entire relationship with her.

It’s a fundamental part of any happy relationship.

On to the next technique!

Tip #2: Seduction using this psychological technique

Unfortunately for many men, their dates often end in the following painful way.

You’ve had a nice night out together, you had drinks, then said goodbye…

And then comes that awful message:

“Hi, thanks for the nice night out, but I didn’t feel more than friendship. I hope you understand.”


Why do women do that?

There are of course many reasons why women lose interest, but this is one most important ones.

(And if you’re able to turn this upside down, it’s a powerful seduction technique)

How to approach women successfully? Read the article to know how to seduce a girl

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What’s the big mistake that will make women run the other way?

You’ll only get this if I walk you through two short psychological scenarios.


You’re on the beach and you see a sandcastle. All of a sudden a nasty teenager appears and stamps on it.

What an a-hole.

But on a scale of 0 to 100, how bad do you think his behavior was?

The score you give him will probably be quite low. Who cares.

But imagine you spent the whole day building a sand sculpture with your girlfriend! You poured all your love into that masterpiece!

And then that same teenager kicks it to pieces… in front of your very eyes…

I think you’d probably feel like punching him in the face.

Maybe now you’d score his behavior at 80/100 on the asshole scale!

You’re boiling with anger!

It might be the exact same sandcastle… but it’s still a huge difference.

So what makes that difference between the scenarios?


We appreciate the things we work for. That’s why fraternities and sororities that have difficult initiations are a lot more active than those that don’t. After going through such a hard time to get in, people are very dedicated. The army applies the same principle effectively.

Back to seduction techniques.

Many men invest way too much, way too early.

What does this look like?

  • They ask her loads of questions
  • They are immediately ‘sold’ and like everything about her
  • They do everything for her
  • They overload her with compliments
  • They immediately tell them their deepest secrets

What do you think SHE thinks?

She probably thinks you’re weird. And at best she just won’t appreciate you, just like you didn’t appreciate that first sandcastle. She hasn’t had to put in any effort for you.

What I’m talking about is not playing the ‘hard to get’ game, it’s simply not being immediately sold on a woman.

In the next tip, we’re going to go deeper into how you can make her invest in you more.

Tip #3: How to make her seduce you

After this tip women will put in more effort for you in all your interactions.

The days that you are too easy are in the past!

Because with the next 5 tips you’ll know exactly how to implement this seduction technique.

Women will make an effort for you if you:

  • Speak slower (instead of responding superfast)
  • Lean back a bit (instead of leaning in)
  • Ask an honest critical question every now and then (instead of worshiping the ground she walks on)
  • Give genuine compliments (without kissing ass – save that for under the sheets 😉
  • Tease her

This way you present yourself as an attractive man with standards. This is not a manipulative trick. The real seduction technique is in GENUINELY having standards.

Because when it comes to choosing your girlfriend, it’s pretty logical not to be immediately sold, right?

Just like your career path, your choice of partner might be the most important decision ever!

Even when it comes to one night stands I wouldn’t jump into bed with any woman.

Tip #4: Seduction techniques or mindf*cks

You may think you’re just learning stuff from me right now, and that I don’t know anything about you.

As you’re reading this article. Maybe you saw one or more of my videos. Maybe you’re already reading the newsletter…

But here’s the thing, I actually know a lot more about YOU.

Yes, you.


This is what I know about you:

You’re an action taker. You like to develop yourself on a personal level.

You’re a pleasant and friendly person. You’re great at one-on-one conversations. You love to really build a connection with people, even if this doesn’t always go smoothly in the beginning.

But there’s also a dark side to you. Like when someone betrays you, your dark side really comes to the surface. In those situations, you can be quite harsh.

You can also be quite harsh towards yourself. It’s never quite good enough. You’re very critical of the results you achieve in your life. You could be kinder to yourself sometimes.

How do I know this?

You must be wondering…

It’s a subtle seduction technique I teach men in my courses.

You make statements (in which you seem to be ‘cold reading’ someone) about a person.

Why are they correct?

Because you say things which you know they apply to 90% of people. Don’t do this as a manipulative seduction technique, but as a fun way to get to know someone. As if you’re guessing things about them.

People like to talk about themselves. Sometimes you get it wrong and that’s fine, she can correct you where necessary.

Pro tip:

Do you want 17 funny sentences to use in your conversations?

No problem!

Here are 17 free lines that you can download for free.

What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations

Take a look now, so you always have some inspiration for fun conversations.

And from real-life conversations, it’s only a small step towards online texting. But how do you seduce in an online environment?

Listen up.

Tip #5: Seducing her over text

This seduction technique will give you great reactions when you flirt over text, Tinder, or Instagram.

It’s a playful way to make sure you are in control.

Like I said earlier, many men are easily sold if a girl is hot.

Sometimes I even hear about men falling in love with their Tinder match, someone they’ve never even met!

Uhhh… OK… If that’s you, you need to get out of the house more mate.

Anyway, you will easily get better texting conversations with the following seduction technique.

How does it work?

It’s called the AttractionGym Points System.

In this system, you are the boss, the man who dishes out points.

For example:

Don’t do this too harshly. All these types of seduction techniques are not to act like an asshole or to manipulate women. See it as a playful technique to make flirting more fun. So just play around with something like the Points System.

Then it will be an authentic extension of your communication skills, instead of a cheap trick to hide behind.

Tip #6: The phone book seduction technique

If you’re someone who really falls hard for girls sometimes, you’re going to get a lot out of this tip.

I’m going to tell you a personal story.

I once met a gorgeous woman at a festival abroad.

Her outfit was really sexy, she was feminine and cute. 100% my type.

She is even called Danielle! (My name is Dan.)

And the best part?

Four years earlier I had attempted to seduce her. I met her on the bus. But I was too late because a few weeks later she had a boyfriend.


But now I had a second chance.

I got her number and wanted to save it in my phone as “Danielle Forest Elf” or something cute like that.

And then I realized… Dan, you’ve got to chill, bro!

So I did something very different, I saved her as “She Is Not So Great”.

I did this to positively brainwash myself. So I wouldn’t be getting messages from “Danielle Sweet Princess” or “Danielle My #1 Crush”.

Instead, I was getting messages from “She Is Not So Great.”

Later I started joking around with this, getting women to save me in their phones under really awesome names.

So I’d write my name as “Dan Dreamman”, in the hopes of getting saved in their phone like that.

Because, let’s be real, that way she’s going to feel A LOT more emotion than with “Dan Tinder”.

Tip #7: Sexy questions to ask at the start of your date

This funny seduction technique can be used to start a first date off really smoothly.

So the ice is broken, and you make a positive first impression.

Ned tips on how to make a good impression? Read the article below

>> 5 Solid Ways to Make a Good First Impression (That Girls Love)

Let’s say you meet at around 8.

Maybe she’s already eaten… maybe she hasn’t…

Who knows, she might be vegetarian, she might not even drink!

You don’t know that much about each other yet.

So what’s the technique?

Here’s where you use my Questionnaire Technique.

How does it work?

You take an imaginary pen and paper and you say:

“Before we begin the date, you must first answer a few important questions. First: from 0 to 10, how hungry are you madam?”

“Haha! Hmmm I’d say about 5. A small bite would be nice!”

“Ok, that’s clear. And are there other allergies or preferences? Vegan, vegetarian?”

“No, I’m pretty easy!”

“Well, as a man I can tell you I’m delighted to hear that. Based on your answers I already have the perfect place in mind.”

To be clear, don’t go repeat EXACTLY what I said here. The point isn’t to put on a play for her, but that you allow my techniques and pickup lines to inspire you.

Because this is a funny way to start off your first or second date. You can also ask “what are you in the mood for?” But that’s pretty boring, don’t you think?

Becoming a great seducer partly comes down to being an artist with words.

Precisely what we’re diving into right now.

Tip #8: Become a wordsmith

Many men have boring, uninteresting conversations that lead to nothing.

The worst part?

They don’t even know why!

The true reason why so many people end up in boring conversations is this:

People use boring words.

They always ask the same questions, use the same generic compliments and keep playing it ‘safe’.

Look, it’s fine to say some normal things, but challenge yourself to say normal things in creative ways!

Don’t say:

“Done anything fun recently?”

But say:

“What mischief did you get up to this weekend?”

Do you see how that sounds more fun?

The same goes for giving women compliments.

Please don’t say things like:

“Hey, you look nice.”

That’s so boring that it’s almost offensive!

I was at a wedding recently and a friend literally said to me:

“If my boyfriend told me my dress is ‘nice’, I would feel insulted.”

So don’t just call her ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’.

Say she’s elegant, feminine, or ridiculously cute.

Those words are much nicer to use! Of course, they have to fit with the situation, so use your own judgment.

Another example (this is more for if you’re in a relationship) is that you don’t say:

“I was thinking of you.”

But you say:

“You are at the center of all my inappropriate thoughts.”

It’s playful, slightly sexual, and self-deprecating in a fun way. I wouldn’t send that to someone you like, but to someone you’re in a relationship with.

Tip #9: Emulate and escalate

With all these seduction techniques at your fingertips, there’s no doubt you can attract women in any environment.

Still the I’ve left the best technique for the end.

And that is copying other people.


Not in a way to be someone else. But to see all the possibilities out there and keeping what feels real to you.

You can find these seduction techniques in my Transformation Kit. For more information, see below. It’s totally free, so that’s quite a reasonable price.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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