How to Have a Sex Relationship: 7 Steps to Great Hookups

In this article, you will learn

  • Seven essential tips to get and keep a casual sexual relationship
  • The sex relationship model that shows you exactly what you need to do to keep a sexual relationship going
  • Sex without relationship: How you can prevent her from falling in love with you
  • Sex relationship issues troubleshooting: My most powerful casual sex relationship rules to ensure that you have an amazing sex relationship
  • Sex relationship between man and woman: How you have “THE TALK” with her and make her your official fuckbuddy
  • And many more sex relationship tips…

“I want to have a sex relationship!”

It’s every man’s dream to have several women lying at your feet. You just have to call them when you feel like having sex and baaang – they’re in your apartment.

Do you like that idea as well?

Then you might be happy to hear that this is a dream that can come true.

I know this on the one hand from my own experience, on the other hand, also from the hundreds of men I’ve already coached.


It takes more than you think.

Getting a one-night stand is one thing. Starting an sex relationship, plus keeping it going smoothly, is the more complicated part.

But if you have an ingenious system at hand, follow a few simple steps, and proactively take action, you’re guaranteed to make this dream come true.

But before I tattoo the most useful tips in your brain, let’s make sure you know exactly what we’re talking about.

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What is a sexual relationship?

It is a bedtime sweetheart, a fuckbuddy, a sexual relationship, a friendship with benefits, or as the Austrians would say: a Gspusi.

Although there are many names for this ominous, interpersonal relationship, there is no uniform definition.

Some people say it’s just about sex, and others say that there are feelings involved, and yet others think it’s a sin to get involved in such a relationship … basically, everyone has an opinion on it.

I keep it simple:

It’s neither a relationship nor a friendship.

I myself am currently in a phase of my life in which I don’t want to enter a relationship – I enjoy my freedom too much for that at the moment.

I’m pretty much the opposite of a virgin monk, though… I love sex.

So, if I was only friends with women, I would be missing something very important – if you understand what I mean.

Sometimes these love affairs are short and superficial, other times longer and more intimate.

Sometimes you only have sex; other times, you do something outside the bedroom.

To make it easier for you to define your relationship, I created a model that I so charmingly call ‘the sex relationship model.’

Do you want to know how to get and keep an uncomplicated sex relationship?

Then this model will help you to get a clear overview of what needs to be done.

It should be taught in schools because, in my opinion, everyone has the right to this knowledge …

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Tip #1: The sex relationship model

Most people know only two forms of relationships:

Everything else is a gray area of uncertainty for the average human specimen.

This zone is usually not explored in detail, because society generally approaches it with great skepticism.

That’s why I’ve categorized this gray area and revolutionized science coincidentally, which is why I was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for it in 69.

… Anyway, I divided the gray area into three categories. If you want a fuckbuddy, there are three different versions of that:

  • ONE NIGHT STAND: You do it for one night like rabbits, no more, no less
  • SEX AFFAIR/ SEX RELATIONSHIP: This is nothing further than a one-nights-stand, which you repeat basically, no more, no less
  • FRIENDSHIP WITH BENEFITS: You go casually go on dates as if you were a couple, but don’t define yourselves as such
  • OPEN RELATIONSHIP: You are a couple, but can have additional sexual partners
  • MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP: You are in an intimate, monogamous relationship together.

The affair/ sex relationship and friendship with benefits are in the so-called gray area:

  1. After this article, it will no longer be a gray area, because you’ll know exactly what you have to do.
  2. This is exactly the zone you should be in if you want a sexual relationship.

In addition to this, it’s important for you to know that…

You can’t easily turn an open relationship into a friendship with benefits.

If you want to do that, you must first end the relationship and then build your relationship from the beginning in the desired direction.

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The same applies to the one-night-stand and monogamous relationship.

You can’t turn a relationship into a sexual relationship just like that – you have to break off the contract completely.

And referring to the one-night-stand: You can’t build anything on a one-night stand. After sex, it’s over. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a one-night stand.

Still, I consider these nights intimate. Sex is always intimate. You make yourself vulnerable in a certain way and let another person into your life – even if only for one night.

If you want a sexual relationship, your challenge is to stay in the gray zone.

Think of it as a kind of computer game where you explode within 10 seconds once you cross the boundary of the given area.

What? You’re not in any of these zones – you’re in the friendzone?

Then read this article before it’s all too late:

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Tip #2: Be good in bed

Seductive adventures in bed are the glue that holds a sex relationship together.

Unfortunately, surveys show that only every fourth single woman has an orgasm during sex.

Of course, it’s not just men’s fault. Women have a considerable influence on it and must manage to let themselves go.

Nevertheless, if it happens to you all the time that you have sex with a senõrita once or twice and she doesn’t get back to you after that, you should worry.


  • You cum too fast
  • You can‘t satisfy her.
  • You do the exact same thing every other man does (kissing, missionary position, cuddling…)

If only one of these things applies to you, there is no reason for them to want to see you again.

But don’t panic.

Sex is an art that can be learned and to help you become a true sex god, I’ve written this article for you:

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That’s how she keeps coming back to you.

Tip #3: How to deal with feelings properly

You might be sure what your intentions are with a lady.

But your chosen one isn’t always as sure as you.

You may already be familiar with the following problem. It can happen to the best of us. I recently experienced it myself:

You lie in bed with your favorite fuckbuddy after sex. Spooning, in my case. Suddenly, she moves out of your arms, looks at you seriously, and asks you the following question:

“What are we?”

Yeah. When those words come out, you can assume you’ve crossed the gray zone.

She’s in love.

The problem with a sexual relationship is that you can develop feelings for each other right away. Or that one of them wants a relationship, but the other doesn’t.

There are four different scenarios:

  1. Neither of you wants a relationship.

This is the ideal situation. You shamelessly exploit each other for sex and find that both bueno.

This is how you manage to maintain this situation:

  • Text only sporadically (every three days)
  • Meet less than once a week (1x in 10 days is ideal)
  • Have passionate sex (see above)

  1. You want a relationship, but she doesn’t.

If you want to make her your girlfriend, but she isn’t ready for a relationship, there are a few things you can do:

  • Consciously take more distance: You want to be close to her, but that turns her off.
  • Go out with other women: It may go against your intuition, but it’s the only way to make her fall in love with you, because only then will she feel the need to stop ‘sharing’ you.
  • Never say at first that you want more: That is the woman’s job. Everything else comes across as desperate.
  • Do more things with her that you would do in a relationship: Cuddle after sex. Let her sleepover. Go on dates. Go to the ocean, and so on.

You can read more about this in this article:

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  1. You want a relationship, and she wants a relationship.

What can I say? Good for you.

  1. She wants a relationship, but you don’t.

This is the most common situation. And this brings us to the art of expectation management.

It’s important that she doesn’t expect more if you don’t want to give her more.

Here are a few things you should do about it:

  • Make it clear to her from the start that you’re emotionally unavailable: I know this is unpleasant, but just say it frankly and clearly (more about this in the next tip!).
  • Don’t give her time to fall in love: Meeting once in ten days is more than enough. ‘Sex relationship dating’ is not the way to go.
  • Don’t be the perfect son-in-law: Don’t be overly nice to her and don’t listen to her emotional problems. That’s not your job as a fuckbuddy.
  • Don’t do typical relationship things: Don’t introduce her to your friends. Don’t have breakfast with her. Don’t text her every day. Don’t take her to the beach…

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Tip #4: Expectation management

It’s going great, you have amazing sex, and you still get along great afterward.

But then she suddenly gives you an ultimatum by saying:

“You’ll get me all the way or not at all! I’m not doing anything half-assed anymore.”

She doesn’t seem to want to share it with you anymore.

Now you have a decision to make. Either you hurt her, or you lose her. Awkward.

This situation could have been avoided if you had kept her expectations in check from the start.

It’s not enough to imply that you don’t want a relationship.

Women will – when they develop feelings – always think that they can convince you of a relationship with little effort.

It’s your job as a man to show her clearly that she doesn’t need to get her hopes up with you.

Unfortunately, very few men take this important step, which is why many women’s hearts are broken unnecessarily.

And I know that men don’t do it maliciously. It’s not easy to have “THE TALK.”

They’re afraid of losing the woman if they communicate to radicals that they aren’t looking for a relationship.

The consequence is that they avoid this conversation or postpone it repeatedly until it’s too late.

No, bro. Once you realize that your relationship is getting too boyfriend-girlfriend-ish, you must have this conversation.

I know you don’t want to lose her, but surprisingly, if you approach her honestly and confidently, the exact opposite often happens.

She’ll appreciate your honesty. If the mood between you is great, chances are she’ll go for it.

Now, of course, you want to know how to initiate THE TALK.

Well, let her know that she’s a pretty cool person whose company you enjoy very much. Add some reasons why you’re invariably not looking for something serious. The more insightful your arguments are, and the more passion you put into them, the better.

For example, I always talk about how most people don’t experience shit. They sit on the couch every day and watch The Walking Dead and eat nachos. I would add that I know that I also slip into this chronic inertia when I’m in a relationship. But I’m just in a phase of my life where I want to get the most epic things out of my life and grow; so a steady girlfriend would be a hindrance.

The important thing is that she feels that you see more in her than just sex. Nobody likes to feel like another checkmark in a list.

Suggest to her that your paths should still cross often because it’s obvious how much fun you can have together. Sex is then a nice bonus that you can both enjoy.

Just knock it out and see what she says.

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Accept her response – whatever it will be. Don’t try to convince her.

Sometimes a woman will say ‘no,’ but often you get a ‘Count me in!’

Tip #5: Respect her

Yeah, she’s your fuckbuddy. That doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with her without having to consider her feelings.

Don’t treat her like a pocket pussy.

This only leads to her regretting the time she spent with you and perhaps even calling meaningless sex a bad experience in her diary. Not so great for her and the men after her.


  • Don’t keep her ‘warm’ if you know she’s looking for a relationship. Especially if she’s over 30 and wants kids. Don’t waste her precious time doing immature fuckboy things.
  • Do your best in bed. Make sure she’s having a great time. She isn’t only your fuckbuddy to make YOU happy, but it’s also your job to make HER happy.
  • Don’t hurt her feelings. If you want to end the sex relationship, do it respectfully.

Tip #6: Be discrete

Consider the following:

A woman is terrified of being seen as a slut. If word gets out that she’s giving herself away too easily, it’s bad for her reputation.

So be discreet and don’t tell all your friends who your new bedtime sweetheart is.

There’s no reason to send a picture of her around to profile yourself in front of your friends.

This way, you’ll be able to have many more women in your life.


If you’re known to be a trustworthy man who can keep his mouth shut, this is very useful.

Women appreciate this, and it makes it easier for other women to take the chance and sleep with you.

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Tip #7: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Do you want your sex relationship never to end?

That’s not how this whole thing works, bro.

The average duration of such a relationship is usually 1-3 months.

Pity. But also logical.

Chances are that one of you or both will develop feelings or meet another person with whom you want to build a serious relationship.

For this reason, it’s always good to continue going out and meeting other women – even if you already have a sexual relationship.

This is how you get a sexual relationship (or multiple sexual relationships..)

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Then she pounces on the dessert, devours half a chocolate cake without swallowing, and raves euphorically: ‘The best always comes last!

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Still love you, aunti.

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