Sexual Attraction – 15 Things She Wants You to Know, But Will Never Tell You

Sexual attraction

If there’s one thing I have learned during 10 years as a dating coach…

Looks have zero influence on your sexual attraction.

Many guys think ‘You just have it, or you don’t’.

But, creating sexual attraction is a skill. A skill you’re about to get.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • The #1 mindset that makes you attractive to women
  • 5 Body language signs of mutual sexual attraction
  • Creating tension in your conversations (+ texting example)
  • How to create sexual attraction by touching
  • How to get the sex appeal of Hollywood actors like George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Ashton Kutcher, you name ’em
  • #1 Conversation technique to make someone sexually attracted to you
  • Sexual attraction psychology tricks
  • How to tell she wants to kiss you
  • Much more…

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Let’s go!

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Tip #1: The secret of a sexually attractive man

I’m going to shoot from the hip:

Sometimes it looks like women always fall for the assholes.

But is it true?

If yes, what are the assholes’ secrets?

Please don’t make the same old mistake as I did.

I lived in the shadow of my best friend. He was good with women. Every girl in school wanted to be his girlfriend. He had the cutest girlfriends. You know the type.

With my former mentality, I wasn’t modest. I was arrogant.

I thought:

Pff, women are superficial. They only fall for the handsome guys. My friend is just a childish macho-man. Women should know how much of a deep person I am.”

How ignorant I was…

Many men think the same. But nothing is further from the truth. There are many things women find attractive. This is the most important one:

Women fall for guys with a certain mindset.’


  • She doesn’t care if you’re rich…
  • She doesn’t care if you’re handsome…
  • She doesn’t even care if you’re successful NOW!

What women want, is a man who excels in something! A man with status in his surroundings. You don’t even have to be successful NOW. Examples of such men:

  • The creative artist
  • A presenter
  • The business-man
  • A traveler or party animal

Go for anything!

Now think about the following guys:

  • George Clooney
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • David Duchovny, although you might recognize the name Hank Moody faster
  • Johnny Depp

“But Dan, these men are rich and famous???”

Yes. They’re exceptionally sexually attractive. But not due to their money or fame. They’d have the same results in a club where no one recognizes them. Maybe not as fast but still.

What’s the secret?

Realize this:

Money, fame and status are the result of a strong mindset.

A mindset you’ll learn in this article.

For now, I want to tell you this:

Women DON’T want a good-for-nothing.

A lazy person. A spectator. An average Andy.

That’s why a broke artist or a rising athlete is very attractive. They’re a bit poor and not a star yet. But they radiate potential. This arises from their strong mentality.

I’ll teach you that mindset with examples and flirting phrases in the next tips!

Tip #2: Dominance… is there a good and a bad kind?

For me, attraction is always fascinating.

As a dating coach, I’ve studied more than ten thousand interactions between men and women.

For example, during my trainings; when I watch my own footage; or when I study people for fun in a club.

It might look like every man is sexually attractive in their own way.

George Clooney is completely different to Elvis Presley.

But, if you look at the fundamentals, you recognize patterns.

One of those patterns is positive dominance.

Many men see ‘control’ or ‘dominance’ as misogyny.

Such men think ‘dominance’ is hostile, negative, or selfish towards women.

They have negative associations with this attractive quality.

I’m sorry if you believe that.

Because it’s bullshit.

Being in control is only bad… when your intentions are bad.

Dominance is not screaming loudly and beating people with your bat.

I’m talking explicitly about positive dominance.

Dare to take the lead, in her interest.

It’s like the salsa or tango dance. The woman relaxes in the man’s arms. He leads her through the room. He’s not focused on himself. He doesn’t care if “he looks good”.


He wants her to enjoy the moment in an elegant and relaxing way.

The same goes for sexual attraction in relationships, and picking up women in general.

Women fall for men who give them positive emotions.

No suck-ups. No ‘nice guys’. No ass-kissers!

But men who dare to be dominant in a positive way. Men who take action and really GIVE her something.

THAT is what makes a man sexually attractive.

What do women want in bed? There’s something women crave but very few men can give her: To be dominated by a man in bed. Read the article below to know more

>> The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips

Examples of positive leadership:

  • Give her a sincere (and preferably a specific) compliment
  • Suggest doing something fun (never say on your first date: “Hmm… I don’t know what I want to do, what would you like”?)
  • When the conversation gets boring, don’t stick to the same topic. Lead to something fun.

What about rough men?

They’re often sexually attractive, right?

I’ll teach you in the next tip!

With an example of what to say.

Tip #3: Sexual attraction in your conversations

Making your conversations exciting is crucial.

You know your conversations have to lead to a positive experience.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to be too nice to women.

Presenting yourself as a sweet puppy would mean you don’t have a strong mindset.

Let’s dive into sexual attraction psychology and do a thought experiment.


You’re walking on the street.

Someone approaches you.

First, that person gives you a compliment. Then he gives you 20 bucks and asks you out for dinner.

Would you trust him?

No way!

He might be a salesman, a fraudster, or even a kidnapper.

Why do we think like that?

Someone who gives you lots of value for no reason, has hidden intentions.

That’s why women don’t like ass-kissers. And believe me, many men are like that.

They overload her with compliments. They’re always ready to do something for her. They approve everything.

This strategy DESTROYS sexual attraction. Women don’t get aroused by a man with vague intentions. Best case scenario, you get friendzoned.

If you want to be her boyfriend, but you behave as a friend, you’re manipulating her.

Be honest with women.

Later, I’ll teach you how to make your intentions clear.

For now, I’ll give you a conversation tip to swap pleasing, with teasing. 😉

Bonus tip: Flirting better (also in chat)

Tip: Upgrade your conversations from bland to xxxtra spicy with this list of hot topics

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An important part of a strong mindset is daring to disagree.

Alternate positive emotions with resistance:

  • You give her a great compliment.
  • You tease
  • You have a deep conversation with her.
  • You totally disagree.

Don’t do this as a pickup trick. Do it because you’re honest with yourself.

Check out this example of how to do it in chat:

As you can see, this mindset is positive but at the same time powerful. You are sweet, you take the lead, but you also dare to resist.

Show resistance only and you’ll quickly become an asshole.

Always agreeing makes you a nice guy.

Show both, and you’re the alpha gentleman.

Tip #4: Creating mutual sexual attraction

How do you create physical attraction when you go out or on a date?

Or…how to create sexual attraction in relationships?

The principles are the same.

An important way and test to create mutual attraction, is the following principle:

Imagine this situation:

You’re flirting with an attractive woman in a bar.

You’re talking for 2 hours. You sit on your stool and she’s standing a meter away from you.

The bar’s about to close, and you realize you’d like to kiss her.

But how?? You DIDN’T touch each other for 2 hours.

Kissing is a too big a step. A sudden kiss will be very uncomfortable.

The most important element to quickly create sexual attraction between a man and a woman:


When you have made enough physical contact in small steps while flirting, the kiss is the next logical move.

This doesn’t mean you’re just going to grab her ass!!! Build up your touches slowly.

First, touch safe spots like her shoulder or forearm. Do this for a few seconds in a casual way.

After that, you put your arm around her for a few seconds. Or you give her a very light playful push to tease her.

Make sure she doesn’t tighten. If she feels uncomfortable, stop touching her immediately.

Are you looking for some pointers how to kiss like an expert? To know this read the article below

>> How to French Kiss Someone For The First Time – 5 Secrets

As I wrote earlier, this is also a test. Because now you shouldn’t just skip tons of steps and kiss her out of nowhere. That’s again too much of a jump. But if you notice her allowing the small touches, you can slowly come closer as you can see in the picture above.

By the way, studies have found there’s a relation between human attractiveness and pheromones. This may play an important role in physical attraction. Create more attraction by simply moving closer to her!

Anyway, the sexual attraction is slowly building up. The kiss is only a small step away:

Later in this article, we’ll go into practical examples of how to build up touching.

Pro tip:

Never be monotonous. Alternate everything you do.

Sticking to only one type of touch is never good. Variation is key.

Read more about what women find attractive here.

So you take the lead… You say the right things… You touch her…

Now, what are the signs in body language of sexual attraction?

Because when it feels good for both of you, those exciting moments become a reality.

Tip #5: Five signs of sexual attraction

As a dating expert, you’re learning the signs of sexual attraction.

Together with a girlfriend of mine, I shot a few photos. You’ll now learn the signs of attraction from a girl.

There she is. Welcome Amber!

Let’s start with the signs!

#1: She makes her……. Wet

No, you pervert, you’re thinking about the wrong things.

I’m talking about her lips.

Your mouth starts watering when you think about your favorite food. The same happens when we’re sexually attracted to someone.

I have to admit, sometimes your lips are just dry. And for some people it’s a habit.

It’s also a sign of sexual attraction.

Of course, one sign doesn’t mean much. Like I said, it might be a habit.

That’s why it’s important to learn multiple signs.

Tip: >> Learn to recognize all the signs that reveal her flirtation

On to the next one!

#2: She’s playing with her hair

Men do this too, but less often.

Probably because we have less hair than women.

Anyway, is she doing this a lot while being with you (especially if she keeps fixing her hair) then it’s a sign of attraction from a girl.

Some women might give you a seductive glance, like my girlfriend.

Other women smile at you and play with their hair.

They fix their hair to be as beautiful as possible for you, to maximize their attraction.

Next sign!

#3: She becomes a giggling princess.

Have you ever witnessed this and thought “What on earth is wrong with this woman??!!”.

Everything you said made her giggle.

Even telling her you just did your laundry made her laugh hysterically.

Breaking news:

She liked you.

Laughing (especially about boring stuff) is a sign of feeling attracted. We feel stress when there’s sexual tension. Laughing relieves the tension.

Pro tip:

When you feel attracted to a woman, don’t laugh too much.

Laughing kills all sexual attraction. Stay calm, and let it arise.

The calmer you are, the more sexual tension there is.

Calmness and being comfortable in tension is big part of your sex appeal.

#4 A subtle sign she’s attracted to you

Some women don’t give very obvious signs.

Until now, the signs were quite obvious.

Women can be shy, just like men. Or she might be less expressive.

Then it’s best to look at her eyes to find out if she finds you attractive.

Is she looking down?

This shy look is a subtle sign of sexual attraction.


This could also mean she’s bored.

She’ll look away uninterestedly:

Here, she’s bored and plays with her hands. Negative sign.

Want to know the final sign? Alright, here it comes:

#5: She wants to kiss you

Women will almost NEVER directly tell you, “I want to kiss you!”.

But, I have learned a big lesson from picking up women for 10 years. Don’t focus on what women say, focus on what they do.

This actually goes for people in general, because we also give this tip on our website for women.

Women won’t tell you they want to kiss you. Many women don’t make ‘the first move’.

But when she leans in and smiles, you know she might want to kiss you.

When there is more distance between you, it might not mean a lot. Just like in the picture above, on a date. The distance is 1.5 meters.

Luckily, I’ve got a test for you:

Pro tip:

Slowly move closer to her. Is she still relaxing? Or is she leaning back? Or is she also leaning in?

If she’s also leaning in, the chances are big that she’s sexually attracted to you.

If she allows you to come closer, it’s a green light. If she stiffens, it’s a red light, and you shouldn’t come closer.

Later, I’ll give you a step by step guide to kissing her.

For now, you’ll get a practical tip that you can use tonight:

Tip #6: Sexual attraction with body language

Attraction mostly comes from your non-verbal signs.

In other words: your body language is key for your physical attraction.

You might already know you should stand up straight, push your shoulders back, and lift your chin.

Don’t overdo it. Do it in a relaxed way.

(Sadly, few people use this tip.)

There’s an important principle behind sexual attraction with body language.

A trick to apply this principle is:

Move horizontally while walking.


That might sound a bit weird.

It means you want to move from left to right. Try not to move up and down.

Look at how my bro Johnny Depp does it. He owns it.

No, not like drunk Jack Sparrow does. That’s exaggerated. We’re talking about the real Johnny…

Whether he’s standing or walking, he only makes horizontal movements.

This leads to the important principle:

Taking up space.

This video, a movie premiere, is a nice example.

Note how Johnny walks from the first spot to the second spot.

(It’s a short video of 1:32 minutes.)

He’s a bit nervous, because of all the people admiring him and taking pictures…

But he still walks widely in a horizontal way.

When you walk, lean a little on your front leg.

From left to right. Not up and down.

Pro tip:

It’s good to feel free, but it’s also useful to have a structure. For example, steps to use which help you in approaching women. For that, I have made a format with example phrases. Then you’ll always know what to say or do when meeting girls.

>> The Best Topics to Talk About on a First Date that Eliminate Stress

Tip #7: Unlock your flirty mindset

“Dan, how do I get flirty conversations with women?”

If someone gave me a penny every time I heard that…

Well… I’d have a lot of pennies.

Back in the days, I had the same problem of not knowing what to say to women.

This resulted in many boring conversations about work, study and her hobbies…

Many men get busted here.

During the conversation, they suddenly transform in softies with the sexual attraction of a pickle.

When you’re in front of her, I suggest you do the following: unlock your flirty mindset.

What I mean that is you can always switch to a flirty comment. You don’t have to flirt constantly, but you should always be ready to flick the switch to flirt mode. Practice this by making at least one flirtatious comment in the first minutes of starting a conversation.

If this is new for you, it might be a bit scary.

Luckily, this can be a piece of cake.

A simple trick is to rephrase her words in a flirty way.

She says:

“It smells yummy.”

Then you say:

“You’re yummy.”

Do it with a playful smirk. You’re only joking. Don’t do it in a monotonous way, or you’ll come across as sarcastic. That’s rarely attractive.

More examples?


“Want to eat something?”

“If you’re not careful, I’ll eat you.” 😉 Yeah, I’m down for [your choice], let’s go to [your favorite restaurant].

By the way, this is a bit off topic, but preferably you choose the restaurant. On the first date (and second date) I’d recommend that you pay the bill as a man. If you pay the bill, it’s more than fair you choose the place. Besides, it’s nice to take her for a ride through your world and show her the best spots in the city.

A get to know you game for every kind of women you’ll meet *Wink*; to know more read the article below

>> 10 Flirty ‘Get to Know You Games’ to Make Her Fall For You


Anyway, where were we?

Ah yes!

Want more examples to make the conversation sexual?

Fine, last one.

Suppose she says:

 “It’s hot in here.”

 “Yeah, I seem to have that effect on women.”

Or, once again (this time you also came up with it, right?):


“You’re hot.”

Flirting doesn’t have to be complicated. Always do it light-hearted. Like it’s second nature. After such a comment, you give her space to laugh or to tease you too. Then, continue the conversation like nothing happened.

Do you take your success really seriously? The next bonus is perfect for you then.

Pro tip:

It’s so painful to get tongue-tied when you’re in front of a woman.

It’s nice to have some backup flirting phrases.

That’s why I’ve made a bonus; a downloadable cheat sheet.

It has 17 example phrases you can apply tonight.

They’re completely free. Download them now.

22 Flirty Text Messages (+ Examples) That Will Make Her Want You More

But, when do you start flirting?

Right at the first meeting? The first minute? Or maybe later?

Tip #8: Best moment to make the conversation sexual

Many men mess up here.

They believe:

“First I get to know her, after that I make it sexual.”

It makes sense, right?

But, it’s completely…

*Presses wrong answer buzzer*


You can sexualize from the start. Especially when you do it slowly and make it women-friendly, as you’ll learn here.

If you sexualize too late, you’ll seem weird.

After all, you behaved as ‘just a friend’. And now you suddenly behave as her ‘boyfriend’ or ‘lover’.

You pretended to be a non-sexual person, who suddenly starts flirting.

That’s confusing. Make sure you’re consistent in your intentions.

If you sexualize from the start, your frame of mind is clear, and she’ll go with it.

Make this flirty vibe your standard mindset, and the friend-zone will be a thing of the past.

We’re not done yet.

Because you’ll get more results by using the next tip.

Tip #9: Set the sexual frame

Your flirty mindset is up and running. She laughs at your jokes and flirting phrases!

So far, so good…

But, just nice phrases won’t get you there.

When you have longer conversations, it’s good to know what women want to hear…

What you should avoid is something almost all men do wrong while talking to a woman.

It’s the turn off of every conversation:

Talking about boring topics that don’t create emotions.

Don’t bore women with:

  • Bigging yourself up: how much you can drink/ how much you earn/ languages you speak/ other bragging.
  • Her job (especially avoid this in clubs/bars where people want to have a good time).
  • Politics or religion. While some women might like these topics, it’s usually not smart to talk about this.

Such men create as much sexual attraction as an onion.

Sex appeal level less than zero

In her brain, she’ll associate boredom with you.

She’ll think YOU are boring. She’ll see you as one of the many average guys that bore her with lame interview questions.

So what are you supposed to do?

You want to talk about conversation topics that trigger her emotions.

While you’re talking, you must take the lead in the conversation. YOU take her on a roller coaster of emotions.

Only then can you create a deep connection.

You do this by continuously framing the conversation and coming up with topics.

You can lead the conversations with direct questions…

For example, raise the conversation topic of 50 Shades of Grey.

I give you a collection of some of my #1 questions to ask a girl to know her better. Click on the article below

>> 111 Non-Boring Questions to Get to Know Her -Real Self- Better

What happens is that she’ll think about these subjects. She’ll associate those emotions with you.

But wait a minute. You don’t want to suddenly talk about her perfect sex scene. That’s a bit creepy.

If there’s no reason to do so, you’ll seem socially awkward.

You’ll have to reframe the conversation. First lead the conversation in the right direction, before you use this technique.

There’re various reframing techniques you can use.

For example, you might say:

“By the way, I just thought about…”

And you just talk about your topic.

Suppose she just doesn’t stop talking about her rude colleague…

Those are negative emotions. Instead, be charismatic by making every conversation positive.

It’s polite to hear someone out, but don’t keep talking about negative topics!

When you’re in a club, you don’t want her to associate misery with you. The thought of her colleague won’t lead to a hot night.

You can reframe the conversation by using the technique I just gave you.

You might say:

“Something completely different, but at the moment I have a crazy British roommate. You won’t believe it, but I can hear his girlfriend and him in their bedroom the whole day… It sometimes sounds like a ‘nature documentary’. If you know what I mean”.

Bam… Your conversation just got sexual.

Then you can ask her how she’d deal with it. If she’s really confused, you can use the reframing phrase, “Yeah I know, quite random, but it just came to mind”.

Tip #10: Examples of setting the sexual frame

Another reframing technique is wrongly interpreting what she’s saying, on purpose.

A standard phrase you can use:

“I get it, if you mean that…”

And completely rephrase her words.


“Ah wait a minute… you’re saying that…”

Let’s take the annoying colleague as an example. Say:

”I get it, if you mean you secretly have a crush on your colleague. Deep down you CRAVE his attention… 😉

Do this in a very flirty vibe. To tease her. Through using humor and playfulness. This way, you create more tension.

Yep, it can be that easy. But don’t be too much of a try-hard. Reframe casually and keep it light.

Check if your reframing technique is suited for the situation. It’s not pleasant when you’re joking while she’s clearly been hurt by that colleague.

Lovely how far you’ve come. As you might’ve noticed, we’re getting deeper.

There are many sexual attraction psychology principles. The next principle will launch your sexual attraction to the moon. If you do it right.

Tip #11: The psychology trick of Tim Krul

I’m definitely not a fan of football. But I’m a big fan of influencing and psychology.

That sounded quite nerdy. Well, I am.

Anyway, I’m taking you to the World Championship of 2014.

The way our Dutch keeper Tim Krul handles penalties during the quarter-finals, is genius.

I’m not talking about his keeper skills.

No, it’s his psychological trick to mislead his opponent.

Every time his opponent walked from the center circle to the penalty area, Tim Krul clearly walked on one side of the goal.

What happened next… His opponent shot into the other side of the goal. And Tim Krul… He was quite aware of this!

Tim always dove to the correct side.

Want proof?

Watch this video:

The psychological trick is called priming.

You can use this while you’re in conversation with a woman to make her sexually attracted to you.

You want to make clear you’re of great value for her, possessing lots of emotion and awesomeness.

Without bragging.

How do you do that?

When you’ve set the right frame, you draw-up an imaginary situation with her and you that creates positive emotions.

You make a future projection with her. She’ll like the idea of you being in her life, while it’s just a thought.

What does priming of imaginary situations look like?

Alright, an example…

You say:

“You really seem like a hippie girl… You know what we should do… We should fix a classic Volkswagen van and travel the globe. I make money by playing the guitar on the street. You dazzle the audience and collect the money. With a flower necklace of course. With our earned money, we go out for diner and buy wine to wrap up the day. Which country shall we travel to first?”.

It’s effective if you use lots of details.

You’ll make the situation alive, funny, and you create positive emotions.

Keep the imaginary situation light. Don’t make it too serious.

Make it a bit too ridiculous and not too common, so she’ll get the joke. Then she won’t think you really want to travel the world with her.


This is perfect to create attraction in the beginning. But if you do it too often (also after the first meeting), she might fall in love with you.

You can also apply the psychological principle of priming when you ask her to go on a date with you.

It also works on Tinder and texting in general.

Tip #12: How to make a ‘boring conversation’ a ‘sexual conversation’


You’re flirting, and the two of you are dreaming about all those sweet imaginary projections you made together.

Of course, this is not forever.

Especially when you’re a pickup beginner. The conversation will have its highs and lows.

The topics might be boring from time to time.

You might recognize it… She just keeps talking about her statistics exam. You’re wondering how on earth you can make the conversation fun again.

It’s nice she’s talking a lot… but the conversation leads to nothing!

Now what?

If you can’t reframe the conversation and it stays boring…

You can instantly make the conversation sexual again:

Use impact statements.

It makes you charming and rude at the same time.

As a true alpha-gentleman.

Impact statements are spontaneous compliments.

You say them in the middle of her story.

Make them in random moments when she’s talking about something ordinary.

For example, say:

“Wow… that sparkle in your eye when you’re talking about your passion/job, is really sexy… Please continue, you worked yesterday…”
– Impact statement

Fancy more fun questions? Read this article and your next date will be a blast.

>> The 131 Least Boring Questions Ever to Ask Your Date

If you do this confidently, she’ll be flabbergasted. She might start giggling and be at a loss of words.

Suddenly, you have erased her ‘normal’ conversation topic. (rude alpha)

But you gave her a beautiful compliment, which makes up for everything. (polite gentleman)

You clearly set the frame, and she’s aware you’re flirting. Now is the time to get rid of the friend-zone, once and for all.

By the way, download 17 other pickup phrases here. < online soon

Let’s really spice things up. Many men don’t do this:

Sexual escalation.

Tip #13: Hacks to boost sexual tension

Many men find this the biggest obstacle when they’re talking to a woman:

Touching her.

Touching ignites attraction.

It’s the difference between a ‘nice conversation’ and a ‘steaming hot conversation’.

Many men want to make it sexual but are afraid of being judged. They don’t have control over their sex appeal.

Judged as a dirty creep.

I think that’s noble. It’s good to realize that some women have to deal with annoying guys. Think about nagging guys or builders who whistle.

But you also don’t have to kiss her ass.

It perfectly fine to touch her shoulder while you’re talking to her.

Touch women while you talk to them, and they’ll think you’re socially intelligent.

This has been proven.

According to research from 1992, we find people more sexually attractive when they briefly touch us!

Most women probably won’t start touching first.

But if your conversation is HOT, she’ll find excuses to come closer.

She’ll fix your hair… she fixes your jacket… leans on your shoulder while lacing her shoes.

Touch her briefly. Don’t overdo it. Build it up. Then she gets used to your presence. When you come too close, you’ll notice! This is because you made small steps, and not a HUGE step.

Like the flirty mindset, make touching your second nature. From the start.

If you do this consistently, the chances are big that she’ll follow you.

But when do you start touching?

You can always get physical with her, but it varies by situation.

Touching is very normal in clubs.

By the way, if you want to pickup women in a club, check out this link: How to pickup a girl.

Of course, touching her in a supermarket is not usual. It’s important to think about the social context.

If you really want to be sure she allows touching, follow this principle:

The trick is to touch her at peak moments in the interaction.

Let’s take a random example:

You tease her by saying she has to feed you grapes, while you’re chilling in the hammock on your (imaginary) trip to the Bahamas.

Chances are big she’ll laugh

She’ll probably resist playfully:

“Oh that’s what you have in mind?!”

This moment of positive emotion is your chance to push her arm lightly. Don’t really push her. You’re pushing yourself away from her. Touch her with 0.1% force.

Or later, when you both laugh about a joke.

Then you could put your arm around her.

If you do this, she’ll associate your touches with fun.

And there’s no chance she’ll show resistance, because she just got lots of positive emotions.

Touching is perfect to find out if she likes you.

You can use them as tests to figure out how she’s feeling with you at that moment.

Tip #14: More sexual attraction with the Moody Method

Mr. Moody’s a sexual attraction master. And with this tip, you will gain his sex appeal

But what’s his secret?

You might know him. He’s the protagonist in the Californication series. He’s a writer with lots of problems. His life’s a mess. Yet, he knows how to get every woman in bed.

For him, talking about sex is the most normal thing in the world.

Many men go wrong here… If you laugh like a school-girl when the conversation gets sexual, she’ll also think you’re awkward in the bedroom.

Makes sense. You’re being awkward about sex.

As you know, it’s important not being an oversexed creep. You don’t have to make a “that’s what she said” joke every minute.

But also, don’t be awkward about sex.

This is the secret of Hank Moody. Sex is for him as normal as heating up a pizza.

“Huh, how did these women get here?”

If sex is very normal for you, it’ll become very easy for her to go along with.

Do you think she doesn’t like wild nights?


Or do you think she doesn’t like sex?


Or that you’re not allowed to enjoy sex?


Sex is the exact reason you and I are on this planet. It’s (an essential) part of life. Appreciate sexual attraction, but be calm.

Do this, and a new world opens up.

Suddenly, you make more flirty comments. You’re standing closer to her in the club. You’re asking her an exciting question on your date…

These are the subtle things that make the difference between a steaming hot man, and an Average Andy.

Tip #15: How to kiss her

If you mostly almost kiss a girl when you go out…

Or if you’ve been very close on a date or on the street; then you’ll learn a lot from my last weekend.

I was coaching in the afternoon.

My student Boris takes a woman on an instant date.

An instant date is when you meet a girl, for example, on the street. And after meeting her, you take her on a date right then and there.

Aaaaand Boris is gone.

The other student gets private coaching while I text Boris some hints.

After 2 hours, Boris returns from his instant date:

He’s very satisfied (especially because he was very anxious before meeting her)…But he’s not ecstatic.


They sat by the river…

Everything seemed to go well…

And if Boris did things slightly better, they would’ve kissed on the first meeting.

But when he made a move, she turned away.

Suddenly, she doesn’t want to give her number anymore. While there was physical attraction just a minute ago!

That sucks!

What could be better?

I take Boris through the interaction.

“What went through your head, when you were flirting with her?”

He thinks for a moment: “Hmm, well, I thought: ‘How can I kiss her?’”

“Ok, that’s fine of course. And did you make smaller steps before that?”

He says: “For sure, I touched her shoulders and lower back”.

Sounds good.

Doesn’t work.

Between “touching shoulders and lower back” and “kissing” are often at least 5 steps.

He made 2 small steps and then an enormous leap to the kiss.


Don’t think: “How can I kiss her?”

Think: “How can I take this one step further?”

Do this, and suddenly you’re super steady and calmly building-up to the kiss. Kissing will be the last small step.

Sexually escalating, kissing and taking her home will flow naturally in micro steps.

So, always think “How can I take this one step further?”

You’ve made massive progress by reading up to this point!


With only these tips, you’re not there yet.

If a man isn’t at least a decent kisser, then he usually has no chance of ever getting into bed with her. To improve your kissing skills read this article >> How to Kiss Properly – from Novice to Master in 15 Tips

Start today with creating sexual attraction!

This is only part of becoming a flirtatious master.

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What to text her to plan a date?

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