She Acts Distant? Learn Why & Do THIS Before You Lose Her

A while back everything was fine.

But recently you notice that she behaves differently.

She acts distant and you don’t understand it very well.

In this article, I will teach you why she is acting distant all of a sudden and how you want to deal with that.

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After reading this article, you’ll know exactly why she’s pulling away and how to reel her back in.

The most important thing to know about distancing

I get that you feel bad now that your crush or girlfriend is acting distant, but I have good news:

There may be nothing to worry about.

“Huh?” you think. “What good is that going to do me, because I’m very worried.”

I understand that, but it could still be that you are not the cause of her going cold at all.

For example, because she:

  • Is naturally, or unconsciously, distant
  • Is too shy to approach you
  • Has a lot on her mind

Needing space does not immediately mean that a woman does not have feelings for you.

Before you start worrying, you should first determine you are indeed the cause of her being distant.

Thankfully, you’ve stumbled upon this article, because with the help of the following tips, you’ll know exactly why she distances herself from you.

#1: 5 Signs that indicate a woman is pulling away

Many men see a small decrease in contact as a sign that the world is ending.

They feel insecure and wonder if something is wrong.

The problem?

Often there is nothing wrong.

If you then ask if something is wrong, you come across as desperate and unattractive.

And that’s a shame.

It is therefore essential for your success with women to be able to recognize whether something is going on, without having to ask her.

You do this on the basis of clear signs that give away whether she just needs space, or if she’s really distancing herself from you.

Signs like these:

  • She is never the first to make contact
  • She takes a lot of time to respond
  • She is short with you
  • She does not ask follow-up questions
  • When you meet up, she keeps it short while paying (a lot of) attention to her friends

NOTE: One sign is insufficient to definitively say that she’s pulling away.

Do you see multiple signs? If so, chances are she is indeed intentionally going cold on you.

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#2: The main reason women sometimes act distant

She deliberately distanced herself from you – but now you don’t understand why.

Well, fortunately I do!

I have a sixth sense for situations like this because they happen often.

So where does it go wrong?

Probably you are showing her too much that you like her.

You act like a typical nice guy and do the following things:

  • You always agree with her
  • You are overly positive and smiley
  • You ask her insecure questions (“Are you having a good time?” or “This is nice, right?”)
  • You shower her with attention and are overly clingy

Nice guys are afraid of losing a woman and therefore never do anything she might not like.

They are too sweet and a woman sees them more as a friend, rather than a potential romantic partner.

Do you recognize yourself? Then read this article:

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#3: Avoid this when a woman is pulling away

Watch out, because the following are things you really don’t want to do if a girl distances herself from you.

Many men will only give a woman more attention if she acts distant.

And because of that she’ll only go colder, and colder… and colder.

Until she’s unable to melt again for you.

So NEVER do the following things when a woman distances herself:

  • Making up excuses to get in touch with her
  • Asking her why she is being distant
  • Stalking her on social media
  • Asking her friends why she’s pulling away
  • Constantly looking at her when you see her at school, work, or anywhere else
  • Coincidentally be present in the places where she is

It’s understandable that you want to give her a lot of attention; after all, you like her.

But you have to realize that doing so will only drive her away from you more.

So distancing yourself and playing a little – emphasis on a little – hard to get can’t hurt in this case.

How you do that I tell you in this article:

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#4: What to do when she acts cold and distant

Would you like to know EXACTLY what to say and do to get a distant woman back?

Then you’re in the right place.

But before I reveal the answer, something very important.

You must first properly establish exactly how close your relationship is.

Her answer, in fact, is incredibly dependent on that.

Are you close? Then you can be reasonably direct.

But have you just started dating and do you have few obligations towards each other? Then it is better to act more indirectly by giving her space.

That is why I have two answers here.

  1. For the more developed relationship:

“I sense some confusion on your part, totally fine, but then I’ll take this opportunity to step on the brakes. Because I don’t want to get closer to someone who doesn’t know what they want.”

This is how you show her that you are not completely dependent on her. If she doesn’t want to put effort into you, you’ll find someone who will.

  1. For the less developed relationship:

Do all the things that enrich your life that have nothing to do with women or dating.

Go to the gym, read a book, find a new hobby and pay attention to it.

This will only make you more attractive to her.

Why does shifting your attention to other things work so well?

There is nothing sexier for a woman than a man with ambitions who doesn’t care if a woman likes him or not.

You thus show that you are not completely dependent on her attention.

After all, you have all sorts of cool things that you consider more important than her. (Which only makes her work harder for your attention).

By the way, this advice also applies to men who are already in a relationship, but for them I wrote tip 6 especially.

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#5: She backs off out of boredom

If you do the following, you will slowly but surely make go from distance to breakup.

So pay attention, because I see men making this mistake all the time.

Many men act too easy-going once they’ve made it official with a woman.

They still do nice things with her – movie theater, flowers, dinner – but never make a unique gesture.

In short: they are thoughtful, but not original.

So is a flower or cinema date not appreciated?

Of course it is! But if your romantic gestures always happen at the same time and are the same as the last time, the magic is gone for her.

Therefore, keep it original and unpredictable.

This gives her the impression that you put effort into the romance.

In fact, it gives her the idea that you still care about her.

Coming up with a nice romantic gesture that you haven’t done before is difficult.

So you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. But I do recommend giving classic ideas a twist.

Do you normally give her flowers in person? Then next time, send flowers to her office.

Your unexpected gesture will undoubtedly blow her away, where she’s not likely to act aloof.

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#6: Wanting distance due to a lack of ambition

There is another important thing that many men do wrong once they are in a relationship.

They don’t put any more attention into their ambitions.

After all, they feel they have everything they need: a home, a girlfriend and a job.

What should they aspire to now? After all, they already have the basics.

Well, they should strive (among other things) to keep their girlfriend happy.

For example, research shows that women are more attracted to men who have a lot of money .

That doesn’t mean you have to rack up a six-figure paycheck every month. But it does mean that you have options to increase your attractiveness.

Why would you want to do that?

Because women are TURNED OFF by men without ambitions.

Understandably so. Because as the English say so well, such a person is only ‘surviving’, not ‘thriving’.

In other words, he is surviving instead of thriving.

Women, on the other hand, like to see that a man has a clear goal in mind and he does his best to achieve it.

Whether that’s making a lot of money or writing a masterful comic book doesn’t matter.

Putting effort into achieving something great makes you attractive in the eyes of a woman

On the other hand, if you never carry out anything, then it is not strange that she suddenly went cold.

#7: She wants some distance due to lack of physical attraction

If you do THIS, you are guaranteed to sabotage your relationship.

Yes, I unfortunately see men make this mistake on a regular basis:

After they hook up with a woman, all self-respect goes out the window and they pay far too little attention to their appearance.

In a way it is understandable, after all, they have already won the prize: a girlfriend.

But that doesn’t mean she will stay with you.

Especially if you neglect yourself.

Now I’m not saying you look like a tramp. No doubt you still take care of yourself.

But I bet you put a lot less effort into your appearance than you did before you had someone to date.

And that’s a problem.

Yes, even the experts agree with me: women want you to put effort into your appearance.

Now of course you don’t have to look like a bodybuilder or super model, but you do want to actively take care of your body and appearance.

This means that you want to exercise regularly, have more than one pair of pants, and eat a salad at least once a week.

Are you not doing this?

Then it’s not so strange if she distances herself from you.

For more tips on keeping her interested in you, see the next tip:

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#8: She acts distant in order to test you

If you don’t see the following cause of distancing, you are unnecessarily getting yourself into trouble.

Namely, I am talking about women who go a little cold on purpose in order to test their partner.

Women do this, for example, by:

  • Responding briefly and/or late to WhatsApp
  • Showing little enthusiasm for a date
  • Showing no interest when he tells her something
  • Kissing or having sex less often

In short, pretend that she doesn’t like you very much anymore.

Please realize that a woman does not do this out of malice.

On the contrary, if she likes you, a woman does this only because she wants you to fight for her.

In other words, she wants to see that you care about her.

Are you not doing this in these moments when she is “testing” you?

Then she may get the idea that you might not be the right man for her.

So in such a case, she will act pull away for real.

Most likely you have unconsciously acted indifferently, or a woman thinks you are taking her for granted

And the solution?

Well, that’s an open door: make an effort for her.

Planning a romantic evening is a great idea.

Need inspiration for a romantic evening? Then read this article:

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Prevent her being distant with being sexually attractive

After these tips, you’ll understand why your girlfriend or crush distanced herself and what you can do to overcome it.

To prevent her from distancing again in the future, you need to make sure you STAY attractive to her.

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