She Blocked Me! 5 Female Insights On What It Means & Solutions

She blocked me

You’ve been staring at your sent texts for days by now…

Maybe you met her on the street or in a club or a bar.

You might have been on a few dates, had sex, or even been in a relationship.

But that all seems to be a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, the expressionless mug of the standard profile picture is looking at you…

… and you can’t even find her on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat anymore.

What happened?

Your chosen one has blocked you.

Take a deep breath, bro.

Because in this article, I’m going to show you:

  • Why it can be essential for your growth when someone blocks you and why it would be worse if she hadn’t blocked you
  • The most fatal subtle mistakes that make her drier than sand in the blazing Sahara sun
  • ‘She stopped texting me!’: Why she can blow you off even after having the best sex of her life with you
  • My #1 flirt tips to never get blocked again
  • And much more…

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Everything seemed to be going smoothly between you – didn’t it?

Searching for a reason for what happened, you sift through old chat histories with the cautiousness of a CIA agent for what might have been the issue.

But, no matter how long you look for your mistakes, you just can’t find any.

Your self-confidence also seems to have taken a hiatus:

  • What the hell did I so wrong that she ignored my text and also had to block me?’
  • What if I scare off the next woman the same way – without even having a clue what I’m doing wrong?!’
  • How can I control something if I don’t even know what it is?’

Don’t panic.

I’m going to show you exactly how to deal when you’ve been blocked.

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‘She blocked me! What should I do?’

Here at AttractionGym, we teach you:

  • How to develop rock-solid, James Bond-esque confidence
  • How not to let external factors (money, women, designer clothes…) determine your self-esteem

One could almost say that our articles, videos, and courses show you how to become a little more narcissistic and inject you with a metaphorical dose of self-respect.

With a healthy sense of “your own boundaries,” you will stand out MASSIVELY from 95% of all other men on the globe, who, as soon as they meet a beautiful woman, do the following:

  • They are overly nice in the desperate hope that their chosen one will one day reward them by spreading her thighs for them.
  • They pretend to like things that they detest – out of a fear of rejection.
  • They throw their own boundaries overboard like a mutinous sailor (and allow themselves to be exploited).
  • …and the list goes on…

As you can easily see, most men say goodbye to their self-respect just to get the attention of a pretty woman.

They are firmly convinced that attraction works as follows:

… while they don’t realize how unattractive their behavior is.

Most of them have little to no demands. All a lady needs is a nice booty, and poof— they do everything they can to win her over.

The result?

They bombard her with messages.

Economists would refer to this as an ‘excess supply’.

That’s why most señoritas find it so easy to choose the path of least resistance and get rid of their wannabe casanovas…

If a madam breaks off contact with you, chances are high that you behaved unattractively…

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She probably even gave you several chances.

In the end, she had to cut you out of her life because you were constantly making the same mistakes, even though she had probably pointed them out dozens of times before.

But her signals were so subtle that you missed them.

And, to finally understand how you can prevent future getting-blocked dilemmas once and for all, I now present to you…

*drum roll*

the top 5 reasons why she blocks you.

Reason #1: You were a begging dog

When men get to know a woman, they often make a serious mistake:

They suffocate their chosen one with their affection.

  • They bombard their chicas with walls of needy texts.
  • They call their lady to show her how much they miss her.
  • They pretend to be Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and give her presents.

Don’t get me wrong—there is nothing wrong with affection and small gifts.

However, you should only bless your flame when she has earned it.

Otherwise, you look like a desperate greenhorn.


Imagine that your shady neighbor, who looks like a cheap copy of Flanders, starts stuffing your mailbox with chocolate boxes every day.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, he calls you ten times a day to compliment you and tell you how great he thinks you are.

One day, you even catch him mowing your lawn and cleaning your windows for you.

What. The. F*ck.

His gestures could be quite nice, if you at least knew why he was trying so hard.

After all, you didn’t do anything to get his attention, which makes you even more paranoid…

“All I have to do is snap my fingers, and he does whatever I ask him to do for me – just to please me.

This guy doesn’t seem to have a nanogram of self-respect…”

Maybe you take advantage of his efforts for a few weeks and let him mow your lawn over and over again, until one day his constant phone calls begin to annoy you, and you tell him to f*ck off.

You see my point?

If you recognize yourself in any way in my metaphorical story, there is a tremendous chance that you have behaved in the following way toward your lady:


In fact, she felt so pressured by you that she HAD to cut off contact with you.

It’s time for you to get rid of this behavior.

‘Coincidentally’, I’ve already written a fantastic article with step-by-step instructions about how to do just this.Get rid of your nice guy

Reason #2: She didn’t feel a connection

I remember my very first one-night stand.

It all started in the club where I saw her.

Let’s call her Laura.

I approached her at the bar while she was sipping on her Sex on The Beach.

After some flirting back and forth, I led her to the dance floor, where we got closer and closer… until we kissed each other passionately.

An hour had passed when we went to the cloakroom.

At this point, we were already unable to control ourselves.

We didn’t even bother to hide our lust anymore.

So, we decided to go to her place.

When we arrived at her apartment, not even a minute passed before we tore off our clothes and showed unbelievable passion.

I spent the night with her and was perplexed about what had just happened to me for the first time.

In my head, I was already imagining about the wonderful dates we would have in the future.

But when I left her apartment the next morning and asked for her number, something happened that I couldn’t explain at the time.

Laura looked at me with a horrified expression and replied:

“My number? Pah, no. You’re certainly not going to get it!”

And she slammed the door behind me.

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What the hell just happened?

Let me explain it to you.

You just witnessed a rejection due to lack of connection.

Yes, we were extremely on fire for each other, made out passionately, and even had sex.

However, our encounter was based on superficiality.

If you had asked me any of these after the ‘ONS’:

  • What her biggest passion was
  • What her job was
  • How many brothers and sisters she had

I couldn’t have given you a single answer.

We knew nothing about each other.

The only thing that connected us was our lust in that moment and the boozy ‘don’t give a f*ck’ party atmosphere.

We didn’t sleep with each other because we thought that we were a perfect match character wise, but because we were both so aroused at the time.

Our ‘relationship’ wasn’t based on a long-term perspective at any time; through and through, it cried out ‘f*ck and f*ck off afterwards’- without me being aware of it.

So, if you haven’t created any connection with a woman, don’t wonder why she breaks off contact with you.

After all, there’s no reason for her to want to see you again. There’s no connection between you.

What? You want to know how to build such a strong bond with a woman and how to make her fall in love with you?

Nothing could be easier.

For this purpose, I’ve already written this article for you, which will help you in each of your relationship phases (from first date to fulfilling long-term relationship):

>> How To Make A Connection: 7 Tips To Easily Connect With Girls

Reason #3: You’re a lame duck in the bedroom

Dozens of studies prove it again and again.

Bad sex leads to strong frustrations within relationships.

According to a recent study, only 65% of all heterosexual women climax during sex, while 95% of all heterosexual men climax.

Researches also have an explanation for the surprising results:

Most men seem to have no idea how to satisfy a woman properly.

They focus on classic ‘in-out Mickey Mouse’, while good foreplay, including intense kissing and passionate oral sex, is completely absent, even though only about a third of all women can reach their climax through pure penetration.

However, I have another component for you, which many researchers often forget in their ‘solution approaches’.

Here’s the secret ingredient that makes sex a phenomenal experience:

Psychic stimulation.

Yes, if you know how to satisfy a woman with your tongue, your fingers, and your lulu, that’s already a third of the rent.

But, only when you also understand how you ‘mind f*ck’ her, can you take your sex to the next level.

You can do this through intense foreplay, almost exploding sexual tension, and wicked sex talk.

What, you don’t know how to do it?

*Krr* Houston, we have a problem. *Krrr*

If you never get your lady to orgasm and remain a lousy sexual partner, it won’t take long for her to get frustrated and…

  • …lose her attraction for you, until one day she finally breaks off contact with you…
  • …or leave you for another man who can really satisfy her.

That’s why I’ve already written these eye-opening articles for you that will transform you into a true sex god (as long as you also apply them PROACTIVELY):

>> Want To Turn Her On? Try These 9 Dirty Talk Phrases and Tips

>> How to Please a Woman in Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

Reason #4: You’re emotionally weak

Hand on your heart, amigo.

How did you behave toward your chosen one when you didn’t spend time together? Which thoughts went through your mind?

  • Were you constantly trying to find out who she was meeting with?
  • Did you get paranoid when she didn’t check in with you for a few hours?
  • Did you feel hurt and, at the same time, irritated as soon as you saw group pictures on social platforms where there were also other guys with her?
  • In general, did it seem like a miracle to you that a woman ‘of her caliber’ would even spend time with you?
  • Did you constantly have the feeling that you weren’t in her league and that she would probably leave you soon anyway?

Okay, if you answered ‘yes’ to some of these questions, chances are you are too emotionally unstable for your mademoiselle.

Either you were clearly too jealous, even possessive, or you were constantly plagued by inferiority complexes that sabotaged your relationship…

…so you half-assed her, like your relationship wasn’t going to last anyway.

After all, you’re just a ‘puddle of vomit’ anyway, who was lucky enough to meet a person who tolerated you.

Unless you get your low self-esteem or morbid jealousy under control, ANY future relationship with an attractive woman will be doomed to failure before the first date.


Because you can’t act confident with this mindset.

Maybe you manage to put on a mask with which you can pretend the opposite…

…but one day she will notice that you’re only pretending and leave you more quickly than you can shout ‘Oh shit!’.

Nobody can blame her for that – after all, you lied from start to finish…

“Makes sense, Dan. But how am I supposed to deal with my jealousy or my inferiority complexes?”

Don’t worry, brochacho.

For the latter one, I have written an articles that will shake your reality.


Overcoming an inferiority complexes is a process. It takes some time.

So, while you are applying the tips from my articles, you should, of course, not stop meeting women. I mean, you don’t stop going to the gym for weeks just because you have sore muscles.

Et voilà:

>> Inferiority Complex Cure – 3 Must Have Tips for High Self-Esteem

Reason #5: She has another lover

A spicy señorita usually doesn’t live like a nun shut away in a convent.

There’s always someone courting her attention.

Be it:

  • An ex who she has casual sex with
  • This one guy she met in a bar, who she meets now and then
  • Some guy who texts her regularly

It feels good for her to be wanted by men; as long as they don’t behave too pushy toward her, she loves the validation.

Sometimes something happens here that you might not have expected:

  • She falls in love with her ex again.
  • A random dude she meets seduces her better than you and wins her over.
  • She only wants to focus on one man and removes/blocks all past affairs (she can get validation from Instagram without giving up her number anyway).

Sucks, huh?

But before you sink into the deepest quicksand of despair, let me tell you something…

You’ll never be able to prevent your chica from being contacted by someone else, but you can do something that is much more powerful anyway:

You can become the best catch she can get

A sex worthy man she doesn’t want to lose.

Someone she wants to be with at all costs, whatever it takes.

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Here it is:

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