Top 10 Signs and Solutions When She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

She doesn't love me

The problem is clear:

She doesn’t love you.

What is less clear:

WHY the hell doesn’t she love you.

I understand your frustration, amigo. I also hate it when I can’t figure something out.

After this article, you will not only know why she does not love you but also what you can do to change that possibly.

You’ll find out:

  • Top 10 reasons why she doesn’t love you
  • The woman’s kryptonite that breaks any attraction between you and her
  • How you make her want to go through thick and thin with you
  • A definite answer to your question: Does she love me or not?.
  • Why she does not tell you the truth (Note: It could be because of your performance in bed)
  • And much more…

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Why Doesn’t She Love Me?

Maybe she’s the woman of your dreams…

Maybe her booty’s just too smooth.

Maybe this time you’re head over heels in love with a woman…

Whatever the reason why you want to make this woman your queen, I respect your motivation.

There’s only one problem:

She doesn’t feel the same way about you.


Maybe she even said things like:

“I’m not ready for a relationship yet”

Or worse:

“You’re nice and all. But I don’t love you.”

Or worst of all:

(If the latter is the case, skim through this article, before it’s too late)

You keep asking yourself:

“Why doesn’t she love me? Is it because my face is too perfect? Is she intimidated by my godly body? Is my dick too big for her?”

Okay, you may have other questions, but the fact is:

You’re confused.


Your ultimate bro can help you, but first I have good news and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the bad news:

You are responsible for your own suffering.

You have either made fatal mistakes (whether you are aware of them or not), which is why she cannot imagine loving you…

… or you did everything right, she still doesn’t want you, and you failed to see that.

Both are not optimal.

But before you listen to “Mr. Brightside” on repeat, and cry all over your fancy shirt, I have some good news:

If you know what you have done wrong and take the decisive steps, you can turn a “she DOESN’T love me” into a “she LOVES me”.


You may have already made so many mistakes that nothing can be done.

And by “nothing” I mean that not even the remarkably modest author of this article can help you.

I know this because I’ve made these mistakes myself.

Yeah, you read that right.

I have not always been as perfect and perfect as I am today.

When I was still a young bloke without social skills, there was this one girl I was fond of.

She fancied me, too.

So we got married and lived happily ever after?

Far from it.

She didn’t love me in the end because I had done everything wrong from A to Z.

As a result, I got turned down.

Why would she get involved with a complete idiot who doesn’t know how the game between man and woman works?

But even if the fatality of your mistakes has already reached Young Dan level, you still have two options:

Option 1: You can complain like a little b*tch about how unfair life is.

Option 2: You can draw the right lessons from your mistakes so that they NEVER happen again.

I don’t know about you, but option two sounds more reasonable to me.

So read the reasons and ask yourself if they apply to you when someone stops loving you.

Reason #1: You’ve become women’s kryptonite

You must know what kryptonite is, you nerd. 😉

If not: It is a fictitious mineral Superman is “allergic” to (for reasons I cannot explain).

That’s why he avoids it as much as he can.

What if I told you there’s a kryptonite that women are allergic to?

A kryptonite they avoid so much that you doubt your very existence if even a hint of it sticks to you.

This kryptonite is:


Neediness means that you are heavily dependent on a woman. Your day begins and ends with the thought of her. As soon as she doesn’t text back, your whole world collapses.

In other words: You act like a fan-BOY instead of an attractive MAN.

Here are indicators of neediness:

  • You’re in love with her BEFORE she’s in love with you.
  • You always feel the need to text her
  • You get paranoid when she doesn’t respond to your message
  • The thought that she might be seeing another man eats your soul
  • You invest a lot more in her than she invests in you
  • You want too much too fast

A needy man is no challenge for a woman. And that is not only boring but also pathetic in a way.

Don’t be angry with me. I also find it crazy how overwhelmingly negative women react to neediness.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to avoid needy behavior:

  • Spend time with other women, even if you’re in love with one
  • Don’t forget your friends (when you are lonely, you almost automatically become needy)
  • Remember your higher mission (or create one if you don’t have one yet), which is much more important than exchanging bodily fluids with a particular woman
  • Save them in your smartphone as “Mediocre” or “Just ok”. Because when she texts you, it’s like, “Mediocre is typing…” A simple trick to remind you that she is just a human being, not a utopian goddess.

I know it’s not easy to be a bit indifferent towards a woman you think is excellent because you feel amazing when things are going well.

But what if they are not going well?

And even if they do, do you feel free and strong?

Reason #2: You weren’t flirting with her

If you want a woman to love you, you should flirt with her.

“That’s the most obvious thing I’ve ever heard, Dan!”

Oh yeah? Then please tell me why so few men do it when it’s sooo obvious?

Believe me; I’ve been coaching hundreds of men for more than a decade now. I know how most people flirt. Namely, not at all.

They always think they do, but if you listen to their conversations, they do nothing but being FRIENDLY to her.

That is all well and good, but it has little to do with seduction.

The problem is that many do not know what seduction really is.

Well, I can tell you what it’s NOT:

  • Always being nice to women
  • Always laughing at their jokes, even when they’re not funny
  • Being her handbag-carrying slave, who follows her around
  • Always agreeing with her, even when she is talking BS
  • Listening to her personal problems for hours and hours

You might be thinking now

“But DAAAAAAN!! Does that mean I have to be an asshole?”

Absolutely not!

Mutual respect isn’t only the right thing to do from a moral point of view, but it also works pretty damn well with the ladies.

Women want to be respected…

… but they also want to be seduced.


When you haven’t flirted with her yet, now is your time!

If you don’t flirt with her, she’ll never long for you on a sexual level.

Now, I’m sure you must have read a lot about flirting already.  The thing is, so much nonsense has been written online that you don’t know what to believe anymore.

No worries, here’s the only list of tested and approved flirt tips you’ll ever need:

>> 7 Unexpected Flirting Tips and Hacks to Become Irresistible

Reason #3: You’re the math teacher

You may remember this one math teacher who had the gift of stopping time.

You felt like sessions with him would never end. Everything that came out of his mouth was so boring that it was painful.

When it was finally over, you stormed out of the classroom to do more exciting things with your life.

A woman who is dealing with a boring man feels the same way.

The more boring the man, the more relieved she is as soon as she gets rid of him.

Only boring women want a relationship with a boring man – and who wants a boring woman?

When someone stops loving you, it might be that your relationship has turned to the same excitement found during a burial.

Again, I have indicators for you. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if one or more of these points apply to you:

  • You’ve only got a few exciting stories to tell
  • You find it hard to be enthusiastic
  • You keep asking the same annoying questions
  • You speak very monotonously
  • Your facial expressions are mostly frozen/ expressionless
  • You have no mission, ambition or goals
  • You’re not suggesting exciting dates

If all the points apply to you, there is much to do.

But in fact, you can already solve many points with one simple “trick”:

Plan original dates.

This automatically gives you something to talk about, you are probably more enthusiastic than in a dull café, and you make sure that the woman will never forget this date with you – no matter how boring you are. 😉

I already have the matching article for you.

-> 35 Exciting Date Ideas: How to Have an Unforgettable Date

Reason #4: She doesn’t trust you

Men are also nervous when they walk alone at night, past shady characters.

You can assume that such a situation is ten times more unpleasant for a woman.

Tony Robbins, the coach of the coaches, asked the men in his seminar who had felt as if they were in real danger during the last three months.

Approximately 10% have come forward.

Then he asked the women. Do you want to know how many came forward?


What does that mean?

For women, a feeling of security is fundamental.

Do any of these points apply to you?

  • You slept with her best friend
  • You have a bad reputation all over town
  • Everyone knows you as a player
  • You collect eyeballs in jam jars
  • You hurt her emotionally
  • She has been either emotionally or physically hurt by other men (it doesn’t always have to be you)

If so, it’s no wonder she doesn’t want to have a relationship with you. The solution is to build trust.

Without trust, she can’t love you.

You can find out how to do this in the next tip.

Reason #5: Lack of emotional connection

This can even happen to men who are very good at seducing women.

They have a confident manner. They know all the tricks. All sentences that ensure positive reactions.

But they often forget one essential thing:


And that’s bad because you can’t create an emotional connection when you are wearing a mask.

The solution is to take off the bloody mask and show yourself.

And I mean REALLY show yourself.

With all your flaws and all your edges.

Ask her what her biggest weaknesses and fears are, and apparently, she has the same as you do. These are conversations that help you build a connection.

Of course, there’s a lot more to say on how to connect on a deeper level with women. If you want to know about it, check out this article:

>> How To Make A Connection: 7 Tips To Easily Connect With Girls

Reason #6: Your timing is bad

A quote from the series ‘How I Met Your Mother’:

“If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing. Timing. But timing is a bitch.”
– Robin Scherbatsky

Sometimes your timing is just awful.

Maybe you even met the right woman… at the wrong time.

And, unfortunately, sometimes there’s not much you can do because timing is such a fucking bitch…

Example 1: The woman has just come out of a long and exhausting relationship and would like some time for herself.

Solution 1: Give her the time.

Example 2: She is already in love with someone else.

Solution 2: Whatever you do, do not see it as a competition. If you like her, you should also think that she deserves love, even if it’s not with you.

Example 3: She wants to go to Australia for a year.

Solution 3: Let her go. Don’t try to convince her to have a long-distance relationship with you. If a bird wants to fly, let it fly.

Maybe you expected better solutions. But the stupidest thing you can do in these cases is to beg for a relationship.

Take a step back, concentrate on yourself (and/or other women) and, at most, only strike when your timing is better.

Reason #7: She doesn’t want a relationship

She may not love you because she doesn’t want a fu*%ing relationship…

Yes, that can happen.

I don’t want a relationship right now. That’s why I never let myself fall seriously in love with a woman, no matter how great I think she is.

This is my decision, and if a woman cannot accept it, she must leave.

I’m not the only one with that attitude. With me, countless women have the desire to stay single.

The solution?

There aren’t any.

But I have some advice for you:

Never sell to a nay-sayer.

If she does not want a relationship and you still fight for her, you are like a salesman who rings the same doorbell every day.

A salesman who does not want to understand that this grandma does not want to buy a vacuum cleaner.

A salesperson who ignores statements like “I am not interested in your product” or “I already have a vacuum cleaner”.

And then it just gets annoying and pathetic.

Avoid this and instead, sell to a yes-sayer. This leads to a bigger peace of mind.

Reason #8: She has an actual fear of commitment

It’s no coincidence that I wrote “ACTUAL fear of commitment”. Nothing I write is random.

The severe psychological illness is often used as an excuse when she doesn’t love you.

People who do not want to enter into a relationship often cite fear of commitment as the reason for this, even if this is rarely actually the case.

This is not entirely fair to the people who actually suffer from it.

Genuine fear of commitment is often the result of traumatic experiences. Those affected cannot get involved with other people, even if they want to.

I’m not saying that your senorita suffers from fear of commitment as well, but it may well be that this anxiety is the reason why she cannot develop feelings for you.

What can you do then?

Hope that she will overcome this challenge (with psychological help) one day.

But to hope is a lousy plan.

Don’t be afraid to meet other women until then.

Reason #9: You’re bad in bed…

This reason only applies if you have already slept with her.

(By the way: If you love her, but have NOT slept with her… I wonder what the hell you’re doing.)

Sex is important.

I would never get into a relationship with a woman I had bad sex with.

Is that malicious?


It’s smart.

So many relationships and marriages fail because one of the two partners is not satisfied with the sexual performance of the other.

Understandably, she wouldn’t want anything from you if the sex was terrible.

I’m not saying that was the case with you. But it would be wise of you to check if this applies.

I understand that as a man, it is not easy to swallow the “I am bad in bed” pill.

In the circles of most guys, you are only “cool” when you can smash women like the Incredible Hulk…

But this is bullshit.

I used to be bad in bed too, and it was not so bad to admit this to myself.

Moreover, it’s only then that you start to get passionate about the art of love and realize how much you can improve in this respect.

Does this apply to you? If that’s the case, here’s the first step towards improvement:

>> What Women Want in Bed: 10 Ways to Be Her Sex God

Reason #10: She doesn’t like you

Reality can hurt sometimes.

In some cases, the woman just doesn’t like you.

You were kind to her, always tried hard, and would even die for her.

But she doesn’t seem to give a shit about any of this…

And that’s okay.

I am asked again and again whether I ever get rejected.

When I am asked this question, I have no problem making the questioner understand how stupid this is.

Of course, I never get rejected!

Just kidding…

To think you can get ANY woman is nuts.

Numerous “pickup artists” advertise with slogans like:

  • “How you seduce every woman.”
  • “Make her love you – works every time.”
  • “How to get any woman you want.”

And other nonsense.

What’s next? How can you get a woman to give you a blow job in the middle of the dance floor in one second, even though her boyfriend is standing next to you?

The truth is, you can’t get every girl.

The interesting thing is that my seduction skills went through the roof after I realized and accepted this.

In many cases, you can get her to like you.

But in many cases, you cannot.

When she doesn’t love me is the answer, you as an attractive man shouldn’t:

  • Waste time on women who do not like you.
  • Knows there are women who do not suit you.
  • Spend weeks whining about a woman who has decided against you.

Yeah, it’s clichéd, but I’m going to say it anyway:

There are many fishes in the sea.

And to seduce these fish – and maybe the fish of your dreams after all – I put together a free Transformation Kit for you.

See below all the seductive goodies you’re getting

Good luck!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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