5 Most Common Causes She Doesn’t Text Back (So You Can Fix Them)


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Looks familiar?

Because in this article, I will show you:

  • 5 Reasons why she doesn’t text you back
  • Truly, oftentimes it’s not you
  • Why perfectly written messages alone are not enough when you ignore one decisive thing
  • What to do when she doesn’t text back: Do THIS when she doesn’t text back
  • “If she doesn’t text back is she not interested?”: A final answer to your question
  • What a girls’ night out has to do with missing answers
  • How you can tell if she’s playing you instead of being seriously interested
  • Why you should listen to Benjamin Franklin to increase your chances with her
  • And much more tips on what to text a girl who stopped responding…

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Blue check marks…

Every 10 minutes you desperately check your phone for a message.

But somehow, she doesn’t follow up with a response.

A few minutes, hours, or even days go by, and you gradually go insane.

Maybe you’ve already sent her a few more messages…

… but she simply doesn’t answer.

“It’s like she ignores me…”, you think to yourself.

And all that even though they’re used to be such a spark between you – or did she see it differently?

A gigantic flood called ‘self-doubt’ floats in your head:

  • “Am I not good enough for her?”
  • “Did I do something wrong?”
  • “Why the hell isn’t she responding (anymore)?”

Unanswered messages, along with knotted headphones, are the most nerve-racking thing on mother earth (#firstworldproblems).

I know how depressing this feels for you, bro.

Especially past-Dan could compose an ode to notification-less smartphone screens.

I didn’t know…

  • Why my messages remained unanswered
  • How I could prevent this
  • What I could actively do about it

I was especially flabbergasted when…

  • …She asked me for my number the day we met
  • …She couldn’t get enough of me and even kissed me
  • …We already dated and even had sex

Do these cases look familiar to you? Grab a notepad and open your eyes wider than a tarsier.

>> How to Rekindle Your Relationship – 5 Ways Back To Love.

Reason #1: She feels as much for you like a blade of grass

I got some bad news for you, bro.

Women sometimes give their numbers more easily away than a balloon salesman balloons on Free-Balloons-Day.

When I grab the phone of a bombshell, I often see this:

30 unanswered messages from various guys.

One crazier about her than the other.

Were you happy that you got her number?

Think about it:

For many women, a number is nothing more than a high five.

She can hand it over to you quickly and still decide if…

  • She continues to pay attention to you
  • She even wants to see you again

She’s the queen of her decisions.

Does she think you’re boring?

With a simple touch, she can block you before you’ve even had a chance to write her.

In the end, her number is only a combination of digits.

Not more, not less.

So, the first possible and grave reason why she doesn’t answer you comes from one thing, which happens even before you get her number:

You didn’t seduce her properly.

Imagine you’re in a bar.

The jukebox plays Elvis’ most legendary hits like Jailhouse Rock, exotic cocktails à la Mojito are served at the bar, and some beauties try their luck at playing darts.

The atmosphere is fantastic.

Among the beauties, your eyes see one beauty with long blond hair, ice-blue eyes, and a sexy miniskirt that literally screams ‘Approach and connect with me!

What are you doing?

  1. You walk up to her and ask her for her number.
  2. You go to her and have a nice conversation with her to get to know her better.
  3. You talk to her, flirt with her, create a strong bond, and create such strong sexual tension that she even would like to go home with you that very night.

If you have answered this question with another option than C), you’re WRONG.

Being kind enough to get a number is something everyone can do…

The one thing that will set you apart from any desperate victim of unanswered messages is:

Forgetting superficial conversations and rushed “hi-what’s-your-number marathons”.


Because in both scenarios, you don’t make a memorable impression.

>> 5 Solid Ways to Make a Good First Impression (That Girls Love).

The attraction is bound to a moment

Women (especially emotionally unstable ones) can change their mind about you faster than you can say ‘tetra-hydro-cannabinol.’

Especially if you are still at the beginning of your glorious journey to becoming a women’s magnet, you may find it difficult to do everything right in every situation.

But when you show yourself from your most attractive side – regardless of how far you’ve already gone on your journey – one thing happens:

You increase the chances of her wanting to see you again tremendously.

“How the f*ck do I show my most attractive side, Dan?”

Don’t panic.

Fortunately, I wrote an article that not only answers this question.


It even shows you how to implement the most attractive qualities that women are crazy about with ease:

>> 5 Shocking Insights on What Causes Attraction Between Man and Woman

Reason #2: Your messages are like a grain of sand on the beach

Messages like these trigger feelings in me that I just can’t put into words. But this video can:

Maybe the messages you send aren’t that corny.

But many men lift attractive señoritas onto a pedestal and write to her:

  • Gooey messages that almost give her diabetes
  • Rational messages that are so boring that she would rather bury herself

Logic is one of the biggest factors by which we men act.

You write to a buddy that you feel like going bowling with him.

He’s not really convinced by your proposal.

So, what do you do?

You write to him all arguments that come to your mind to LOGICALLY convince him for your idea:

  • The venue where you want to go plays the best remixes from Tomorrowland.
  • On Thursday evenings, hot horsewomen often spend their evening at the bowling center
  • by the way; from 09:00 PM, there’s free beer.

Your buddy thinks about the extent to which your argumentation gives him an advantage and finally agrees with you.

However, this logical lyre does not convince most women.

They don’t make her want to write you back.


Because they respond more to emotion than to logic.

Why do you think women do things like…

  • Watching ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ with popcorn and a pack of tissues
  • Singing songs to Ed Sheeran in the shower
  • Saying ‘no’ when in some situations they actually want nothing more than for you to see the hidden ‘yes’ behind it

What are the ways you wrap those emotions in your messages to make her head spin?

With this guide, you will learn it step-by-step:

>> 22 Flirty Text Messages (+ Examples) That Will Make Her Want You More

Reason #3: You met her at an emotional high

Girls’ Night Out!

First, she goes to the cinema with her friends.

The new Fifty Shades of Grey flick is out.

They watch as Christian Grey casts a spell over his Anastasia and shows her his secret fetish.

Discreetly turned on, she then moves with her friends to the closest cocktail bar.

“Three Sex on the Beach and one Long Island Iced Tea, please.”

They gossip about the latest ‘Bachelor’ episodes, then move on to embarrassing teenage sins until they get to their latest sex stories…

She’s getting more and more in the mood:

“The adventure of the night must go on!

The bar is no longer enough.

>> Sex on First Date: A Step-by-Step-Guide from ‘Hi’ to ‘Take Me Home’.

To the club!

She feels the deep basses in her whole body, dances, drinks some more, and enjoys the moment.

‘What a night!’ she thinks.

She stands out to you.

Your pluck up the courage and walk up to her.

You start talking, and after a few minutes, it happens:

You kiss passionately.

After you exchange numbers, she leaves the club.

Next morning:

You write to her. But she doesn’t answer.

And this, even though you guys got along so incredibly well, and your message wasn’t even bad…

What the hell went wrong?

As already explained, the attraction is bound to a moment.

”Yes, Dan, I got that. But what if I created a memorable moment, reminded her of our great time with my message… and she still remains unresponsive?”

Excellent point, bro.

Cases like these used to be a bigger mystery to me than a 22×22-face Rubik’s Cube.

This mystery I can finally reveal, after (too) many experiences.

If she acts like this, chances are you’re just one thing to her:

A one-time thing.


She had an adventurous night with her ‘SistaHs fr0M aNoTHeR miStEr x33″.

“How can I have more fun?” she thought as she encountered the climax of her roller coaster ride:


Maybe she doesn’t want to text back and forth with several guys at the same time, or maybe she’s actually already seeing another man she wants to focus on.

But even if that’s the case, I can give you good news:

>> How to Kiss Properly – from Novice to Master in 15 Tips.

Your opinion may change again.

So, test the temperature of the water by occasionally (for example, once a week), sending her a message that doesn‘t require a response.

Such as:

You got this, bro!

Reason #4: She plays hard-to-get

Whether in the Cosmopolitan, a new edition of Glamour or in other magazines that Satan himself has written:

Women are taught that they must make it extremely hard for a man before they have sex with him.

Especially if she thinks you’re great – hallelujah…

Most of the time, however, this hard-to-get-game is associated with the fear that you won’t contact her again after sex.

Which of course we men would never ever do… #respectingwomen24/7

She just reacts very late to your messages, plays a little drama, and seems disinterested?

Maybe she’s hoping you’ll want her even more if she keeps on doing this.

But if you overreact and fall into her trap, she can treat you like a puppet…

…and ultimately find you unattractive.

To prevent that from happening to you, I’m going to give you a little crash course on this.

There is a clear difference between these two statements:

  • “I don’t want to meet you.”
  • “Maybe I’m not interested in you at all.”

Statement numero uno is a clear message to you, whereas statement numero dos are more like a tease.

Here are more examples:

She really has no interest in you. She plays hard-to-get
“Sorry, I’m not interested.” “Who says I’m interested in you?”
She doesn’t answer you at all or only very briefly and belated. She answers you regularly, but very slowly.
She faces you, turns away with her body, crosses her arms, and doesn’t smile. She faces you, but turns her shoulders a little away from you, has relatively open arms and giggles now and then.
She barely looks you in the eyes and constantly breaks eye contact to her left or right side, hoping to find someone more exciting. She maintains good eye contact with you, may look at you with skeptical expression from time to time but doesn’t feel any urgency to leave the conversation.

Do you want to know more about what to do when she plays hard-to-get?

No problemo, muchacho!

I’ve written an article for you, in which you not only learn further signs.

But also get an explanation of how you will manage to make her long for your messages, so that she can’t get enough of you anymore:

>> 7 Steps To Turn The Tables – How to Make Her Chase You

Reason #5: She has a life

Reality shock:

Besides writing fancy posts on Instagram, watching Vampire Diaries, or meeting you, our emancipated women of the 21st century have other things to do.

Is she not answering you?

Then there’s a chance she’s busy right now.

Think about it:

  • School or University
  • Work projects
  • Sports
  • Clarinet tournaments

And just between you and me:

Do you really want a woman at your side who clings to you all day long, wants to watch third-string comedies on TV with you, and has sex with you now and then?

Or would you rather spend your time with a woman who is going full steam ahead in her life, has a glorious career, trains her hot body in the gym and wants to relieve the stress in the evening by passionate quality time with you?

“Ok Dan, it’s not a difficult decision, but what should I do if she’s constantly busy?”

I have a secret tip for you:


get on with your life.

See a ‘too busy’ or missing answers as an excuse and write this sentence thickly behind your ears:

EVERY woman finds a free hour for you if she is REALLY interested.

It’s not a question of time but of her priorities.

>> What to Text After a First Date – Two Proven Text Formats.

So, here’s what you do:

Put your mobile phone aside and start again with the things in your life that give you pleasure.

… and by giving your passions a higher priority in your life, you avoid them.

Funny enough, it’s not uncommon for your chica to get in touch with you as soon as she has more time again.

Just the fact that you aren’t running after her like a dachshund increases this probability immensely.

After all, you seem to be independent of her because you do not feel the need to add more desperate texts to the load of unanswered texts.

If a few weeks or even months have passed, and she still hasn’t answered, you can ‘challenge your luck’ again.

Pro tip:

If she answers you rarely and very sporadically, you can also try a phone call.

Because if she’s writing to you at that very moment, chances are high she’s available.

With the help of your voice, it’s also much easier to remind her of the connection you used to have together.

What’s next?

Alright, bro.

Now you know 5 reasons why she doesn’t text back.

What you also know is that it doesn’t always have to be your fault if she doesn’t answer.

Furthermore, be aware that not every hot woman is a perfect match for you. So, don’t be overly self-critical of your conversations and texts.

Not everyone is meant for each other.

To this day, even I encounter women that I don’t feel any connection with.

Your personalities can sometimes go together as well as liverwurst and Nutella…

Not exactly the most appetizing combo.

So, don’t spend too much time worrying about nonreactive women and head for the next beauty that suits you better.

Nevertheless, I cannot deny one fact:

The better you are at dealing with women, the higher the chance that you fit together.

But since I don’t want to leave you out in the rain with Chinese fortune-cookie-like wisdom, I have another present for you.

With the help of this Kit, you will begin your transformation to your most attractive version, your I 2.0, which will make you a true magnet for women:

My free Transformation Kit

Have fun with it.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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