How I Love These 3 Shit Tests From Women (and How I Pass Them)


Konnichiwa, amigo.

If you clicked on this exquisite article, the chances are high that you…

… Either knows exactly what shittests are and want to know WHY women challenge you

… or, you are trying to figure out how to overcome them attractively

… or, you have heard about them from time to time but have no idea what they’re really all about.

Whatever your motivation was for coming here, your prayers have been heard.

Saint Dan – first of his generation – is here for you today and blesses you with this divine article.

As remarkably modest as I am. ;P

You will learn:

  • Shittest decoded: Why women test you and how you can profit from it
  • What you can learn from Spongebob about seducing beautiful women
  • What a nuclear bomb has to do with flirting and how you can create massive attraction through it
  • My #1 insider tip to make your love life your b!tch and unlock your most attractive self
  • And much more…

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Shittest decoded: That’s why she’s testing you

Before we dive into the deep rabbit hole of shittests, you need to know what the hell shittest is.

And if you think now:

“I already know that, Dan. I have been doing intensive research for 169 years on how to seduce women. I’m a master PUA (Pickup Artist) and for a PUA shittests are nothing new – you won’t tell me anything I don’t already know…”

I really hope the following is NOT an ‘innovation’ for you, because if it is…

…you’ve most likely been given an enormously false impression of shittests.

Then you can thank all the ‘pickup gurus’ for conditioning you with humbug.

But don’t panic.

Uncle Dan will now flush the bullsh!t out your synapses.

Ready to face the truth?


Shittests are nothing more than congruence tests.

Women use them – often subconsciously – to find out if you’re really the brave man you pretend to be…

Or maybe you’re just a wannabe, who under his mask full of pick-up lines and ‘techniques’ is actually more insecure than Spongebob at his driving tests…

While a failure of her tests can make you unattractive at the speed of light, your attractiveness in her eyes increases drastically if you pass them.

But where do her tests even come from?

The reason for this is buried in the distant past.

Let’s go back… to the good old days when it was still cool to chase saber-toothed tigers with a bone stick.

Yes, correctly understood, at the time when our first ancestors inhabited the caves of our globe.

Due to countless dangers that lurked in her everyday life, Mrs. Uga-Buga could not afford to give birth to a sickly young boy and put herself in a vulnerable situation.

Therefore, she chose from all the Mister Uga-Bugas, the one who behaved most courageously, strongest in leadership, and most dominant towards her.

At the same time, she hoped that this would increase her chances of having a strong and healthy offspring…

After all, she wanted to make sure that she gave birth to a healthy child and had a Mister Uga-Buga at her side who could protect her and her whippersnapper.

And guess what?

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This particular instinct is still deeply rooted in the genes of ladies of the 21st century.

However, women nowadays test you in a much more subtle way – often without them knowing it.

This does NOT mean that every woman who challenges you automatically wants 7 rug rats from you to protect – but rather whether you would potentially be a good ‘reproduction-material,’ which would be attractive to her.

“How many women have you already approached today?”

“I bet you say that to everybody!”

“But we’re not gonna have sex tonight.”

– Three statements of a woman I flirted with recently in the club.

Maybe it seems to you like she had something against me.

Plot twist:

This lady invited me to her apartment the same evening; we had a passionate night and a festive breakfast in the morning.

“Huh? How the…?! She didn’t tell you any positive things.”

Yeah, you’re right.

At least that’s how it looks to the untrained eye.

Most guys misinterpret challenges like this as rejections and leave (while their chicas look behind them in bewilderment).

At the same time, they do not realize that their tests are even an excellent sign.

And if you think back to the definition of shittests at the beginning of this article:

In principle, she is not signalizing anything (else) than that she wants to filter out whether you really are the attractive man you are pretending to be.

So, you already make a good impression on her.

Women are so smart here that they can even see through your words.

Even if you have the ‘perfect’ answer to her shittest, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you pass it.


Because women are more concerned with HOW you behave while they challenge you.

Yes, that also happens fully instinctively.

“Hmm, okay, Dan. And what if she doesn’t challenge me at all?”

Then, my dear bro, there is a good chance that she will NOT perceive you as an attractive man.

For example, if you behave inauthentic towards her or are a victim of the Nice-Guy-Syndrome and want to win her sympathy by acting overly friendly.

However, since you have clicked on this formidable article, it’s rather unlikely that you won’t be tested regularly 😉

So now I’ll show you 5 of the most common ways women test you and how you can pass their shit tests with flying colors.

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Here we go:

PUA Shittest #1: The Nuclear Bomb

“So you think we’ll have sex today, huh? Hah, don’t even dream about it.”

With your throat welded shut, you look stunned at her.

You wouldn’t have expected this direct comment from such a petite, sweet girl like her.

Your conversation seemed to run smoother than butter, you got along very well, and then out of the blue, she drops this bomb.

What are you doing now?

How do you react to this remark?

The ‘trick’ is the following:

Awaken the Zen-monk in you.

Take a deep breath in and out and realize that she’s only throwing this test at you because you seem like an attractive man, and she wants to crystallize whether you really are that in each of your cells.

But beware an insecure eye twitch, a stutter or even worse… when you start to justify or apologize, you only sub communicate one thing:

Massive uncertainty.

What you want to do instead is to continue to look in her eyes relaxed while you put a big smile on your lips.


In a similar calm manner, you should react to every random shittest.

This will exude that you are a grounded boss who doesn’t get upset by any provocative remarks.

Additionally, you can choose one of the following two ways:

  1. Exaggerate your comment self-deprecatingly

For example, by saying something like:

“Sex? You’re crazy. I have been celibate for years, and I have no intention of changing that for an attractive woman…” 😉

In this way, you not only signalize her that you carry a good portion of inner peace within you.


But also, that you don’t take yourself too seriously, which is also a damn attractive quality.

Way number two works like this:…

  1. Perform a role reversal (misinterpret her statement humorously as if she was thinking about sex with you)

“Sex? What? I mean, I’m flattered that you even think about having sex with me. But you haven’t even taken me to dinner yet.” 😉

With this variation, you show, on the one hand, that you have a sense of humor and carry a fat slice of lightheartedness inside you…

But also, that you know female thought processes and take her for a ride with stereotypical ideas of sex.

Namely, that you can ‘only’ have sex after you’ve been out to dinner together – which is a typical ideal of countless Hollywood tearjerkers.

The result?

You become instantly more attractive to her.

Bang bang!

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PUA Shittest #2: The Silent Gourmet


You got the number of a spicy senorita.

You write back and forth with her.

Your conversation is fun, and you both feel connected.

It looks like someone will have a date very shortly. Dope!

But then – out of nowhere and completely abruptly – she suddenly stops answering you.

Easy, cowboy.

While some women simply have a busy life or perhaps something unexpected has happened to them privately… (In those cases you can trust them to get back to you after a few days),

… there are some women who ‘ignore’ you consciously to find out how you deal with a lack of attention.

In this case, they want to test whether you still have a life next to them or whether you are mutating into a needy boy.

If the latter is the case, you bombard her with messages all the time – or write her back in milliseconds, even though she takes hours to answer…

…you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You sub communicate:


Doesn’t sound very bossy, does it?

But what should you actually do, when she stops writing to you?

Well, if after 24-48 hours she still doesn’t answer you, it is YOUR responsibility to breathe new life into your conversation.

By the way, in this exquisite article, I reveal a step by step solution to a situation like this;

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PUA Shittest #3: She challenges you playfully

This test is probably one of the most common ones women confront you with.

A few examples:

“Do you approach all women like this?”

“Do you say that to all women?”

Yes, here you could, similar to shittest #1, simply exaggerate and act as follows, for example:

“Do you say that to all women?”

”Yeah, I already burned down the whole club. You’re number 320. I was practicing my lines with my mom before I came here… but it wasn’t going well.“


“No, I don’t usually talk to women, and I’m actually a virgin because I don’t usually go out and play World of Warcraft in my parents’ basement 24/7”

HOWEVER, you’re here at AttractionGym.

We don’t think highly of memorized slogans.

What we value are raw authenticity, shameless honesty, and unwavering courage. Add a good portion of social intelligence to the whole thing – et voilà:

The ultimate attraction-cocktail is ready.

An example:

“Do you say that to all women?”

”To be honest, I actually got this line from a stupid site on the internet. I used it as an excuse to talk to you and to overcome my shyness… However, who are you?”

Why are sincere statements so powerful?

It’s very simple:

The moment you’re honest and authentic with yourself, you make yourself vulnerable – if you then get rejected, it feels like she is dumping your deepest self.

But the fact that you aren’t hiding your deepest truth and risk that you might get rejected despite opening yourself up…

…leads to the fact that no human being can say nothing but respect you for your giant cojones.

So, don’t hide (anymore) and man the f*ck up! It’s time to show yourself to the world shamelessly.

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Bonus shittest: If she ‘rejects’ you

Listen, bro.

There is a difference between sincere and challenging rejections.

While a ‘real’ rejection looks more like this…

  • “I’m really not interested, and please leave.”
  • “Fuck off and leave me alone, you idiot.”
  • “If you keep hitting on me, I’m going to call the cops, you creep!”

… there are rejections with which women pursue the intention of finding out how grounded you really are.

For example:

  • “Is this the way you flirt? That never worked before, has it?”
  • “Sorry, but you’re too short for me.”
  • “You dance like shit.”

You ask yourself how to separate these rejections from real rejections?

Nothing could be easier.

Just focus on how the expressions of your chica are during these sentences.

Does she smile and say it rather in a playful, teasing tone?

>> List of Facial Expression (With Examples) + The 5 Looks Women Find Most Attractive

Then she’s probably just testing you.

If she has a tense, maybe even angry expression, then she’s serious about her rejection, and you must respect it. After all, you don’t owe each other anything.

You ask yourself what you should do when her rejection is meant to be challenging?

Well, you probably know by now…

This is an excellent chance to signalize her (with a self-deprecating or radically honest answer) that her tests cannot provoke you and make you reactive.

“Is this the way you flirt? That never worked before, has it?”

“What makes you think that? My grandmother has never complained about it.” 😉


“Yep, it is.” (including intensive eye contact and a relaxed smile)

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Women only use them to find out if you’re really the confident malaka you claim to be.

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