20 Surefire Signs A (First) Date Went Well (Stop Doubting)

Back home from your date, you see your phone light up:

It’s a text from your bro:

“How’d the date go?”

As you type your response, it suddenly hits you… a feeling of uncertainty…

“What does she think of me?”

You had a good time with her, but how well did the date really go? Was she actually interested in you?

How can you even tell if the date went well?!

This article will tell you all you need to know:

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So say goodbye to your doubts, because after reading this article you’ll know exactly how well your date went.

And you’ll never be wondering if she’s interested in you again.

Sign #1: The date continued longer than imagined

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Okay, forgive me for starting off so lame.

But when you both didn’t bother to look at the time at all, that’s a good sign.

Whether you talked for hours trying to get to know each other or were too busy staring into each other’s eyes…

…If you simply lost track of time, it shows you were enjoying yourselves and had zero urge to say goodbye.

Now, of course, you have to keep in mind the length of the date.

If you only spent 30 minutes together, it doesn’t mean much if it felt like the time flew by.

Did you however spend hours together in what felt like a blink of the eye?

Then your date went super well.

Sign #2: You both laughed a lot

Laughter is important on dates, mutual laughter even more so.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to the grey-haired researchers who spent their youth researching it.

They found that laughing together bring down our natural defences.

Simply put, sharing a few knee slappers with your date creates a bond. The more laughs, the more likely you’ll share personal stories and build a deep connection.

So laughter goes beyond sounding like a piggy or drunk ostrich, it’s actually the start of a blooming relationship.

Sign #3: Both of you talked a bunch

“Duh, Dan! Of course we talked!”

Har harr. I’m not saying you didn’t.

The key word here is both.

It’s fine and dandy if you spent the evening talking, but it gets a little phucky if you were the only one doing the talking.

Because what can it mean if one person is constantly monologuing as a Bond villain?

The other person isn’t as interested.

Ideally, you want both of you to invest in the conversation equally.

You don’t need to get our your measuring scale.

But you both should feel like you had the space to speak freely and show interest.

Not sure what to talk about? Check out this article for 5 conversation topics for a stress-free date.

Sign #4: You shared a romantic moment

It may be a bit obvious… but a romantic moment is a strong signal your date went well.

Simply because you physically express your romantic interest in each other.

And that doesn’t have to be a grand moment, like a movie-kiss or sex.

(Although these are pretty good signs as well. 😉)

You can also show affection by just holding hands or by hugging.

Romantic moments like these can only exist once there is romantic interest from both sides.

So it’s a pretty solid sign your date went well.

Sign #5: Your phones never made an appearance

There’s barely a moment these days where you don’t have it with you…

Your mobile phone.

Not that strange, as they’re little machines that give out an infinite supply of dopamine to fuel our ADD brains.

Did her and your ADD brain not need a juicy dopamine hit?

Then that probably means the date went well.

Aside from showing you both have good date manners… (read more on the do’s and don’ts of dating for men in this article)

…a phone-free date shows that your company was highly entertaining.

So when you didn’t even feel the urge to check, you know you were completely immersed in your date…

Definitely a good sign.

Sign #6: You got asked personal questions

Shit got personal.

She asked you some particular personal questions…

She knows your mother maiden’s name, the name of your first pet, and your first model of car.

And before you know it, she’s got access to your bank accounts.


All jokes aside, it’s a good sign if you got asked questions about your personal life.

Personal questions are normally only asked to someone who you would like to see again, for example on another date…

Also, getting to know the personal details of a stranger is simply not that interesting.

So take it as a win, if your date makes the effort to ask you personal questions.

Sign #7: You received a post-date text

It doesn’t get more straight forward and obvious than this:

The post-date text.

Did she send you one?

Wonderful! She’s into you, man!

Did you get nothing?

No worries.

After all, maybe she’s just waiting for you to go first.

And a reply to your (first) message is also a strong sign.

But Dan, what should I send as a first text?”

Keep reading, I’ll get to that later on.

(Or if you really can’t wait, throw an eye on this article to get 7 Tips on What to Text After First Date).

Sign #8: Your date wasn’t afraid to flirt with you

This sign may not be so obvious…

That’s why I’m asking you to enter the depths of your mind and search your memories. Please don’t be distracted by the memories of your high school crush.

Can you finally picture the date?


Now think back to if she ever teased you, gave you a funny name, or playfully pushed you away.

Those are clear signs of flirting.

But perhaps she was a bit more subtle.

Maybe she wore a seductive dress and just gave you a sexy look…

Women can choose to flirt with you in many ways…

And when she’s comfortable flirting with you over and back, letting the tension rise higher and higher…

That’s a massive sign your date went well.

Sign #9: You were copying each other’s body language

How do you tell if she’s interested after the first date?

Body language is a pretty solid way to find out what’s on her mind.

Learn her non-verbal language, and you might be able to read her like a book.

One of the easiest things to spot is mirrored body language.

When we enjoy someone’s company, we automatically join their wavelength or vice versa. On a mental and physical level: you start copying each other’s body language.

Did you catch her mirroring your posture? Or did she copy your body movements?

Chances are she’s down for you.

Then again, not all ladies are as expressive and others reveal little to nothing…

So don’t go all-in on this signal but see it as complementary.

Sign #10: You regularly held pro-longed eye contact

If you frequently locked eyes on the date, it’s likely that she was into you.

Even science says so.

That said, she could have been staring at you for many reasons. Maybe she was fantasizing about choking the life out of you.

Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So when does eye mean she wants to be more than friends?


If she was lasering you for just a bit too long. You know, right past that awkward moment where you naturally want to avert your eyes…

…Then it’s 99,145937% certain that she was flirting with you.

Don’t think you need to have a staring contest with every girl before you can see her again.

Instead, trust your gut.

It’s usually quite good at knowing what’s going on.

For more on eye contact:

>> Reading Eye Contact: 7 Signals She WANTS You

Sign #11: You both felt comfortable being in each other’s personal space

Personal space is… yeah personal.

People prefer to keep it to themselves if they can.

And they definitely won’t share it with any stranger or someone they don’t like…

So letting someone in your personal space says a lot about how much she likes you.

Think of:

  • Brief touches on the arm or shoulder while talking and laughing
  • Cozily standing against each other
  • Getting close and physical with her

Again, you don’t need to be glued together…

But if you both didn’t back away to get close to each other, you’re definitely in a comfortable position for a second date.

Sign #12: There was no talk of being too busy to meet up in the future

Speaking of second dates…

Many second dates die at the hands of the much-heard reply: “Sorry, I’m busy”.

Most people are too polite to flat out reject someone.

It feels too confrontational.

Instead of saying they aren’t interested, someone will find it easier to say they won’t be able to see you thanks to their busy schedule.

Was there any talk of being busy?

Not a great sign bro.

Sign #13: You shared family stories and maybe even saw some photo’s

On your date you are actively getting to know each other. And family is a big part of that.

But of course, you wouldn’t want to share your family stories with strangers.

So it’s a good sign when you’re both comfortable sharing family stories.

After all, family is personal.

Is she sharing pictures of her family and pets with you? Then she’s basically inviting you into her world.

A great sign.

Although don’t think it is a must for you to share family stories or pictures with your date…

It can, however, be a great way to drop the superficial chit-chat and progress to something more meaningful.

Which ties into the next sign.

Sign #14: You went beyond small talk

“How about this weather, huh?”

“Any plans for the weekend?”

“Catch the game last night?”

Do these types of questions also make you want to dive through the window of a 3-story building?

Hopefully it’s just me and my colleagues.

Anyway, we at AttractionGym really dislike chit-chat on dates.


Because it eats away from all the time you can spend on meaningful conversations.

Conversations that build deep connections.

Not only do meaningful conversations bring you closer together, it’s also a great way to find out if you and your date are a good match.

Did you go beyond small talk on the date?

That’s another sign things went well!

Sign #15: Silences weren’t awkward

Silence can either be wonderful or horrendous.

Every man knows that feeling of going through uneasy silent moments with a girl.

You can feel her eyes fixed on your face, the tension rising as you frantically search your brain for something to say…

At the same time, silences like these can work in your favor.

At least, if you play it well.

What does that mean?

When you embrace the silence and confidently look into her eyes without saying a word.

Because what happens then?

You create so much sexual tension that you need a machete to cut through it.

Sign #16: You felt sexual tension


*sparks flying*

If you felt sexual tension on your date, that’s a pretty good sign you nailed it.

You know if a date was sexual when you felt your nether regions get all tingly.

You can find more on how to reliably create sexual tension in this article:

>> 5 Ways to Create Sexual Tension She Can’t Resist (+ Examples)

Sign #17: You followed each other on social media

Dating doesn’t just happen on the date, it can also continue online.

Did she follow you on Insta or left a comment on your Facebook wall?

You can take it as a positive sign that your date went well.

After all, why would you want to connect with someone on social media if you don’t want to see them again?

So if you have any social media, be sure to add some good stories and photos.

Because if she really likes you, that’s a safe place for her to reveal her feelings about you.

Sign #18: You hinted at seeing each other again

Did you pick up on any hints that she wanted to see you again?

Or have you dropped some clues for a future date yourself?

Then it’s HIGHLY likely the date went well.

The trouble is, many guys don’t always pick up on these date suggestions.

So let me give you some idea of what I mean:

  • You talked about visiting the best ice-cream maker in town
  • You told her you’ll cook your signature dish for her sometime
  • Or maybe she wants to show you her favorite spot in the city

Anything that involves you two doing something in the future signals that you’re ready to see each other again.

Sign #19: The conversation felt effortless

You’ll find this easy to recognize, especially if it was not the case.

When your conversation felt smooth, you probably didn’t even stop to think about it.

At most, you may have felt energized by the conversation and thought how nice it is to talk to her.

You’ll feel very different if you had a stiff conversation and you’re working hard to keep it flowing. It costs you tons of energy and you mainly remember the fact that the conversation took you a lot of effort.

Pro tip:

Having trouble keeping the conversation going? Check out these 22 Examples of How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl

So if you were tuned in to each other and your conversation felt effortless…

It’s a good sign you’ve got a lot going for you.

Sign #20: You have an inside joke

I saved the best for last because this one is golden.

Look, there’s a big chance something funny happened on your date.

Whether it’s a hilarious anecdote you spoke about or you encountered a funny scene while on the date…

You can use this as input for a running gag.

The fact that you are the only two that understand the joke is what makes the inside joke so powerful.

Only you two know about it and that brings you closer together.

Talk about creating a special bond…

Plus, if you don’t know what to text her after your date, use your running gag as the first text after your date.

This will remind her of the fun you had and keeps the conversation light-hearted.

Bonus: How to turn those signs into more

There you have it – 20 signs to tell if your date went well.

But why stop there bro.

What if you could hit your next date out of the park? (metaphorically speaking of course… 😉)

Turn those signs into more and take your dates to a whole new level

Leave no doubt in her mind that you’re the man she needs to date…

And you’ll be sure she tells all her friends how you swept her off her feet.

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