11 Subtle signs a girl is into you: Reading women 101

signs a girl is into you

“How great would it be, if I knew exactly how much a girl likes and could see all signs she likes me.”

Is that even possible?

Or necessary?

In this article you will learn the “Avada Kedavra” of the mixed signs that women might give you.

You’ll get:

  • 11 subtle signs that will tell you clearly she’s into you
  • What the shape of her lips tell about how much she likes you
  • Specific lines that will make her crack up every time
  • How we can use commercials to make women like us
  • The truth about signs she’s into you
  • More details when girls have a fancy for you…

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Warning: Women are subtle

As subtle as they can be, if you know what to look for, it is easy to recognize and interpret them correctly.

So, that you can read all the subtle signs she secretly likes you.


Before we get started, there’s something important I need to tell you:

It should never be your intention to wait for signs a girl likes you.

I already know that 90% of the readers of this article hope for signs that will give them some kind of permission to make a “move”…

Yes, being able to read her body language is very useful, but the absence of signs is no reason not to take the first or next step.

Courage and willingness to take risks are attractive characteristics.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore a woman’s signals, amigo…

Reading her body language is useful to avoid rejections.

A woman tells you much more through her non-verbal communication than through her words. Women are rarely direct when it comes to their choice of words. Consequently, what she says is usually not very illuminating…

But lucky for you, her body tells the truth.

This reminds me of a song from “The Struts” that goes like:

“You dont need to say a word cause your body talks.”

If you learn to read the non-verbal signals, you know how she feels about you. And thus you increase the chance of being able to win her heart.

How to tell if a girl is into you? 10 signs she likes you (and sees you more than a friend)

In the movie What Women Want Mel Gibson has the superpower to read women’s minds. That sounds like a nightmare, if you ask me.

It’s not that this superpower could not be of use, but I would want a filter that only lets the thoughts that I find useful seep through to me.

I do not need to know about her diarrhea-related thoughts or sex fantasies with family members.

What I want to know is:

  • How she feels
  • If and how strongly she is attracted to me
  • Whether she is telling the truth
  • Maybe she is sensitive when it comes to certain topics

Fortunately it is easy to recognize these things even without superpowers.

Her body exposes her…

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Sign #1: She does not increase the distance

Sorry, my friend…

Just because she is standing in front of you, looking fly as hell and having eye contact with you, it does not mean she likes you.

We are all raised to make eye contact and be friendly.

Many men often confuse the kindness of women with interest.

Don’t make that mistake.

A much more reliable sign is something I call the “Hot Pot Test”.

Suppose your great-grandmother has left you her old gas stove from 1945 and you want to know if it still works. How can you tell if it’s hot yet? After all, it has no lights that would indicate the level of heat.

Right. You test it by holding your hand above it.

But distance plays an important role here. If your hand is too far away from the stove plate, you will not feel the heat, even if it is there. You need to get a little closer to see if it is already hot.

In the same way you can test whether and how hot a woman is for you.

If you slowly get closer, keep the eye contact, and she neither breaks eye contact nor moves her head at a distance, it is a much more reliable sign.

If she smiles at you like Rachel smiles at the spineless turd Ross, you can be sure she likes you…

She keeps eye contact or even gets a little closer herself? Then she wants to be kissed by you, dumbass…

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Sign #2: She raises her eyebrows

She was THE sex symbol of the 20th century:

Marilyn Monroe

She has mastered the ability to put on a highly erotic look. Look at this picture and watch her eyebrows:

If female seduction were a look, it would kinda look like this…

The effect of Marilyn’s eyebrow position becomes clearer if you imagine her frowning.

Would we still find her so attractive then?


If you scroll up and take a closer look at the picture of Ross and Rachel again, you will notice that Rachel raises her eyebrows as well.

A very subtle sign that you shouldn’t miss.

Sign #3: She touches you spontaneously

If she touches you often, this may be an indication, but not a clear sign.

It depends on the way she does it.

I see many dudes in the friendzone getting high-fives, hugs or even kisses on the cheek.

I’m sorry to disappoint you (ok… not really), but that doesn’t have to mean anything.

The sign becomes clearer when she touches you during emotional high moments.

Suppose you make her laugh and she touches you automatically. If it doesn’t seem like a calculated decision but like an uncontrolled reaction of her body, you can be more sure about her interest in you.

An excellent sign.

Side note:

If she touches you during emotional low moments, the sign is less reliable. When we humans confront someone or want to be comforted, we seek physical contact, whether we like our counterpart or not.

The next sign is more subtle.

Sign #4: She is your reflection

Mirror neurons.


Mirror neurons.

“What is this?”

These are nerve cells that show the same activity pattern when observing a process as when performing it.

This is more how I’d explain it:

Someone does something, you watch him do it, and in your brain you do exactly the same thing as him.

The question is only whether you just do it in your brain or actually do it with your body.

If we like a person, the probability of us perform the movement is much higher – sometimes without us even noticing.

You think that sounds like witchcraft? Then wait till you hear this:

The whole thing even goes so far that you can make other people think that a rubber hand is their real hand.

“What the hell are you trying to tell me now, Dan?”

See for yourself in this bizarre experiment:

If you are now afraid that someone might make a voodoo doll out of you to torture your balls with a thumbtack, I can reassure you:

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Mirror neurons are only active when we WANT to connect with someone.

You can’t manipulate someone who doesn’t want to be manipulated.

So do the following test to find out how connected she already is to you:

Lean back when you’re facing a woman. She’s imitating you? That’s a good sign.

Then sit upright again and see if she does the same within a few seconds. Check? A very good sign.

The next sign is dirty…

Sign #5: She seduces you with her lips

Have you ever wondered why women are so obsessed with lip care?

They always have a chapstick in their handbag, wear lipstick or lip gloss, and post duckface selfies on Instagram.

Women are not stupid. They know exactly how tempting this is for men.

Did you ever wonder why that is?

The answer might surprise you…

They imitate the female sexual organ with their lips.

They don’t do it consciously, but it seems to work, because it drives us men wild.

  • She shows up on your date with bright red lips?
  • She keeps taking her pink chapstick out of her purse and putting it on?
  • She constantly moistens her lips with her tongue?

Then you know she’s trying to seduce you with her lips.

Sign #6: She turns into a girl

What do little schoolgirls often do in the back row?

Right. They giggle.

And often it does not stop there. Sometimes they almost pee themselves because they have to laugh so hard…

The ultimate sign that a woman likes you:

She laughs even when what you said isn’t really funny.

Laughter is a form of stress relief.

If a woman giggles all the time, it is a sign that the tension between you is so high that it has to be deflected somehow. And that’s a good sign.

So pay attention.

You make a dry comment… nothing spectacular, but she cracks up like a little girl? Bingo. She probably thinks you’re great.

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Sign #7: Her feet point to you

When her feet are facing you, her focus is on you. She has no intention of running away and her whole body is turned towards you.

Notice how this Spanish señorita is turned to one of my coach colleagues, although his feet are not pointing to her:

Do you want to know what he said so that she kissed him a minute later?

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Sign #8: She crosses her legs

This sign is interesting from a psychological perspective.

I was nice enough to make a circle where you should look, so you won’t be distracted by other things… – like my godlike body

Why would the woman position herself in front of me like that?

One could argue that it is bad posture – after all, it is anything but stable. A gentle morning breeze would be enough to throw her off balance.

There are three reasons why women cross their legs:

  1. It seems incredibly feminine. Her feminine curves are exposed. Imagine if I were to stand in the picture above like her. That would look gay, wouldn’t it?
  2. What are the chances that Usain Bolt would break his own record if this was his starting position? Zero! Her brain signs to her that she is in a safe environment where there is no reason to suddenly sprint off. Her flight instinct is switched off, and she intends to enjoy my presence a little longer.
  3. If you’re really good, then she must somehow prevent herself from leaking 😉

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Sign #9: She plays with objects

She sits across from you and shreds her napkin into a hundred pieces? She slides her ring on her finger back and forth? She fiddles with her earring or wine glass?

There are 3 possible reasons:

  1. She’s bored.
  2. She’s nervous.
  3. She’s excited

If reason 2 and 3 are the case, it means she likes you. Congratulations.

Sign #10: She plays with her hair

A sign you probably already know.

But maybe you don’t know WHY women play with their hair.

3 reasons:

  • She shows you that her hair shines (which is a sign of youth)
  • She makes herself pretty for you
  • It releases pheromones (which play a bigger role than you might think)

Of course, she doesn’t realize all this. Women don’t think:

“I’m going to show him that my hair is shiny. Then he’ll see how young and pretty I am.”
*Evil laugh*

She does this as subconsciously as your saliva flow is stimulated when a delicious looking burger is on the table in front of you.

Sign #11: She shows you her neck

Speaking of pheromones…

Women often seduce you with their neck.

Old Coca-Cola advertisements have often made use of this trick.

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From her throat, many pheromones get into the circulating air.

But that’s not the only reason.


Literally every gesture that makes her vulnerable in front of you is a sign that she likes you.

And the neck is the most vulnerable part of the human body.

She trusts you, bro.

Sounds simple? Well… Read this before you jump to conclusions

Okay, here’s the other side of the coin.

Even the best behavioral and communication scientists admit that the signs of body language are not set in stone.

  • She might raise her eyebrows because the lighting conditions have changed.
  • She could cross her legs because she has to piss like an ox.
  • She could play with her hair because she has lice…

I think you understand what I’m trying to tell you.

A single sign is not sufficient. For this reason, it is important that you pay attention to behavioral patterns.

The patterns tell the truth.

A pattern is a series of similar signs. An isolated sign is not reliable, but a pattern is. If something looks like a cat, moves like a cat and meows like a cat, then it’s probably a cat.

Do you get a whole bunch of positive signs from her? Then you can assume that she wants you.

How you make sure you don’t miss the signs

Actually, it’s in our nature.

We were born with the ability to correctly interpret the body language of other people. Even as a baby, we can distinguish angry faces from happy faces.

And yet many guys are not very good at recognizing a woman’s signs.

In 9 out of 10 cases this is simply because they are too busy with themselves, busy trying to make a good impression, busy thinking about what they should say next etc.

When you are focused on yourself, it is easy to forget to pay attention to the signs of the woman.

As soon as you turn your focus outwards and concentrate on her, the first clues will jump in your face.

Anyone can learn this with time, but once you got it, it will seem as if you can see the matrix. You will see patterns EVERYWHERE. With friends, with colleagues at work, with family members, etc.

To help you with this. I have my free Transformation Kit for you.

Which you can download here.

Funny thing:

At this very moment I am sitting in a café. I see two women sitting at a table. One of them clearly sees the other one more than just as a friend. The other girl looks very innocent though. I doubt that she knows…

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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