Signs of a Healthy Relationship: 11 Telling Questions

In today’s article, you get this:

  • Healthy relationship quiz: 11 question which reveal any signs of a good or bad relationship
  • The biggest differences between a fulfilling and dysfunctional relationship
  • What fructose intolerance has to do with what makes a healthy relationship
  • Why spaghetti with tomato sauce can be an indicator of whether you are a good match for each other
  • The #1 mistake that 99% of men make when their relationship reaches an emotional high (which eventually dooms their relationship)

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Healthy relationship signs: ‘Is my relationship healthy, anyway?’

After a few phenomenal dates, you’re already sure:

This lady is girlfriend material.


  • … shares the same passion for water skiing
  • … celebrates your third-string jokes
  • … is open-minded and even goes on the most spontaneous adventures with you

And then it happens:

As you lie next to each other after having passionate sex, you confess your love for each other.

You enter a relationship.

Since that day weeks, months – maybe even years – have passed and you are still in a relationship.

But little by little doubts creep up on you:

  • Maybe you’ve been having relationship problems lately and thinking about taking a break or even a breakup
  • Or: with each new facet she ‘presents to you’, you are getting more and more indecisive whether you are a good match
  • Or: you just want to assure yourself if you really are in a healthy relationship

To eliminate any doubt inside you I’ve put together this fancy compatibility quiz.

So you can…

  1. find out quickly where you stand in your relationship
  2. boost your relationship to a new level of happiness and intimacy with my tips in this article

But before I start with the questions, I must clarify a crucial point:

All relationship compatibility questions that follow in a moment refer to your partner.

A healthy relationship is based on MUTUALITY.

If you can check off all questions in rays of joy with a ‘yes’ but are not willing to do the same for your girlfriend, I can give you a spoiler in advance:

You don’t really seem to love her.

Therefore, it’s better for both of you to respectfully break up from each other instead of punishing her unconditional love with a half-hearted relationship.

Because nobody deserves that.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

By the way, in this article I show you how to respectfully break up with her:

>> 3 Ways to Break Up With Girlfriend Nicely (the Way She’d Want It)

Good thing we cleared that up.

Let’s go!

11 signs of a healthy relationship


Sign #1: Does your partner in crime make you feel good about yourself?

Suppose you have a choice between two gorgeous women.

Number one loves you unconditionally. She knows your quirks and your deepest insecurities.

But even though she knows how repulsive you consider the chickenpox scars on your face, she kisses each of them.

She makes you feel that you’re attractive and alright as you are. Without exceptions.

Even in discussions she remains diplomatic. She doesn’t need to get personal or hit you in the face to resolve confrontations with you amicably.


Woman number two is similar but gets personal as soon as you’re involved in a discussion.

She insults you and attacks the sore spots of your self-confidence, making you feel like a coarsely digested piece of dog shit. She does all this to win over every argument – regardless of whether you are right or wrong.

Regardless of whether you are in a monogamous or open relationship:

Does your chica bonita give her full 100% in your presence?

  • For example, does she occasionally go with you to that smoothie bar you love so much, even though she has a fructose intolerance?
  • Does she dress up sexy when you go out together?
  • Does she spoil you after a hard day at work by running a bath or even giving you a massage?

If she does similar actions like mentioned above, you can be pretty sure that you have made a phenomenal choice with the ma’am at your side.

Look around in your circle of friends and acquaintances, often you will find couples who have settled down with a partner they can’t even stand.

The result: They live in a half-hearted relationship that remains mediocre at best but can never be fulfilling.

After all, they find their partner merely acceptable and aren’t willing to do their bests for him/ her.

Doesn’t sound healthy, does it?…

Sign #3: Does she respect the things you do?

It doesn’t matter whether you..

  • Are a part-time cook-blogger
  • Passionate about singing in the church choir
  • Are in an Ed Sheeran fan club

… or whatever.

The lady at your side don’t has to love your passions.

Does she accept AND respect them, nevertheless?

Why the hell should your closest people be a bunch of naysayers who don’t endure your biggest passions and constantly question your state of mind just because you strive for different things than them?

Especially when she is your beloved, it can be MORE than tiring to be surrounded by disrespect.

Especially when you live together.

Sign #4: Does she trust you?

Congratulations, amigo.

The madam at your side is stunningly gorgeous.

She is desired by hundreds of men.

At the latest since you read this article I wrote for you; you know how to deal with jealousy and how to trust your lady despite her ‘male fan base’.

On the other hand, how about your sweetheart?

  • Does she restrict your freedom by forbidding you to go out with your boys?
  • Does she have a strong control compulsion to check your phone for messages?
  • Does she accuse you of not loving her because you comment women on meaningless pictures on Instagram or Facebook?

Don’t get me wrong. A little jealousy is part of any relationship.

However, if her paranoia is unfounded, she obviously doesn’t trust you.

A woman who controls you nonstop and assumes that you’ll cheat on her in the near future, seems to have low self-esteem.

And the longer she can’t get her mental cinema under control, the faster the chances increase that you’re looking for another woman.

After all, she thinks you’ve been cheating on her since the beginning of your relationship.

You want to know how you can effortlessly strengthen your trust in each other?

Nothing easier than that.

Good thing I’ve already written you a detailed article about it.

>> How to Rekindle Your Relationship – 5 Ways Back To Love  

Sign #5: Have you made a clear deal about what is and isn’t okay?

Three cheers for the 21st century.

In our modern times there are probably the most different forms of relationships.

  • Men and women in monogamous relationships
  • Open relationships
  • Semi-closed relationships in which one of the partners has several partners
  • Relationships with a cushion on which Anime characters are printed
  • and many more…

That’s why it’s even more important that you clearly agree on the following:

What is okay in your relationship and when are boundaries crossed?

Have you agreed on a formulated a precise arrangement?

Of course, this sounds anything but sexy, but otherwise your boundaries are too nebulous to each other.

  • Is it already too much for you when your respective partner meets the opposite sex in the context of a friendship?
  • With which Homo Sapiens are you allowed to exchange messages?
  • What does cheating mean to you?

The earlier you discuss these things in advance, the fewer misunderstandings you will have later.

After all, you agreed on this very clearly.

By the way, if you want to have some excellent examples of which rules improve an open relationship beyond compare, check out this article I wrote for you:

>> Do Open Relationships Work? 7 Must-Have Tips You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Sign #6: Can you imagine living with her?

You open the apartment door and see her.

She got off work earlier and is already back home.

Hell yeah, that means:

Joint cooking session!

You treat yourselves a culinary portion of spaghetti with tomato sauce and afterwards jump into the bathtub together.


You could NEVER imagine in this life to move in with your girlfriend?

Then you may have a gigantic problem, señor.

Of course, in our modern century, ‘moving together’ is not a prerequisite for experiencing a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship.

The only time you’ll be in trouble is when you want kids…

In this case you will have to find a compromise on how to live together with your lady.

Pro tip:

Sit across from each other and write down what you expect from your partner when you move into a shared maison. Afterwards, agree on compromises if you have different ideas on certain points.

Et voilà!

Sign #7: Do you have more epic than terrible days with her?

Cross your heart:

Every couple has its fights.

Even the happiest looking showpiece couple à la Ned and Maude Flanders do not always share same opinions.


I don’t think so.

However, if you’re experiencing more arguments and fights than awesome moments – something is definitively going wrong.

After all, a relationship should serve to pimp your lives and collect unforgettable memories.

This is impossible if every single positive experience is overshadowed by thousands brawls.

In such a case it doesn’t make sense to keep being in a relationship.


You want to know how to bring a breath of fresh air into your relationship and create memorable moments?

Then check this article out:

>> 10 Tips to Have More Ups + Less Downs in Your Relationship

Sign #8: Is she emotionally stable?

How do the synapses of your potential Mrs. Right look?

Does she have a healthy psyche?

According to which principles does she shape her life?

Are her beliefs more like:

  • ‘Disrespectful and intolerant people have no place in my life.’
  • ‘Honesty and trust are the key to happy relationships.’
  • ‘I forgive people as long as they are willing to change.’

Or do her actions rather shout out this:

  • ‘As long as I can call someone my friend, I don’t care if they disrespect me.’
  • ‘Because my ex betrayed me, I can NEVER trust his successors either.’
  • ‘If someone makes a mistake, I can’t forgive them. I bear grudges.’

Especially if your lover suffers from clinical depression, it is extremely hard to stop her negative way of thinking about herself.

The more time you spend with her, the more her negative thinking will rub off on you.

If there is no way to improve through, for example, therapeutic support, meditation or the like, you should think twice about continuing a relationship with her.

Otherwise you will – before you know it – be infected by her toxic way of thinking and start to lose faith in humanity as well…

Sign #9: Do you experience intimacy with her?

If you’re like me, you are the opposite of an asexual and sex plays an important role in your relationship.

(Small excursus – let me quote our bro, Wikipedia: ‘Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.)

Again and again I see couples who have lost all passion for passionate coitus.

They rather resemble siblings, who go through thick and thin, but aren’t exactly fans of incest à la Jaime and Cersei Lannister.

The consequence of this:

Their attraction for each other dissolves into thin air faster than a camel fart in the Sahara…

How passionate is your Bonnie about you anymore, Clyde?

Do hot French kisses and tender touches regularly spice up your relationship or has this been a thing of the past for centuries?

If so, tuning your sex life is crucial.

By the way, to learn how to achieve this, I wrote these step-by-step guides for you:

>> Want To Turn Her On? Try These 9 Dirty Talk Phrases and Tips

>> The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips

>> How to Please a Woman in Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

Sign #10: Can you talk openly with her about anything?

Your sister’s in the hospital and you feel terrible?

You accidentally vacuumed up the hamster of your love?

Whatever’s bothering you.

If your lady offers you an open ear and doesn’t judge you for your actions, you can consider yourself lucky:

Because with that I can confirm that you have a fantastic woman on your side.

After all you can be authentic and real to each other without having to filter yourselves.

If, on the other hand, she judges you for every little thing it doesn’t take a long time till this happens:

You start keeping secrets from each other.

Because as soon as you confront her with your worries and mistakes, you are despised.

And because you want to avoid this in any case, you open yourself up to her less and less.

Your relationship turns into a game of never-ending masquerade.

Toxic, huh?

So, pay attention to how open you can be to your señorita.

Sign #11: Does she change you for the better?

You need alone time?

She won’t hold it against you if you don’t want to be with her all the time.

She doesn’t need drama.

You like to collect acorns and are passionate about building horse figures out of them?

Maybe most people around you find your soft spot strange, but she stands behind your quirks.

She accepts you as you are and doesn’t want to change you under any circumstances.

The only exception: Habits that have a negative effect on your health.

You smoke like a chimney?

Your chica doesn’t smile at you with a ‘You walking ashtray will surely bite the dust sooner than me.’ while she points her finger at you.

Instead, she challenges you to detox and drags you to her gym to get your health handled.

After all, she wants to spend time with you a little longer.

Does this description apply to your chosen one?

Then I can only congratulate you, muchacho.

Women like this are real ‘dung for your growth’ (charming comparison, I know).

They don’t change you in a negative sense, but want to turn your weaknesses into your strengths and inspire you to become the best versions of yourself.

If she suppresses your personality and uniqueness, however, you shouldn’t hesitate to break up with her.

Because then she seems to be a manipulative woman who would rather run into a lawnmower than accept you as you are…

Healthy relationship test done. What next?

Awesome, bro.

Now you know where you stand in your relationship.

But even if you could answer almost every question with a big yes, that’s no guarantee…

…that your relationship will continue to be smooth and fulfilling – if you neglect this crucial issue:

Seducing her properly.

Countless men are resting on a happy high of their relationship.

They think:

“She’s happy now, I don’t have to lift a finger to make her stay with me.”

However, what they don’t realize is, that they lose their partner with this mindset faster than Mr. Krabs loses his mind when he sees money.

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Then I have something for you.

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