Spot Manipulative Women: 3 Most Common Signs She’s Trying to Control You

Buenos dias, amigo! Today I’m going to save you tons of nerves, time and blood…

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be an expert at identifying unsuitable partners faster than Superman could ever do it with his x-ray vision.

How so?

By showing you which signs you should watch out for in order to recognize a controlling girlfriend or manipulative women who use men at an early stage and instead, to enter into fulfilled relationships with beautiful women.

“Roger that. But what the hell are manipulative women anyway?”

Excellent question. Make yourself comfortable with a bag of popcorn: Uncle Dan explains it to you with the help of a crazy story.

Because you get:

  • 3 Signs of a manipulative woman to catch her red-handed
  • How to deal with a manipulator in a respectful way
  • How to free yourself from the claws of your controlling girlfriend
  • My bonus Kit to become the best version of yourself. One that doesn’t allow any disrespectful behavior
  • Much more…


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The story of my life

Daniel and the ‘pea princess’.

Once upon a time…

… there was a man. Called Daniel (yep, a buddy of mine). A humorous, charismatic and adventurous fellow. He had been longing for a harmonious relationship.

Daniel was looking for his princess. But he didn’t want just any princess…

No, no. It had to be a ‘real’, sensitive princess – a pea princess – according to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.

One day he met Julia.

She had deep blue eyes, long, straight hair that went all the way up to her.

… And a smile that could’ve even steal the show from Crest models. Julia was a real eye candy.

Both got along right away and eventually got into a relationship. But after a few weeks, new mannerisms crept in on Daniel, which transformed him into a completely different person…

Daniel had met with us, his best buddies, almost daily in the past and was known for his crazy, spontaneous ideas.

For example, a harmless round of UNO in a cozy smoker once ended with us organizing a nude diving competition at the North Sea in the same frosty December night.

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But the contact to Daniel broke off more and more. When I met him once at the gym, he seemed very stressed and caught in thoughts.

That night we noticed that the self-proclaimed ‘social media messiah’ had deleted his accounts on all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and even his Snapchat account.

Something had to be seriously wrong.

Daniel was always looking for the challenge of creating creative stories for his 15 followers…

So, what happened?

After a long back and forth we could finally invite Daniel for a talk.

When we sat down with him on the appointed day, he burst into tears:

“Guys, my relationship is just a nightmare. Julia completely restricts me. I feel like I’m never good enough for her. There’s always something wrong with me. If I don’t behave the way she wants me to, she turns her back on me completely. But I don’t want to lose her either. She’s a beautiful woman and I’m having the most phenomenal sex I’ve ever had with her.”

Shocked, we listened to him. It was clear to him, that he couldn’t continue the relationship this way. Julia turned out to be a controlling girlfriend

She played with him as if he was her puppet in a Punch and Judy show. With our encouragement he only heavy-heartedly managed to break up with Julia.

Daniel could’ve spared himself all this emotional drama if he had recognized the signs of toxicity in his relationship earlier.

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He was unaware of what I’m about to tell you…

So, if you don’t want to be in the same predicament, I strongly recommend you listen up.


The behavior of women, which I will show you in the further course of this article, is often shown unconsciously and without any intention to ruin your life necessarily (at least in 9/10 cases)…

They aren’t aware that their behavior pattern undermines their love happiness and harms their lover.

If you recognize the signs (which I am about to present to you) that indicate a manipulative woman, you SHOULDN’T immediately break off contact with her.

First, talk to them openly about it. If you do not find a common denominator, then I allow you, in the course of my years of experience with women, to immediately break off contact with her.

By the way, in this article you can find out how to break up with women properly.

Ready how to spot a manipulator?

I’ll give you the 3 treacherous signs:

Sign #1: You are her puppet

“Holy Mother Teresa have mercy on me: I’ve never had such wild sex!”

It isn’t uncommon that some men get wrap up around a woman’s finger because the sex is great.

But if her behavior resembles borderline- characteristics, there’s high likely something wrong with her…

Let me give you an example:

One second she wants absolute seclusion and would rather jump into a fountain of lava than spend time with you…

… and the other second, she jumps all over you to invite you to a hardcore sex marathon and can’t get enough of you.

In addition, she knows exactly how to touch you and how to turn you on massively.

The catch in the story: Her highest goal isn’t your welfare. She uses your attraction for her to influence your behavior as she was your puppeteer.

You’re the monkey in her circus. If you behave differently than your tamer tells you to, there are no treats for your tricks.

For example, she threatens you with sex breaks. Gradually you mutate into an isolated, effeminate and intimidated slob.

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Your highest goal then is to satisfy the insatiable desires of your queen at all costs.

You lose contact with your friends and with YOU: Your own needs and your drive to get the most out of your life, sometimes even completely fall by the wayside…

Sign #2: She’s using you as her psychotherapist

Was she already up to her neck in the quicksand of problems, when you met her?

Would a disastrous divorce, financial mess, the fight against deep depression or an addiction get into your head if you had to describe it?

If so, all your alarms should go off!

It’s perfectly normal and understandable that people have problems. However, if your flame displays a self-pitying victim mentality, you should establish a skeptical, vigilant distance from her.

A controlling girlfriend then uses her problems to swallow up all the energy of people around her like a black hole.

Her ‘How are you doing, honey?’ is usually a mere formality and not a product of her serious interest in you.

Often, she’s less interested in the things that mean a lot to you than in the fat rate of bricks. As soon as the conversation turns to you, her next problem just happens to pop up.

You’re not feeling so good?

She’s not going to give you room for your problems.

You know what else isn’t uncommon?

That you later even find out that her last boyfriend met her under frighteningly similar circumstances.

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Coincidence? Often not.

Mostly their lives are dominated by one problem. As if it was a pattern, she almost exclusively attracts men who want to play her ‘savior in distress’.

They want to free Sleeping Beauty from her self-pity trance and don’t realize how deeply they are stung by the thorns on their way up to her…

You deserve better than that, bro.

Instead of a woman who displays a constant victim mentality, you deserve a woman at your side who takes her life into own hands with full responsibility.

Sign #3: She’s a controlling girlfriend

Is your señorita characterized by her impulsive jealousy?

A healthy amount of jealousy is human – but if the woman at your side is in a deep hole of insecurities, it’s impossible to fill it.

You could always leave her for another woman. Therefore, she wants to prevent your ‘Boys Night Outs’ at all costs and compensates it through appropriation which resembles the seagulls of ‘Finding Nemo’.

While you tell her about your plans, she interrogates you like a CSI agent.  Or she passive-aggressively ‘rewards’ you with an ignore-marathon because you eventually went out with your friends instead of spending the sixth evening in a row with her.

The possessive temperament of your partner in crime can even lead to finding yourself in a deep well of isolation, because she cuts off all of your communication with the ‘outer world’.

The same happened to Daniel.

His controlling girlfriend Julia forbade him to use various social platforms and even the peaceful UNO evenings with us…

Manipulative women guarantee a doomed relationship

They can be true man eaters. They know how to seduce you.

They often seek men who are not used to a lot of female attention or who are condemned to play the Samaritan because of their Nice Guy-complexes.

You can literally become addicted to them, for example by having some breathtaking sex a few times.

But the problem is not that manipulative women walk around on our planet, but that you can’t resist them.

In the words of Jim Rohn:

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

In fact, you should be grateful that such women exist. You can consider them as catalysts to become a stronger self, an I 2.0, your most attractive version.

The man who is almost resistant to such women is the proactive man.

And the pro-active man checks out my free Transformation Kit to become the best version of himself. A journey that took me years.

Something that costs you only a click on the button.

A now almost extinct subspecies of the male Homo sapiens. Determined, he shapes his own life with a strong will.

He knows, how to create alternatives in case he meets a toxic, manipulative woman with whom he cannot have a healthy relationship.

You bro, also know all behavior patterns, which signalize that you should stay far away from a woman.

Have you already had one or another experience with a manipulative woman or a controlling girlfriend?


Then leave me a comment.

I am firmly convinced that through our experiences we can save others from drowning in the ‘toxic sea of manipulation’!

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