15 Subtle Signs of Cheating: Finally Find Out The Truth

signs of cheating

You have a faint suspicion that your girlfriend or spouse is cheating on you…

But you’re not 100 percent sure yet…

After reading this article, you will know exactly how to tell if your lady is cheating.

Read on and get:

  • 15 classic signs of cheating (+1 bonus sign at the end)
  • What you can do if you suspect that your girlfriend committing infidelity (and what you shouldn’t do at all!)
  • Why sweet women can be dangerous
  • What signs of guilt from cheating you want to look out for
  • How to catch a cheater with the Parrot Principle
  • And much more…

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She just got a text.


You’re sitting next to each other on the couch, watching a movie.

But the movie keeps getting interrupted by the sharp, irritating sound of her phone.

She gets a message, then another…

If you ask who it is, she comes up with a vague story about some friend from work.

A friend who didn’t exist a while ago…

Besides, you notice that she seems pretty busy lately with all sorts of things.

…Just not with you.

An unpleasant feeling has been nagging at you for quite some time now:

You suspect that she’s cheating on you.

Emphasis on suspect.

Because you don’t have any solid evidence that your girlfriend is actually guilty of adultery.

Hmm… What are you going to do about it?

In this article I’ll give you the 15 most characteristic signs she’s cheating on you.

(+1 bonus sign at the end of the article).

The more of these signs she shows, the more likely it is that she’s actually having an affair.

Before I start discussing these signs, there is something important we have to talk about…

That is:

What should you do if you have a clear suspicion that your gf is cheating on you?

Somebody help! My girlfriend might be unfaithful… what now?

You’re almost positive your spouse is cheating.

Now what?

This British politician has the answer for you:

Calm the f*ck down man

As a dating coach, all too often I see men who do exactly the wrong thing when they suspect that their girlfriend is committing adultery.

They do things like:

  • Getting super insecure
  • Being needy
  • Getting mad without any proof that she’s actually cheating
  • Becoming jealous
  • Getting extremely butt hurt
  • I could go on and on…

Look, mate.

There’s no point in panicking.

An attractive man always remains chill. Even if he suspects his woman for cheating

When you’re already under stress, getting jealous and throwing countless (unfounded) accusations at her is like shooting yourself in the foot.

You lower yourself to the level of a pathetic, insecure man.

The result?

You become unattractive and she won’t only cheat on you, but probably soon also break the relationship

Is that what you want?

“Uh… no. Of course not, Dan.”


Then take a deep breath and ask yourself what an attractive man would do:

“I suspect she’s having an affair. That’s not ok, but I’m not going to let it drive me crazy. If she’s cheating, that’s her fault. I’m an attractive man and I’m not dependent on one specific woman. A woman who is actually cheating does not suit me. First, I’ll calmly find out if my suspicions are really true…”
– An attractive man’s train of thought.


Here’s the thing:

An attractive man has the following characteristics:

He lives in abundance (of women).

He’s not dependent on any one woman.

  • He’s not a slave to his emotions
  • He knows that he is an attractive man
  • He remains chill in any situation
  • Doesn’t show he’s afraid of his girlfriend cheating on him
  • Doesn’t make a decision until he’s absolutely sure she’s cheating and then chooses a suitable solution

You’re an attractive man, not a frightened sissy, capiche?


Now let’s have a look at the 15 most important signs that allow you to recognize cheating.

Remember: these are indicators, not hard truths.

There’s nothing wrong if she only displays one or two of these signs…

However, the alarm bells should start ringing if she’s regularly displaying a mix of these signs.

Pay attention and sear these signs into your memory…

We’ll start immediately with sign #1.

Cheating Sign #1: Signs of a cheating girlfriend on her cell phone

Lionesses and women have something in common.

“Um… their gender, Dan?”
– The razor-sharp reader


Yeah, that too.

But I was referring to something else.

Both female humans and lionesses are very protective.

The lioness protects her cubs with her life.

A woman protects her phone at all costs.

This obsession with her phone gets even worse when she’s actually having an affair.

When a woman is having an affair, she protects her phone like a lioness protects her cubs.

In other words:

If you come anywhere near her phone, you’re in danger.

Pay attention to these signs:

  • She keeps her phone far away from you
  • You can’t read her texts
  • She walks away when she gets a call (when she never used to)
  • She panics when you grab her phone
  • She deletes messages from her phone

A phone is a cheater’s greatest weapon…

The more she protects this weapon, the more likely it is that she’s cheating.

Sign of cheating #2: She’s showing a lot of interest… in your schedule.

“Are you home Friday night?”

“Where are you Saturday afternoon?”

“How long will you be at work?”

As if she were your secretary.

She has never been so interested in your personal schedule.

Bad news:

It’s not because she can’t wait to see you.

She wants to know when she can get another man to come over…

Of course, she doesn’t want to get caught and go through the following scenario:

Sign #3: She’s not taking any initiative

In the past, she would come up with the most original date ideas.

  • She called you just to hear your voice…
  • She was always dying to see you…
  • She was always taking the initiative to have sex.

But these days are gone.

She no longer puts effort into your relationship.

It could be that she has someone else in her life… Another guy for whom she’s more than happy to make an effort.

She doesn’t seem to care for your relationship anymore. Let alone try to plan things to do together. This is a subtle sign of being cheated on.

And sex?

Sex with you is the last thing on her mind.

Two expert tests to catch her cheating

Do you know what’s the most painful feeling in the world?

Betrayal, for sure.

Getting stabbed in the back by anyone can really hurt a lot.

…but when you get screwed by someone you love, it’s just an agonizing experience.

So, let’s talk about infidelity.

Not a very fun topic, I know.

Sign #4: She’s drier than the Sahara Desert.


Rainfall in the Sahara ranges from zero to 10.16cm per year.

That’s about as wet as your girlfriend is at the moment…

With you.

With you it’s a dry desert, and with someone else a Niagara waterfall.

To put it another way:

She doesn’t feel like having sex with you at all. She has someone else for that now.


A low sex drive is often the result of a deep-rooted problem in your relationship.

Consequently? She’s never in the mood for sex and she cheats on you.

Now, women have needs, man. And trust me on this: most guys don’t know how to fulfill these needs. Is that your case?

If you know don’t what women want in bed, read this article:

>> What Women Want in Bed: 10 Ways to Be Her Sex God

Sign #5: She spends a lot of time in front of the mirror…

Holy shit!

You haven’t seen your girlfriend so sexy for a long time.

Her hair is perfect, she’s putting on her fancier make-up and wearing her sexiest outfits which makes your mouth water.

You can’t wait to rip her clothes off…

But unfortunately…

You’re now allowed to enjoy just one bit of it.

This is a clear sign of cheating.

She’s always all dressed up… just not for you.

The combination of putting so much effort into appearing beautiful and turning down sex with you at the same time is killing you.

Sorry bro,

But if the above seems familiar, chances are your gf is seeing someone else.

Cheater’s sign #6: You’re just like Floyd in GTA 5.

Ever played GTA 5?

For many men, yes is the obvious answer to this question…

…but not for others.

Just to make it clear:

Floyd is a character in GTA who is completely dominated by his girlfriend.

In fact, he’s dominated by pretty much everyone.

He’s basically one of those sissies, you know.

If you’re like Floyd, there’s a good chance she’s cheating on you.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following statements?

  • You’re always very kind to your girlfriend
  • You always do what she says
  • She orders, you obey
  • She wears the trousers in the relationship

If you see yourself in this, I’m afraid I have some bad news:

You have Floyd syndrome.

And that’s one of the reasons she’s cheating on you.

When a woman is dealing with a guy who never stands up for himself, a guy who shows little to no leadership and who’s afraid to express his masculinity.

…she’ll eventually do this:


“Wait, Dan… that’s just mean and unfair, isn’t it?”
– The average guy.

Look, mate.

That’s the law of the jungle.

Back in the (very) old days, a woman would instinctively look for a man who was the leader of the tribe.

A man with a sense of purpose, who never let anyone put him down.

Nowadays, women are still attracted to strong and confident men.

And if you keep behaving like Floyd, you give her a free-pass to cheat on you.

Why? Because you’re not being attractive.

There are many things women find attractive in men, and behaving like Floyd is not one of them.

To get a better understanding of what exactly makes women attracted to men, read this article:

>> What Makes Women Attracted to Men? 11 Irresistible Qualities

Sign #7: The Parrot Principle

Earlier, I told you that you can catch a cheater through her lioness-type behavior. By how overprotective she is of her phone.

There’s another animal that can be compared to a cheater:

The parrot.

You (hopefully) know that parrots repeat what they hear.

Well, so do cheaters.

This is a sign of your gf cheating on you. She repeats what you ask her.

For example, if you ask her where she was last night…

She answers:

“Where was I last night? Uh… with friends.”

Or you ask:

“Where are you going tonight?”

And she answers with:

“Where am I going? Uh… to a colleague’s party.”

Can you see the pattern, my dear reader?

She repeats your question because she doesn’t know what to say.

By doing that, she has more time to think and come up with a bullshit excuse.

In fact, research shows that liars often repeat questions.

If you notice the parrot principle in her behavior, then she might be cheating on you.

If you find it tricky to know whether your girlfriend is lying or not, then maybe you need some tips about how to detect lies in your relationship.

I wrote an article about it! There you go:

>> Is She Lying in the Relationship? 21 Signs and Solutions

Cheat sign #8: She contradicts herself

She went to a birthday party last night.

When you ask her how the birthday was, she answers:

“Birthday? No, I was just hanging out with a friend of mine.”



Her reasoning seems to be changing all the time.

It’s very simple:

You can spot your girlfriend having an affair by looking at how much she contradicts herself.

The more often you detect her lying, inconsistencies, and little mistakes…

The more likely it is she’s cheating on you.

Sign #9: She won’t post any pictures of you online

This one is easy to spot.

Ever noticed women taking pictures of themselves all the time?

Your girlfriend is probably no exception.


If she’s committing adultery, she probably doesn’t like cameras.

If she didn’t mind taking pictures with you before (and posting these pictures online), but now seems to have an issue with it, that’s a clear sign that she might be seeing someone else.

If she is, she obviously doesn’t want to get caught.

And if a picture of the two of you ends up on Instagram…

This is not going to help her relationship with that other guy.

Take a selfie with her for fun and tell her you want to post it on social media…

… Her reaction says it all.

She is cheating #10: She’s being vague about her friends

You’ve met most of her friends by now…

But lately, she seems to have a group of friends you’re less familiar with.

She’s always talking about them although you’ve never met them before.

When you ask who these friends are, she answers vaguely:

“Oh, you haven’t met them yet!”

You also notice that she spends more time away from home…

The combination of ‘vague new friends’ and ‘often away from home’ should ring alarm bells of cheating in a relationship…

The reason she’s being so vague about her new friends is quite simple:

They probably don’t even exist.

Instead, she has a new male ‘friend’ (someone she does share the sheets with).

Sign #11: She’s never been so sweet to you

She spontaneously buys you gifts…

And gives you the best massage back ever…

You get unexpected kisses on the cheek…


“What did I do to deserve this?”
– You think to yourself

You check out the calendar nervously…

Is it Valentine’s Day?

Or did you forget your own birthday?

No… that’s not it.

She’s just being really kind. More than usual…

At first you got caught up in the game, but as time goes by, you start having doubts…

Why is she suddenly being so cute all the time?

Remember this, dear reader:

Sweet women can be very dangerous sometimes…

Her extreme kindness might just be a mask she uses in order to hide something from you…

Yup. She’s cheating on you.

But why is she acting so sweet?

She may feel somewhat guilty about cheating and tries to compensate by suddenly being super kind to you.

Or she wants you to keep thinking she’s the love of your life.

Your number 1 girl, the one who would do anything for you.

You have been warned, my friend:

Appearances can be deceiving.

If she’s all of a sudden much nicer than usual, this is a serious sign of cheating.

Is she cheating #12: She slowly disappears from the radar

You probably know the distinctive radar beeping sound submarines make.

The closer the submarine gets to a certain object, the louder and faster the beep is…

As the submarine moves away from this object, the beep fades away…

Until it slowly stops and there’s nothing left to hear.

Ask yourself:

What about your relationship radar?

Can you hear it loud and clear?

In other words: do you often see her, do you often undertake activities as a couple, and does she often take the initiative?

If that’s the case, the relationship is generally doing well.

But if you’re dealing with a weak radar signal, then something might be off.

Signs of a cheating spouse can be one of the following:

  • She hardly wants to hang out with you anymore
  • She shows little interest in you
  • She never asks how you’re doing
  • You don’t see her as much as you used to
  • She is unreachable. Both by text and in real life
  • She is often “too busy”
  • She needs a lot of time for herself

If the signs above are commonplace, you can assume that something is wrong with your relationship.

When your spouse seems to have less and less interest in you, it translates to her appearing less and less often on your radar.

Not only does she show little to no interest in you, but she also doesn’t want to get caught cheating.

This is why she opts to slowly but surely disappear from your radar…

…until the signal dies.

It might also be a sign that your relationship is in a rut. If it’s been hard to keep the spark alive in your relationship, I would suggest reading this article:

>> 10 Tips to Have More Ups + Less Downs in Your Relationship

Sign #13: The ‘he’s just a friend’ syndrome

You may know this classic song by Biz Markie:


The infamous “he’s just a friend” statement…

Listen, bro,

I’ve had a lot of girlfriends who had male friends.

That’s absolutely fine and nothing to worry about…

But what if she’s always talking about one specific guy…?

Well, my friend, in this case, you have every right to be suspicious.

Talking a lot about one particular person is a typical trait of being in love.

If she can’t stop talking about ‘the new guy at work’ or ‘the new bartender’ from the local bar, then I suggest you be on your guard.

The ‘new friend’ tactic is often a sign when you have a cheating wife at work.

There’s a good chance she’s unfaithful with you if she’s constantly talking about one particular man.

If you do find out she’s having an affair, then it’s time for you to move on and forget her.

Easier said than done? I know. That’s why I wrote an entire article about this topic, check it out:

>> How To Forget A Girl: The 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom

Sign #14: Analyzing body language to identify cheating

Let’s say you ask your gf about what she did last weekend.

Full of enthusiasm, she starts talking about a great party she went to, and then tells you about her Sunday afternoon shopping trip with her friends.

You’ve heard stories like this countless times…

But this time…

…you notice something different.

She seems rather nervous; she scratches her face all the time and doesn’t maintain eye contact with you for more than a few seconds…



Her body language speaks volumes.

You can easily tell if a woman is cheating by looking at her body language.

Multiple studies have shown that lying activates very specific body language indicators.

Naturally, cheaters often lie.

However, body language is not an easy thing to fake.

When she talks about “where she was last night” or “what she did this weekend”, you want to pay attention to the following signs:

What follows shows you how to read any woman’s body language, read on:

  • She’s touching her face a lot
  • She doesn’t make eye contact with you
  • She’s moving a lot
  • Her movements are quick and restless
  • She’s breathing heavily
  • She’s sweating a lot

The more of these signals she shows, the more likely it is that she’s hiding something from you.

We’re close to the end:

Cheating Sign #15: Love fades away like the morning dew…

Usually, cheating is the result of a certain dissatisfaction long established in the relationship…

Like some kind of parasite, the accumulated discontent infects the relationship and causes cheating and betrayal.

In some cases, you can see it coming from a mile away.

The first signs of cheating can be identified by the degree of dissatisfaction in a relationship.

If the dissatisfaction grows, the love you once felt for each other will eventually fade like dew in the morning sun…

Pay attention to these signs of cheating:

  • She’s not happy to see you (anymore)
  • She doesn’t want to hug you (anymore)
  • She hardly says anything nice to you anymore and doesn’t compliment you
  • She doesn’t make plans for the future (anymore)
  • She shows no interest in your life or your relationship

If these symptoms are familiar to you, it’s safe to assume that your relationship is no longer healthy.

The more of the signs above are present in your relationship… the worse the relationship is.

And the worse the relationship is, the more likely it is that she’s unfaithful to you.

Sign of cheating #16: The bonus sign

Alright then…

The 15 previous signs in this article should give you a clear indication of whether your husband is cheating or not.

Because you’ve been such a persistent reader, here’s a bonus sign.

Now, what follows is rarely covered in common dating tips…

Yet it’s a very efficient method to identify cheating.

Imagine this:

You’ve agreed to meet with your girlfriend at your house.

The first thing she says to you is:

“Hey, good to see you! I really need to take a shower first… I’m all sweaty. Be right back.”

If jumping directly in the shower is the first thing she does when you meet, then there might be a few things going on:

  • Option 1: She does a lot of sport
  • Option 2: She has to bike or walk very long distances before you meet
  • Option 3: It happens to be a very hot day
  • Option 4: She’s cheating on you

If the first three cases don’t make any sense…

The only option left is the fourth one.


Taking a shower straight away is a classic sign of cheating.

You know that sex smells. And she obviously doesn’t want to smell like sex when she’s with you. Because you might notice a different masculine smell floating in the air.

It’s actually a smart move to shower and change her clothes…

By doing that, she’s basically covering her tracks.

Hear me out:

Don’t blame her as soon as she jumps into the shower when she gets home.

After all, it happens sometimes.

But if she doesn’t even want to give you a kiss before showering, she might be feeling guilty of seeing someone else…

Is she cheating or not? Here’s what you can do…


There’s nothing going on if she only displays a couple of these signs from time to time…

But if she’s displaying more than 5 of these signs on a regular basis, there’s a chance that she has fallen for another guy.

If you think she’s not cheating on you:


Go on with your relationship and try to improve it as much as you can.

But if she’s actually cheating…

…I’d like to remind you how important it is that you stay calm.

If you know for sure that she’s cheating on you, don’t do the following things:

  • Get mad at her
  • Call her names
  • Get revenge on the other guy
  • Make a scene
  • Get revenge on her

I have to admit…

Sometimes, a ‘harmless’ way of getting revenge can be appropriate.

But, man, in most cases the best thing you can do is forget about it and move on.

Be an attractive, confident man who lives in an abundance of women.

She’s cheating on you?

Then SHE’S the one who made a stupid mistake.

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