How to Know She LIKES You: 19 Subtle Yet Clear Signs That Tell All

signs she likes you

How do you know if she likes you?

A little clue that shows you that she’s attracted to you.

You want certainty, which eventually leads you to put your hand behind her head and kiss her soft lips passionately.

Grab a Capri Sun and sit back, bro!

Because in this article, I’m going to show you:

  • Does she like me signs decoded: Why her gestures and facial expressions are the key indicators to see if she’s into you
  • Is she into me? How you can tell if a girl likes you
  • I think she likes me! How you act accordingly towards a girl’s sign and become an Alan Turing of female body language
  • The abracadabra of mixed signs of a girl that she affectionally calls ‘subtle hints’
  • And much more about the signs whether she likes you…

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You’ve brought yourself to do it…

In contrast to other men at the bar, who are desperately fantasizing about which of the hot ladies ‘they could all have’ (but of course they just don’t feel like talking to them right now), you dared to do it…

You thought to yourself, ‘Why stick at imagining scenarios?’ and now you’re facing her.

You even talk to each other

Congratulations, brochacho!

But something is bubbling inside you.

It’s seething so hard; you can’t even follow her words.

Insecurities fill your entire body and the only thing that is buzzing around in your head is this…

“God, I’d love to kiss those full lips.”

“I wonder if she would kiss me back.”

“Man, if I don’t get that kiss, I’m going to look like a fool.”

“If she would just give me a sign of affection…”

The Imitation Game begins.

You feel like Alan Turing, who has to decode the highly complex Enigma machine with his crew in order to detect the attacks of the German Wehrmacht in World War II in time…

But you are fighting a different battle that shouldn’t be a battle at all. I mean you’re just talking to a woman, right?

But even if this is far from being a matter of life and death, it may feel that way to you.

Because if you clicked on this article, chance are you’re missing a crucial gift that made Turing a groundbreaking genius…

Picking up signs she’s into you.

After this article, however, not anymore.

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How to know if she likes you: One look says more than 1000 words

Mind reading would certainly be a helpful superpower to find if and when a girl likes you.

But if I ponder upon it more deeply, that probably wouldn’t be the best skill one can have…

Ok cool, you can understand what your señorita thinks about you, sure. But what you also could understand is what fetishes your grandparents prefer during coitus and how painful your mom’s period is again…

Doesn’t sound too tempting now, does it?

But you’re only looking for answers to the following questions:

  • ‘How is she feeling right now?’
  • ‘What does she like about me?’
  • ‘Is she telling me the truth or is she lying to me?’
  • ‘Does she think that I’m attractive?’

But where do you find the indicators that tell you that?

Three cheers for our walnut-like thinking organ!

One part of our pink mud, the limbic system more specifically, gives you all signs you need to answer your questions.


By sending, depending on the well-being and interest of your date, instinctive impulses to her body, which influence her posture – without her even noticing it.

“What more can I rely on – her words or her body language?”

Exquisite question, bro.

I can already see that you read very carefully.

The words of a woman may deceive you or even confuse you – but her body will always tell the truth.

However there something crucial you MUST consider while reading her signs:

NEVER rely on ONE sign she sends you. Rather, pay attention to what kind of signs are predominant to give you a clearer picture of her attitude towards you.

Is she giving you more negative signs and just one positive sign – well, than you might want to change what you’re doing in the convo.

(Don’t worry in this article you’ll also learn how you turn negative into positive signs.)

Are you ready to begin your transformation to an Alan Turing of female body language?


Excellent, pay close attention:

How to tell if a girl is into you: What her posture tells you

Sign #1: She protects her chest

She forms a stronger barrier than the Great Wall of China, in which she crosses her arms, holds a drink in her hand like a shield or presses a handbag against herself with both arms?

Bro, she wants you to know she’s uncomfortable right now.

Through this closed posture, she instinctively protects her vital organs.

Don’t panic, she doesn’t necessarily suspect that you are trying to steal her kidney, but she wants you to know that she isn’t enjoying your presence for now.

Crossed arms are a common cliché – like playing around with hair.

Contrary to playing with hair, this is a negative sign.

So, if she crosses her arms purposefully, she probably even wants you to know that you’re being a bit too pushy towards her (hint: don’t misinterpret guardedness with her simply being cold as this posture is also common if it’s too cold for someone).

Keep some distance to her and offer her the space she needs to relax more.

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Sign #2: She keeps eye contact with you over her shoulder

I love this posture.


Because it can be so wonderfully confusing.

She forms a barrier by turning her body away from you but keeps eye contact with you.

The strong eye contact is weakened by the body turned away.

This lady wants to encourage you to take the dominant role.

If she takes this position from a distance, you will often notice that she looks at you long enough to get your attention and turns her head once you’ve ‘caught’ her.

This woman is either shy or wants to get your attention from a further distance without being too conspicuous.

God, do I love it when women are so outrageously subtle. It’s just too sexy!

Are you on a date with a woman who constantly turns her shoulder into your field of vision while keeping eye contact with you?

She’s just letting you know that she’s interested and shy.

Sign #3: She makes her back hollow – she wants to look more attractive

For women this attitude is simply brilliant:

Her belly becomes flatter, her breasts more prominent and her buttocks comes into its own.

With this posture, she wants to emphasize her femininity… her well-shaped curves.

Flirting via body language can be summarized in one statement:

Women and men do nothing else but emphasize their gender differences.

That doesn’t mean you should pull your dick out of your pants

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Sign #4: She tilts her head – Good sign

A head tilted to the side, an unremarkable sign.

Okay, Alan, do you’ve any idea what this subtle move means?

No, she’s got no water in her ears to get rid of.

With this interesting head posture, she really wants to make herself more attractive to you.

When you tilt your head, you seem smaller and more submissive.

You’re almost literally bowing to someone.

And guess who submissive, non-threatening women are attracted to?

Bingo, to most men.

If you are very close to each other and she takes this posture, it may also mean that she wants to be kissed by you.

By tilting her head, she creates more room for a passionate make-out (by the way, in this article you learn how to become a make-out pro).

Sign #5: The closer she gets to you, the more attracted she’s

By now there are countless studies about how people who have a closer connection (good friends, acquaintances, couples) are also literally closer to each other.

The results of the studies are also commonplace in hundreds of ‘business etiquette’ as so-called ‘distance zones’:

You can observe this phenomenon everywhere:

Just go into town and look around for people who are involved in a conversation with each other.

You can assess their relationship relatively accurate based on their distance from each other.

Nightclubs are an exception:

Here you’ve almost no choice but to get closer to your counterpart in order to understand him better.

It’s just too loud to talk to each other from 10 feet away.

Especially if you left your bullhorn at home again…

In any other scenario, however, where she can FREELY CHOOSE her distance to you without it being so important for your ‘acoustics’, you can easily comprehend how much she likes you.

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What she tells you with her legs

Sign #6: When she doesn’t plan on running away from you

‘Crossed legs? That looks more like a defensive, closed posture to me,’ at least that’s what I used to think.

Anybody who tells you the opposite does nothing but babble ‘fake news’.

Unlike crossed arms, this is a positive sign.

She often takes this acrobatic stance within the first 20 seconds if she’s attracted to you.

By crossing her legs, she makes herself more feminine:

She subconsciously emphasizes her hips and even makes herself vulnerable because she can control her balance less in this position.

So, she feels like she’s in good hands with you.

Sign #7: Her feet point in your direction – She’s interested

In this posture her whole focus is shifted towards you.

She has no intention of running away from you in a sprint marathon à la Usain Bolt.


If she ran straight away, she would have to roll you over – not the best starting position before a sprint, huh?

Keep it up, hermano – she likes whatever you’re doing right now!

Sign #8: She turns her feet away from you – She pays no attention to you

Turned away feet are a sign of disinterest.

Yeah, now she’s in an optimal position to walk away.

Her focus is clearly on something different.

She may still be talking to you, but at this moment she probably prefers to do something else.

She might be bored or is at least not interested.

It’s time for you to do something else before she runs away from you like Usain Bolt.

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Her hands

Sign #9: She plays with objects (usually her hair) – she’s nervous or excited

She laughs at even your most stupid dad jokes while playing with her hair?

There’s no greater cliché for someone being interested in you.

You’ve probably seen the hair flip yourself.

For example,

  • when a couple sat across from each other in a restaurant
  • in the club at the bar, when a woman giggled while talking to a man
  • in every Hollywood tearjerker where the woman is crazy about a guy

The cliché has become so widespread that women sometimes use it specifically to tell you subtility that they’re attracted.

She strokes her hair, plays with her necklace or fiddles with her cocktail glass?

Caressing, playing and fondling point to the same thing:


Does she drum on objects with her palms or fingertips?

No worries, bro. Drumming movements or ‘fiddling around’ with objects are a natural sign of healthy tension.

She’s trying to come across well because she’s impressed by you.

Does she caress more (her hair, her glass etc.)?

This is even better. The cause of unconscious caressing is sexual excitement.

Sign #10: The palms of her hands point to you while she gestures – She is open for you

Did she open her palms and hold them with her wrists in your direction?

Then this is a typically friendly gesture.

She communicates that she’s open for you and relaxed. By leaving her wrists unprotected, she shows you that she feels safe in your presence and doesn’t fear that you will slit them cold bloodedly.

So, if she’s acting like this, it’s a good sign!

Sign #11: She clenches her fist

Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and Wladimir Klitschko can confirm one thing for sure:

With a clenched fist you can certainly demolish a face, but you can’t really shake hands with anyone.


Yeah, I’m sure you can do that, but I’m guessing that you don’t want your date to be your bro…

Unless you’re into Game Of Thrones-Cersei-Jaime-Lannister-action… then ignore what I just mentioned…


A clenched fist usually doesn’t mean that she wants to give you a brofist.

If she has her hands clenched or lying flat on the table, she is defensive, stressed or even hostile towards you.

There’s something about you that’s clearly wrong to her.

Not a good sign.

Sign #12: She touches you without a clear reason

Is your chica getting a little touchy?

She keeps touching you without a clear reason?


She’s more than interested in you.

Touches are clear flirtation signs.

If she touches your shoulder, chest or legs (for example, when she sits next to you), you know you’re doing a great job.

Keep it going!

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What her mouth tells you

Sign #13: She wants to mislead you

Ever watched a poker game on TV?

Bluffing is the most crucial skill for a poker player. With the help of it they don’t give away any information about their hand of cards.

While they do so, poker player often – consciously or unconsciously – cover their mouth with their fingers.

The same behavior is usually displayed by a woman who wants to hide certain emotions from you.

So, if you catch her covering her mouth with her hand(s), you know she’s bluffing or trying to fool you.

If she touches her lips with her fingers, however, this is more a sign of her being turned on. Keep it up!

Sign #14: She wants to kiss you

When a woman gets excited, she usually breathes faster.

Due to that her lips usually dry out faster.

So, in this case you can often see her licking her lips or moistening them with her Chapstick.

We find the same phenomenon in sexual arousal (for example, immediately before a kiss):

She moistens her lips to be optimally prepared for the washing machine-spin cycle.

Incredibly appetizing term, I know.

If she is super arouse, she might even bite her lips before that.

What she tells you with her eyes

Sign #15: Her pupils dilate – She’s excited

We humans sometimes do weird shit to look more attractive:

We get implants put in our buttocks to make them look peachier, we get Botox injections to look younger and even get tattoos of hair stubble to hide our receding hairline.

In addition to these more obvious ‘treatments’, there was a subtle way of making oneself more attractive, especially to wealthy women, in the Middle Ages:

They used eye drops to make their pupils dilate.


Even then, large pupils were an indicator of sexual interest.

For the study published in the scientific journal ‘PloS ONE’, scientists from the University of Cornell showed erotic videos to test persons and measured the dilation of the pupils afterward.

The result:

The test subjects’ pupils dilated rapidly when they saw sexually arousing images or something they wanted to have (for example, images of beautiful women with babies).

So, if you catch her looking at you with giant goggles, you know you’re doing a good job.

But also pay attention to the light conditions when observing:

At dusk, our pupils become larger, and in brighter light, smaller.

Sign #16: She breaks eye contact with you by looking to the side – She’s bored

Long eye contact doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you. As f*cked up as it sounds, it can also be her attempt to intimidate you.

However, if she constantly breaks eye contact with you by looking to the side, this can mean the following:

You’re boring her right now.

Even so much that she subconsciously looks for more interesting things.

It’s time to put more life into your conversation.

How you achieve that, you wonder?

Check out these articles to transform your superficial chats into badass conversations:

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Sign #17: She breaks eye contact with you by looking up – She doesn’t like you

Welcome to the darkest side of the planet ‘body language of a woman’.

Similar to ‘looking to the side’ she bored right now, but even on a worse level…

The crucial difference, besides the expression of absolute boredom, is that she’s losing her respect for you.

A true sign of contempt and disrespect.


The only scenario in which this gesture has no meaning is when you ask her a question.

You probably catch yourself looking in all directions, while you think about what your mother smeared on your butter croissant again on December 22, 1999.

You just think. No contempt or disrespect is involved.

In all other cases, however, the upward eye contact loss is usually a negative sign.

Sign #18: She breaks eye contact by looking down – She’s impressed by you or even in love with you

Oh Baby, give me more of that look!

This is the sign you want to see.

If she breaks eye contact with you downwards, she wants you.

Some women even symbolize this to you by constantly looking back and forth between your crotch and your eyes.

A simple look down here expresses another thing:


She only does this with people she’s really impressed by or respects.

Hell f*cking yeah – that’s what we want!

Sign #19: She blinks more than she has to – She’s attracted

The eyelids of our visual organs blink on average between 10 to 15 times per minute.

If we perceive someone as attractive, however, our eyelids transform into machine guns:

The number of ‘squints’ per minute is increasing rapidly.

Just to put your mind at ease:

Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that you’ve to hold a stopwatch with a tally sheet in your hand to recognize this sign.

Trust me. If her ‘blinking’ accelerates, you’ll notice it immediately.

The difference to ‘normal blinking’ is simply too big to not realize.

Read THIS before you jump to conclusions

I just can’t stress it enough:

Body language isn’t an exact science.

Signs can be distorted. For example, she can fold her arms because she’s cold. If she’s sitting, she may stretch her legs just to relieve a strain and her pupils may be dilated because it’s dark…

A single sign is therefore NOT reliable. So, pay attention to the cluster.

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The truth lies in the cluster

What, you’re seeing multiple positive signs from one woman at once?

Good job, then you can assume that she’s interested in you.

“If it looks like a cat and meows like a cat, then it probably is a cat.”
– Martin Luther King

Ok, maybe someone else said that…


What I’m trying to tell you is that a sign alone isn’t reliable enough.

But a whole cluster is.

Turn into the Alan Turing of female body language fast

Now you’re equipped to recognize the signs if a girl likes you.

When I look back on my first dates, I realize that most of the time I was busy trying to appear cool and was very focused on my behavior…

My impression should be simply bombastic.

However, my date fell short.

If I had focused just a fraction of my attention more on her hints, I could have saved myself tons of stress, sweat and insecurity.

But you’re doing it differently from today.

Watch not only your dates, but also your family members, friends, work colleagues and people involved in conversations in the city.

Practice your interpretative blade. Step by step.

For example, focus first on her arms, then on her legs, her general posture and so on.

When you leave for the weekend, grab a seat and start looking around.

You will be surprised how few people are aware of how much they already like each other.

They will puzzle for months whether they like their counterpart and will search in vain for clues that will decode the Enigma machine.

You, however, will ascend to Alan Turing and finally eliminate all doubts on your dates.

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