18 Undeniable Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

You and your best friend have known each other for ages and clearly care loads for each other.

But over time feelings can start to develop.

Maybe she now wants a buddy who can also be her bed partner.

Do you want to know how to tell if your best female friend likes you?

Then you came to the right place.

Because in this article you’ll get:

  • 18 signs a friend likes you romantically
  • The painful difference between if she’s flirting or being friendly
  • A method to test her flirting signals
  • How a woman in love texts you
  • The truth about a closed body posture
  • How she subtly shouts for intimacy
  • A signal from Amazon’s most sold book
  • And lots more friend or flirty insights…

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Tip #1: The difference between friendly and flirty

Science proves that most people do NOT see the difference between…

Friendly and flirty.

Did her eye-contact just then mean something?

Does she realize she’s standing that close to me?

Is she touching everyone’s arm like that?

Although they share similar traits, there a big difference between friendly and flirty.

Flirting opens the door for romance, and friendship smacks it shut and cements a Chinese Wall in front of it.

Do you want to bring your relationship to the next level? Or want to avoid giving your female friend empty promises? Then the difference between being friendly or flirting is crucial for the future of your relationship.

So what is the difference?


Let’s take greeting her as an example.

A hug is quite intimate.

Does she hug you when you meet her? Then it might be a flirting sign.

UNLESS she hugs all her (girl)friends when she meets them.

In that case she’s simply being friendly.

Wanna know if your best friend is flirting with you?

Have a look if she’s acting the same with everyone.

If she’s not, then your answer is loud and clear.

Whereas context plays a big role, there’s also unmistakably flirty signs.

The next tip shows you the first one.

Tip #2: An obvious flirting signal from your bestie

“Does she like me more than a friend?”

If you notice the following signal, there’s no doubt about what thinks of you.

She likes you.

Pretty much all psychologists agree:

Dan de Ram belongs in an asylum eye-contact says it all.

My lovely friend helps us with some sample photos.

How do you know if she looks at you with different intent than decency?

One important aspect is time.

How long does she stare at you?

Now you shouldn’t grab your stopwatch to time every eye-contact, but notice what your instinct tells you.

If you’ve done a staring contest before, then you’ll know what I mean.

At a certain moment your eye-contact becomes awkward and you’ll want to automatically avert your eyes.

Does she keep her eyes on you after that moment?

Then she is definitely flirting with you.

Perhaps this isn’t anything new for you.

Hence also a more subtle eye signal.

A friendly greeting is usually a glance, maybe a nod, and a relaxed “Hello”.

When flirty, she’ll keep longer eye-contact with you, with her eyelids closer together (seductive eyes), and a stronger emphasis on “Hello”.

Maybe she’ll also combine this with leaning in, playing with her hair, or removing lint from her clothes.

I’ll get back to you later on the importance of those last three signals.

Tip #3: The flirt test

Spotted a signal, but don’t trust it entirely? Then use the flirt test.

Body language is a non-concealing communication method.

By mastering that language, you’ll often be able to read her like a book.

I say ‘often’ because some ladies are less expressive than others. And sometimes reveal little to nothing.

Which puts a stop to your reading-game.

Now that leaves you in the dark about what’s on her mind.

So how to know if a female friend likes you, without actually asking it?

The flirt test.

Read on to see how you conduct it,

The first step is coming close to her. Since you are best friends, that’s probably not a problem.

You could shortly dance with her, or to beckon her towards you as if to tell her a secret.

Pretty much standing against each other?


Keep standing cozily against each other, while you calmly talk to her WITH…

Your head turned away from her.

(Looking at her once in a while doesn’t hurt.)

What exactly are you doing now?

Two things.

  1. You see how comfortable she is about sharing her personal space with you.
  2. You see what she’s doing with her eyes.

Especially the latter is essential.

Does she keep making eye contact while your lips are centimeters from touching?

Then that’s a MASSIVE sign that she likes you romantically.

Better yet, she’s implicitly saying that she wants to smack her lips on yours. And enjoy a round of tongue wrestling.

Tip #4: What her back tells you

Actually every flirt signal from her body does the same…

Highlight what we men find sexy.

What do men find sexy?

Boobiesss! Curves. Lips. And a nice full head of hair.

Sometimes she’ll purposely show off her female forms. For instance by wearing a push-up bra.

At other times she’s doing it unconsciously. Like the following picture:

What do you notice here?

She pushes her chest forward as if to say, “Don’t you think they’re pretty?”

Though you won’t see the following if you’re speaking with her, her provocative pose also causes her to stick out her butt.

Isn’t this posture an especially clear flirt sign?

Try it out yourself in front of the mirror.

Arch your back and voila.

Your voice suddenly sounds three octaves higher and you’ve spawned an intense desire for a Sex and the City marathon.

Here you can see my performance:

Not really sexy.

Instead, a straight back is good for increasing your attractiveness.

Check out the following link for more tips about an attractive body posture for seducing women:

>> 5 Shocking Insights on What Causes Attraction Between Man and Woman

Tip #5: The 50 Shades of Grey signal

50 Shades of Grey exposes a lot about how women hint men to make advances at her.

Coach Patrick has even put this book into his top 10 books on seducing women.

Yet you don’t need to read it if you’re looking for flirt signals.

Because I’ve already done the research for you.

Although multiple flirting signs appear in the book, one stood out miles from the rest.

Biting lips.

The female main character of 50 Shades of Grey always does this when a man turns her on.

Men that struggle with women don’t notice that her lips show what’s happening with her lips ‘down under’.

Is she repeatedly wetting her lips?

Then she’s totally a sucker for you.

Though, chances are that she has dry lips.

Then ask her if she wants some lip balm.

If not, then you know exactly what’s going on in her sweet and perverted brain.

Tip #6: She looks for excuses to get physical with you

If you secretly have feelings for her, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Because the next flirting signal shines as bright as a lighthouse.

And directly hands you the opportunity to get intimate.

Rather than spell it out for you, I’ll give it to you in the form of a question.

Exactly like she would.

Are you ready?

Here we go:

“I’ve got a bit of tension in my neck. Do you mind massaging it away?”

A second one:

“I can’t reach my back properly. Could you rub some sunscreen on it?”

And the classic:

“Brrr. Damn, it’s getting quite cold.”

If she finds you attractive, then she’ll make all the excuses in the world to get you closer to her.

This exactly illustrates the difference between how men and women generally flirt with each other.

Men are direct and don’t mince their words.

Women are indirect and give you chances to make a move.

The latter is a much-heard frustration among men because they never see the chances they get.

But as soon as you recognize the flirt signals, it’s like being gunned down with a flare gun.

So what do you do when she’s cold?

You drape your arm around her.

You’re at her home and she constantly says she’s tired but not sending you home?

Propose you stay the night at her place.

A woman tells you exactly what she wants if you pay attention.

Tip #7: A flirt sign classic

If a woman ever thinks naughty things about you, then I’ll guarantee you’ve seen this signal.

Playing with her hair.

What’s the relation between hair and flirting?

A nice, full head of hair testifies of good genes.

And as a female quality, we find hair attractive unconsciously and sometimes consciously.

So when your best friend is playing with her hair, then she’s mostly doing that for three reasons:

  • She is attracting your eyes to that what makes her sexy.
  • She makes herself pretty for you. I find it sexy when a girlfriend pulls the scrunchy from her hair to redo her ponytail again.
  • She spreads her feromones, which play a much larger role than most men think.

Tip #8: Her posture says more than you think

I can explain the secret behind her posture with one simple analogy.

So hop in the Magic School Bus because we’re bound for…

Your local supermarket.

Now I don’t know how it’s for you, but there’s usually a homeless in front of my supermarket.

For the record, I don’t have any bad words for the homeless in general.

They’re usually good people with some more setbacks in life than most people.

However, sometimes you encounter a bad apple.

You already smell him from miles away. And he’s far from polite.

How does your body react?


You lean backward and twist your nose away from him, while you pass him by or quickly toss some coins in his cup.

Imagine you aren’t met by a hobo, but by an old friend who you used to have a crush on.

She already spots you from afar and starts running towards you.

You smell her sweet perfume around her. And before you can even open your mouth to say something, she hugs you.

Now how does your body react?


You relax, softly press your head against hers, and tightly hold her against your body.

In other words, an attractive woman makes you want to get close.

This works exactly the same for women.

Of course she won’t be flying you in the arms.

But she does show her inner desires by…

How she’s leaning.

Is she sitting next to you and slumps into your direction?

Or does she lean forwards while speaking with you?

All good indications that she wants to come closer. And that she likes you!

Tip #9: Test the previous flirt signal

The next test works best after a joke.

Or after another emotional peak. For instance, after a rollercoaster ride, or a bit more casual, after you humiliated her in a game of cards.

Then, what should you do?

You loosely place your arm on her shoulder, give her a short glance and say:

“Although you are the world’s worst UNO-player, you’re still sweet.”

So what’s the test?

How she reacts with her body:

  • Does she lean in?
  • Or is she pulling away from you?
  • Is her face stiffening, or is she smiling?

Smiling and leaning in is obviously positive.

Check out the following article for 9 different tests to see if she loves you.

Tip #10: How a woman in love messages you

Her secret desires even shine through in her WhatsApp texts, if you know where you need to look.

And I’ll show you exactly where to look.

Keep in mind: because we’re talking about signals via texting, seeing just one sign isn’t enough to shout victory.

Only when you see three or more signals, there’s a big chance that she likes you.

Here are the most notable signals:

  • She answers quickly. Within several minutes or maybe even in a split second.
  • She uses lots of emojis. That’s a reflection of how she’s feeling. Lots of emojis means lots of emotion.
  • She sends you a lot of messages. Meaning she gives you a lot of attention.
  • She sends selfies. And subtly reminds you of her beautiful appearance.
  • She double texts you. Sometimes she’s so impatient for your answer, that she’ll send you another text before you had the chance to react to the first one. Like the lady in this Whatsapp conversation.


Does your best friend do ALL of the above?

Then chances are huge that she wants to be more than friends.

Tip #11: How what she says, betrays her intentions

When it comes to the following subject, then most besties aren’t really good at hiding their deepest desires for you.

And that subject is…


Probably you’ll go on a date occasionally.

If not, check out more of my articles!

In either case…

If your best friend secretly wants to start a romantic relationship with you, then she won’t be amused if you start searching for another woman.

“This is my guy.”

She’ll express that resentment in one way or another.

Chances are high that she isn’t a fan of Tinder or other dating apps.

Not because online dating is ‘weird’. Or whatever other excuses she might have.

But because she doesn’t want to lose you to another woman.

Have you planned a date that she knows about?

Then she probably won’t like talking about it with you. Let alone giving you good dating advice.

Are you already actively dating?

Then your friend’s time starts ticking. She understands that if she doesn’t level with you quickly, that she possibly loses her chance with you.

Which can be expressed in lots of (subtle) criticism on the lady you’re now dating.


Because in doing so, she sabotages your relationship.

Every doubt that you hold over your potential girlfriend, will be blown up by your bestie.

All in good hope that you’ll stop dating.

Do you see this behavior in your best friend?

Then she is clearly jealous.

And most probably in love.

How to become her Gentleman

Armed with this new knowledge you’ll directly recognize the signs that friends likes you romantically.

Were you hoping for intimacy, but she wasn’t interested?

Then read the following article to break out of the friendzone.

Is she so crazy about you as you are about her?

Then give her a date she won’t forget.

Does she want to start a relationship, but you’d rather stay friends?

Then make that clear to her. And also give her the space to break the contact, no matter how painful that might be for you.

Because it isn’t fair to impose friendship on her if she’d rather have more than that.

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Good luck, mate.

Your bro,
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