‘Single Forever’ Too Long? 5 Ways To Break The Pattern

single forever

“What is wrong with me, why am I still single, Dan? Will I be single forever??”

”Daaan, tell me: Why am I always single?”

”Staying single forever? That’s not what I want! But I still am… What should I do?

Phrases like these reach me almost daily by mail in the most diverse variations.

Countless men rack their brains over what they might have overlooked.

This one thing that escaped their notice and is now THE reason why they don’t have a girlfriend.

A beautiful woman who nestles on their shoulder while they watch a third-string Adam Sandler comedy and whispers in their ears how much she loves them.

A lady with which they not only can carry out their wildest Kamasutra fantasies – but also go on adventures.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Of course.

However, that doesn’t change the fact, that their reality doesn’t look like this at the moment…

More precisely they’re condemned to the following:

Romantic rendezvous with a tissue box, a cup of Vaseline and their stronger hand.

Sounds paradisaically, huh?


If you can currently put yourself in the same category man, I’ve some bad and great news for you.

The bad one:

Something is seriously wrong with you.

The great one:

You have landed on the world’s best site on the World Wide Web, with the help of which you can transform your frustrated single life at the speed of light.

In this article I show you:

  • I’m so single!’: How you lose social inhibitions, to approach any woman on the street
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  • Being single for life? What you can learn from Kim Jong Un to triple your success with women
  • How childhood experiences are sabotaging you NOW from entering a relationship (and how you can overcome this)
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Reason #1: You approach as many women as a Shaolin monk

99% of all men are similar in one respect in particular:

They approach too few women in their whole life or even no women at all.

Probably the biggest cause for this is issue is this:

Social conditioning.

We humans usually grow up in the mistaken belief that it would be impolite to approach strangers.

  • ‘You’re invading their privacy!’
  • ‘That’s sexual harassment.’
  • ‘What will people around you think of you?’

Especially for men, this creates a dilemma in the further course of their lives:

On the one hand they are supposed to be good and strong lovers, on the other hand they are never really taught how to gain experience to become such lovers.

As soon as they see an attractive woman they consider interesting, a gigantic social block of social conditioning paralyzes them…

  • ‘I can’t talk to her. She’s on her phone. That would just be rude.’
  • ‘What if I get rejected? It would be so embarrassing with all the people here.’
  • ‘She’s really hot, but how can I even approach her? I’ve never done this before. She seems perfect for me… F*CK – I just can’t get over myself!’

Et voilà – her beauty disappears in the dense haze of unused opportunities.

Until she is approached by me and invited to ‘play Lego’…

Yet any man could have achieved the same if they hadn’t let themselves blocked by their inhibitions.

Because many men are aware of this fact, they tend to do the following:

They drown their social inhibitions in liters of alcohol on weekend evenings.

So, they switch off the toxic voice of social conditioning in their brain and finally dare to approach women.

However, in addition to their mental blockages, they also get rid of all eloquence, so that they can attack their chosen ones with a gibberish of stuttering and a pinch of ethanol…

Doesn’t sound like a smart strategy, does it?

That’s exactly why I wrote two articles for you, in which you learn how to conquer your inhibitions, so that you can confidently approach women at any time.

Because if you know what you’re doing, it will scare you how easy it suddenly gets for you to be brave.

>> 5 Steps to Quickly Overcome Your Fear of Women

>> #1 System to Start a Conversation With a Girl Anywhere

>> 12 Exercises I Used to Become More Confident Around Girls

Reason #2: You’re a metamorph

They live in the depths of the sewers and only occasionally crawl out of their holes to visit the outside world.

Once they reach the surface of Earth, they look for a target.

A person with whom they can get power, money or love.

Once they find their target, they do it:

They change their shape and adapt to their ‘victim’.

Because only then they can achieve one of their goals (that’s at least what they think).

What am I talking about?

Shape-shifters from Supernatural.


Because in 9 out of 10 cases their description is transferable to any single man.

Many men are convinced that they must be nice to a woman 24/7, ALWAYS pay respect to her and agree with her – regardless of the matter.

What they don’t understand though, is, that respect and ‘agreeing with someone’ are two FULLY different pairs of shoes.

Let me give you an example.

I’m sure that countless people are not quite d’accord with Kim Jong Un’s politics.

However, all politicians without exception (and by that I also mean Donald Trump), who sit opposite him at meetings, pay him respect…

… even if they disagree with him on hundreds of points.

After all, he has a conviction in which he believes 100%, and which he expresses to others with confidence and honesty.

He doesn’t give a fi*k, so to speak, on how people around him think about him and his views.

And it’s precisely this attitude that gives him massive respect.

Most men behave the exact opposite way.

They believe that a woman can only perceive them as attractive if they share as many similarities as possible.

So, to increase their chances, they do the following in their mistaken belief:

They are dishonest and constantly agree with her, even when they actually have a different opinion.

‘I am a committed vegetarian.’ – and poof, her wannabe casanova registers as a member of PETA, when he doesn’t give a damn about how chickens are kept, while pretending to suffer from a meat phobia anyway.

But the result of their approval orchestra is often the same:

The friendzone.


Because they…

  1. seem to have no boundaries and affirm everything their ma’am says to be ‘liked’ – which is incredibly unattractive for women
  2. to make their madam feel only positive emotions and avoid tensions, which is, however, inevitable for attraction and thus, for example, not even tease her (which, by the way, is one of the most essential parts of seducing)

If you find yourself in this, I have something for you.

An article in which I explain to you step-by-step how to get rid of your platonic friendliness and end up in your lady’s rooms instead of in the friendzone:

>> Too Nice for Your Own Good? 7 Ways to Not Be a Boring and Unattractive Nice Guy

Reason #3: You suffer from fear of commitment

You may love to have dates with beautiful, smart women and like to spend unique quality time with them.

But as soon as you notice that things are getting more serious between you, your brain switches to another mode.

Even if you have already had passionate sex (several times), an instinct within you wants to prevent you from building a strong connection to your acquaintance – no matter how well she objectively matches you.

Your thinking apparatus activates a defense mechanism.

So that it’s impossible for your lady to get emotionally close to you.


If you are familiar with this pattern, chances are you suffer from fear of commitment.

And it obviously proves to be impractical if you plan to end your single life.

Your fear of committing to a ma’am may be due to a childhood trauma or past negative experiences with former partners.

For example, if your parents argued frequently in your early childhood, there’s a high probability that your synapses have henceforth linked ‘quarrel’ and ‘hate’ with ‘love’ and ‘relationship…

…so that your body puts you in a state of endless indifference whenever you get emotionally closer to a lady.

This might vent in you being unable to share your biggest passions, childhood memories and your feelings associated with them.

Your brain thus wants to protect you from further potential pain that you may have experienced in childhood.

Even if you can logically argue by now that your defense mechanism is utter nonsense

(After all your current relationship to her is in no way – even remotely – similar to the one of your parents.)

… your trauma is still deeply programmed into your subconscious…

But don’t panic.

So, that you can break out of this vicious circle once and for all, I have written you an article, with my best tips on this:

>> Is Fear of Commitment Hurting Your Happiness? 5 Signs + Plan for a Way Out

Reason #4: You are as interesting as a mossy brick

Imagine you’re in a relationship with an athletic beauty à la Irina Shayk.

Every time you look at her, you melt.

She’s exactly your type.

At least on the surface…

However, her personality doesn’t really match your character:

You would love to book the next last-minute trip to the Caribbean with her. She detests spontaneity.

It’s the weekend: You feel a gigantic spirit of adventure inside you and would like to go to the climbing forest or organize a city tour with her. She prefers to watch the Netflix series 24/7 and doesn’t want to move a single millimeter from the couch.

It’s quitting time! Whereas you love action and want to burn off energy at the gym. All she does after work is taking out her Tamagotchi.

Not only does this smell like a mismatch, but also like a woman who’s boring as hell.

Would you REALLY want to spend the rest of your life with a woman like this?

Or let me ask you differently:

What do you think the chances are that a man who behaves like the lady from our thought experiment is attractive?

“Probably shockingly low, Dan.”

Well seen, Sherlock.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

Create yourself an epic life.

  • Put you back into your career and get the promotion you always wanted
  • Visit festivals/ concerts you always wanted to visit
  • Learn the instrument you always wanted to play
  • Travel to the cities/ countries you always wanted to explore
  • Take your bros out on the town on weekend nights on a regular basis

Gather incomparable experiences and share them with your acquaintances

This way you not only create a time worth remembering for yourself.


You also create the need in your dates to accompany you on your future adventures.

Reason #5: You resemble an unkempt Quasimodo

Countless wannabe dating gurus want to make you believe the following:

“Your looks don’t matter as long as you believe in yourself deeply and are confident.”

And yes, confidence is the unbeaten #1 most attractive character trait a man can possess

And certainly, women, compared to men, tend to respond stronger to attractive patterns of behavior…

… while men tend to be more attracted through physical factors such as hot curves.

However, it borders on insanity to believe that it hypothetically wouldn’t matter if you approach the same woman looking like Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street or in a stylish outfit.

>> List of Facial Expression (With Examples) + The 5 Looks Women Find Most Attractive.

You probably wouldn’t go to a job interview in flip-flops and a sweaty undershirt.


Because you make a much better impression with a well-groomed appearance.

Above all, denying this fact is counterproductive, especially when you can use it to maximize your chances of success with women.

After all, you can easily change most of your appearance:

  • Brush your teeth, use tongue cleaner and shower thoroughly before you go out/ on dates
  • Use perfume
  • Take care of your style
  • Visit the gym regularly (which you should do anyway to stay fit and healthy)
  • Realize that you’re probably not as ugly as you think you are

But even if you are already conscious about your style, are as self-confident as James Bond, and have facial features that resemble a Greek god…

… despite your appearance and your self-confidence, you may lack any results with women.

If this sounds familiar to you, the reason for this is most likely this:

You have no idea how to seduce beautiful women properly.

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