Texting Etiquette 2020: 7 Golden Rules to Win Her Heart

13 hours have passed.

13 too long f*cking hours – at least as far as you’re concerned.

13 hours since your last text, and she still hasn’t responded.

Maybe something happened to her?

No, this can’t be…

Because, in the meantime, she’s posted a new picture on Instagram.

So, why does she always take her time when responding?

Well, when you think about it, you can’t really blame her.

After all, she’s gorgeous, funny and smart.

It’s no wonder that she’s hit up every day by dozens of admirers and can quickly forget to text back.

Holy shit.

But what if you knew exactly how to stand out from the crowd of all the other guys so that she prioritizes you…

…longs for your messages and waits impatiently for YOU to finally text back?

What if you could make her want to see you and prefer to go on a date with you instead of just texting back and forth…

Listen, bro.

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If you recognize yourself in this, I have excellent news for you.

Today, I’m going to show you, step by step, how to stand out from the average Joe once and for all.

With surgical precision, I’ll teach you how to tell if your texting attitude is creepy or fantastic.

You’ll get:

  • Texting etiquette: 7 Golden rules of phenomenal texting – reach your next level of seduction with easy-to-implement rules
  • The most fatal mistakes when flirting via chat (that’ll make her lose not only her interest and attraction for you, but also her respect)
  • How to seduce her with a PornHub fetish
  • A simple trick to turn needy texts into pure masculinity
  • And much more about the texting etiquette of 2020

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Proper Texting Etiquette 101: 7 golden texting rules to win her heart

Rule #1: Don’t be a lazy dog

There are at least 666 things you shouldn’t save time or energy on.

One of them is:

Hitting women up.

Have you ever caught yourself starting a chat with messages like these?


What up?

What are you doing right now?

How are you?

I’m guessing so.  And I can’t judge you for texting like that, as past (virgin) Dan did so too – long, long ago.

Something I’ll never do again.

Here’s why:

All these texts don’t add anything to your chica’s life. They don’t make her laugh or make her feel good. They don’t make you more attractive or interesting – not even in your wildest dreams…

You only subcommunicate one thing with them:

That you want her attention. You’re like a milk-toothed rug rat pulling on his mother’s arm because he’s bored.

You, in your lady’s eyes, when you text her with messages like “Heeeeyyyyy”…

What you forget while sending texts like these is the fact that you’re not the only dude texting her.

And, of all the guys, at least 90% send her boring messages like that.

After hearing from several women what a gigantic turn-off unoriginal texts like these are, I swore to myself that I would never use them again.

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Make that your new rule, and text her this instead:

Rule #2: Pimp your tonality

Have you ever sent a text that you found hilarious to a lady only to discover that she didn’t react the way you expected?

Maybe she even got angry…

It happened to past Dan several times…

And it taught him an important lesson, which I’ll share with you right now.

Most of the texts in which my chosen ones felt attacked were actually intended to be positive.

Often, it wasn’t the content that offended them, but…

… the way they read the content.

Is that still too vague for you?

Alright, then I’ll give you a crystal-clear example to illustrate:

Check out this short but spicy excerpt from the series How I Met Your Mother:

Robin (the brunette eye candy) texts her date that they should dress up as Hansel and Gretel for a costume party.

She was joking, though.

Her rendezvous didn’t get the joke and shows up in a Hansel costume. Poor dude.

Then, Robin comes to an important conclusion:

I should stop making jokes in e-mails. It’s so hard to convey tone.”

If you use a ton of emojis, your tone will come across as very happy, bubbly, Disney-ish and very FEMININE.

If you formulate every message with perfect spelling, grammar and proper punctuation, your tone will appear rather strict, serious and dominant.

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It’s solely up to you to decide what the tone of your messages should be…

So, let me formulate your new insights into another golden rule of texting that you can follow:

If your texts offer a space for negative interpretations, then the undertone is not clear enough.

For example, if you like teasing your lady and text something like…

You’re such a troublemaker.

… add a wink…

You’re such troublemaker. 😉

et voilà, your text seems more lighthearted, and it’s clear that you’re teasing her.

Rule #3: No reply? Do THIS

Many men lose their composure as soon as their flame doesn’t respond quickly.

And you know what they do after that?

They start by reading their entire chat…

…again and again, as they over analyze every character, hoping to find the one fatal mistake they’ve made.

It must be somewhere! Why else wouldn’t she respond?


How about next time she doesn’t text back, you do this:

You put away your phone, make yourself some fresh coffee and then go kill it at the gym. Or, read one of those books that’s been sitting on your shelf untouched for eons.

Anything is better than playing analyst and breaking down your own conversations.

Why am I saying this?

Here’s why:

If you knew what you should avoid when texting, you wouldn’t have made your mistakes in the first place.

And you wouldn’t be here right now.

The only thing you’ll get by constantly over analyzing is…

… further lost in self-doubts.

Your next message becomes a toxic mixture of “desperate need” and “overthought letter salad”, which means that it won’t have a hint of authenticity in it.

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to give her space and time to respond.

Yes, I know that this can be a hard act for you, especially if you find her incredible.

But you’re not doing her or yourself any favors by sending unattractive messages.

“Yeah, okay, Dan. But how long should I give her time to respond?”

I recommend the following texting etiquette response time:

At least 24 hours.

Are there any exceptions to this?

F*ck yeah. Here’s one now…

Funnily enough, a dating coach friend of mine texted me yesterday. He was in a quandary with a lady he thought was wonderful.

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She was visiting his town, and her plane left the same night.

But, he wanted to see her one last time before her plane took off.

Unfortunately, she had dozens of other things to do before she was supposed to leave.

That’s why his last text remained unanswered.

Overwhelmed by the situation, he asked me what he should do.

If he’d let 24 hours go by, she’d be long gone.

So, he had to TAKE ACTION and double text her.

I told him what I would text if I were in his shoes.

Half an hour later, he left me a voice message in which he euphorically told me that he would meet his chosen one…

They spent a passionate afternoon in her hotel room.

So, there are indeed key moments when it’s even IDIOTIC to wait forever.

However, if your señorita is not planning to emigrate in the near future, in most cases you’ll only harm yourself by double and triple texting her.

Burn that into your synapses, my friend.

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Rule #4: Ask her less!

Read this tip only if you want to replace the neediness in your messages with raw charisma.

Ah, you kept reading… I like it.

Continue reading if you want to learn how to not bore her to death with your texts (bad texting etiquette).


Let’s kill two birds with one stone.

Or two ladies with a spicy message.

With this rule:

Remove your question marks!

And, while you’re at it, play with the word order a little. For example, we can turn a text like this:

Hey, you want to go on a date with me sometime?

…into something like this:

Hey, I had a brief experience yesterday of what heaven must feel like… I tried the freshly roasted coffee at XY Café. Now I already feel obliged to take you there so that you can also taste a piece of heaven for a little moment. 😉

“Huh, Dan, you didn’t just remove the question mark and rearrange a few words. You’ve completely overstepped the task.”

Oh, did I?

Ah, damn it. I tend to do this with lousy texts.

The power of habit.

Nevertheless, I applied my main point.

The question mark was removed, the word order was changed, and the uncertain question was reformulated into a confident statement that triggers EMOTIONS.

And yes, I know I’m guilty…

I’ve made the whole date proposal more light-hearted, fun and inviting through visual exaggeration – if you’re smart and want more dates in your life, you’ll do the same, starting today.

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Rule #5: Share your “POV”

Spoiler first: No, I won’t give you a link to my private s€x tapes in this tip, so you can satisfy your POV fetish.

But don’t be disappointed.

For this, I give you a texting rule that transforms your messages from “needy” to “interesting” with a subtle twist.

We’ve noted that most guys just steal energy without offering any.

They hardly invest anything in the conversation, and they expect to be rewarded for it…

…which, of course, ends with them coming across as boring, lazy and unattractive.

So, how can you avoid this or – even better – achieve the exact opposite?

It’s simpler than you might think.

You can do this by FIRST investing in your conversation (aka, NOT by spamming her inbox with boring questions).

A better option:

Hit her up with a photo from your POV (=point of view) or a funny picture you came across.

Pro tip:

Your “investment” doesn’t have to be super creative and unique. If you like something, share it with her.

One thing that almost always goes over big with people is… puppies and cats. Choose wisely, depending on whether she’s more of a doggo or cat lady.

With this chica bonita, for example, I knew that she had a weakness for dogs. Every time I saw a funny dog meme, I blessed her with one. And she loved me for that.

Does this cost me more effort than a simple “How’s it going” text?

Not at all.

Does it grant me 69 times stronger reactions?

Hell yeah.

Rule #6: Theres an diferrence

If you haven’t recognized the errors in the title, the number of your future dates will most likely suffer – even according to science.

For example, a study by the proofreading company Grammarly investigated the extent to which proper spelling and grammar influence your success in regards to online dating.

In their study, men were asked to include 2 typos in their messages.

The result?

They received an average of 14% fewer positive responses compared to chat sessions in which their messages were grammatically clean.

Fun Fact:

With women, on the other hand, it didn’t matter whether they hid spelling mistakes in their messages or not; they always received the same number of positive reactions in the experiment.

So, make it a habit to proofread your messages before you send them.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should rethink every text.

According to my countless experiences, you should only really pay attention to this when you first post.

Once your lady has registered that you’re not completely illiterate, you no longer have to check every text for perfect punctuation.

Then, you can also text more fleetingly without her doubting your intelligence.

Your welcome.

You’re welcome.

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Rule #7: Benefit from a system that has proven itself for years

If a successful multimillionaire offered you insight into his reliable business model, would you take a look at it?

What if someone who has a wealth of experience with women were to give you insight into his proven system? Would you want to take a look at it too?


Then you’re a smart motherf*cker.


I’m not going to lie to you.

You can follow all the rules from this article, apply them perfectly and benefit from them.

But you can also use them and still bite on granite, without any (or with limited) noticeable progress.


Because I just don’t know how far you’ve progressed on your journey to your most attractive self.

I don’t know you and, frankly, I can’t judge, while writing this article, how good you are at seducing women.

All the rules in this article will improve your chats with ladies, but you’ll only be able to make dramatic progress in your love life when you know…

how the hell to seduce women PROPERLY in the first place.

But, before you panic, let me tell you something:

I’ve created a Transformation Kit for you, in which I share with you not only share some of my best flirt advice…

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Think about it, amigo…

And grab you free Transformation Kit right here.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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