5 Highly Effective Texting Secrets Women Don’t Want You to Know

6 billion.

No, this isn’t Apple’s weekly turnover in dollars.

It is also not the population growth of the earth in the last 100 years.

According to the CTIA statistic of 2017, 6 billion SMS messages are sent each day in the US.

Tendency: Rapidly increasing.

Behind the senders are many men who ponder day in, day out, how they can seduce women with clever texts.

“What do I have to watch out for when I text?”

“How do I get her to find me more interesting?”

“What can I do if I don’t know what to text?”

Bro, if these thoughts seem familiar…

… I have some excellent news for you.

Because in this article, I’m going to show you:

  • Texting secrets for guys to eliminate coming across as needy (and effortlessly attract women)
  • The totally unaccepted things to text girls and which role emojis play in that context
  • A powerful text for her: How you seduce women with a Fake Elvis
  • Texts to make her want you and how Super Mario can help you with that
  • And much more texting tips and tricks…

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Texting Secrets – Tip #1: Be unpredictable (includes example)

This is a risky tip.


Because it requires some common sense – which is a feature that some men seem to lack. Because when I say “be unpredictable,” I don’t mean texting something like this to a lady:

I don’t know if you already knew, but Earth is a disk in and… uuuuhhhm… I just put my hamster in the microwave.

When I get screenshots of men who use this tip without using their mind and ask me what they’re doing wrong

What I actually mean by “unpredictability”; it is not mandatory that all your texts have to be built logically upon your previous messages.

Feel free to not respond to a text from her that you aren’t really interested in.

Throw a new topic into the conversation.

For example, I’ve chats with women in which I write something like this out of nowhere:

I just mixed a cocktail I should apply for a patent… F*ck, it does taste good.

Did she ask me what I was doing?


Does she find it super intriguing that I’m mixing some cocktail right now?

Probably not.

So, why the hell should I text such a phrase?

That’s an excellent question.

The point is that you lower your bar for what is “good enough” to write.

Your actions may not always be predictable and rational.

If you add a little randomness to your conversations from time to time, you add more variety to your chats.

I mean, would it bother you if your match/date/ or chosen one texted you out of the blue:

Omg. I just had stracciatella ice. I could bathe in it.

If this method does one thing, it’s to make you more interesting.

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While I was hosting one of my infamous Mario Party tournaments on a Saturday night, this lady was at a birthday party in the club. Half an hour later, she took an Uber to meet me. And let me tell you this much: Not only did the Wii controllers vibrate…

Tip #2: The tip you don’t want to hear

You expectantly tap the home button on your phone.

Still no response. You put it down again.

Thirty seconds pass.

You tap the home button again. Still no response.

And with every additional minute of constant checking, you get more nervous.

You begin to question your last texts more and more…

Beads of sweat drip from your forehead as your mood gradually goes downhill.

Meanwhile, two hours have passed since she texted you last.

“Shit, shit, shit! What have I done wrong that she doesn’t want to text me anymore?!”

You brood and brood—all-day long.

Time at work passes more slowly than usual. Because even there you check every free second to see if she has texted back.

Yet she still doesn’t give you any sign of life.

Then you become frustrated, desperate and feel screwed.

This is how you feel when you lie huddled up in your bed after work, muttering How to Save a Life by The Fray while a teardrop slips away.

Until it happens…

As you select the next funeral song on Spotify and unlock your phone, a text smiles at you.

Not just any text.

It’s hers.

“F*CK YEAAAH!” you yell as you point your arms towards the ceiling and celebrate a dance of joy.

Your chosen one finally texted back after 12 hours.

You’re alright now.

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No, you’re phenomenal.

Even if she just responded with a:



If you can see yourself in this description, you’re most likely suffering from a disease that makes you as attractive to women as a porta-potty…


But Dr. Dan is here now and will prescribe a medicine to cure you.

A remedy which makes you spend less time in the future…

  • Checking your phone for messages every few minutes
  • Wondering what you should text her
  • Where you constantly wondering if your last texts were good enough.

Yes, there’s actually a way you can eliminate needy behavioral- and thought patterns.

A way that makes it impossible to stare at your display constantly. A way that automatically makes you a more interesting man.

Spoilers: It doesn’t boil down to putting your phone in a shoebox and burying it in your front yard.

Even then, you’d still be thinking about your potential missed messages.

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The cure for neediness is…

Have a life.

Go for a swim. I assure you; you won’t be staring at your phone while you dive 10 feet under.


  • Join a martial arts club and train.
  • Play basketball.
  • Take dance lessons.
  • Draw something on canvas.
  • Learn to play a new instrument.
  • Go out with your bros.
  • Have a road trip.
  • Go to festivals.

Cooking, gardening, writing, camping, exploring museums, making origami, riding a racing bike, pumping in the gym, walking a dog from the shelter, becoming a professional chess player. Just be occupied with something.

Do whatever the f*ck you want to do.

I don’t give a shit what you do – as long as you do something.

Because every single thing I just told you will shift your focus away from desperate waiting. On to new passions.

Why does that help you?

Simply because…

  • Our brain releases heaps of happiness hormones as soon as we learn something new, do something good for our body or pursue our passions (our serotonin and dopamine levels rise dramatically)
  • You add diversified activities to your life, and your mood no longer depends only on a lady.
  • You automatically have more interesting things to tell by living a more exciting life.
  • You can’t help but look less at your phone or think about your latest messages when your schedule is filled with epic activities (less need for responses to make your day + more interesting life = more attractive man). women find you better; win-win)

Tip #3: Make her trust you more than her friends

A coaching participant of mine, who attended our yearly Summer Bootcamp in Barcelona, got to know a lady who was exactly his type during the week.

He approached her on the street, and from there, everything went smoothly (especially because he implemented our tips from the coaching session in an exemplary manner).

Until he scheduled a date with her that was to take place right in his apartment:

Overall, this section is a solid conversation.

And because the conversation’s general mood was very positive, he knew that it was time to schedule a rendezvous with her.

But when my participant tells his lady that he wants to invite him to his apartment, she suddenly comes up with objections.

  • She says she doesn’t know what time she had to work the next day.
  • And says she has to get up early the next day…

So, what is to be done in such cases?

Maybe you find it a little annoying when women put obstacles in your path.

But if you really want to be successful in seducing, you need to know how to overcome them.

So now pay close attention to how the WhatsApp conversation continues.

Like most of my participants, he overcomes every hurdle after the coaching, as if he were Aries Merritt.

Aries Merritt is currently the fastest hurdler on our planet.

My participant notices that his chosen one is still missing something essential.

She finds him attractive…

… But she lacks a little more trust in him.

What better way to show a woman that you’re a trustworthy guy than a picture of you looking after a bunch of kids?

Children whose parents have put their faith in you. Even though you’ll go into the deepest forest with them.

In the (censored) picture, they were even laughing. <3

He assures his flame that only 3 out of 18 children died during his ski lessons to top himself.

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That sounds like a pretty good chance she’ll survive the date with him…

Her reaction?

So, you could say scheduling the date went quite smoothly for him.

Not bad.

A few days later, during the Summer Bootcamp, he even managed a threesome with another participant.

A record that can be shown.

By the way, if you want to know how to turn your numbers into unique dates, check out this step-by-step guide I’ve written for you:

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Tip #4: How to use emojis properly (and how you should definitely NOT use them)

Dirty, filthy emojis. A few years ago, they didn’t exist.

And suddenly they are everywhere.

This makes the problem directly clear. They’re too present.

The look on my face when men use too many emojis.

I’ve already explained in detail why emojis undermine your masculinity (and your success with women) in several articles.

But since you aren’t entirely unimportant to me, I’ll summarize the most important things for you.

The rule of thumb is as follows:

If your messages can be misinterpreted without an emoji, then you’re allowed to use one.

In any other case, you stay away from them. Especially if your message can’t be misinterpreted and are clear.

Emojis are mainly a woman thing.

Ridiculously bad news channels even use this tendency as reporting material:

For those who are less into mainstream television and prefer more trustworthy scientific studies, I have these research excerpts:

“Finding (F1): In general, female users are more likely to use emojis in text messages than males. This superiority is reflected from the female higher proportion of messages containing emoji.”

So, women generally use more emojis.

However, somewhat further in the study, the following is stated:

“Finding (F6): Females and males can perform quite differently in emoji usage under different CMC scenarios. Females are more likely to use emojis than males in public communication. However, in private communication, males are more active in emoji usage, both in the frequency of using emoji and the number of emojis contained in one message. Emojis are more popularly used in private communication than in public communication.”

When text conversations are private and NOT public or professional (for example, group chats or chats with colleagues), men suddenly use more emojis.

It’s as if they’re ashamed of using them in more public chats or are keen to be professional with their colleagues.

But as soon as nobody is watching them, they behave differently.


Become more attractive in these two simple steps:

  1. Use commas and points.
  2. Forget emojis (otherwise, you’ll turn gay according to American “Top News”)

Tip #5: How to flirt with a girl text: Copy-paste THIS image and use THESE texts

Have you ever flirted with a woman via text, and it goes pretty well?

Then your conversation could certainly use an extra portion of excitement.

An effective way to do this is…

Original roleplaying.

For this, I’ll give you an example that you can apply in two easy to follow steps.

>> Flirting With a Girl Over Text: 7 Must-Have Tips with Examples.

But before you put it into practice, make sure you really like it. Because with roleplaying, you build up a connection to women, which in some cases can even make her fall in love with you.

Step #1: Awaken her curiosity

If you have a good flow during the conversation, send her this:

Hey, you know what we should do together?

Then you wait to see how she reacts. (By the way, if she doesn’t respond at all, check out this guide I wrote for you.)

Usually, women respond positively to this by excitedly asking you what you should do together.

Unless she responds negatively to your question, proceed as follows…

Step #2: The beginning of a memorable role play

Send her this picture:

And text her something like:

We should pack our bags and elope to Vegas

Pro tip:

Save this picture on your phone, so you can use it in your next chats before everyone uses it, and your senorita knows it already…

This kind of humour works with young, old, slim, and sporty women. But above all, with spontaneous and adventurous ladies.

For more roleplaying inspiration and original conversation topics, check out this article I wrote for you:

>> 15 Best Topics to Talk About with a Girl (Texting/Dates/Tinder)

What you can do when women tease and challenge you

As you can see from the screenshots of my participant (in tip #3), he knew exactly how to proceed in tricky situations because of the coaching.

He realized that his lady only put obstacles in his way because she needed more trust in him.

However, many men don’t even recognize positive signals.

They text with a woman, use my tips, and everything seems to work out…

Until the woman teases them, and they’ve no idea how to react.

“Why does she challenge me?”

“How do I handle her ‘tests’?”

“Why is she teasing me – don’t the tips work for me?”

What they don’t realize is that the tips worked.

Damn, they work so f*cking well that their chica starts teasing them back.


If a woman teases or challenges you, she flirts with you. She is showing you that she is interested in the relationship.

On the other hand, if women aren’t interested in you, they’ll answer you briefly. Then you get “haha”, a short emoji reply, or other short answers.

“Teasing is a sign of affection.”
– My great-grandmother swore by it, and she is always right…

So, the next time you get teased, be aware that your conversation is going in a good direction.

That’s when tension is created between you and your chica.

Tease back, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun.

“Sounds simple, Dan. But how do I do it?”

I like the way you think, broski.

That’s exactly why I’ve something special for you today.

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