39 Fun Things To Do Your with Girlfriend That Will Make Her Happy

Things to do with your girlfriend

You want to do something great with your girlfriend, but you have no idea what you could do?

Maybe the relationship is still very fresh, and you want to impress her. Or you have known each other for years, and you want to reignite the fire.

Whatever your situation, you definitely would like to experience something special with her; to avoid those run-of-the-mill things that most people do, and instead do something adventurous or at least exciting…

What you get:

  • 39 Fun things to do with your girlfriend which will deepen your love
  • Original activities you can do at home for the rainy days
  • Ideas for the more outgoing couples
  • Romantic dates to get real close to each other
  • Multiple ways to reignite the fire in your relationship
  • Creative date ideas to see each other from new perspectives
  • Much more to do with your girlfriend…

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Girlfriend date inspiration overload

You’re here because you could use some ideas as inspiration.

Spoiler alert:

There is a huge choice!

But before we begin, you have to understand one thing: It is extremely important for a woman to experience different emotions with you pretty much every day. This is the fuel for her love for you.

So if you sit on the couch all day long, and do nothing, then it becomes extremely difficult to give her the chance to feel the emotions she needs…

Before I became a dating coach, I was a walking disaster when it came to dating and relationships. I loved to sit on my bed all day with my first girlfriend, and we watched The Simpsons more often than we had sex.

The result?

With time, she lost all her interest in me, and broke-up with me in a surprisingly cold-hearted way.

And I deserved it, because I didn’t let her experience emotions. It became predictable and boring. At least for her…

Today you will profit from my mistakes.

What to do with your girlfriend

One more thing:

I know you’re a slacker.

I know that you would like nothing better than to lie on your back while your girlfriend is in your arms, caressing your chest hair and feeding you M&Ms. You son of a bytch!

Your lady is sick of this constant chest-hair-Mikado. She wants to have an exciting time!

One mistake many men make is that they fight hard for a woman’s love, and at first show her their most charismatic and engaging personality, but as soon as they have conquered her, they think they can kick back and relax. Wrong! Totally wrong, actually.

In a relationship, you have to continuously give it your best if you want her desire for you to last.

That doesn’t mean that you can never ever have another lazy day in your life.

It means that women love it when you take charge as a man to make the relationship as exciting as you can.

So surprise her every now and then. She’ll probably brag about you to her friends, and the funny thing is: her friends won’t even mind her bragging.

Suppose she drops by your place or comes home (if you already live together) and you suddenly say to her:

“Keep your jacket on. You and me, we’re going out for dinner!”

Next she’ll ask you where you’re going, and you just answer:

“Everything is arranged already, trust me.”

In all likelihood, she will find this so fantastic that she is speechless for the time being. She can surrender to your guidance, and that is exactly what she wants.

With all that being said, we can proceed. Here is a list of things you can do with your girlfriend. I have categorized them for you in terms of time so that you can make a high-impact-plan.

Exciting activities to do with your girlfriend

Couch Potatoes 2.0

After reading the intro, you must have thought that I hate couches. Well, let’s just say I hate boredom.

But doing something at home? Yeah, I like that.

Tip >> How the hell do I keep a girl interested?

These are great indoor-activities to do with your girlfriend:

  • Prepare a nice and romantic bath for both of you. If you want, you can buy bath bombs. Women are crazy about them.
    Pro tip: Light some candles to ensure a romantic ambience par excellence.
  • Spoil each other with a massage. If you also use oil (I prefer coconut oil; perfect for cooking, massages and anal sex), it will be even more erotic and the desire for “more” will increase.
  • How about a board game? Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or even Chess. The loser must then either massage or strip for the winner.
  • Watch a movie, but make it special! Get drinks, snacks, candles, etc.
  • Cook for her or cook together. Also suitable as a surprise if she comes home later than you. Don’t know how to cook? Google some easy and tasty recipes.

One to two-hour activities

Just want a short date so that there is enough time for some “Hakuna Matata” in your bed?

No problem.

Choose one of these date activities with your girlfriend:

  • Go to a wine bar. This is the ideal place for a deep conversation. Also great: Choose a wine for her.
  • Call a restaurant and check if you two can stop by just for a dessert. Great surprise for your girlfriend.
  • Go for ice cream or make your own frozen yogurt.
  • Ice skating (one of the best dates in the winter)
  • Shopping: Tell her that she can buy herself a fantastic dress (or something similar) for a special event you both go to (this is only for long-term relationships).
  • Go for a walk in a park or through a forest.

Three to four-hour activities

You can always combine the following activities with the ones mentioned so far. There is no reason to limit yourself to just one location.

These are great activities to do with your girlfriend for part of a day:

  • Canoeing
  • Pub crawling
  • Go to a museum or cultural event
  • Strolling through a city
  • Climb a tower (a cathedral or TV tower)
  • Attend a wine tasting
  • Visit a brewery
  • Mini-golf
  • Bowling

Whole day

Want to do something fun with your girlfriend for the entire day? I’ve got you covered:

  • Explore a new city
  • Take a golf workshop
  • Go sailing
  • Book a hotel for one night with a good restaurant, for example in the countryside
  • Go to an amusement park (this is one of the best dates ever!)

In the end, it’s all about variation. If you keep doing different things with her, you will constantly positively surprise her. The important thing is that you take the lead.

In this way, she will never be bored with you, and will admire your initiative and creativity. Any activity is good if you proactively make it special.

To know more ideas of surprising your girl, read the the article below

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Extraordinary romantic dates with your girlfriend

If you really want to have romantic dates with her, I suggest the following:

  • Dinner on a boat
  • Overnight stay in a hotel
  • Dinner with wine arrangement
  • Visit a wellness resort
  • Hot air balloon tour

Inexpensive fun

One last tip before I reveal my 39 absolute best couple date ideas:

You can easily get discounts on many activities when you book them online. Trust an old crook.

There are many sites like www.groupon.com where you can find great discounted activities. My absolute insider tip, however:

When you book something online, often a field for a promo code appears. Google the name of the page combined with “discount code” or “promo code”.

Often, you will find what you are looking for, and get an extra discount.

But enough saved for today. Get ready for…

Need some original date ideas? Read this

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39 Things to do with your girlfriend to keep the fire burning

#1: Lego

Find a big stone, throw it against your neighbor’s window, climb into the house with a rope, lock his 8-year-old son up in his closet, and steal his Lego box.

In case you’re totally shocked, it was a joke.


If the whole thing is too complicated for you, you can alternatively ask him politely if you can borrow it for a short time. Empty the box on your living room floor and build a Lego miniature version of your dream house together with your girlfriend.

Just make sure you don’t step on any Lego bricks. We all remember what a hell of a lot of pain is waiting for you.

#2: Piiiiizzaaaaa

I love pizza. Marco loves pizza. Your mother loves pizza. I know that from confidential sources.

Buy some pizza dough and a bunch of different toppings and ingredients. Invite your girlfriend, and bake a pizza that would leave Gordon Ramsay speechless.

#3: The Picasso Date

Make sure that both of you are wearing old clothes (or you are completely naked, that works too).

Draw whatever comes in mind. Paint over another work of art. Paint on each other.

It doesn’t have to be the next Mona Lisa, but that doesn’t matter – Bob Ross would be proud.

And when your brush ends up in her private place at the end, there is no doubt that art has been created.

#4: Redecorate your living room

Not only is the relationship is getting a little boring, but also the furniture in your room? Kill two birds with one stone. Take her to a furniture store and redecorate your room.

You don’t have to spend money, though. Alternatively, you can simply move your existing furniture around and create a new layout.

Let your girlfriend help you with that. Women think they are good at it (which is often the case to be honest). Here you can work creatively, and also show off your crafting skills.

In this way, you bring new energy into your relationship as well as into your home.

#5: Create a photo album

Create a photo album with all the stupid selfies and holiday photos you took together, and give it to her as a present.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally paste in the photos you took when you cheated. I am not responsible for the broken vases, divorce papers and alimony payments.

#6: (Acro-)Yoga

Whether through a course or YouTube: Anyone can learn a few moves in one hour.

It not only strengthens your flexibility, but also the bond between you. In addition, the pelvic muscles and flexibility that you acquire through acro-yoga can be useful in bed.

What are you waiting for?

#7: Petting Zoo

Most women go crazy when they see anything that is furry and fluffy.

‘nuff said about this one.

#8: Hiking 2.0

Get up early, pack a few things, and hike up a mountain to enjoy the sunrise with a delicious snack.

Check the internet for the best hiking trails.

#9: Go to a lake

If you don’t live in the desert, you may well have a huge selection of lakes. Bring a Frisbee. Go skinny-dipping. Take a walk along the shore, and have sex in the tall grass or thicket.

#10: Forest Kamasutra

Show the birds in the forest how it’s done by giving them a peep show. Be at one with nature and with her.

But how do you get your girlfriend excited about it? With a picnic and/or an illegal overnight stay of course! Fuck what the forest ranger allows. Oh, and don’t forget mosquito repellent.

#11: Overnight stay in an unusual place

With a bit of investment, you can stay overnight in the strangest places. From a megalith to an igloo or a plane.

#12: Thermal baths

Go to the sauna and wellness area. Clothes are often forbidden, and you can fool around in small hiding spots and bays of the pool while sensually drinking a smoothie.

Just don’t snitch on me when you get caught.

#13: Sweet Seduction

Hot chocolate, mulled wine, sweet almonds and other foods that will bring you one step closer to diabetes. <3

My favorite: A chocolate fountain (I use really dark chocolate for this, so that the body is supplied with good fats and protein) served with fresh fruits.

#14: Spa Weekend

I love this activity. Too bad you can only do that with one woman at a time… But that’s for another day.

Anyway, you can spend a spa weekend in the mountains. Pampering and wellness guaranteed.

#15: Drama

No, this is not about creating drama between you and your girlfriend. And yes, I know you’re not 80 years old.

But there is also modern, humorous theater. I know it’s hard to believe…

Tell your lady to wear her best dress and take her to the theater.

What I love even more and what has helped me on my way to becoming a (mostly) sophisticated dating coach is: Improvisational Theater.

You will be surprised how much fun this is, and how useful it is to bring your charisma to a new level. Oh, yes, bring your girlfriend along, of course…

Physical activities with your girlfriend

(No, I’m not talking about sex)

Unfortunately, it is a sad truth that most people in a relationship gain weight (and I don’t mean muscle mass). This goes for both the women and the men.

So before you look like Shrek and your girlfriend mutates into a giant hamster, I suggest you get your ass off the couch, and get busy with athletic activities.

#16: Go to the gym together

Sooner or later, I got each of my (ex-)girlfriends to go to the gym with me.

This only has advantages:

  • You not only look better naked, but you also stimulate the testosterone release of the body immensely.

This hormone is strongly related to things like self-esteem and sex drive – two essential things that should not be missing in any relationship. 😉

#17: Beach Volleyball

Sun, sand, sweat and naked skin. Need I say more?

You can either play against each other or just join other people so you can compete in the same team.

#18: Kite Flying

Chances are she hasn’t done this in years, but somehow misses it. This date can be combined well with a picnic.

#19: Sailing Workshop

There are certain things that are just amazing, even if you have already done them before. Just google “sailing school” or “sailing lessons”.

#20: Water Ski / Surfing / Wakeboarding / Speedboat

Water sports have been ideal dates since the universe was created.

You can paddle a pedal boat or water ski together, row or even rent a speedboat (in some cases, you don’t need a boating license for this).

#21: Sport Events

Are you in love with a particular sport or club? Visit a game together, and cheer your team on!

Whether it’s football, basketball or something else – the atmosphere with thousands of roaring people is stirring.

#22: Satisfy Your Need for Speed

Rent a fast car or take one for a test drive.

Slowdown when her hand goes down your pants! Safety first, blow job second.

Social Circle Activities

I think most people realize that you should have as many exciting dates with your girlfriend as possible. The more, the better for the relationship.

But a boss like you has a lot of friends. And you certainly do not want to become one of these men who completely neglect their friends once they are in a relationship.

As you may have noticed, nothing satisfies me more than win-win situations where you manage to kill two birds with one stone.

Instead of having to constantly think up a new, spectacular dates for your girlfriend, you can also include her in your circle of friends.

That way, you can show her that you’re a social guy, and you give her a chance to meet your friends.

In a group, you can also do things that are sometimes more fun than when you are only two. So you can spend time with your mates while she still feels that you do your best to take care of her and include her in your life.

#23: Karaoke Bar

Attend a karaoke evening with your buddies, and sing an over-romantic duet with your girlfriend. For example:

To take care of the nervousness, you can order a few beers or have a pre-gathering at home.

#24: Potluck

What the fuck is that? This is a meeting where everyone brings a meal without prior arrangement, which is then shared with the others.

In the end, you have a table in front of you that is packed with the best dishes prepared by your friends. Bon Appetit!

#25: Festivals

You sleep on a hard “mattress” in a stuffy tent, brush your teeth with beer on your last day because you ran out of water, and your friends serve you beer through a funnel… You just have to love festivals!

Go to a concert of your choice together. There’s a band you both like? Perfect.

Or you could go to the Holi Festival of Colors, for example.

#26: Airbnb

It’s still a bit early for a holiday together or the budget is too tight? Plan a weekend or day trip together to a city or to the sea.

With Airbnb, you can find great deals.

#27: Organize a Party

I don’t need to explain much here: Select good music on Spotify, get some drinks and snacks (or have your guests bring something) and have a big, fat party.

It’s best to start with a round of Beer Pong. Just make sure you stock up on orange juice and aspirin first.

Dates for broke mates

Since I sometimes have several dates a week and don’t like throwing money out of the window for a woman I hardly know, I have developed creative dates that don’t cost you a penny (almost).

These dates are also very suitable for couples.

#28: Old Memories

I got this idea from good old Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had a favorite lake where he loved to hang out as a kid.

It was there that he had his first kiss, his first time and finally proposed to his then wife Maria Shriver.

Learn from the one who killed the Predator, and visit all the places you hung out when you were a teenager with your girlfriend.

This should bring back the memories. Tell her your best or worst story. Next time you can visit her places.

How to effectively Netflix and Chill date with a lady? Interested much? Read this article to know more

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#29: Ice Cream in the Making

Chances are, your girlfriend loves ice cream. If she doesn’t, you’re probably making love to an alien.

Here’s what I suggest: Make your own ice cream. This is not as difficult as you might think. There are many recipes for this too.

#30: Picnic 2.0

An ordinary picnic is boring. It’s what you see in every Hollywood chick flick.

Make it an INSTANT picnic date.

Don’t let your girlfriend know about it. Go to a supermarket where you can quickly buy some bread, cheese and olives (extra points for a disposable barbecue).

Of course, you are prepared and have a blanket in your backpack.

On the beach, in a park, in the woods or on a flat roof… A picnic is and remains a classic.

Here are two more ways you can turn a boring picnic into a picnic 2.0:

Have a picnic at night.

Lying down with music and candles, looking at the stars and kissing under the night sky is much more romantic.

#31: Thrift Shopping

In every big city there are Second Hand shops where you can buy clothes for half the price (and sometimes even less).

Do it like Macklemore and dress up for little money with the former clothes of a grandfather. You can also get her something fancy. It remains your secret that her “new”, expensive Gucci dress was bought there.

#32: Skinny-dipping

Break into a swimming pool at night, or drive to a lake and go skinny-dipping. This is something women experience either never or way too rarely.

Dates to make your girlfriend crazy about you

It is important to make her feel as if there is no other man in this world who can make her feel as special and great as you do. That’s why sometimes you have to think outside the box.

I very rarely pull these activities out of my sleeve – maybe once or twice a year.

In addition, there are also these strange days called birthdays. I mean, there’s Valentine’s Day and Christmas

Especially on these days, it is advisable to organize something special.

For example:

#33: Extremely Unusual Experiences and Workshops

Would you like to shoot with high caliber weapons, float over your city in a hot air balloon or have dinner in the dark? Think outside the box. From wonderful BBQ workshops to a good Tantra massage…

And once you learn how to massage, here’s what you do:

#34: Massage

Prepare a plate with all sorts of different fruits, make a cozy playlist and use oils with different scents.

The transition from gentle massage to wild sex is fluid…

#35: Flying a Glider

A glider brings excitement and provides a nice feeling of butterflies in the stomach.

#36: Find out what she always wanted to do

As soon as one of my girlfriends mentioned something, I immediately took notes in my phone.

Women always go crazy when they realize you’ve been paying attention. It’s the ultimate proof that you can make her happy.

Make the ordinary extraordinary

You can make an everyday thing you do with your girlfriend anyway much more exciting. Any daily routine can be spiced up.

#37: University Ninja

You should sit next to her in one of her classes. So you can talk to her about her studies in a completely different way later on.

#38: Walk a dog

Go for a walk with a dog and play with it. Don’t have a dog? Ask your friends or the animal shelter.

They are usually happy when someone else goes out with their dog for them. Another win-win situation… How satisfying!

#39: Visit a pensioner from the neighborhood

There are countless older people who are hardly ever visited. That’s a pity.

You can often learn a lot from old people, and you feel great when you are able to give them a good time.

Bonus karma points when you go shopping for them!

Tips to prepare and plan a date night at home? Go through this article below

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Got enough date ideas for your girlfriend now?

Do you have other good things to do with your girlfriend? Or questions about anything? Feel free to share your experiences and/or questions in the comments below.

I’m curious!


Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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