The Three-Day-Rule and How to Effectively Time Your Texts

Three days rule

Cool, I got her number now, but when the hell am I supposed to text her?’, you might ask yourself and while you play out all possible options in your head:

Sure, I got it!’ you snap your fingers confidently like Vicky the Viking when you remember a well-known rule:

The 3 days rule.

Following this rule, you’re to wait 3 days before calling or writing.

Because in this article, I will show you:

  • Scrutinized: 3 days rule – how effective is it really?
  • My secret texting-matrix with which you can easily strengthen your intuition to write to her at the optimal time
  • Why most men get no response in chat even if they send brilliant messages and how you avoid this
  • And much more…

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Texting Dopamine Rush

At first you may have been plagued by a feeling of fear, while self-critical thoughts tried to paralyze you…

But you didn’t let them stop you.

Shut up, brain,’ you told yourself as you made an unwavering decision to approach that lovely lady.

And look at you…

Your courage paid off, now you’re staring at your phone with bright eyes and a broad grin:

You got the contact details of a beautiful lady.

Gratulación, muchacho!

But a few moments later your euphoria suddenly takes on a new form…

It turns into bottomless insecurity.

  • Should I text her immediately after we met? Hmmm… what if that seems too needy and turns her off eventually?’
  • Should I send the first message a week later? At least I wouldn’t look super needy… but what if she’s already forgetten about me by then?’

After eternal musing, you suddenly get a brainwave.

Whether in posts in dating forums from 2008 or in movies or on TV.

The Three Day Rule

Countless people swear by the 3 day rule in dating.

Even womanizer Barney Stinson recommends Ted to stick to the magical norm of the three days rule (How I Met Your Mother):

After all, even Jesus waited three days before he showed himself to mankind again…

Grab a cup of your favorite yogurt and make yourself comfortable, bro.

In this article I will explain you in detail how you can use the 3-day rule to your advantage (or your downfall).


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All good things come in threes?!

  • The THREE Magi
  • Red, blue, yellow – the THREE-color theory.
  • In volleyball, THREE touches are allowed within your own field.
  • In the world of Dragonball, Porunga fulfills THREE wishes.
  • Men have THREE legs 😉

We earthlings are almost as addicted to the number three as Wall Street brokers to coke.

But what does this fabled number have to do with messaging recently added contacts?

Put yourself in the high heels of a gorgeous lady.

You’ve got a shapely body and are highly coveted.

You know that too.


Because every day dozens of guys flood you with a typhoon of messages.

  • Hey, gorgeous.“
  • How are you?“
  • What do you do?”

Answer all messages?

Hell no.

You could only manage that if you’d sacrifice 10 hours per day for it…

Sometimes you can’t even remember where the respective wannabe Mr. Charming got your number from and who the hell he actually was again…

Especially if you were only involved in a conversation with him for a few minutes, and he waited longer – *cough* like, let’s say, three whole days *cough* – to text you…

Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?

Rules can be practical – especially if they save us hours of headaches.

However, the three day rule is absolute BULLSHIT.

I mean, would you volunteer to help her forget you quickly?

With each passing day, her memory of how much fun she had with you and how incomparable it was between you fades. Further and further.

Does she have your number too?

Then, she might hit you up before that third day that you’re eagerly waiting for (but that will also only happen if she’s blown away by your amazingness) …

In any other case, however, you are only increasing the odds…

  • To be condemned to your two friends ‘left and right hand’
  • To lose your potential Mrs. Right

In addition, the three-day rule is so well-known these days that your intentional waiting can seem forced and overplayed.

So, let’s already agree that it’s smarter to get to her earlier.

“Got it, Dan. But how can I actually tell when the right time has come to contact her?”

Excellent question, bro.

I’ll answer you in this tip:

The writing matrix: Your key to perfect timing

Sí, amigo.

There are indeed some good and bad times to contact her.

You can send the smartest messages or have the craziest stories up your sleeve for a call…

…but if you catch a bad time, you reduce the likelihood of getting a positive response from her, or any response at all.

But this wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t tell you how to get a grip on this crux in no time.


EACH of your encounters can be divided into different factors that determine the optimal timing for your first text or call.

Now, a few years later, being countless experiences wiser (and thousands of nerves poorer), I can break them down into four crucial key factors:

  • Where did you meet?: Where did you two meet? In a club, on the street or in a cozy café?
  • When did you meet?: Did you meet in the morning, at noon, in the evening? Was it during the week or at the weekend?
  • Emotional connection?: How intense was your conversation? Have you been making small talk or even already imagined your shared future?
  • Logistical circumstances?: What was she going to do after she gave you your number? Is she available afterward or occupied for the next few hours?

Perhaps these key factors still seem a little unclear to you, therefore:

Let me give you two examples to illustrate them and show you how they can help you to draw pathbreaking conclusions.

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Scenario A:

You see her during your daily jogging session in the park in the late afternoon.

She sits relaxed on a bench and reads a new issue of InTouch.

Damn, she’s cute.’ You think to yourself, as you approach her.


You guys get along incredibly well:

She shares the same sense of humor as you, seems smart and with every minute that passes you feel more and more attracted to each other.

But you still want to finish your jogging session and decide to ask for her number after a 15-minute talk.

Without batting an eyelash, she hands it to you.

By the way, during the conversation you learned that she is going shopping later, but that there is nothing else on her schedule.

Prize question:

When is the best time to contact her?

Okay, Dr. Watson, let’s solve this case the old Sherlock Holmes way, using the four key factors.

  • Where did you meet?: In the park. A quiet place to relax or jog. In this case, she was relaxing on a bench to unwind. Thus, there was enough room for a longer conversation.
  • When did you meet?: In the late afternoon. At this time many Homo Sapiens usually get off work. In this case she even read an InTouch – she wasn’t in a hurry.
  • Emotional connection?: You got along great. After you said goodbye to each other, you still had to think about her… and you’re convinced that she thinks about you as well.
  • Logistical circumstances?: Your attractive acquaintance told you that she still has to go shopping, but otherwise has nothing else planned for the day.


So, you got along very well, her schedule seems to be quite empty and you had to think about her after the conversation…

So theoretically there is NO reason not to text her immediately after the jogging session.

“But doesn’t that seem needy, Dan?”

Short and sweet answer:

F*ck, NO!

F*ck any bovine rules and text her.


Because she has literally thrown you the chance to see her again on the SAME DAY.

She has time, you have time – why not spend quality time together?

Right, that’s why:

Text her, or better yet, call her to ask her out.

Scenario B:

‘Candyshop’ from 50 Cent booms through the walls, flashing lights almost blind you and on the dance floor, dressed up women bust their moves.

Yep, you guess it right.

You’re in a club.

She stands at the bar and sips her cocktail.

In an area that is only half as chaotic – the volume is also way more pleasant.

Ideal opportunity!’ you think and approach her.

She tells you that she’s drinking her last can of RedBull and then going home.

Her friends want to stay and ‘host’ a ‘twerk battle on the dance floor’. She, on the other hand, wants to leave.

She is visibly exhausted and has to work early in the morning.

Your conversation is rather superficial and short – nevertheless, she hands you her number after three minutes.

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Prize question no. 2:

When is the best time to contact her?

Let’s apply the glorious matrix to this:

  • Where did you meet?: At the club. Not exactly the quietest place for romantic conversation. If the club is too loud, long conversations can be tiring. In this case, however, the bar provided a pleasant environment for getting into conversation without having to yell.
  • When did you meet?: Night-Time. You met her just before she wanted to leave. She’s exhausted and longing for her bed.
  • Emotional connection?’: You teased each other a bit, but the conversation was too short to create a strong bond. Furthermore, the conversation was rather relaxed and little to non-deep.
  • Logistical circumstances?: She wants to go home and catch up on her sleep. The next day she has to work.

To sum up: A fleeting acquaintance who longs for her bed and has to drag herself to work early in the morning.

What conclusion do you reach?

“I should text her as soon as possible, so she doesn’t forget me.”


Not in this case, bro.

I understand your concerns.

But in this case, she will probably go straight to bed and won’t have much energy left to exchange novels with you…

Also, your message can be lost quickly if you write her too early.



Attractive women are being spammed 24/7 by countless dudes.

When she gets a new message, it pops up at the top of her chats.

Old messages disappear into the endless nirvana.

So, it’s better for you to save your lines for the next day.

If you know when she’s done with her work shift – that’s even better.

If you then text her, your message will show up in her chats, and she’ll notice you way quicker and easier.

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Good timing = guaranteed response?

Now you know when to text your new lady-contacts for the best response.

And you’ve learned that the three days rule is utter bullshit.

Also remember:

Practice makes perfect.

Your male intuition will soon be sharper than a katana if you keep using the writing matrix.

But even if your timing is 24/7 on fleek…

… if you’ve no idea on HOW to send her a great message, here’s what happens:

The blue checkmarks remain unanswered.

Maybe she stared at you with big Bambi eyes when you met her.

Maybe your conversation went so well that you kissed.

But if your first message seems needy, emotionless or cringy, she loses all attraction and respect for you.

And that’s exactly the kind of pain I want to spare you.


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