Tinder Boost – What It Is And How To Smartly Boost Your Results

tinder boost

Read carefully and sit up straight, amigo!

It’s boostin’ time.

Because in this article, I’m going to tell you:

  • What a Tinder boost does: Tinder boost explained
  • How I managed to get 23 matches with one boost and how you can replicate that
  • The best time for a Tinder boost: How to time your boost perfectly (according to science)
  • How to get the most results from your boost
  • My #1 Tinder tips for guys for more dates and regular hookups
  • And many more boosting goodies…

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Let’s go!

What is a Tinder boost?

“Skip The Line”

With Tinder boost, according to Tinder’s own statement, you’ll be visible to up to 10 times more women for 30 minutes in the match game and allegedly end up at the top of all displayed profiles.

That’s a vague statement if you ask me.

You can assume that every compañero who uses his boost after you will over-shadow you.

However, the app won’t tell you exactly how many women you were shown to during your boost after your 30 minutes.

All you get to how is how many more times you’ve been “shown” to women in your area…

Thanks, Tinder! Extremely helpful information.

“Where the heck do I get boosts and how much is the Tinder boost price?”

Basically, you have three ways to get a boost:

  1. With your very first Tinder registration, you get a one-time free boost
  2. With a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus subscription, you get a boost every month
  3. You buy boosts separately

You can do the latter by going to your profile settings and tapping the following button:


The prices of the boosts are VARIABLE.

They depend on your age, your existing subscription and vary regionally.

For example, you tend to pay more in a big city. After all, more users are registered there.

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How do you activate it?

By touching the purple button at the bottom right of the match game.

As easy as that.

BY NO MEANS use your Tinder boosts at this time

Listen, bro.

You can use as many boosts as you want.

However, if you activate them at an inappropriate timing, you waste nerves, time and money.

Maybe you made that fatal mistake before you used your Tinder boost:

You relied on far-fetched statements circulating on the internet.

For example, you listened to the rumors that were started by dating portals like eHarmony.

(eHarmony was criticized just last year for their dating app. The company was also fined $1.2 million for its non-transparent and consumer-unfriendly subscription system…)

Their “research department” believed 4:00 on Monday afternoon was the most effective time for a boost.

And they’ve never published any data on this. So, we can’t really believe them.

So, it’s about time someone did some serious soul-searching and gave some scientifically sound answers…

As fate willed, I did exactly that… have a look at this.

The best time for your Tinder boost

For us to use the boost as effectively as possible, we first need to know at what time most users on Tinder are online.

After intensive research (i.e. after 5 seconds of Google research…), I came across precise studies by the Nielsen Smartphone Analytics research team.

For example, this graph shows what percentage of Tinder users were online at what time of day.

Between 9:00 and 10:00 o’clock in the evening, there seems to be a clear peak.

“Ah, Dan. Then I guess I should use my boosts at this time!”

At this time, most users are active, but we need to know at what time the users are online for the LONGEST time.

Otherwise, you’ll only match women who are offline again a short time after your match and with whom you can only start a conversation the next day.

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And by that time, she’s probably got dozens of other guys bombarding her with messages…


Fortunately, our homies at Nielsen have even investigated when the Tinder users have been active for the LONGEST.

The result?

Most Tinder users are most chatty between 9:00 and 10:00 in the evening. They spend the most minutes on the app during this time.

I wonder if this is the confirmation we needed.

So, you’d best get rid of your boosts at 9:00 p.m.?

No, amigo.

Not at all.

According to research by the British professor Dr. Gareth Tyson, professor at Queen Mary University in London, Tinder users seem to create a different behavior on the app depending on the time of day.

That means in plain language:

Between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m., most of the users seem to be online AND also active for the longest in terms of minutes…

However, according to the Tyson study, they only play the match game sporadically during this period:

As we can see in this graph, most of the matches occur at 6:00 in the evening, while the number decreases after this time RAPIDLY.

Between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m., however, most users seem to no longer play the match game, but rather focus on chatting.

This means that theoretically, we should activate our spicy boosts before 6:00 p.m..

However, as I’m not a fan of idle theorizing, I decided to buy 7 boosts and try them out at different times…

… all for the glorious purpose of science, of course!

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I swiped to the right 50 times per boost and recorded how many matches occurred DURING the boost.

(In this screenshot, you can see 51 new matches, but not all of them came up during the 30 minutes).

Day 1 – Monday

The boost at 6:30 PM – 24 matches

The boost at 7:30 PM – 15 matches

The boost at 9:00 PM – 18 matches


Day 2 – Tuesday

The boost at 6:00 PM – 19 matches

The boost at 8:00 PM – 14 matches

The boost at 9:30 PM – 10 matches


Day 3 – Wednesday

The boost at 5:00 PM – 13 matches

The boost at 6:45 PM – 19 matches


Although we still have to find out WHICH day is the best, we already have a damn good picture here of the best time.

From my test, we can draw the following conclusions in summary:

DON’T use your boost for too long after 21.00 hours.

DON’T use your boost for too long before 18.00 hours.

The sweet spot seems to be 6:30 PM here.

However, if you should miss 6:30, I recommend that you activate your boost at 8:50 PM.

Tinder boost: This is the best day of the week

Buckle up, bro.

We’re going straight into unexplored territory…

Because there are still no precise studies on the best day of the week.

However, I can already give you a preliminary answer that scientists will come up with.

After countless personal experiences and those of hundreds of men that I’ve already coached, I can tell you that the best day of the week for your boost is the following:

“It depends.”

Yeah… you heard me right.

If you were hoping for the best day to use the boost, I’m sorry to disappoint you…

It doesn’t exist.

What there is, however, is YOUR best day.

It depends on what you prefer.

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Women of what age would you rather be displayed.

Ladies aged 18 to 34?

Then you should look at the analyses that show at what days most users are active on Instagram.

The app has mainly users in this age group and can therefore be used as a fairly accurate benchmark for Tinder.

Monday and Thursday seem to be the most active weekdays on the app. On these days, most posts are liked and commented on.

And that makes sense:

On weekends, many people from the target group seem to be out and about. Especially in the evening. Sunday, on the other hand, seems to be a rest or date day for many.

Why are Monday and Thursday of all days so active?

On Thursday, many users seem to want to get in the mood for the weekend and might be more inclined to schedule dates that they’ll then have on the weekend.

On Monday, however, they seem to be hungrier for contact again. Possibly because their weekend was more disappointing, and they didn’t meet anyone they liked. Or maybe, it’s just to get through the least popular day of the week with more dopamine…

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So, choose primarily Monday or Thursday for your boost.

Combined with the best Tinder time (6:30 PM), you’ll increase your chances for spicy matches MASSIVELY.

“I still can’t get enough matches despite the boost! What am I doing wrong?”

Even if you “skip the line” with the boost and are at the top of the profile pile in the match game, you’re missing dozens of matches if you neglect one essential thing…

You probably already know what I’m talking about:

Your profile.

Without a solid profile, you can cancel your Tinder Plus or Gold subscription, forget about your boosts and log out of Tinder right away.

If you really want to have amazing Tinder dates and Tinder hookups on a regular basis, it’s essential to pimp your profile.


By doing the following:

  1. Grab an amigo with a camera and take a top-notch main profile picture that you can use for your Tinder account
  2. Show several facets in your profile and use pictures that show you pursuing your passions
  3. Turn your Tinder profile text into an unforgettable description

Yeah, I know.

You’re going to have to put in a little effort into this.

However, if you want to be successful on Tinder in the long run, you’ll have to bite the bullet first.

Otherwise, I guarantee you that you won’t EVER get many results and match with the hottest women in the match game profile pile…



THIS is how you get the most out of your boost matches

Alright, bro.

You now know at what time you can use your Tinder boost most effectively.

You’re also aware that only with a strong profile can you profit from your boosts.

The only question you might be asking yourself now is:

“Awesome, now I know how to get enough matches, but how do I get them to date me from there?”

Don’t worry.

This wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t tell you how to do exactly that.

Coincidentally, I’ve put together a Kit containing some of my best flirting advice, which you can use not only for messaging and Tinder.

Hell no.

I’ve written down tips you can easily apply to ANY interaction.

However, you’ve got to implement the advice if you actually want to change your game.

If you prefer to read them exclusively as night readings over a glass of warm milk with honey, then they’re NOT for you.

Once you’ve decided.

Here’s your free Transformation Kit.

See you on the other side.

Your boosting bro,
Dan de Ram

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