7 Tinder Date Survival Tips from 300+ First Dates

Whoa, whoa, easy, bro.

You’ll learn in a few seconds how to transform mediocre Tinder dates into unforgettable successes…

But before we get started:

You probably haven’t read how you increase the number of your dates by 622%.

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Read and understood? Great.

Applied or fervently put on your to-do list? Niiice.

Then you should’ve more than enough matches by now who are open to go on a date with you.

Either way, I know you don’t have the time or inclination to go on dates which…

  • Are deadly boring
  • Cost a fortune
  • Make you end up in the cruel, sexless depths of hell… The friendzone…

And that’s why in this article I’m going to show you:

  • From chat to date: How to easily get her excited about a Tinder date
  • How to ask a girl out on Tinder: My blueprint revealed
  • 5 self-confidence hacks that give you an unfair advantage over other men
  • How to make her immensely attracted to you from the first second on
  • 3 golden dating rules to make your Tinder dates unique and outshine her past dates
  • Flirty conversation topics which make your date memorable
  • “Sex on the first date” decoded: How you take her home on the first date
  • And much more tips for Tinder dates…

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Tip #1: The must-do’s to inspire her for a rendezvous

Have you ever wondered how you can get a spicy señorita on a date without looking as needy as a 2-year-old in a romper suit?

Then open your eyes wide now, amigo.

There are many ways that are effective…

… but you can ALWAYS use these two if you want to inspire her to spend quality time with you today.

Asking a girl out on Tinder: 3 simple steps

Step #1: Plant the seed

You write with your Tinder match and one of the following things happens:

  • You tell her about one of your hobbies and she thinks it’s cool
  • You discover that you share a common weakness for Sushi/ Mojitos/ Bowling/ Pancakes
  • She reacts positively to whatever you just texted her

Or vice versa – you like one of her passions or you find what she just texted you muy bueno.

In these cases, you can make a future projection.

A statement (realistic or unrealistic) about how you’re going to do something together soon, whatever you’ve just texted about.

Let me give you two examples to illustrate what I mean by that:

Example no.1:


And that’s how became the Korean chess champion.

Haha wow, that’s really impressive.

Maybe I’ll show you in real life with how much Swagger I can move my queen from B5 to E3.

(By the way, I have no idea how to play chess. Queen probably can’t move from B5 to E3, but if it could, I’m sure it would be a top strategy).

Yes please, can’t wait how you move your queen around just right

Now it might get clear to you why I’m a professional dating coach and not a screenwriter.

Example no. 2:

I try to write a poem every other day usually before I go to sleep.

I LOVE poetry… When we grab coffee, you have to show me a poem.

Hahaha, okay… we’ll see.

Now you know how to plant a seed in your conversations that will later grow into a beautiful date flower.


After your future projection, you can continue your conversation with any topic you like…

… as long as it’s NOT boring.

If you’re still unsure what you can text about, check this:

My free Texting Kit filled with 20+ examples lines and conversation screenshots.

Just click this link to get it.

Romantic scenarios like these are already in her head.

Pro tip:

Have you noticed that I haven’t even used the word “date”?

Instead, I use “Maybe I’ll show you in real life” or “When we’ve coffee…”


“Date” is a loaded word. It sounds fµcking serious. It’s as if you’re planning your date first, to end it with a proposal.

Therefore, it’s better for you to use words that sound lighter. After all, you’re a laid-back dude, not a clingy stalker.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

After some texting back and forth, you can then apply step #2…

Step #2: Let her climb the “Yes” ladder

You seem to be getting along well?

Then the next step is to arrange the actual date.

There is a way to ask your chosen one without coming across as a frustrated wimp.

Because that’s what most men do:

Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow… please?

Wait a minute… Do you smell that?

Did someone serve leeks?


It’s not only enormously unmanly to ask a lady in this insecure attitude.


You’re putting pressure on her this way too.

She’s fully aware that your conversation will take an unpleasant twist if she rejects you.

That’s why she usually answers this bitter question as follows:

She’s NOT responding at all. If you’re lucky, she pretends she overlooked your message and changes the subject.

It’s amazingly easy to get women interested in a date attractively without even running the risk of getting rejected.

“What, Dan? You can do that?”

Yep, muchacho, you heard right.

You can achieve this with a method I call the “yes ladder.”

Using it, you don’t give your lady an ultimatum that comes out of nowhere (“Would you like to go on a date with me? Pls, pls, pls…?!?!”) – you ask her short questions that prepare her for your date proposal.

I’ll now show you exactly how this works with an example:

  1. Find out if she basically likes your date idea.
    • In my example, I would like to invite her on a tea date. The word “by the way/ btw” makes the question seem casual, and therefore, light-hearted.
    • Important: Your question should aim for a “yes” answer if possible. You want to take her for a walk? Text something like, “By the way, do you like walking?”
    • If she responds to your question with a “no,” you can still find out what she prefers instead.
  2. Let the seed flourish…
    • In my next text, I put two questions into one sentence. Of course, you can also ask her first if she’s spontaneous or adventurous… and then send the next question.
    • As you can see, I use the words “charming but dorky” – this way, I appear confident but not arrogant. In this case, she responds with “If he asks nicely 😏, which is a subtle “Yes, Sir.”
    • Even if she had now responded with a “Noooo, I’m not into that,” it wouldn’t be a real rejection. After all, I asked her if she generally “likes to go out with male company.”
  3. Check her availability…
    • The chica bonita from my screenshot has meanwhile given me two consecutive “yeses.” In the next, step I check when she’s available. Her response: “Quite free 👼”. Perfect – now I can give her a concrete date suggestion.
    • As you can see in the next screenshot, I introduced my idea with a “let’s” and made NO question out of it. Doing this, I show her that I can LEAD, which is one of the most attractive qualities a man can possess.

Et voilà – a date has just been born…

Isn’t it beautiful?

Tip #2: „Play to win, not to not lose. “

Now I’m going to shake your reality, bro.

…. Because it’s goddamn necessary.

One problem I see with many of our coaching participants, who are still somewhat inexperienced in interacting with women, is the following:

As soon as they’re able to arrange dates, they’re TOO CONTENT.

Whether it’s actually crowned with success (a kiss, sleeping with her, winning her as a girlfriend later on…), they don’t care at all.

But someone who is completely content with his abilities and has no intention of improving stagnates.

Every die-hard seducer I know NEVER stops learning. He’s ambitious and disciplined to take his skills to the next level.

Of course, my main goal with this article is to show you how to inject tons of fun into your dates.

On the other hand, I would also like you to ask yourself the following three questions before AND after your date:

  • “What went well on my date?”
  • “What needs improvement?”
  • “What would I like to do differently next time?”

Because if your dates are almost identical every time, you can be sure that you’re doing one thing seriously WRONG.

So, try things you’ve never done before.

You’ve never kissed a woman on a first date?

Then make it your goal to try this and write down:

“I’ll try to kiss her next time within the first 90 minutes.”

Because if you’re never willing to take risks, you can be sure that all your next 500 dates will be kissless.

Ask yourself what your weaknesses are…

… and write down a concrete action plan about how you would like to improve your dates in the future.


Alright! I’m relieved that we agree on this.

Tip #3: 5 effective hacks to boost your confidence

Listen, amigo.

I understand that your week can be stressful.

You go to work or study; you come home, you have to make yourself something to eat…

… and if you can still scrape together your last energy reserves, you swing your butt to the gym, football training, etc.

Back home, you’re dead.

And then you remember that you’ve another date.


The temptation is great not to prepare yourself further for your rendezvous.

At least you’ll save energy.

But let me tell you something:

With this attitude, you MINIMIZE your success – and that before you’ve even walked out your front door.

On the other hand, if you want to MAXIMIZE your results, grab a pen from your Pokémon pencil case and watch carefully…

I’m going to show you 5 simple hacks that can increase your confidence by 69% and give you more $wAg than Soulja Boy.

Hack #1: Don’t dress like a heroin junkie

That point may be obvious to you. But trust me…

There’s a species of man out there that makes the same mistake repeatedly.

It dresses as if it were living with the Oscar, the grouch at the junkyard.

I mean, in your free time you can dress as you like – but if you’re serious about seducing women, you should dress in clean and somewhat stylish clothes.


Because you’re sub communicating two essential things:

  1. You show your sexy company that you’ve got a healthy self-esteem – after all, you don’t let your mortal body rot in shabby mummy bandages. You’re worth more to yourself.
  2. You let her know that you respect her by your decent clothes – at least you’ve at least washed yourself/your clothes for her for once. I mean, you probably wouldn’t feel respected either if she came rolling towards you in a stinking garbage can.

So, make sure that you…

  • Wear fresh clothes
  • Don’t pull too large or small textiles over your head or legs
  • Match the colors of your outfit

Being styling isn’t your hobbyhorse?

Don’t worry.

I’ve already written you this article in which I show you how to look like a fresh motherfvcker in just a few steps.

Hack #2: Mind your hair

Women choose men who can take care of themselves. She doesn’t want to be your second mother.

So, starting today, here’s what you’re going to burn in your brain:

  • Wash your hair before you go out
  • Go to the hairdresser regularly and get advice on a hairstyle for your face
  • Don’t put kilos of gel/wax in your hair
  • Trim your beard occasionally and groom it every day
  • Spoiler alert: You’re not Plankton – so get your monobrow plucked

Hack #3: Smell more masculine than a Siberian lumberjack

You only have one chance for the first impression she gets of you.

An important part of that is…


Your smell.

It plays a decisive role in how attractive she finds you when you first meet her.

With just a few spray shots, you can make yourself more attractive within milliseconds.

Your señorita will associate your fragrance with you even in her synapses. When she smells it at any place, she’ll automatically think of you again.

Louis, one of our Belgian coaches and TextGod is a true perfume nerd.

He could probably write a whole book about it…

Only recently, I asked him for some recommendations.

His response?

“If you’re more the business type who dresses in casual clothes like suits, I definitely recommend Bleu de Chanel. The scent is fruity yet fresh.

You’ve got a date with a beautiful chica in the evening or go to the club? Then treat yourself a few spray shots of Dolce & Gabbana: The One. The spicy scent makes you the king of the club and makes your date extra hot.

You’re a little younger (early 20s or <)? With an Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct, you smell fresh as f*ck and emphasize your youthfulness.”

There you go, bro.

Pro tip:

Spray your precious eau de toilette under your ears and on your neck. This way, you’ll give your date the first dose of your seductive scent at your first hug/kiss…

… and trust me, she’ll be up in your neck way more after that.

Hack #4: Expression Dance 2.0

This title sounds pretty hippie-like – but don’t panic.

In not even one of my articles, will you find a single tip that’s overly spiritual or vague.

I only give you practical tips and methods that you can implement DIRECTLY.

On this tip, I want you to try this little thing:

Play your favorite tracks, turn them up loud and dance to them as you prepare for your date.

That’s it.

Because music is much more powerful than you might think:

  • It animates you
  • It increases your physical performance (just think of the gym when you pump the last set to hard bass → dozens of studies also show this effect again and again)
  • By moving your body, you loosen it up and can go on a date more relaxed

So, there is not a single reason not to dance to Mozart in front of the mirror.

Hack #5: Make your fucking bed

“Take her home?

Kiss her?

I’ll never make it…”

If you want to limit your self-confidence, leave your apartment untidy and don’t brush your teeth.

But because you’re an AttractionGym reader, you’ll do the opposite.


Because you’ve got the goddamn balls to kiss a woman or take her home.

Even if it’s not specifically this date where it sparks with the lady – you have the deep self-confidence that you’ll meet another woman with whom it’ll go better.

So, from today on, get used to being prepared for the best case.

Clean up your apartment and vacuum well.

A further advantage: You can go on your rendezvous much more relaxed. Because if she comes to your place, you don’t have a dump to hide.

Tip #4: Turn the first seconds of your date into gold

  • Outfit? But so on point!
  • Hairdo? More stylish than Elvis’.
  • Perfume? Cheeeeck!
  • Music turned up? I can’t stop break-dancing.
  • Bed made? More tidy than Christian Grey’s.

Hell yeah, bro!

You’re all set for your date now.

But if like most normal people, you’re a little nervous before your rendezvous, then your brain might be running at full speed – it bombards you with self-doubt:

“Will she even like me? Or will she find me uglier than in my pictures? How the hell am I supposed to greet her anyway?

 Should I kiss her on the cheek or just give her a hug? Ahhh – what if she finds it weird?

I’d rather leave it at a handshake and just ask her how she is… or is that a stupid question? Oh, MAN – what do I do? Heeeeeeeelp!!”

Whoa, easy, cowboy.

As of today, your panic hysteria before your dates will belong to the past.

I love the first seconds of every rendezvous.

I like the thrill of meeting for the first time.

And as my homey Dumbledore once said:

And for that very reason, do this:

  1. Put a big smile on your face when you meet your lady
  2. Open your arms as you approach her with the last steps and prepare for a hug
  3. Give her a big hug

This small malaka is at most three years old but has already perfected this technique

Just imagine that you haven’t seen a good buddy for a long time and are happy to see him again.

With this energy, you want to start your date.

After that, you can ask her a spicy but casual question like: “What was the most exciting thing you have done this week so far?”

While she answers your question, you can immediately go with her towards your date location.

Remember, an attractive man ALWAYS takes the lead. Be it during the conversation or where you go next.

Don’t get me wrong. If she makes a date suggestion that you like or talks about a topic that interests you, let her continue with it.

Don’t be a stubborn donkey who compulsively tries to force her to his preferences 24/7.

Make your date a win-win.

Talk about things you both find interesting and go with her to places where you both feel comfortable.

This way, you ensure that you spend high-quality time.

Tip #5: The ultimate date location (the best Tinder date ideas)

As I just told you, after your greeting, you immediately start to go to your location.

What? You agreed to meet right where you want to spend your evening with each other?

Then let me explain why I avoid this on every date.

No matter what woman I date…

… on every first date, I make sure that we first meet at a place that’s about 10 minutes away from the main location.


Because a walk relaxes you both.

You also take direct control in this way, which, as I said, is an essential quality of a proactive, attractive man.

At first, I usually take my dates to a bar, a lounge or a café.

With the first location, you want to choose a place where you can feel comfortable —a place with good music and a pleasant atmosphere.

The bar that I mostly choose, for example, plays different music genres, is neither too dark nor too bright, has small and large sitting areas, but also sandbags in which one can comfortably lie down.

The visitors are mixed – from students to pensioners – a wide variety of guests come together. Everybody is welcome and that’s what’s great about this location.

After one or two drinks, you can change the place. You retake the lead and say something like:

“Hey, by the way, I know another bar where the cocktails taste incredible. It’s right around the corner. Let’s go there.”

Or wherever you want to go. Personally, I prefer cocktail bars near my four walls or challenge my dates to a round of bowling.

The huge advantage of changing locations is that you quickly get the feeling that you’ve known each other longer.

You probably know this effect even after a flight.

The day seems much longer if you were working neatly in a suit just a few hours ago and now you’re sipping one bucket of sangria after another in Lloret de Mar next.

By the way, if you’re looking for more original date ideas, check out this article:

>> Top 10 Creatively Unique Date Ideas To Make Her Say ‘I Love You’

Tip #6: The 3 golden date rules (my Tinder date etiquette revealed)

If you apply the previous tips, I’m 169% sure that your dates are already better than of the average dudes.

Now it’s time to show you how you not only stand out from 99% of all men on your dates.


But also, how you differ from every man and become a badass through simple tweaks.

Rule #1: NEVER sit across from her

Thanks to countless Hollywood tearjerkers, many people have anchored in their minds that they should sit across from their counterparts on a date.

And yes, it might make it easier for you to look each other in the eyes, but still, it’s probably the worst idea you can have.

Let me tell you why.

When you face her, you automatically create a more formal atmosphere.

It feels more like a job or an FBI interview.

As soon as you run out of things to say, you’re forced to look at your faces.

It couldn’t be more unpleasant.

That’s why I recommend that you do this:

Sit next to each other.

Just say something like, “Hey, you know what? I’ll sit next to you” like it’s not a big deal (which it really isn’t…)

For example, it’s much easier to include your surroundings as a topic of conversation.

You can play Freud and analyze groups together.

Guess who the “leader” is. Who’s having a secret affair with each other, or who actually hates each other?

You may also discover couples – fantasize about what they might think during their date, but aren’t daring to say.

(By the way, you can find more phenomenal first date tips on conversations in this article I wrote for you).

But the most important reason to sit next to each other is this one:

You can touch her much easier.

By the way, in this article, I show you how you can build up contact with her step by step and how you can identify the perfect moment for a kiss.

Rule #2: You’re her potential lover, not her gay best friend

Is it your tactic to be nice and kiss her ass until she’s into you?

To agree with everything that comes out of her mouth?

Congratulations, amigo.

I hereby guarantee that you’ll end up in the friendzone.

What? That’s not your goal?

Then open your ears and let me ask you a question:

What do you think which men do women prefer?

  • They prefer a man who can sprinkle sexual tension into his conversations
  • They prefer a man who can sprinkle sexual tension into his conversations
  • They prefer a man who can sprinkle sexual tension into his conversations

That’s right.

They prefer a man who can sprinkle sexual tension into his conversations.

… Wasn’t so hard, was it?

“Okay, Dan. But how the hell do I create any tension at all?”

Excellent question.

You succeed by teasing and challenging her from time to time.

She tells you that Blue is her favorite color?

Then respond with:

“Blue, seriously? It’s the most hideous color on the planet.”

She tells you she’s a city girl?

Tease her with:

Oh, no. Oh, you got to be kidding me. I think… I have to go now…” while you pretend to get up.


Write big behind your ears that you put a smile on your face every time you tease and challenge.

You don’t want to belittle her in any way and hurt her self-esteem.

Your statements should be playful and lighthearted.

Otherwise, you irritate her and give the impression that you’re just insulting her on a tour.

(By the way, you can find more great example sentences in this article I wrote for you).

So, make sure that you mix your teasing or challenging statements with positive remarks and above all, with this essential element…


Rule #3: Be vulnerable

Taking the lead, teasing her, challenging her, touching her… are all basic components for any first-class conversation.

But there is another element that’s absolutely NECESSARY if you’re pursuing the intention to inspire your lady for a long-term relationship (and not just a one-night-stand).


And I’m not saying you should be a milksop who starts crying the minute he cuts his finger on a piece of paper.

I’m talking about the vulnerability you need to build a deep connection with her.


Yeah, you can take a woman home for a night just by teasing and challenging her.

But if you are sincerely liking her, in most cases you’ll want to get to know her deeply and see her again.

A man who then doesn’t understand how he can make himself vulnerable has no chance of a second date.

If, on the other hand, you’re able to share…

  • Good childhood memories
  • Memorable experiences
  • Your dreams and visions
  • Your biggest passions

… with her, she can build an intense connection with you.

Then you’re a casanova with heart.

A man whom she wishes a “Good night ♥” every evening; and whom she wakes up every morning with a “How did you sleep?”

More eaaaasy implementable tips that will help you create an unshakable connection with her, you can find here (including example sentences you don’t want to miss).

Tip #7: How to fulfill the happy ending you dream of

Even the most delightful fairy tales come to an end <3333.

Maybe you’re even happy that your date’s over.

In any case, you’ve two ways to bless your rendezvous with a happy ending.

Neither of you are currently looking for a relationship, but still find each other attractive?

Then you probably want to try out all Kama Sutra positions with her.

“Coincidentally,” I’ve already written you an article about how to lead your date step-by-step into your bedroom.

You can find it here. <online soon

You see more in her than a one-night stand and prefer to take it easy?

Then I have a question for you:

Do you remember a date that you enjoyed so much that you lost all sense of time…?

…and you think it could have gone on like this forever – until:

“Hey, I’m sorry, I only have a few minutes left – I have to get up early tomorrow.”

BOOM… The rainbow bubble had burst.

After that, you probably couldn’t wait to see her again.

Sounds familiar?

Then, brochacho, I’ve got a tip for you.

What if you were the first of you to end the date at a climax of happiness?

I’ll tell you:

You create an intense urge in her to want to see you again.

She’ll dream at night about how fabulous your next date will be and longingly ask you when she can see you again.


Remember that you also release the tension between you and have sex with her. Otherwise, she’ll eventually lose interest in you.

As a rule, you should perform the magical act of human coitus with her between the first and the fifth date.

However, now is the time to try out the tips from this blog post in reality.

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