Tinder for Relationship Minded Men – 5 Things to Do Different

This article suffers from bipolar personality disorder.

One side of it will bless you with euphoria and give you insight into the magical doors that can be revealed to you through the internet.

The other one spits poison and will tell you the hard truth about whether these myth-enshrouded doors are accessible to YOU… Yes, even if the answer might disappoint you.

But, before you panic and imagine yourself dying alone as an eternal single, grab a piece of paper and sit up straight.

Your noble, incredibly competent, and impressively humble coach, Dan (yes, I’m actually writing about myself in the third person), will do everything possible to ensure that this potential tragedy doesn’t become your reality.

I’ll tell you:

  • The unfiltered truth: Can you really find THE girlfriend online (for example, via Tinder)?
  • What you can learn about seducing hot women from Versace
  • How to get and keep her attention easily (and what the Ghostbusters have to do with it)
  • How to find a GF online decoded: The golden mindset to find your girlfriend this year
  • Tinder for relationships: My most effective (and countlessly proven in practice) tips for unique online dating that will make her fall in love with you
  • And much more…

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Tinder for serious relationships: Is Tinder good for relationships?

The short answer?


The long answer?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeell YEAH!

Here’s the proof:

Oops, it’s the wrong one.

Sorry, bud’.

This is actually the success story:

(source: https://www.reddit.com/r/dating_advice/comments/a3ocnn/i_want_to_hear_some_tindersuccess_stories/)

So, it’s possible to find love online.

In fact, I’m going further. It’s not only possible; it’s likely.

For example, look at the figures of this study by PNAS from 2013.

According to surveys at that time, 30% of all marriages came from couples who met via online dating.

And I somehow can’t shake the feeling that the number of online daters could’ve risen rapidly since then…

According to another study by Stanford University, 39% of all American couples met through online dating in 2017.

So, the rumor that online dating apps à la Tinder and Bumble are only suitable for casual one-night stands should be outdated by now.

You might as well find your new flame with their help.

And, if that’s exactly your intention, then open your eyes wide now.

Because I will now metaphorically kidnap you and carry you into the depths of the online dating matrix to show you how to attract women who are girlfriend material— in 5 simple steps.

Let’s start with what women see first when they encounter you while swiping: your profile pictures.

Step #1: Awaken your inner Gianni Versace

To attract your potential Julia, you want to do exactly what Gianni Versace did when he started to market his brand (and how basically every leading luxury brand presents its goods).

No, that doesn’t mean that you should start selling overpriced shirts.

Let’s take a closer look at our Homey Gianni to understand what he did and what his company still does brilliantly.

The brand’s shops are often located on an expensive shopping street. The shops are built of highly polished marble, and in the showcases, you’ll find clothes that don’t even have a price tag attached.

His clothing is certainly not designed for everyone…

His customers not only have to have a lot of money but also a penchant for luxury and damn special taste.

So, he filters his clients.

The result?

People LOVE or HATE his brand.

Either they think he’s crazy and his pieces are snobbish, or they sympathize with him so much that they would even buy dog vests with his logo on them.

  • Gianni is a smart man.
  • Gianni is polarizing.
  • Gianni has millions of admirers who adore him.

Be like Gianni.

And profit from exactly the same effect when dating online.


By creating a polarizing profile in which you embody your intention.

Unless you’re looking to attract women who are afraid of serious relationships or are looking for a casual affair…

… focus on how you can get monogamous (or polygamy-welcoming) chica bonitas excited about you.


>> 5 Epic openers for online dating (Attract her right away).

For example, by not uploading photos where you come across like a fuccboi.

So save yourself…

  • Club photos showing you holding a bucket of sangria
  • Bathroom or gym selfies in which your goldfish toilet seat is visible and you’re posing like a redneck
  • Try-hard pictures of you showing off your fake Rolex collection

Instead, shift your focus to images that imply “boyfriend material”.

Take pictures of yourself where you…

  • Are seen with a pet
  • Are wearing a cozy Christmas sweater
  • Have a loving and sincerely happy smile on your face

Pro tip:

In every respect, you want a bulletproof profile with memorable text.

But how can you ever be completely sure that you meet all the criteria necessary to attract amazing women?

I’ll tell you.

By shamelessly putting the tips from this article into practice for outstanding profile pictures:

>> 7 Tinder Profile Tips to 10x Your Matches (Even if You’re Not Brad Pitt)

Next, we come to an underrated secret weapon and your new faithful wingman.

Step #2: The one text to rule them all to crystallize the chosen one

As you already know after tip #1, you’re NOT doing yourself any favors when you approach online dating (and your LIFE in general) with thoughts like “I want to please as many women as possible”.

Doing this, you may get a ton of matches, but only a few of them align with your actual intention.

Another essential way to filter out women who are right for you is…

… your profile text.

But how the hell can you filter women without coming across as a picky, nagging, stubborn mountain goat?

I’ll explain it to you…through a thought experiment.

Read the following words:

Sweating. Iron. Training. Dumbbell. Sore muscles.

Next, complete the following word:


Let me guess.

Even though there are different answer possibilities—like “gum”, “gap”, or “gem”—you chose gym.

How did I know that?

Because your English may be limited and the probability is high that you could only think of gym?


Because I’m a level 69 Zen monk who is enlightened and has the ability to read you like an X-Ray scanner from the Jamba! phone subscription?

No, not that either.

Because I’m a level 666 Zen monk.

Okay, but seriously, you thought of the word “gym”…

…because I “primed” you on it.

>> Signs of a Healthy Relationship: 11 Telling Questions.

With all my gobbledygook about training, weights, and sweating, I gave you almost no choice but to think about a gym.

Leading someone onto a thought path in order to elicit a specific answer or thought from them is called “priming”.

And you can use the same principle for your online dating profile text.

You’re looking for a GF.

Therefore, you probably want to attract women who appreciate romance, love, and intimate relationships.

Now you could come up with an idea and simply “decorate” your bio with words like “love”.

Maybe you write something like “I’m here looking for love, romance, and women with whom I can build an intimate relationship!”

And, yes, that would technically be priming for a relationship.

But you can’t just make her fall in love with you with words alone, especially not words that are that generic.

Even though words like “love” can arouse the right emotions in her, the word alone only triggers limited feelings.

That’s why you want to constrict your priming words to a text full of intense emotions.

Here is a bueno example:

His profile text starts off very bland until the twist, “F*ck it”, comes.

Then, he paints a picture with his lines.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone reading his profile, and you can already imagine how you could…

  • Build a fortress of pillows and blankets together
  • Hold hands
  • Travel the world together

In addition, his bio is loaded with atomic bombs full of emotions, which blow you in the direction of his actual intention…

A relationship.

So, if you want to prime your profile visitors for a relationship, think of all the images that go hand in hand with l’amour.

  • Long walks on the beach
  • Cosy dates at rooftop bars
  • Big hugs
  • Back massages
  • Sleepy Sundays in bed
  • Maybe even a trip to Paris, including drinks at the Champs-Élysées (if you like shit like that)

And if you don’t want to come across as a hopelessly romantic softie, add a touch of masculinity to your description.

Just like my buddy did.

Pro tip:

By the way, if you want more profile texts for inspiration or shameless copy-pasting (and profiting), click here:

>> 3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Online Dating Profile Text (+ 5 Examples)

Step #3: Send her an opener she can’t resist

No matter how phenomenal your Tinder profile is…

If you don’t get this step right, your chances of getting a girlfriend are frighteningly low.

Unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio.

In that case, you can apparently speak gibberish and still look at an inbox full of love letters.

But, if you haven’t just won the genetic lottery and you’re not by any chance a Hollywood star, then you should depend on my sweet advice.

Because without some pointers most guys seem to text in such a way that’s unattractive.

You can classify most men into two “tribes”, if you like:

  • The “I-have-no-idea-what-I-am-doing” tribe
  • The “slimeball” tribe

The men of the first tribe simply have NO idea what to text.

So – completely disoriented – they text trivial things, often about things that don’t even interest them (if they’re being honest with themselves).

Hey, how you doing?

Hi, where are you in this picture?

Hello, where are you from?

Well, what do you do for a living?

Hello, is that your budgie? How old is he????

None of these questions lead to fun conversations, love, or delighted reactions.


Because women have little choice but to respond to such generic questions with one word.

The lads of the “slimeball ” tribe, on the other hand, make another serious mistake.

Unlike tribe #1, they don’t seem super awkward; instead, they come across as damn needy.

To get the attention of their chosen ones, they text as if they were dog trainers.

For the unknowing: Dog trainers reward well-behaved dogs with treats.

Our “slimeball” tribe members do this by “feeding” their matches with compliments and emojis to try to get a “like” from their lady.

What’s a cutie like you doing this weekend? 😉

 Not much

Really? A beauty like you must have tons of options! 🤣


If you want, we can go out for drinks 😜

By the way, the look on your last picture is a straight A+ with an asterisk 😍

*Sprints to the toilet bowl*

Now that I’ve gotten rid of my lunch, let’s finally move on to good conversation starters.

The rule of thumb that conjures a bueno start for every chat?

Be authentic and interesting.

Yep, I know that sounds super vague.

Which is why I’m leaving you a little present.

In this article, I not only tell you how you can create formidable first messages at any time…

… but also give you 16 practice-proven texts from which you can profit directly:

>> 16 Best Tinder Texts from Fieldtesting Women Just Can’t Resist

No big deal.

Step #4: “Ghostbusters!”

After this tip, your matches will stop ghosting (=stop texting you abruptly) you.

Because, after reading this paragraph, you’re going to be a ghostbuster.

(Best joke ever made.)

I’m now going to show you how to write your own entertaining nonsense.

The kind of nonsense that keeps your flame(s) interested and inspires her to want to see you.

Maybe you think you’re not creative enough.

But this is nothing more than an illusion.


Because I have a source of never-ending inspiration for you.

And as soon as you come into contact with it, your creativity will sprout from your synapses (and occasionally from your buttocks).

The legendary source is named…

Average Andy.

Andy’s just an ordinary guy.

He never says anything odd or acts “weirdly”.

Once you get to know him (which doesn’t take long), you’ll be able to predict every one of his moves.

While this makes him seem reliable, it also makes him super boring.

How can Andy help you now?

Well, if you want to add more spice to your conversations, you want to do the opposite of him.

Once you find the predictable, do the unforeseeable.

Let’s do an exercise to make this point:

Imagine you’re sloshing around and suddenly you meet this lady.

What would you text based on this picture?

Yes, I’m aware that this is about how you keep the conversation going in an attractive yet natural way, but the principle behind it is the same.

>> The Six Ingredients of Deep Connection with a Woman.

Ask yourself:

“What would Average Andy text?”

He would probably write something about how beautiful she is.

So, your only rule here would be: Don’t write anything dull about her appearance.

Dozens of unsuspecting men are probably already doing this every day.

Can you think of anything?

Here’s some inspiration.

I don’t want to put you in a state of anxiety

But where I come from, plastic straws are illegal.

The FBI is probably on their way to you right now. Come with me if you don’t want to become guantanmo’d

Et voilà.

Are these messages quite polarizing? Hell yeah.

But, if you already have a polarizing profile in the first place, by expressing your humor, your matches know what they’re getting into 99.69% of the time.

What do you do for a living?

I keep criminals out of prison.

Yep, I’m a passionate lawyer. 😉

As easy as that.

You want more inspiration?

Then grab your free Texting Masterclass right here.

Including 10+ copy-paste lines to keep the flirtyness in your chats boiling.

I’m looking for a girlfriend! Step #5: Take responsibility like a masafaka

If there’s only one thing you should remember about this article, it would be the content of this inspirational quote:

Nah, wait, that was the wrong…


That’s better.

Without a long-term plan, your search for a girlfriend will take forever.

On the other hand, if you have a strategy AND act proactively on it, the timeline will be shortened to a few months or even weeks.

I know which way I would prefer to walk in your shoes…

Part of your strategy will come true as soon as you apply the steps in this article:

Encounter a potential girlfriend online.

Now you want to pave a way to make her become your Bonnie.

And how do you manage that?

Well, by taking her on a first-class date.

Not only to find out if you’re a good match but also to spend a phenomenal time together – so that she wants to see you again.

How to continue paving the road to a relationship

However, this wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t show you exactly how to do it.

In this article, I use screenshots to show you how you can easily get women interested in a date via chat and how you can make your Tinder dates a glorious success in the future.

I use some of my lines you can find in my free Transformation Kit, which you can get right here.

The article can be found here:

>> 7 must-have tips for a unique Tinder date

May the dating gods be good to you and bless you with a wonderful chicariñha!

*Epic brofist*

Dan de Ram

Stop awkward conversations
and painful rejections

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