13 Tinder Hacks for Guys: Shortcuts to More Cuties [2020-Proof]

tinder hacks for guys

You’re looking for the most effective Tinder tips and tricks?

The smartest ways to get more likes, matches and dates?

Then I got great news for you today, bro.

Because that’s exactly what you’re going to get here today.

I’m going to show you:

  • 13 Tinder cheats and hacks that make you a Tinder demigod
  • Why Tinder keeps a rap sheet on you and how it keeps you away from matches with beautiful ladies
  • The #1 tip to double the number of matches from a Tinder boost
  • How you use GIFs for Tinder to make her your soulmate
  • Tinder secrets: How to make your music taste your wingman for more matches and messages
  • And many more Tinder dating hacks…

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Hack #1: Perform a Tinder rebirth

On Tinder, you can do what most people only dream about.

How often have you fantasized about starting your life “from scratch”?

Now that you’ve gained countless life experiences, you know what helps you and which mistakes you should rather avoid.

You understand the game better.

And now imagine… on Tinder, you can do just that:

You can present yourself the way you always wanted to be perceived.

You already have a Tinder profile – but get far too few (or NO matches at all)?

No problem.

Then delete your account via “Settings” and uninstall Tinder.

Boom. Now you can start over.

If you’re still wondering why you should delete Tinder:

The app is damn clever and has an algorithm that remembers every single action you ever did under your account.

You’ve swiped hundreds of women to the right and signalized Tinder you’ve no standards?

Tinder knows it and is likely to punish you for it by rarely showing up hot women and getting much less attractive suggestions in the match game.

Beat the tinder system, reset the tinder for your own need, the in-depth details for you,

>>Guide to Reset Tinder: Hack the Algorithm for More Likes, Matches & Dates.

But don’t panic.

In the further course of this article, I’ll show you exactly which swiping behavior will make you achieve the exact opposite so that you get more matches with spicy señoritas.

Just for now, remember that Tinder has some kind of rap sheet on you.

And chances are that not only minor speeding and public intoxication were recorded about you…

… but also, violent robbery in connection with homicide.

And that’s no good to Tinder.

Reinstall the app on your smartphone and create a new profile – without any entries in your criminal record.

Hack #2: Form a powerful alliance with Instagram

5 reasons why you should connect your Instagram account to your Tinder:

  • Tinder will credit your account with additional ELO-points (more about this in a moment). The dating app loves complete profiles.
  • The link will display your recent Instagram images on your Tinder profile – without the need to upload them.
  • You’ll immediately become a “real” person.
  • She can snoop around your life like an FBI agent. Women love to find out information about you when they find you interesting.
  • Your linking makes it easy to follow her on Instagram. And once she follows you, you can make her even more curious about you with your “stories.”

Muchos gracias, Instagram.

You may be astonished to know you can actively date on Instagram. Wanna know-how,

>> Instagram Dating for Guys: 5 tips to hack the dating game.

Hack #3: Get your second wingman on board, Spotify

A badass profile is essential if you want matches with beautiful, female Homo sapiens.

That shouldn’t be a secret to you anymore. (At the latest after you’ve read this article).

And for that, I give you an underrated hack:

Connect your Spotify account to your Tinder profile.

I repeat: Tinder loves profiles with lots of information and rewards them.


By having the app “behind the scenes” add so-called “ELO points” when you do attractive things (such as linking your Instagram and Spotify account to your Tinder profile).

If you’re not yet aware of what “ELO” actually means, then pop your eyes wide open now:

Every Tinder account has an ELO score. An invisible score that determines whether you’re shown to more attractive popular women…

…or pimply descendants of Shrek.

And you’re probably less into the latter…

Another bonus of the Spotify “Tinder cheat”: It rarely happens, but every now and then, a lady texts you because of your Spotify song.

This is the song that you can add to your profile as your favorite song.

I’ll tell you more about it now.

Hack #4: Maintain your feed

This is an effective Tinder hack for guys that almost no one uses intentionally.

When you add a new picture to your profile, all your matches will get a notification about it.


In their feed.

The feed shows them not only new photos that you add but also new favorite songs that you select and changes to your profile description/bio.

Pro tip:

Change your favorite song, bio and pictures once in a while. This way, you can promote your Tinder profile for free.

The downside?

Not many people regularly check their feed, which you can find next to the news tab.

For example, Here, you see a lady who has changed her profile text.

You can’t see what description she had before, but her new bio is shown in bold on her profile picture.

Look at what happened recently when I chose a new favorite song:

One of my matches saw this in her feed and used the reaction feature to get my attention.

I hadn’t started the conversation before, but now she did. Convenient.

As I just explained I had matched with her before… but I hadn’t sent her a message yet.

This is not very wise, because Tinder rewards active accounts – people who send messages to their matches.

In hack #1, I already showed you how to reset your rap sheet on Tinder.

Because especially if you swipe over-enthusiastically, there’s a risk that Tinder will punish you mercilessly for it.

Now you’ll learn how you can even be rewarded by Tinder through targeted swiping.

>> 3 Tinder Tips for Better Conversations & More Dates [11 Examples].

Hack #5: How popular men swipe

No popular man offers his magnificent phallus to every woman who walks by.

That’s why from now on, you won’t swipe every woman to the right.

Otherwise, you signalize Tinder the following:

  • “I want to do it with everybody! Even if she only posted a profile picture of a donkey…”
  • “A woman who never gets hit up? Leave her to me!”
  • “An unpopular chica with no matches? I’d like to meet her!”
  • “A woman with a low ELO score? Yes, so to speak, is at the bottom of the social hierarchy? Holy sh*t!! I would like nothing better than to mark her with a big “like”!”

If you show Tinder that you don’t care who the app suggests…

…Tinder won’t present you to popular women in the match game anymore.

And rightly so. Why would Tinder show hot women a man who has no standards?

I mean, would you take a buddy out to a five-star restaurant if you knew he didn’t give a f!ck about quality and you might as well buy him a Happy Meal?

Or would you invite him for a cheeseburger meal and take another bro to the 5-star restaurant instead – one that appreciates quality?

It’s good that we agree on this.

>> Best Way to Start a Tinder Conversation if You Want More Dates.

More ELO facts:

Hack #6: Tinder advice for your ELO

A man who blindly swipes every woman to the right shows Tinder no attractive behavior.

You know what else Tinder finds f*cking unattractive?

Men who wait forever before sending their first text to a match.

The reason for this is the following:

Tinder wants to keep its users happy. Otherwise, the company loses tons of customers.

The satisfaction of female users is especially important.

Where there are many happy, beautiful women, many men follow.

Which is why…

  • Big clubs book hot dancers.
  • Women, unlike men, often don’t have to pay an entrance fee to get into strip clubs
  • Instagram models regularly receive emails and Instagram messages with offers (such as festival tickets or invitations to international club openings)

So, burn in your brain:

Tinder punishes men who wait too long to hit up matches or respond to messages.

Of course, you don’t always have to respond at the speed of light (which, by the way, seems needy and unattractive to women anyway) …

… but don’t leave her messages unanswered for days.

What else does the app penalize?

Certain language usage is also penalized. This refers to language patterns that are mainly used by unpopular men (I’ll show you what such unattractive messages can be in a moment).

But there’s more:

The quality of your profile pictures.

Make sure that you use high-quality pictures taken with a good (smartphone) camera. Don’t take dull pictures where you’re drunk and squint at the lens.

Here is a full article describing the full ELO of tinder,

>> Tinder ELO Score: How It Really Works + How to Hack for More Matches.

Hack #7: Take the highway to deep connection

If you didn’t know that common interests are a highway to an intense bond between you and a lady

… then you either can’t read properly OR are new to this site (at this point: Welcome, bro!).

Imagine these two scenarios:

  1. You meet a friend of a friend and you get involved in a conversation. Suddenly you discover that he shares the same passion for the same – rather unknown – series as you do. BAM!
  2. You swipe on Tinder and find something in the picture of a woman you’re interested in. An object, an animal, a hobby… Three guesses whether the conversation will be bueno or quickly burn out.

>> Tinder for Relationship Minded Men – 5 Things to Do Different.

But wait a minute.

What if we could hack the second scenario?

Give it a boost…

Watch it.

Have you ever noticed that some women have additional information at the bottom of their profile?

Things they like on Facebook that you also marked with a “like”?

I often see “9GAG” as a common Facebook like.

It’s one of the stupid pages I liked half a century ago.

“9GAG” is not the best “common interest” to build a deep connection.

It’s just a meme page.

Other sites are more suitable.

You’re looking for intelligent women? Maybe something nerdy?

Then open Facebook and mark pages like “TED,” “I Freaking Love Science,” or “Science INSIDER” with a “like.”

Do you prefer ladies who are passionate about art? Then like pages like “Vincent van Gogh,” “Pablo Picasso Art,” “Classical Art Memes” or whatever kind of art you’re into.

Above all, add pages to your interests, for whose topic you have a passion.

Tinder shows you when a chica likes the same Facebook page as you do.

Hack #8: Profit from the “Tinder Boost” like a boss

Do you use Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold?

Then a free boost is available to you every month.

(Insider fact: Even if you don’t have a Plus or Gold subscription, you can buy boosts separately).

Do you wonder what Tinder Boosts are?

A Boost puts you at the top of the match game for 30 minutes. Women who open Tinder and start swiping will quickly come across your profile during this time.

The result?

Your chances for matches increase immensely.

According to the company’s (Tinder) statements, you’ll be shown to women – during the boost – up to 10 times more often.

A damn useful thing.

However, this wouldn’t be a Tinder hacks for guys article if we didn’t delve a little deeper into the matrix of boosts.

With the help of scientific studies, I’ve discovered the following:

This red graph shows that most users are online between 09:00 and 10:00 pm.

So, this seems to be the perfect time to activate your Tinder Boost.

But wait…

Now look at this graphic:

It shows you at what time Tinder users are online the longest.

That also seems to be between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.

Is this the confirmation we needed for the first graphic?

So, is it really most efficient to boost from 9:00 pm on?

I still have my doubts because, as you can easily see, the red graph goes down dramatically from 10:00 pm on.

If you get a lot of fresh matches, but they go to sleep a few moments later…

…you can’t have real conversations that day.

Here is an article that goes deep into the tips and tricks about tinder boosts,

>> Tinder Boost – What It Is And How To Smartly Boost Your Results.

So, there’s still a piece of the puzzle missing to find out the final answer for the best boost time…

This diagram:

In a study by Dr. Gareth Tyson, it’s shown that

While most Tinder users are active at 9:00 p.m…

… they seem to use that time to chat, while they’re most active in the match game between 06:00 and 07:00 pm

Starting at 09:00 pm the number of matches crashes more rapidly than the Titanic…

After experimenting with different boost times, I can tell you

06:30 pm is a hell of a time to use a boost.

You missed 6:30? Then use it at 08:50 pm.

At this time, Tinder users are particularly keen to swipe.

Tinder-boost trick = check!

Hack #9: Like + Undo + Superlike = Profit

How you do that Tinder dating hack is pretty simple.

Every time you see a profile that you would superlike, don’t do it.

And instead, do this:

  1. Give the lady an ordinary “like” and see if she makes a match.
  2. You don’t make a match? Then touch the yellow “Undo” button.
  3. Mark your chosen one with a “superlike” – this way, you’ll more likely be shown up to her. Since you haven’t made a match yet, there’s a chance that she hasn’t seen your profile yet. With a superlike, you’ll more likely pop up in her a match game.

(By the way, you can only activate the “undo” button if you have a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription.)

Make that hack a habit of yours. That way, you’ll save yourself from unnecessarily given superlikes.

Because if a woman has already liked you and you marked her with a superlike, two things happen:

  1. You’re wasting a superlike: Since she marked you with alike as well, a normal right swipe is enough to get a match.
  2. You start off with an unnecessary backlog. With a superlike, you signal that you find her damn interesting, whereas a common like is a lower investment: You only find her appealing.

With the like-undo-superlike combination, you prevent this.

Struggling with like issues? Then this article is for you,

>> No Likes On Tinder – No More: 11 Ways To Beat The ‘Competition’.

You’re welcome. <3

Hack #10: GIFs for Tinder that arouse her

If you tap on one of your matches and touch the lower blue “GIF” button, the most popular GIFs will be suggested.

The best thing for you to do is to avoid these suggestions at all costs.

Because every lazy motherf*cker chooses them.

And if there’s one thing that turns women off, it’s…


I experienced it partly on my own body.

A lady sent me the same GIF that another woman sent me 20 minutes ago – and I can’t help but automatically find her message less creative.

Remember regardless of whether it’s about GIFs or conversations:

Nobody wants to have a (further) generic, superficial conversation.

Okay, bro, practice time.

You play the match game on Tinder and bump into that cute señorita:

This woman had four pictures on her profile.

On two of them, she was seen with a doggo.

A perfect “point of attack.”


It doesn’t take a genius with a perfect grasp of dogs to do this.

All you have to do is send a smartly selected GIF.

A GIF that’s in some way related to her passion.


All I had to do here is send a GIF with a dude eating together with his dog (who’s a Golden Retriever as well, by the way) – a GIF that she can’t possibly not like.

“Let her talk about her passion and sit back while she finds you more sympathetic with each passing minute.”
- Tinky Winky, The Teletubbies

So next time you send a GIF, remember to use it smartly.

Check out this article on tinder,

>> 16 Tinder Puns that Lead to Dates.

And this brings us directly to the next underestimated GIF trick:

Hack #11: Do the GIF-Salt bae

One of the major weaknesses of Tinder-texting is that essential parts of the communication are lost.

There’s no body language, no facial expressions, no touches, no scents, no sounds and so on.

This is one of the reasons why images are so immensely powerful.

With them, you can avoid some limitations in writing.

It’s like a phone call where you both hear each other.

An effective way to give your conversations a nice big dose of liveliness are GIFs.

In the previous trick, I already showed you how to send more personalized GIFs.

But now I’ll tell you how to make your answers more intense with precisely speckled GIFs.

Me, how I sprinkle my GIFs perfectly timed into the conversation.

Words I often type into the GIF search bar are:

  • arrogant
  • smirk
  • teasing
  • flirty
  • try-hard
  • shy
  • disappointed
  • critical
  • leading
  • disgusted
  • … and there are at least 5 billion other great words / word combinations

But these are ten, which I frequently use in practice, and from which I benefit from every day.

Another handy tinder hack is the following:

Before you respond to a text, ask yourself WHAT emotion you want to bring across.

Type the emotion in the search bar and send the GIF.

Yeah, I know you want another example, you rascal.


Exceptionally… because so far, I liked the way you read this article carefully.

In this example, my match tells me that if I would ever visit Buenos Aires, she would love to be my personal tour guide.

So I tell her in form of a GIF I found with the word combination “Let’s do this” that we should go for that and that I’m ready.

And as you can easily tell from her reaction, my wise GIF choice paid off.

>> 13 Tinder Hacks for Guys: Shortcuts to More Cuties [2020-Proof].

Hack #12: The most masculine text you can ever send

If you would swipe on my smartphone (pls do not) …

…you could snoop around my Tinder account.

What you would realize then is that I ask very few questions in my conversations.

Especially super rarely closed questions.

Too many closed questions can quickly be a punch in your own cojones.

Because the options to respond to such a question are damn limited (Yes. No. Maybe.)

Nevertheless, carefully chosen open questions can be enormously powerful.

For this purpose, I’ve already put together an article with the best Tinder questions for you to use in your conversations.

But what makes your conversations even more interesting are…

Questions you turned into statements.

You wonder why statements are so effective?

  • You don’t ask for anything, you just SHARE (even if you don’t get a response, you don’t seem weaker – after all, you don’t need an answer).
  • You make your lady curious about how you came up with your statement.
  • You can tease her surprisingly easily with statements.

Let’s say you want to find out what she’s studying.

You can either ask a question that she has heard at least 169 times;

What are you studying?

Or transform this deadly boring question into a statement that triggers emotions in her:

You seem like a creative woman who is enthusiastic about abstract art and brushes wildly on canvases in her spare time. My guess is you’re an art student.

This way, you still find out what she actually does and at the same time, make her wonder how you came to that conclusion.

Is your statement correct?

Then not only will she be surprised that you’re right. She’ll want to know how you recognized it and most likely add juicy details to your statement.

Is your statement false?

Then she still wants to find out why you think what you thought and will correct you.

In either case, you’ll find out what kind of woman you’ve in front of you.

You also stand out from the Average Andy who usually bombards her with the uncreative, dull and deadly boring questions.

And that grants you some real attractiveness points from her side.

Hack #13: Apply these Tinder tips and tricks TODAY

Listen, bro.

All these Tinder hacks are of no use to you if you’re NOT open-minded and use them PROACTIVELY.

You can look at other Tinder articles on my blog forever.

However, if you don’t use a single tip and exclude it from the outset, you shouldn’t be surprised…

…if your love life is NOT progressing at all.

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