Tinder: This is How it Works to Become a Tinder Demigod in 6 Steps

At the speed of light, Tinder became the undisputed king of dating apps after its launch.

And in a moment, you’ll understand why.

Because today you get the ultimate step-by-step guide about…

how Tinder works.

  • 6 Steps to go from a masturbating Tinder baby to a dating Tinder boss
  • Why you need to install Tinder RIGHT NOW to have a shot at love
  • In-detailed explanation of all Tinder functions (also premium features)
  • Online dating pro tips only the best Tinder guys know of
  • Tinder profile and bio tips for golden matches
  • Much more how Tinder works

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And by the end of this article, you’ll know Tinder better than your bedroom.

And if you apply the tips from this article, your matches will soon know their way around there as well.

Let’s go!

What is Tinder? THIS is what you miss if you don’t use Tinder

If you don’t live on Mars and do some research, you’ll quickly find out that it has NEVER been so easy to meet so many women as it’s today.

In the digital age, even Brian – from Mom’s basement – can meet gamer girls through Tinder and arrange to have tentacle sex with them in an online Hentai game.

The only men not on Tinder these days are either…

  • Happily in a relationship or marriage
  • Too poor for a smartphone
  • Or: Eternal naysayers and naggers who claim that Tinder doesn’t work


To those who are happily in a relationship, I continue to wish all the best for their relationship. Those who are too poor for a smartphone can go to the nearest library and focus on the browser version of Tinder, and those who claim that you can’t meet women through dating apps…

… well, they should be aware that their word is against all statistical data.

With an average of 1,000,000 dates per week worldwide, I’m sure that one or the other señorita will be there for you.

The graph below shows you how Tinder beats other dating apps effortlessly regarding app usage.

With a market share of 25.6% in 2016, Tinder earned the crown.

Since 2016, the app has gotten even easier to use; it is now more comprehensive, and more popular.

According to the company’s own study, there have been 30 billion matches on Tinder so far.

“But how many people use Tinder?”  

According to BusinessofApps calculations, around 57 million people are currently registered to the app, which is quite remarkable.

“But Dan, my aunt Ursula also hangs out on dating platforms, and she’s not exactly the kind of girl I want to date. I’m not sure if I should use Tinder…”

Don’t panic, amigo.

On Tinder, you might run into your aunt, but then you just swipe her to the left (you’ll learn more about “swiping” in a moment), and that’s it.

Also, if you’re looking for young señoritas, Tinder is the right dating app for you.

45% of users are between 25 and 34 years old. And if you’re a real Sherlock, you probably also realize that 38% are between 16 and 24.

In total, 83% of women are in the prime of their lives.

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How to Tinder – 6 simple steps to become a Tinder demigod

I feel it, I hear it, I smell it.

Do you want to dive into the deepest teachings of Tinder science to make the app your b!tch?

Now, I’ll show you how to install Tinder correctly and adapt it to your needs.

Step #1: Download Tinder

Let’s start with a no-brainer. If you want to use Tinder, you need to download the app first.

Do you own an iPhone? Then head to the “Apple Store.”

Do you have an android smartphone? Then smash the “Play Store” app.

Next, type “Tinder” in the search bar.

The first app suggested to you should be it.

While I have the option “OPEN,” a thick “INSTALL” should appear on your screen if you haven’t yet downloaded the app.

Click on it – et voilà – in a few seconds, you have the key on your mobile phone to open a gate to millions of attractive women.

As soon as you see the icon on your home screen, tap it, because now is the time to register.

As with almost every app these days, you have the option of logging in via Facebook, so that “the Z U C C” can also get to know your taste in women. (1)


With this option, by the way, you don’t have to worry about Tinder publishing your sexting conversations on your Facebook profile.

What happens on Tinder stays on Tinder.

What? You’re afraid the Illuminati will sell your data to the Kazakh government? Then create a fake Facebook profile and link it to your Tinder account.

OR… use your phone number. You’ll receive an SMS with an activation code, which you can use to log in comfortably. (2)

Here you see the two login options.

Step #2: Set up your profile (How to make a Tinder account)

Once you’ve chosen in the options whether you like women or dudes and typed in your name and age, it’s time to do one essential thing…

You need to create a high-quality profile.

Tinder studies states that one thing 80% of men fail at is that they make themselves unattractive through third-class pictures and run-off-the-mill profile descriptions and compete for 22% of the platform’s most unattractive women.

What about the other 78% of women?

They’re only interested in the 20% of men (and the trend is decreasing) who present themselves attractively.

The morale of the story: Present yourself from your most attractive side if you don’t want to match with the brutes of darkness (if you’re lucky).

How do you manage that?


  1. Selecting high-quality profile pictures
  2. Using an original profile text


You can edit your pictures and profile description by tapping on the grey pen icon.

After the click, you can upload your best pictures and write your profile text.

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Step #3: Internalize all Tinder functions (How does Tinder work?)

As you swim through the Tinder sea, you’ll notice that there are dozens of icons you can tap.

Now I’ll explain what they mean.

This picture shows a female Tinder-sapiens in her wild ecosystem. She is currently performing her mating dance by stroking through her hair.

1.) Not the most spectacular button, but the most important. Here you can view your profile and review it because a good profile is essential for your success on Tinder.

2.) With this button, you open the match game. As soon as you tap it, chicariñhas from nearby will be displayed.

3.) The speech bubble leads you to conversations with your matches. If a red dot appears next to the bubble, you have unread messages.

4.) Tap on the left side of a woman’s picture to view her previous photo.

5.) Tap on the right side of a woman’s picture to view her next picture. You can see how many pictures she has uploaded by the white stripe in her picture box’s upper left corner.

6.) By tapping the white circle with an “i” in it, you get to the profile of the respective woman displayed. There you can view her profile, her profile text, her Facebook friends (if you’ve registered with Tinder via Facebook), her recent Instagram pictures (if she has connected her Tinder profile to her Instagram account), and her favorite song.

7.) With the yellow arrow, you can display your last swiped profile. This feature is especially useful if you have hasty fingers. It allows you to swipe an accidentally disliked/ liked woman back in the right direction.


This function is only available if you have a “Tinder Plus” or “Tinder Gold” subscription (I’ll show you exactly what these subscriptions are about later).

Pro tip:

If you’re playing with the idea of super liking a woman, I recommend you first liking her with an ordinary right swipe.

If there’s no match after your like, use the “Undo” function to mark her with a Super like.

This way, you make sure that you’re more likely to be shown to her and don’t waste Superlikes on women who have already marked you with a like anyway.

8.) The red “X” of rejection. If a profile doesn’t appeal to you, you can mark it with a thick “NOPE” by clicking this button.

9.) The Super like button. If you mark a profile with a Super like, you increase your chances of being displayed to this chica considerably. While free accounts only have one Super like per day, paying customers can give away up to five Superlikes per day.

10.) By tapping the green heart, you mark a lady with a “like.” If she has also marked you with one, you’ll have a match and can chat.

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11.) The purple lightning activates a “Boost” that brings your profile further up in the pile of men displayed to women from your area.


Boosts are only available against payment.

Step #4: Choose the correct Tinder settings

Do you have a thing for 20-year-olds, and you’re not into granny sex?

Then let Tinder know through your “settings.”

In addition to the distance limit, which you can use to determine the distance up to which women should be displayed to you, you can select your preferred age group.

Do you have a fetish for GILFS? Then simply drag the right circle to “55+”.

By the way, if you aren’t averse to men, you can add “men” to your sexual orientation under “gender” and add them to your pool…

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Step #5: “Swipe Massacre”

Okay, now that you’ve seen all the Tinder features and know-how to create an epic Tinder profile, it’s…

*Perfectly timed drum roll*

Swipe time!

Now it’s time to pick the women you find Muy Bueno.

My eyes should first see this snapshot of two dogs. Because I neither have a sexual inclination for Chihuahuas nor can I identify a woman on this snapshot, I swipe this profile to the left. “I’m not interested.”

As you can see in this screenshot, a stamp with a red “NOPE” appears as soon as you decide against a woman.

The next lady that’s shown to me is climbing around like a bonobo on a broken palm tree. I like her feminine vibe. I’m swiping her to the right.

As you can easily see, Tinder marks women you like with a “LIKE” stamp.

After you swiped her to the right, there’s a chance that a “match” will occur.

This is what happens when your chosen one also likes you.


You swiped to the right, but no match occurred?

I see… There are two plausible explanations for this:

  1. She didn’t find your profile attractive enough and swiped you to the left.
  2. Your profile hasn’t yet been shown to her, and she’ll only be able to make her decision later.

If the former happens to you often and you don’t get any matches…

… I recommend you to internalize the articles linked above about how to create a badass Tinder profile.

Because when you get your profile under control, even this happens to you regularly:

You’ll see women whose profiles are highlighted in blue and have a blue star next to their names.

Spoiler: By the way, the fact that she’s marked with a blue star doesn’t mean she’s a Smurf.


These are women who have given you a Super like.

“Superli- what?!”

Watch it.

With a free Tinder account, once a day, you can add a star to a profile you particularly like.

You can get rid of your Super like by swiping one profile up or tapping on the blue star icon.

This increases your chance of being displayed to her.

On the other hand, if you see a blue flashing profile, you can be sure you’ll get a match if you wipe right.

After all, this lady gave you a Super like.

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Step #6: Have phenomenal Tinder conversations that lead to dates

If that screenshot hits you in the face, congratulations.

You have a match.

Now you’ve got two options on how to deal with this:


If you choose option #1, a chat window will pop up, and you can send an interesting message to your match.

“That’s all well and good, Dan. But what the f*ck should I text her?”

Don’t panic, bro.

Before you hyperventilate, take a look at this article I wrote for you:

>> 16 Best Field-tested Tinder Openers Women Just Can’t Resist

Maybe you already think one step ahead and are afraid that you’ll scare them away with a dull conversation…

If that’s your concern, then I’ve excellent news for you:

I’ve already written to you two plausible step-by-step guides:

  1. How to have unforgettable conversations with women
  2. How to get your matches excited for a date

Read them carefully if you’ve a trouble with your Tinder conversations.

And if you want to use some of my best Tinder texts, then have a look at my free Texting Toolkit

Tinder Plus & Tinder Gold

Although this clip is aimed at female users, it shows you the main benefits you’ll get with a Tinder Plus subscription.

To summarize them again for you, I’ve got an overview for you here:

“Comprendre. What’s so special about Tinder Gold?”

Excellent question, amigo.

Compared to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold gives you interesting features:

You can see how many likes you’ve got on Tinder and from which women you got them.

By clicking on the golden frame (which is hidden in the free version of Tinder and Tinder Plus), you’ll get an overview of all the women who liked you (and can view their Tinder profiles).

If you see a woman you haven’t seen in the match game yet and you like her, you can mark her with a like – and lo and behold: You get a match and can text her.

Especially if you have a great profile, this feature is handy. You no longer need to swipe and can simply choose from your pool of women who like you.

“How can I make Tinder work for me?” The fastest way to the summit of Tinder Olympus

Alright, bro.

Now you know exactly how Tinder works.

You’re like a baby bird kicked out of its nest for the first time to fly off into the wide world.

I wish you all the best.

However, last but not least, I have a gift for you.

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I will see you on the other side.


Dan de Ram

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