Tinder Pick Up Lines – 35 Tested Examples Get You Replies

Do you want some opening lines that are guaranteed to work?


I’m about to give you 35 opening lines for Tinder that will make every woman respond to you in no time.

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I’ve tested these as a dating coach and put them all in here for you. I’ve also added some tips to help you convert your conversation into a date.

Let’s go.

The best Tinder pick-up lines (list)

At the end of this article, I’ll explain what you should do after you’ve successfully used one of these lines.

Pick-up lines that are guaranteed to work

  • I don’t usually throw around compliments, but you have excellent taste in men.
  • Holy shit you’re close. Wait, I’ll hang out the window and yodel you a song. Can you hear me?
  • Alright, I got to know. If you’ve had a bad day, what do you do? Take an aspirin, a shot of tequila, or complain about it?
  • Aight, which movie or series title describes your love life the best? Mine is A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • Super important question, Sarah. What is your favorite video game?
  • OMG wow! Not sure you remember? (When she replies send her a random interesting fact that you can easily discuss further. For example, you lose up to 30 percent of your taste buds during a flight.)
  • Hey Sarah, do you know what’s interesting about your photos?
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but your pictures give off this mixed vibe of ‘IDGAF’ & ‘I sometimes need a moment of space from everyone’.
  • If I were a T-Rex I would be crying. I wouldn’t be able to resist you and would accidentally eat you.
  • Do you want a cheesy pick-up line? Or should I just introduce myself? (If she says yes to the pick-up line send this “If you stood in the mirror with 11 roses, you would be the prettiest dozen things on earth”.)
  • What do you think is the best invention in the world?
  • What’s the first CD you ever bought? (Obviously only ask this if she’s 30+)
  • What 90’s song describes you the best?
  • P&J or Nutella?
  • Imagine you have 3 days off, what do you do? Go free and wild in nature, go chill at the beach, or stay in bed till lunch?
  • Brownies or cheesecake?
  • If you had to be stuck in an elevator with a celebrity of your choice for an hour, what celebrity would you choose?
  • I just checked out your pictures and I can’t seem to read you. You’re either an innocent angel or a cute devil.
  • Are you gonna be my new favorite (her name)??!
  • Describe your Tinder experience in one GIF. I’ll send you one after. (I usually send one with ‘wine’)
  • Sarah, I’m sorry to tell you this. I want a divorce.
  • Visualize this, you are getting a portrait painted. What background do you choose? I would like mine to be a group of fat flying babies in Baroque style.

Even more fun Tinder pick-up lines

Try to match your pick-up lines with her profile.

The more personal it feels to her, the more likely you’ll get a positive response. And that will automatically boost your connection from the start.

If she likes to dance

You and I. Dance off!

*Add a cool ‘dance’ GIF*

If all her pictures are from different rooms in the house

I think it’s cool how you got a picture of every room in your house. But now I’m a bit confused if you’re looking for romance or a buyer for your home.

If she uses black & white pictures

In the (describe the picture) you look like a femme fatale in a noir film from the 50s.

If most of her pictures are professional 

I like the (describe the casual photo) the most. Feels more authentic, chill, and shows who you really are.

If she poses with an animal

Wow, you look so cute! And your human isn’t bad either 😉

If there are flowers in the background

So nice of you to bring flowers for our matchiversary.

If she has an interesting facial expression in one of her photos

I make that same face when I realize I left the oven on at home.

Adjust the sentence based on her outfit

I really wanted to meet you. But then my horoscope told me that a woman in a blue dress (change the outfit based on her profile) would get me into trouble.

When she cut out her friends from her photos

Very sneaky of you Sarah. Does your friend know you cut her out of the picture so you could match with cute boys on Tinder?

If she has a cool print on her top

Love the print on your top! Reminds me of the sheets I had as a kid <3

If she has a picture with a crowd of people behind her

Wow, respect. You photobomb all those people AND you even have the balls to ask them for a copy of the photo.

She’s a tourist and has a picture in a gigantic wooden shoe (works primarily for dutchies)

Do you know what they say about women with big feet?

If she does a lot of exciting and sporty stuff

Sarah, you look like the female version of James Bond with all your active pictures. I’ve always wanted to be a Bond girl.

The treasure hunt for the perfect Tinder opening line

You might not believe this but a lot of grown-up men still believe in fairytales. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But in this case, it’s ruining their love lives.

Because these men believe that…

…there are magical Tinder pick-up lines that ALWAYS work.

But they are completely WRONG.

You see, every woman is different and has her own unique taste and desires.

So what may get you a great response from one girl, may get you nothing from another.

“So how do I know what line to go for, (name of author)?!”

First of all, no worries

Although there isn’t a pickup line with a 100% success rate, there are some that come very close. This article is filled with them.

But what I really want you to sear into your brain is this:

Your profile is just as important as your opening line.

Look, I won’t sugarcoat it for you. If you look like God accidentally spilt a person, you will have a harder time on Tinder.

But I am 169% convinced that anyone can be successful on dating apps.

I’ve never had a student who wasn’t able to get any matches.

How did my (below) average clients become successful on Tinder?

They created a strong profile that focused on good vibes. Instead of trying to look like supermodels, they tried to show off their awesome lifestyle.

I’ll explain how you can also make a profile like that here:

>> 7 Tinder Profile Tips to 10x Your Matches (Even if You’re Not Brad Pitt)

Three steps to follow to continue the conversation after she answers your Tinder pick-up line?

What to do after you broke the ice?

For starters, you want to already picture what she is going to reply beforehand.

Most women will answer something (closely) related to the subject.

Take this Tinder opener for example:

I don’t usually throw around compliments, but you have excellent taste in men.

The odds are high that she’ll respond with something like:

Do you always start a conversation by backdoor complimenting yourself? 

This might come across as a slap in the face but you shouldn’t see it that way. She’s just teasing you.

This brings me to the next step.

Always have a fun or teasing answer ready.

What could we answer if she teases you with the above message?

Only when I’m feeling awesome.

This brings me to the next and final step.

Make it easy for her to reply.

She might not know what to reply after this one. This doesn’t mean the answer isn’t good. It just means that you should send another message that she could easily comment on.

The system for starting an awesome Tinder conversation goes as follows:

  1. Send her the next Tinder pick-up line that you can think of.
  2. Imagine what she’s gonna reply.
  3. Send her a fun or teasing reply.
  4. Immediately send her a second message that she can easily comment on if your reply wasn’t doing that already.

For more tips on how to start a conversation on Tinder check out the following article:

>> 10 Best Tinder Conversation Starters by Online Dating Experts

Here I have a concrete example of a good Tinder conversation that started with a pick-up line.

Our opening line.

Dark chocolate or cheesecake?

Her reply is pretty obvious so let’s choose one of the two.


Now it’s time for our tease.

O no. You’re one of those.

Ask yourself, could she respond easily to this? No. So let’s send another text.

Ah well, guess I won’t have to hide my delicious chocolate from you when you come over.

This will pretty much guarantee a response from her because you’re playfully dissing her taste in food. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, you’re also hinting at a date.

Anyway, this is pretty much all you need to know about Tinder pick-up lines.

Which means your next job is getting her onto the date.

Does that sound difficult?

No stress. I’ve got exactly what you need in my free Transformation Kit.

You can find it at the bottom of the page by clicking the big golden button.

Good luck.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram.

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