7 Tinder Profile Tips to 10x Your Matches (Even if You’re Not Brad Pitt)

tinder profile tips

Every Tinder Trooper in the world has asked themselves the following question:

“How important is it to “go all the way” with your Tinder profile?”

How should I present myself on your profile?

Does a good Tinder profile text help you get more matches?

So many questions, so few answers.


Because today is the day Tinder King Dan will happily answer all of your questions.

You get:

  • 7 Tinder profile tips to collect massive likes
  • How to shoot your perfect first profile picture
  • How your bio can win or lose you hot matches
  • Examples of tinder profiles and bios for men
  • The 3 features of an epic dating profile for guys
  • Much more sweetness…

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The truth is . . . no matter how sparkling, your Tinder profile bio alone will not get you more matches.

Your profile text isn’t even visible when a woman is shown your profile; the ONLY thing she sees is the first picture you have uploaded.

She will only take the next step and click on your profile if her interest is piqued by your picture. Then she’ll see your profile text – underneath your fantastic first picture.

Many men write little to nothing here because they think it doesn’t matter. After all, they figure, why waste time on a bio if it all comes down to that first picture?

Fair point.

Your success is largely determined by your Tinder profile picture. It is, by far, the biggest “star” that carries your profile, like the biggest star of Real Madrid (legend Gareth Bale) was 90% responsible for Wales’ success during the European Cup of 2016.

But even our Gareth from Wales needs ten other players to play a game of soccer.

“What’s he talking about soccer for?”
– you might think

Stay with me here.

If that first picture is the star player of your profile, your bio is the keeper, and the other photos are your fellow players.

But, we don’t settle for a Tinder profile like Wales. We go for an absolute DREAMTEAM – or, in this case . . . a DREAM PROFILE.

We will follow the tactics of the King of Dreamteams: Florentino Pérez (Club President of Real Madrid). Only the BEST of the best will make the Dream Profile – a profile so strong, there is only one way to describe it:


I am going to explain exactly how to compile a ´Los Galácticos’ profile.

Tip #1: The star-player of your profile: The best first profile photo

The best first picture that you, as a Tinder Trooper, can go to battle with is clear and sharp, and it shows your face perfectly. The first Tinder profile pic tip you will read from this is that you don’t want to look directly at the camera in this picture.

The following was found in a large survey by OKcupid:

This graph shows that you also shouldn’t be laughing in the picture. Looking away intently is the best. This seems mysterious – and women find that exciting. Every man of vision has at least one photo of himself “searching the middle distance” as if anticipating his limitless horizons. And chicks dig a guy with purpose.

Since I respect your time, I’ll list it for you shortly, but in detail:

Your FIRST profile picture should have the following characteristics:

  • Your face is clear in the picture and, ideally, includes your upper body as well;
  • You’re looking away from the camera with a focused expression. (Keep it mysterious);
  • You used a filter so you look even better;
  • You avoided using a group picture as your first picture. (Online dating isn’t playing hide-and-seek).

To understand better exactly what women find intruiging about the looks of a men, check out this article:

>> 5 Shocking Insights on What Causes Attraction Between Man and Woman

Implementing these 5 insights into you profile will up your matching percentage massively.

And when you’ve found that perfect first picture, it’s time to look at the rest of your pictures. The same OKcupid research shows that some pictures clearly do much better than others. This is where the second tinder profile picture tip comes in:

“Doing something interesting” pictures give you bonus points. Hmm, okay . . . that’s pretty obvious, right?

But what exactly is interesting?

I will explain it to you based on a Tinder match of mine . . .

This is a picture on Tinder I see so often, I care as much about it as I do about Sesame Street being canceled. In other words, I couldn’t care less.

This profile picture, however, actually got my attention. It’s the same girl, but she will get a lot more messages on Tinder with the second picture because she’s doing something that piques your interest. It gives you a real feeling for her personality. Science supports me in my feeling about her personality.

Does this mean we all have to get behind a guitar or DJ-set to act all interesting?

Fuck, no. There are other ways to pimp your profile to get to that Snoop Dogg level.

For instance, a picture with your pet (or your neighbor’s) will get you a lot more Tinder matches, especially when you combine it with a profile bio like this one:

This young man has deployed the secret weapon on Tinder: Puppies!!!!

Besides that, this picture fulfills all the requirements of a good FIRST Tinder profile picture:

  • His face and upper body are good/clear in the picture. Quality is KEY
  • He is looking away from the camera with a slightly focused look on his face
  • The light is perfect in the picture. (He probably used a filter).

Thanks to this first picture, and the humor in the photo caption, women will be interested in him. THEN they will click on his profile and learn more about him from his bio.

This is a small masterpiece. By pretending the puppy made this profile + making a pun about Snffr (Tinder for dogs), you know one thing from looking at his profile.

It’s original, funny, and creative.

Compare that to standard profiles like this one:

“I‘m on Tinder for a job interview. Facepalm”

Another obvious tip is making sure your clothes fit you well. As soon as a girl notices you dress as if you have no clue what you’re doing, you’ll get a left swipe.

Basic fashion is rather easy to grasp though. And you don’t need all the fancy stuff to stand out. Believe me, I’ve seen it. Check out his article to get all the tips you need:

>> 10 Tips – Dress to Impress for Men (Ladies LOVE This)

Tip #2: Tinder profile tips: your bio as the Golden Touch

The most important factor is your photo. Often she won’t even read your bio.

Even if she does, your bio will only have an impact when it’s extraordinarily funny or provocative.

Most women on Tinder don’t read your bio until you’ve sent them a message. Or when they want to send you a message (yep, women have to get their inspiration from somewhere too).

You would be shooting yourself if your bio is too serious, too boring, or overloaded with clichés.

Only an extraordinarily funny or provocative bio gets you more success.

There are a few advantages to a bio that incite EMOTION:

  • It’s a conversation starter for women
  • She can taste your personality. A good bio can give her the feeling that you’re DIFFERENT; what makes you special compared to other pussy horny Tinder boys.
  • When you know how to incite emotion, making her FEEL something about you, she will be more interested. Women want an experience. Not a rational exchange of facts.

Whatever you do, use a Tinder bio that is FUNNY or PROVOCATIVE (no worries Tinder Trooper, I’ll explain what you want in your text).

A good profile is an easy victory compared to all the average profiles that incite as much emotion in a woman as a brick…

To make sure your Tinder bio is actually the golden touch on your profile and not a stinking pile of shit you’re stepping in barefoot, I will share the biggest BLUNDERS…

There are a few blunders I keep seeing in the hundreds of male profiles I saw on Tinder.

(Yes… more than 100… it was a serious challenge…)

However, with the ‘Golden Touch Profiles’ I had to keep myself from going on a date with them… No homo 😉

Tinder profile tips for guys: Avoid this

#1: It’s not your CV

The bio is meant to get interested in you as a person. This makes women want to know more about you.

Don’t write a CV with all the factual information you’ve collected about yourself. By staying mysterious you stay interesting.

Mystery is a powerful tool in seducing women. Give her the chance to fantasize about you…

Check out this article for more powerful tools to seduce women:

>> 11 Ways to Seduce a Woman Without Being Creepy

#2: Do not make spelling mistakes

For many women this is a major turn off.

Yes, that was on purpose.

Now, I’m no hero when it comes to spelling. If the grammar nazi’s ever come to power, I’ll be so screwed. So I always have my profile text checked by friends to avoid dumb typos.

#3: Nobody gets turned on by clichés & quotes

This might be a cliché, but it’s the truth. Supposedly cute sentences and quotes are completely redundant. This does not make you stand out.

#4: Don’t tell them, show them

This is the biggest profile tip.

You should never write how hilarious/fun/athletic you are. No woman will take you seriously. It feels like you have to brag about yourself, while actually you haven’t accomplished anything.

You want to show that in your profile pictures, your bio and the messages you send. This tells a stronger story.

A woman wants to experience you, not read a book about you.

Bonus: How to give her the texting ride of her life

Your profile and bio might ignite her interest.

With a beating heart, she swipes your right. And you match.

Only minutes later you, unfortunately, break her heart with unimaginative texts. Nothing compared to the profile and bio you showed.

Don’t let that happen and grab my 5 Texting Tips including texting examples right here for free:

Download now!

Tip #3: Examples of successful guy profiles

A Tinder bio with a golden touch all sounds fine and dandy… but how the hell do you get one when you have NO clue how to actually make one in practice.

That’s why I listed these jewels for you. Get inspired by the men who became the Donald Trump of Tinder with a genius first picture, a fucking hilarious bio, or a combination of both…

“Uhh Trump, Dan?”

Yeah bro, Trump.

Standing out from the crowd is what made the Trumpinator the President of the U.S.A.

You either love him or hate him, still he’s an absolute winner.

Showing your uniqueness is exactly what you want. It calls for a strong reaction from women.

Distinguish yourself from the pack with this trick

This dude cleverly uses all kinds of clichés women use in their Tinder bio.

(Men aren’t the only ones that put clichés and shit quotes in their profile.)

His bio lists the things Tinder is flooded with by uninspired women.

He’s making fun of these female clichés by listing ALL of them in his bio.  When they come from a man, they sound ridiculous.

That way he shows he ‘gets it’…

“Uhh and what does he get, Dan?”

He understands that Tinder consists for 95% of people who did not read this article. And therefore make blunders in their bio that you don’t have to!

By playing into this, he shows he has the social intuition to understand that women are being bored to death by unimaginative profiles. It shows a lot of humor WITHOUT saying he is ‘humorous’.

Creating a swipe game

Whoever thought that you could get more matches with the help of Justin Bieber…

This dude decided that JB could lend him a hand.

It’s both refreshing and creative.

He anticipates the left swiping (which you don’t want of course) by saying that he wins that way as well.

Women value creativity and especially online where everyone is the same.

By not being too serious, he turns Tinder into an airy game.

There is a deeper layer beneath this airiness that makes this profile work.

You see, there is a call to action in his profile.

This is a technique used in marketing to get potential buyers to take a specific action.

A call to action works perfectly on Tinder as well.

Saying which way to swipe for the desired result was a used technique.

There are also other ways to use this.

For example, you can end your profile text with the following sentence:

Send me a message when [insert here]

At [insert here] you can write something funny.

This shows you are willing to exchange messages with someone. After all, you’re not just on Tinder for show. You want dates!

A stimulating bio shows self-confidence: How Pre-Selection makes you wanted by women

What was the image you got from this guy when you read his Tinder bio? Were you leaning toward a nerdy guy or a guy who is good with women?


Exactly, the second.

Let me explain.

First, he puts you on the wrong track with a weak cliché: “Whenever I meet a pretty girl, the first thing I look for is intelligence”. Then, he flips the scrips in a way that makes you smile: “Because if she doesn’t have that she’s mine”, which is basically saying that he only hooks dumb chicks.

A great example of self-mockery.

Not only that, he is also implying that he gets women regularly. You get the feeling he is good with women.

Precisely something that always works to your advantage.

You want to convey that other women, who went before her, like you. That means you’re a ‘safe option’ in her eyes.

We call this: Pre-selection

This works as follows…

What do you prefer, Coca-Cola or a Dollar store alternative?

Right. Coca-Cola is what most people would choose. It is a big brand name. That’s how you know many people like it. When many people like it, the product must be high-quality.

On the other hand, with the cheap fakes, there is a chance you don’t get what you think.

When a woman has the feeling other girls like you, then she has to wonder less about whether she’ll get the quality she wants. After all, other charming ladies like you too.

That means you’re a catch right?

Tip #4: The power of reviews

Reviews: an easy way to get noticed on Tinder

When you’re clueless what to put on your profile, this is a perfect Tinder profile tip to achieve maximum success.

You simply write down a few statements about how awesome you are. As if you’re walking around daily like a superman whose life is a series of epic moments.

Of course in such a way that EVERYONE understands it’s satire.

Things you absolutely want in your bio:

  • Over the top reviews such as: “Every time a woman swipes left, a puppy dies”. The more extreme, the funnier.
  • Use well-known figures from pop culture like ‘Spider-Man” or “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. Most people immediately see a visual image in their head. That picture is of course completely ridiculous and therefore incredibly funny.
  • To make clever use of self-mockery, you can also put in one negative review. Doing this right makes your bio even stronger by showing you have a lot of self-confidence.

Tip #5: Photoshop increases your chances

Another great Tinder profile pic tip for men:

When you want women to read your profile, they have to click it first.

With a bad first picture that will definitely not happen…

Editing pictures by adding things to them can be a great way to up your Tinder profile to a higher level.

You can market yourself as the superman of Tinder by putting reviews in your bio (like discussed earlier), or you can do it with a picture.

The above dude presents himself as the guardian angel of two dogs stuck in a burning animal shelter. What a hero 😉 Not only that, but he is also showing off his ripped as fuck torso to come across as an extra-large douchebag.

Everybody understands he is setting himself apart from the crowd by going this extreme…  But does it get him more matches?


This is what we call polarization.

Tip #6: Use these principles to become a creative Tinder wonder

There is no lack of inspiration in this article. I showed you various examples of epic profile texts.

Of course, it is also possible to create these masterpieces yourself.

An often-heard excuse of men is that they are ‘not creative’… I say this is bullshit.

Just look at the jokes you’re making when you’re with your friends. Most of the time you’re making one hilarious joke after the other.

Am I right?

But as soon as you’re with women, it’s as if coming up with something funny is impossible.

How come, you ask me?

Because most men think they should be Chris Rock to make a woman laugh.

Nonsense of course.

They set the bar way too high.

It’s better to try things with your Tinder profile text, than to stay in your ‘safe’ comfort zone

So think about what you find funny. Work with your friends to compile a profile. Get inspired by others. But most of all, experiment like a crazy professor.

You can keep fine-tuning your profile. It doesn’t have to be perfect right off the bat.

Tip #7: The 3 most important features for an epic Tinder profile

There are 3 ways to pimp up a profile that will get you loads of success. (More matches, more women that send the first message & better chat messages.)

This is what keeps coming back in the discussed profiles:

#1: Humor

A technique that always works is describing a job or education that’s completely absurd, in a serious way.

This is a guaranteed laugh, as women can picture it. Because this idea is so ridiculous, it’s super funny.

Jobs that work perfectly are:

  • Secondhand dildo fixer
  • Panda porno producer
  • Professional hula-hooper

The power is in creating a story. Women aren’t used to that. It shows that you are a man they can have a laugh with.

This lets women know they will have a great time with you on a Tinder date.

#2: Pre-selection

Through Pre-selection you show you are popular, wanted and attractive. You don’t want to say this literally. Show it in your pictures & your profile text.

Pre-selection I already covered in-depth in a previous tip.

#3: Be the shit, by having shit

You can do this by making provocative comments. Only men who are confident aren’t afraid to express themselves that way.

A confident guy isn’t afraid to be rejected. In fact, he is the person having to reject women.

A self-assured man won’t be afraid some women find his profile text too provocative.

So, this might be a bit too much of a good thing for most men… You have to be able to follow your provocative bio with provocative messages.

This doesn’t mean trying to be the super macho, alfa, Spiderman, Viking dude…

The most important thing is that you create a Tinder profile that matches YOUR personality. Incorporate the things you find funny into your profile.

The next step towards conquering Tinder

With all the Tinder profile tips applied well, your profile is golden.

I can’t wait to see all the fresh matches you have.

But there’s one catch with these lovely new matches.

They expect messages just as fresh as your profile. As soon as they notice you got a professional photographer to take your pictures but you use the equivalent of a 2-year-old to text, she’ll unmatch you faster than girls eat their Ben & Jerries during a movie.

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