10 Tips to Get a Tinder Sex Hookup in 4 Matches + Examples

Tinder Sex

You’re on Tinder. Just like me.

But so far something like the above screenshot shows hasn’t happened to you yet.

I can understand that you also want a juicy piece of this delicious cake, my friend.

Today you will learn how to become a new species that cannot be assigned to any of these types: a Tinder Demigod who can bring women to your doorstep.

Apart from that, you will discover:

  • 10 Practical tips to arrange sex dates through Tinder
  • How to design your profile to automatically attract Tinder hookups
  • Why you should avoid becoming a math teacher if you want a Tinder sex experiecnce
  • Ensure Tinder sex on the first date: 7 sympathy boosters that make you more trustworthy
  • What you should never text (most men screw up here!)
  • What you should text instead (Tinder sex messages which have been proven to work)
  • And much more tips on using Tinder just for sex…

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Tip #1: A flying start for your Tinder hookup

I want you to meet someone:

Bill is friendly, intelligent, and in his mid-20s.

Bill wants to use Tinder for sex.

Bill has three problems:

  • He’s not getting enough matches on Tinder
  • His conversations are boring and serious
  • The women he texts always look for something serious

Bill raises false expectations.

Don’t be like Bill.

When Bill goes on a date (and hopes to have sex), the women like him, but only see him as a friend or as boyfriend material.

Certainly not as a potential Tinder affair.

But Bill wants to enjoy his single life… after all, he just got out of a relationship recently. How can he avoid this situation?

It starts with the choice of his pictures.

I took a look at his profile. His photos were good…

… but too sweet.

In each of his profile photos, he came across like a friendly, cuddly teddy bear.

I will show you a better way…

By the way, are you struggeling with your online dating pictures? Check out this guide:

>> 7 Tinder Profile Tips to 10x Your Matches (Even if You’re Not Brad Pitt)

Tip #2: Women’s biggest turnoff

A core philosophy that I live by is:

“HOW you intend to achieve a goal is more important than achieving it.”

You want to schedule as many sex dates as possible? Cool.

I see life as a gigantic rock concert where you can basically do whatever you want. Yet, you cannot deny your responsibility for too long.

If you lie to women in order to get sex, you are not only harming them, but in the long run, you are also harming yourself.

I’m here to assure you that women are as open to bed-rocking tinder sex as we men are.

But what women don’t like is being bullshitted.

And that is the biggest mistake Bill is making. He’s dishonest with women. And he wasn’t even aware of it…

His profile gave women the impression that he was looking for a relationship, whereas he actually only wanted freaky one-night-stands.

If you want to make your profile more authentic and thus increase your chances of getting high-quality matches, there are two things you should know about female psychology…

Tip #3: The duality in women

On Tinder and in other areas of life you should find the balance between the concepts likableand aggressive“.

What I am about to say will probably trigger another wave of feminist hate-mails, but women generally find aggressive men sexually more attractive.

And by that, I do NOT mean that women are only into brainless assholes with coke noses just waiting to bash another face.

But if you have a super soft nerd on one side and a ruthless asshole on the other, then women who look for sex adventures on Tinder would choose the asshole.

Sorry, Nice Guys.

By the way, “aggressive” does NOT necessarily mean “violent”.

Sure, if you don’t have your aggressive side under control, it can lead to violence. But pretending it is not there, is not healthy either.

By aggression, I mean a strong drive coupled with the ability (and general tendency) to disagree.

Women often cannot help but choose aggressive men. There are cultural, evolutionary, and economic reasons for this.

This study points out for example, that aggressive men in the professional world earn conspicuously more than likable men who always agree.

Side note:

I am not saying that aggressive men are better than likable men. Empathy, kindness, and a need for harmony are important qualities that should not be missing in our society.

However, I claim (and scientific research seems to agree with me) that aggressive men are more successful with women and in professional life.

No matter which side of the spectrum you see yourself, it is a great idea to build on the strengths of both sides within you.

When you balance both extremes, you achieve a high degree of attraction.

I have effective profile tips for you to demonstrate that very balance.

Tip #4: Profile tips for Tinder hook up – Sympathy

If you want to look kind on your profile pictures – which you should to a certain degree – then these are things that will help you:

  • Put on a genuine smile
  • Wear a warm sweater that invites cuddles
  • Depict yourself pursuing a peaceful hobby (e.g. meditation, guitar, hiking…)
  • Photos with animals for extra points
  • Photos with animal babies for extra extra points (e.g. puppies, kittens…)
  • Photos with human babies for that special daddy factor

Oh, you want examples as inspiration? No problem.

Including some of these sympathy boosters in your Tinder profile is important. Otherwise, you’ll come across as some brainiac macho or a psychopathic serial killer.

But if you ONLY have such photos, then you are only attracting women who are looking for a relationship.

In case you want a girlfriend, have a look at this article:

>> What I Did when I Really Wanted a Girlfriend

Years ago I had this picture as my main profile picture on Tinder:

The result?

Tons of matches.

The problem?

Women immediately thought of me as a man who would make an excellent boyfriend. Though I wasn’t the least bit interested in a relationship.

For this reason, I removed the picture, although it had generated a high number of matches.

If you have the same problem, make sure you have the following pictures…

Tip #5: Profile Tips for Tinder hookup – Aggression

You don’t just want to appear cute, sweet and likable, but also aggressive.

If you want to use Tinder for sex only, you should even show a lot of aggressiveness.

How do you manage that? Here’s a checklist:

  • Do not smile
  • Frown
  • Wear tight-fitting clothes that emphasize your body, and rather avoid colors
  • Naked torso is usually not a good idea unless you can hint the fact that you have a good body instead of showing it off explicitly (see the following examples)
  • Choose a photo that accentuates your cheekbones
  • For most guys it is best to not look directly into the camera lens
  • Show yourself pursuing dangerous activities/ hobbies (e.g. martial arts, surfing, mountain biking)
  • Show that you have typical qualities of an alpha male (e.g. by a picture on which you give a lecture)

You wonder if I can provide you with great examples again? Bitch please…

If you follow these tips, you may get fewer matches because you filter more.

But don’t worry. Every match is now comparable to a Super-Like.

Tip #6: How to ensure a flawless conversation start

Oh, yeah…

The first message.

I have tested over 300 different openers.

From friendly to funny to original to exaggerated to extremely sexual.

If you delve deep into the rabbit hole and analyze what the most effective openers have in common, it comes down to this:


You know those annoying headlines you come across on the Internet…

“37 SHOCKING photographs of celebrities after their addiction!”

You know that the author just wants you to click on it…

… and yet you can’t resist.

You can create your first Tinder message in the same way.

Make it so irresistible that she can’t help but answer.

Pro tip:

Get my best Texting Tips filled with examples and copy-paste lines.

This way you can message your new matches with the best flirty lines straight away.

Tip #7: What you should NEVER text

Do you recognize these conversation patterns?

*Falls asleep*

You talk about fucking rock, paper, scissors…

That’s great…

… when you chat with your aunt.

But you’re not.

You chat with a woman you are sexually interested in. And these conversations make her as horny as if she was talking to her mother right now… or chopping onions.

So make sure your messages get her emotions flowing. Bonus points if subtle sexual clues are hidden inside! (If you’re really good, they are so subtle that she doesn’t even notice them)

Topics that you should definitely avoid are:

  • Work / study
  • Blah, blah, blah, about how her day was
  • Blah, blah, blah, about how YOUR day was
  • “How was your weekend?”
  • Childhood, family, meaning of life, etc…

Topics you want to address are:

>> 15 Best Topics to Talk About with a Girl (Texting/Dates/Tinder)

Tip #8: What you should text instead

Now that I’ve eliminated so many subjects, you may wonder:

“Dan, what the hell am I supposed to chat about then?”

If you want to sexualize your conversations instead of exchanging platonic information, then – especially if you want to be very direct – the secret ingredient must not be missing:


Did you ever notice how comedians always talk about experiences?

“I went there… my stupid dog did this… my friend said that…”

They are not on stage to bore you with facts.

If you take a repeated look at the list from before, you will notice that all these topics you should avoid are factual information.

What you should be doing instead is sharing experiences.

Facts are rational, experiences are emotional.

Rational things inspire little or not at all, and are easily forgotten.

I’ve never seen a child say to his mother: “Mom, mom! Today in math class, I learned an important lesson for life!”

Your conversations should look more like a crazy trip around the world rather than a structured career path.

Think of adventure, travel, fantasies, sexuality, etc.

When you notice that your chat is getting boring, or she is not answering anymore, it is time to exchange fewer facts.

Suggest to her to run away with you, fly to Las Vegas and rob a casino together – she can be the one distracting the security.

Use your imagination, make the conversation exciting, and don’t be a fucking math teacher.

In this article I provide you with all the flirty lines you’ll need.

Be smart and use them 😉

>> 22 Flirty Text Messages (+ Examples) That Will Make Her Want You More

Tip #9: How to suggest a Tinder hook up correctly

You’ve checked off the following points:

  • Good profile: Check!
  • Solid first message: Check!
  • Exciting conversation: Check!

You feel like she might agree to a meeting? Super dope.

But what now?

To state the obvious, don’t invite her to a 3-star restaurant or take her to the movies.

The golden rule is:

Dont make it too romantic.

I know this sounds very dull (feel invited to share this with the feminists), but in fact, you do it for the following three reasons:

  • That way you make clear what your intention is. If you take her out like a gentleman, she might get the wrong impression.
  • If you have done everything right, your intention has already been leaked via chat. If you suddenly go “boyfriend, girlfriend” on the date, you confuse her.
  • Romantic elements should not be completely missing, however. It happens, but a one-night-stand rarely looks like this: “Hey, how are you? Good. Let’s fuck! “

Where should you meet up with her?

At the bar around the corner?


The best place for a sex date is your apartment.

If you invite her to your place, you should have a suitable activity ready. Because just sitting around sucking your dick doesn’t sound very inviting… Sorry, bro.

Think about:

  • Cooking together
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixing cocktails
  • Petting your cat
  • Jenga

And the list goes on.

What I always suggest?

I have found a waterproof method for me that has a 100% success rate so far. Although… one time it didn’t work out, but that day I really overstretched it…

I think it is too valuable to share with you right now. So you will have to be patient, keep reading my articles and one day you might find out.

For the people wanting to plan the ultimate date at home. Be it for a steaming Tinder hook up or a lovely lady you’ve been seeing for longer. Check out this article to get all the details right:

>> 7 Date-At-Home Idea Tips That Make All The Difference

Tip #10: Inconspicuous words that ruin your chances

“It doesn’t matter what you say. Its about how you say it. I am an incompetent, self-proclaimed flirt coach and have no friends.”
– Any incompetent, self-proclaimed flirt coach who has no friends

Obviously, your choice of words is important. What did you think?

This is especially true on Tinder, where body language, voice and your charming smile can’t save you.

Here is a negative example:

How little boys text 101

Don’t. Do. That.

She will read these messages with a sweet or even gay voice in her head.

Test it for yourself. Read the screenshot above and pay attention to the voice in your head. Now imagine if the boyish Texting Antihero had written this instead (without emoji):


Which voice sounds more manly?

As you can see, it is not a good idea to randomly throw smileys and exclamation marks around.

There are also numerous words that automatically turn you into a Tinder Noob. I call them the “words of doubt”:

  • Maybe
  • Possibly
  • Can/could
  • Like/ want
  • Had
  • Would
  • Right?

These words immediately make her think you are insecure and intimidated.

Men often make use of them, when they ask for a date. They write things like:

Hey, are you maybe free for a drink next Sunday or not?

Ouch... 3 errors in one sentence.

In the next tip, you’ll learn how to use the power of languagein an attractive way.

But before we go any further, I’ll pass the mic…

“Hey, I’m Sarah. Your official AttractionGym blog assistant. I’m gonna be completely honest with you: I’m only here to stimulate your sexual desire so that after all these great tips Dan has so generously shared with you, you’re still in the mood for a spontaneous sex date. But I won’t bother you any longer. Sit back, have a drink from our imaginary minibar, and enjoy this last bonus tip of this wonderful article. See you soon!”

Bonus Tip: How you excite her through words only

Thanks Sarah! A lovely lady, wouldn’t you agree?

But we have more important things to discuss.

Where were we?

Oh, yeah, so you should never write sentences like:

Hey, are you possibly free for a drink next Sunday or not?


You can express exactly the same thing in a much more attractive way, which shows that she is undoubtedly dealing with a confident man.

Hey. You and me. Next Sunday. Drinks! Cocktails or wine?

Here you just assume that she wants to meet you.

Now she’s thinking “What would I rather drink?” instead of “Do I really want to meet him?

If she really doesn’t like you at all, that won’t close the deal either, of course.

There is no magic pill.

But there are good seduction skills:

>> 9 Most Authentic Seduction Techniques to Win Over Your Woman

The magic pill for your seduction skills

There is one magic pill for seduction. It’s free, and I have it right here for you.

Because in essence, seduction is nothing more than increasing your chances with women by using (evolutionary) principles.

If you feel doubt, the woman will feel that doubt as well. You cannot trick a woman into falling in love with you, but you can inspire a doubting woman to change her mind about you through positive influence.

That is your job as a seducer.

And my job is to train you to be one.

For this purpose, I have developed my free Transformation Kit which you will get for free if you sign up in the box below.

May you do well!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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