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tinder stories

Do you want to know how you mutate from a bloody Tinder novice to an absolute Tinder monster?

This was exactly what I had in mind when I first installed the app 2014 on my phone.

Back then, a compañero introduced me to the app.

Tinder was two years young at the time and just beginning to shoot through the roof in popularity.

An app with beautiful women – it was almost too good to be true.

Together with a lady, I dated at that time. I created a profile.

However, I soon realized that my experiences with Tinder were less exciting than that of my friends.

I made unnecessary mistakes that significantly limited my Tinder success.

But with each new match, I tried new techniques and methods to increase my results.

From day to day. Month to month. Year to year.

It’s not unusual for me anymore…

  • To meet beautiful women the same day I matched them
  • To inspire a lady to stay at my place after an amazing (but simple) Tinder date
  • To catapult matches into a rollercoaster of emotions so that they ask me for a rendezvous

Bro, if Tinder makes you feel like an amateur or you feel like you’re below your potential for success…

… and if you want to collect your own epic tinder stories and be able to give your friends a Tinder story time like I do right now…

…then open your eyes.

Because today I’m going to tell you five fatal mistakes that will destroy your Tinder success (and how to get a grip on them).

Mistakes I made then.

Mistakes that most men make daily. Sometimes without even realizing

You will also get 9 practical tips to get attractive women interested in a date.

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But first…

Is Tinder really interested in you having success?

“Mimimi… Tinder is a complete waste of time!!

Just go into town or go to the club and talk to women… anything else is a rip-off… mimimi.”
– the idiot next door

I understand how you feel…

Approaching women in “real life” definitely has a lot of advantages.

You can, for example:

  • Create sexual tension through intensive eye contact
  • Touch them
  • Seduce women with your voice and through good expressions
  • Read their body language and facial expressions and react appropriately
  • You can pick up their scent
  • Take women on instant dates (= invite them for a coffee after a few minutes of conversation)

I also don’t recommend Tinder as a substitute for personal interactions.

BUT those who think Tinder is a waste of time are either…

…not the sharpest knife in the drawer…

OR (and I think this option is more likely)…

…even unsuccessful on Tinder.

Logically, their desperation leads to an aversion to the app.

They blame Tinder for their lack of success, although they’re solely responsible for it.

(Even if you provide some people with counterevidence, they won’t believe you – psychologists also speak of a so-called “Belief perseverance“).

But, my dear bro, let me tell you:

Tinder is the sh!t. Hallowed be the day when the app flew from Olympus to earth and blessed our app stores with its presence.


  • You can get in contact with grenade-sharp women 24/7
  • You have to invest relatively little time to achieve results
  • You’ve plenty of time to react to messages (whereas in a real conversation you have to react quickly)
  • You transform dull moments into quality time (whether you’re sitting on a toilet or a bus, waiting for the doctor or are at your buddy’s gecko’s funeral – you can access Tinder from anywhere)
  • Tinder is damn easy (once you internalize certain principles, I share with you today 😉)

And to understand how you can become the Tinder king, you must first understand what you shouldn’t do at all…

Mistake #1: You’re wasting your time with a third-class profile

When I began to “tinder” in 2014, things weren’t going very smoothly for me. At that time, I wasn’t an experienced copywriter, and my profile was anything but solid.

I wasted dozens of hours hoping for better matches, while I didn’t tweak a single thing on my profile.

And this even though I presented myself like a slouch on the app.

A fatal mistake that countless men make every day.

Either they’re not aware that they have a weak profile or they’re reluctant to invest more effort in the app.

What neither category of men realizes is that they can drastically increase their match rate through simple changes.

For example, by contacting a dude who has a semi-professional camera and is somewhat physically able to take some more qualitative profile pictures of them.

Many guys also underestimate the power of an original profile text.

I can’t even count on my hands how many times I’ve been texted back by old matches because I added badass photos or a persuasive profile text to my profile.

Plus, your photos or Tinder bio can provide new conversation material when the conversation goes downhill.

In these cases, women can easily refer to your profile text and address a new topic.

Bro, if you really want to find out which photos and bio you can easily use to present yourself in a more attractive light…

… then look at these two articles I wrote for you:

>> No Matches On Tinder? 13 Reasons Why (+ How to Fix)

>> 3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Online Dating Profile Text (+ 5 Examples)

Mistake #2: The proper way to swipe

Do you know anyone who hasn’t made love to someone for so long that they would take EVERYTHING that isn’t up a tree on the count of three?

And do you think it’s good for him (or her) to have such low expectations?

Usually, the person’s desperation is reflected in everything they say, do, and even think.

This behavior is anything but attractive.

And no woman with halfway healthy self-esteem wants to get involved with a man who would even do it with a stone.

For some frustrated gentlemen, these are beautiful women.

And the developers of Tinder share this view.

If you swipe any woman to the right (= mark her with a “like”), you’re the dude that would even hook up with a mossy stone.

“But Dan, the ladies on Tinder can’t see how I swipe.”

Absolutely correct. They don’t know that.

But Tinder knows that.

More precisely: Tinder’s underlying algorithm remembers WHAT exactly you do on Tinder and WHEN you do it.

And as soon as it realizes that you have literally no standards, it punishes you mercilessly.

After all, with your lack of demands, you show unattractive behavior.

This means that you will be shown to pretty women less often and get fewer matches.

The solution?

Swipe carefully.

Pick women you REALLY like.

When you receive the notification of a new match, you can be sure that the lady is a delightful lady.

Pro tip:

While swiping around, look not only at the first picture of a woman, but at her entire profile – including profile text, her stated interests, her selected favorite song, and her other pictures.

This way, you increase the quality of your matches because you’ve strictly filtered them in advance.

Mistake #3: Do you have a broom up in your a$$?

Or is there some other reason you’re so tense?

Tinder can be fun as hell, even if your conversations don’t always go exactly as you hope.

Yes. The kind of texts you send, the timing of your messages, and how many emojis you use (spoiler: if you shoot three in every message, you’re doing something wrong), and so on. These things are all important.

But not as important as having fun texting.

“He who sees Tinder as a chore will have little success.”
– Confucius (690 BC)

However, if you’re one of those people who are amused by their own messages, you’re doing something right.

For example, this lady mentions in her bio that she only likes big guys.

A gym buddy of mine, Kevin, who has mastered the art of self-irony, uses this fact, so this ridiculous conversation resulted:

As you can easily see, Kevin isn’t too dogged regarding his chats.

He just wants to have fun.

And when his matches are going with his “special” humor, he has simultaneously found a woman who absolutely matches his type.

By the way, he has been in a happy relationship for one year, two months, and exactly four days by now…

… with a woman, he met on Tinder.

You’re not going to stay motivated in the long run on Tinder without amusing yourself, bro.

How else do you think I would have managed to spend 6 years on the app – hours over hours per week?

Mistake #4: You’re more predictable than a “pull my finger” joke

“Hey, bro… pull my finger…”

Oh, you know what this joke is about?

„Pull my finger… and unleash the power of the dark side.”

Nothing is less exciting than a predictable joke, a predictable plot twist, or a predictable guy on Tinder.

Next time you have a crush on someone, ask a lady from your circle of friends WHY she finds him so interesting.


There’s a risk that she will start a monologue, which will take a while.

But somewhere in the monologue, she will most likely tell you that she doesn’t quite understand her crush.

She can’t see through him.

He’s a little mysterious…

She doesn’t know where she stands with him either.

Maybe she even finds him “intimidating.”

But what you will NEVER hear from her is this:

“He’s sooo predictable! I know exactly what he’s going to do every time, and that’s what I love about him!”

This is also why Tinder conversations that start with a “Hey, how are you?” are doomed to fail.

…And why I sway women with profile descriptions like this straight to the left:

Next time you text a woman, try to do something she doesn’t expect.

When a chica sends me the most boring opener ever, I refuse to continue the conversation just as boring.

With an unpredictable – slightly exaggerated – response, you can steer the vibe of the conversation in a more entertaining direction.

That woman was probably expecting an ordinary:

Good, hbu?

Prize question:

What do you do when you get a number on Tinder and text on WhatsApp (iMessage or whatever)?

What do you send her?

Your name?

For example, a worn-out pickup line like

Congratulations on my number, store it with care. 😉

Let me tell you something.

There’s a much more effective way.

It reads the following:

Send her a teasing voice message with your wasabi-hot voice.

This allows you to make use of powerful elements that you couldn’t profit from in your Tinder conversation:

  • Emphasis
  • Volume
  • Voice

If you tease her, she can even hear your smile on her lips.

So, a simple method to make sure that she only has ears for you and forgets all the other men from her chats

It should be evident to you now:

Save predictable small talk for your conversations with your great-grandmother Rosanne under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

And absorb those inspiring words like a sponge:

“Predictability is an underrated attractiveness killer.”
– Tinky Winky

“Be unpredictable and see how she gets aroused.”
– Papa Smurf

Mistake #5: Neither focus on yourself – nor on her

Do you know how you can spot a Tinder-noob with just a wave of your hand?

The fact that he focuses only on himself during his conversation.

What do I mean by that?

He loves to talk about himself. As soon as his match asks him a question, he senses his big chance…

Whether a lady asks him what he does for a living, where he has already travelled to, or what his ultimate dream is…

The Tinder-noob responds like this:

Some guys sometimes focus so much on themselves that they miss every sign of interest in their match.

After years of experience with Tinder, I can see clear patterns…

Bloody Tinder amateurs grow up to be more confident Tinderers. At this stage, they’ve already read some things about Tinder and no longer focus only on themselves.

They become aware that they can only connect with a woman if they balance their focus.

What do they do after that? They start by solely focusing on the woman.

  • “What is she doing with her life? What does she want to achieve? What are her passions?”
  • “What can I say to make her like me more?”
  • “How can I understand her on a deep level?”

Here’s one of the guys who are currently in this phase of their Tinder career:

My advice to you?

Don’t be the Tinder-noob who only focuses on himself – nor an intermediate who solely focuses on his match.

Be the Tinder demigod who focuses on the vibe of the conversation.

How do you manage that, though?

By putting more distance in your conversations next time. A distance from the factual information that everyone shares so copiously.

  • Take the conversations less seriously (think of my compañero Kevin)
  • Use exaggeration to break up boring behavior patterns
  • Tease your matches playfully (so that you know how to do this the right way, I’ve already written this extensive guide for you)

This way, you create a unique atmosphere in your Tinder conversations and stand out from the monotonous mass of unoriginal men:

Pro tip:

Use my following Tinder Tips if you want more dates…

Tip #1: Define the purpose of why you’re on Tinder (and allow a Tinder hookup story to happen)

“Even the best captain is lost in the ocean if he has no compass.”

Have you ever heard that quote before?


That’s because I just sucked it out of my fingers.

Nevertheless, there’s a kernel of truth behind it…

If you’re wandering headlong into Tinder without knowing what you want then you’re not going to get any results.

Just as in any other area of your life, you need a clear goal if you want to become enormously successful.

You want to find a serious relationship and a lady you can stay with until you die?

Good. Then create a profile to attract exactly these women.

Are you more into having a three-way with two transgenders? Ummm…

Oookay, that’s also good. Then you need a profile that speaks to ladies like that.

Maybe you take what I’m explaining to you for granted and understand why wild party photos of you’re not exactly first-class if you want to attract mainly women with whom you can form a relationship.

Nevertheless, many men don’t seem to understand this.

For example, some guys are looking for affairs, but complain that they only match women who are longing for a relationship.

In 99% of the cases, “inappropriate” matches can be traced back to your profile.

For example, if you have a picture of you and your nephew lovingly holding him in your arms, then you’re not precisely showing affair qualities.

So, choose your profile pictures carefully and ask yourself seriously what effect you will trigger with them.

Tip #2: Enable Tinder notifications (and collect attraction points)

Maybe you feel the same way I do, and you get a little aggressive when dozens of notifications pop up on your phone at the same time.

This is also the reason why I disable the notifications of most apps – without batting an eyelid.

But not Tinder’s.

There are several decisive reasons for this. I’ll give you three good ones now:

  • Women like it if you contact them relatively quickly. If your match waits for weeks for your first text, you lose a lot of tension.
  • Tinder will reward anyone who contacts their matches as soon as it arises. The Tinder algorithm, which works in the background, attributes additional attractiveness points to you because Tinder primarily wants to have ACTIVE users. With this behavior, you will be shown to prettier women in the long run.
  • If you’re forgetful or busy, the notifications remind you to respond to your matches. If you allow too much time to pass between responses, you also take the flow out of your conversations. This minimizes your chances of getting a date.

Tip #3: Choose a photo like this

You can only choose one first image for your Tinder profile. This photo determines the first impression women get of you.

It decides on victory or defeat.

Sounds simple. But there are several factors involved.

Together with a buddy of mine who is a professional photographer, I took a Tinder profile photo, for example, which is almost perfect.

At least when I look at the survey results on Photofeeler*.


Photofeeler is a page where you can upload pictures of yourself and choose for what purpose you want them rated.

More than that, you can also filter which group of people should rate your photo.

I usually post my pictures for the purpose of “dating” and have them rated by women between the ages of 18 and 34.

With my new profile photo, I performed 614% better than with my previous photo.

Yeah, you heard me right, six hundred and fourteen percent.

This isn’t only about a photogenic face. There are dozens of clever tricks you can use to make yourself look attractive.

And the smarter, more trustworthy, and attractive you look, the faster women will swipe you to the right.

Do you want to know how to achieve this effect?

Then check out this article I wrote for you

Tip #4: The opener that always works

Every man who wants to increase his success rate on Tinder is constantly looking for the best openers.

Unfortunately, most of the time, only 50% of those you find on the World Wide Web work.

Most of them have been used so inflationary that they’ve completely lost their effect.

Luckily for you, I’ve just recently written an extensive article with 10 innovative and enormously effective Tinder openers.

You can find it here:

>> 16 Best Tinder Openers from Fieldtesting Women Just Can’t Resist

You’re welcome.

Tip #5: Superlike and Boost (Rip-off or God’s gift to prevent a Tinder horror story from happening?)

In real life, you can find someone attractive or f*cking attractive.

It’s no different on Tinder.

You discover women you find attractive…

Occasionally, though, you’ll spot women who make you feel more…

Sometimes you feel as if you’ve worn down two packs of v!agra and pulled them through your nose with a 100 dollar note.

Then you can give these women a “Superlike.”

According to Tinder, this will increase your chances of being shown to them 3 times.

One Superlike per day is available to you with a free Tinder subscription – and I highly recommend using it.

Does that guarantee that she’ll like you too?


Are the chances 3 times higher, just like Tinder promises.

From personal experience, yes.

The Tinder “Boost,” on the other hand, works slightly differently.

Usually, you get a free Boost with your first registration, and after that, never again…

… unless you can spare a few dollars from your wallet.

The first boost you get for free is like a drug dealer giving you some crumbs of crack.

This stuff is strong, and after a short time, you want more of it.

My Tinder experience has taught me that Tinder Boost is such strong stuff.

For 30 minutes, you climb to the top of the profile pile – shown to women in your area.

During this period, you will be shown up to 10 times more often, according to Tinder.

How many matches do you get with one boost?

It depends on WHEN you use it and WHERE you use it.

Most importantly, your boost crop depends on how good your profile is.

Do I recommend the boost to people who don’t mind investing a bit of money?


Tip #6: WIFEY material

When a prepubescent teenager shares a picture of his girlfriend, his homies bawl:


What they mean by that’s that this is a lady you should keep.

Or, as I like to call it, “WIFEY material.

When you meet a woman that you find wonder in every way, you must take the necessary steps.

Once you’ve found WIFEY material, it’s time to continue the conversation with your female potential elsewhere.

At Tinder, she’s often texted by dozens of creeps.

On WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. however, she only texts with her friends and family: people she’s close to.

So, wouldn’t it be better to contact her there? In an environment where she receives messages from trusted people?

F*ck yeah.

Do you have a Facebook or an Instagram account with badass pictures (portraying a vibrant lifestyle)?

Then you can also tell her your username.

If you’re interested in how to pimp your Instagram and how to seduce women with the help of it, check out my Nobel Prize Prize-winning article about it.

Tip #7: How to have excellent conversations

If you want to have phenomenal experiences on Tinder and prevent scary Tinder stories from happening, you must understand how to have excellent conversations.

Easier said than done. Because if you make one false move…

…she’ll unmatch you in a millisecond and move on to the next best guy.

A man who knows how to keep the conversation flowing.

These are some mistakes that prevent you from having better conversations (without you noticing):

  • Using dozens of emojis (seriously, bro, use them only if your text could otherwise be misinterpreted)
  • Unnecessary walls of text (when you bombard a woman with novels, you take all the tension out of your conversation – after all, your match doesn’t seem to have to do much to get anything out of you; you seem undemandingly share everything – without her having to invest anything)
  • You don’t pay attention to the subtext of your messages (ask yourself how your message would look to someone else – do you look needy or like a boss?)

If you’re one of those men to whom women regularly abruptly stop responding, then take a look at this article I wrote for you.

Here you will learn how to have exciting conversations (effortlessly):

>> What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations

Tip #8: The Tinder profile text that makes her curious (and blesses you with your next Tinder love story)

When I see a woman I like on Tinder, I swipe right.

If I see a woman who isn’t my type at all, I swipe left.

All the women in between – women I can’t decide on right away?

With them, I look at their profile text.

Doesn’t she have one?


And that’s how women deal with your profile.

Bro, if you don’t have a solid Tinder bio, you’re making a huge mistake.

You miss out on dozens of likes every day.

Because with a strong profile text, you get (from my own experience) up to 4 times more matches.

In addition, you ensure to benefit from the following advantages:

  • You motivate women to text YOU first
  • When your conversation drifts into boredom land, you provide your señoritas with themes of your bio that they can use/ refer to
  • You filter out women who really match you

So, if you’re thinking of using a profile description like this…

…then I advise you to hit the backspace key 64 times.

This type of profile text is more likely to harm you than to do you any good.

By the way, to find out which profile texts cockblock you and with which bios you will match more attractive women:

>> 3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Online Dating Profile Text (+ 5 Examples)

(In the linked article, I give you explicit examples that you can immediately integrate into your profile.)

Tip #9: No (more) scary Tinder stories and adventures

Are you suffering from…

  • Frustrating dates?
  • Awkward silences during your conversations?
  • Uncertainty about when you can kiss her?

Have you ever had a date you really enjoyed… but NEVER heard from her again the next day?


This problem belongs to your past starting today, my dear brochacho.


Because I wrote you a Tinder date article in which I share some of my most effective Tinder date secrets with you.

You’ll learn about:

  • The must-do’s before a Tinder date
  • How attractive men start their rendezvous
  • 3 golden dating rules for more results
  • And a lot more tips…

Check it out right here < Tinder date online soon

How to write your own Tinder (hi)stories

This was another proud chunk of advice you got today.

But now is the time to apply my tips PROACTIVELY.

Because only by DOING you can write Tinder history.

However, to support you in the best possible way I can, I’ve something special for you today.

My free Transformation Kit.

A package with some my best texting and dating tips with which you can seduce quality women authentically.

Wanna give it a spin?

Thought so.

Grab you Kit for free right here.


Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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My free Transformation Kit will make you irresistible to women.

  • 12 Opening Lines that Actually Work
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