5 Uncommon Tinder Tricks to Match+Date Hotter Girls in 2020

You’re not getting any dates?

You don’t have a girlfriend?

You’re not in the mood for third class dating tips from your great-uncle Manfred at your next family reunion?

Are you tired of being reared by your friends or colleagues for the state of your love life?

Do you want to have a spicy señorita (or even several) by your side with whom you can spend excellent quality time?

Amen, brother.

Your prayers have been answered.

Because today I’m going to tell you 5 holy tricks that will catapult you into Tinder heaven.

After this article you’ll know:

  • 3 Tricks for Tinder to pimp your Tinder profile pictures as if you were Xzibit
  • Tinder opener decoded: The text she can’t help but respond to
  • How to get her number easily
  • How to use Tinder for hot one-night stands
  • How you’re getting more matches than ever using the AttractionGym Tinder scale of enlightenment
  • And many more Tinder tips and tricks

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Tinder Trick (to get matches) #1: 3 steps to a BADASS profile picture

First thing’s first.

“Impossible it is to seduce a woman without triggering any emotions in them, young Padawan.”
Master Yoda

And with that mind blowing wise saying Yoda is absolutely correct.

But in order to trigger emotions in women, you MUST have the opportunity to text them.

Otherwise, you won’t even be able to seduce them.

Regarding Tinder, that means the following:

You need to match with the respective woman.

If you don’t match, you can’t chat with ANYONE.

You follow?


So, what you need is a badass profile. Especially a badass main profile picture.

Because this is the goddamn first thing a woman sees when she comes across your profile.

Unfortunately, though, most men have terrible Tinder profile pics.

And I can’t judge them for that – after all, nobody teaches you how to create killer profile pictures.

That’s also why uploading a photo on your profile that will cockblock you rather than make you look more attractive is happening faster than you think.

And all that while you may not even be aware WHICH of your images is hurting you.

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So, let’s make sure your matches double up starting today with the help of these 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – “Turn all the colors on.”

To demonstrate you how to create/fine-tune a brilliant Tinder main profile picture, I bring you this picture:

At first glance it doesn’t look too bad, right?

The style of this client is quite solid. He has a fresh haircut and he apparently even had his photoshoot during a golden hour. The location itself looks urban and gives a cool, laid-back vibe.

However, there are a few things we could change to turn this picture from solid to phenomenal.

Let’s begin with the color balance.

Our client’s picture (let’s call him Herman) does look quite dark.

Herman’s face is depicted too darkly, so that his profile assessors cannot clearly recognize its slimness.

He would inevitably miss dozens of matches.

To show you what a gigantic difference a clever color balance can make, I’ve edited this picture a little for you.

I made some changes to the color, contrast and shadow/light setting with the standard picture editor of my iPhone.

For demonstration purposes, I just roughly improved the colors of this photo.

Normally, I would edit it carefully on my laptop using a more professional tool (especially if I’m editing pictures for my clients).

But to illustrate the importance of good color balance, I adjusted the picture just a little, so that you can see and also FEEL the difference between the original picture and this edit.

Do you feel how you’re getting warmer?

You can literally feel the sun’s rays burning on Herman’s skin. His skin color looks more human now, too.

In addition to that, I added a bit of contrast.

This may seem like a minuscule detail, but according to neuroscientific research, a stronger contrast brings you more matches.

The reason for this is the following:

The stronger the contrast between your face and your background, the easier it is for someone to recognize your face. Women find this less irritating and therefore better.

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Step 2 – “Crop it like it’s hot.”

When it comes to choosing your first profile picture, it’s essential that…

…preferably your torso and your head are visible.

Yeah, you read it right. That means you have to get rid of your legs and Hobbit feet.

If we check the picture of our bro Herman, we can tell that his photo could be cropped way more.

There’s too much space between his head and we see too much of his legs.

(Pictures which, by the way, primarily capture your head and torso are the most attractive, according to a study of the photo rating platform Photofeeler).

So, let’s cut the picture down to size…


Now Herman’s photo already looks much more suitable as a main profile picture.

However, by “zooming in” it loses some of its vibe and character.

But that’s not too tragic.

Because in your first picture, women are mainly focused on your FACE.

On the other hand, if half of your image is taken up by some skyline, the floor, 90% of the cosmos, or other things that are neither your face nor your torso… you ruin your chances for a “right swipe”.

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Step 3 – “What that mouth do?”

Okay, Herman will now be able to get more matches than when we started editing his picture.

But something is still missing.

A secret ingredient that not only guarantees you more matches…

…but also ensures that people perceive you in a completely different way.

It can help you to make women who have previously labeled you as weird, shady or creepy perceive you as charming.

This can even get them to want to meet directly in your apartment, without you having to talk for hours in a public place.

This secret Tinder profile tip not only makes you sexually more attractive


It makes you also more trustworthy.

All you have to do is this:

THE secret trick to exude raw masculine attractiveness

Get an obnoxious tattoo of your face and pose with it.

Just like this icon does it over here. If this isn’t the ultimate match booster…

Okay, but seriously.

All you really need to do to appear trustworthy is…

…to show that you have balance in your life.

You can do this, for example, by meditating cross-legged in Antarctica.

Wim Hof definitely lives his life in balance!

Okay, okay.

That’s enough trolling.

The most effective way to build more trust is to…

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put on that million-dollar smile you know you have.

Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time and give Herman the instructions to smile in his picture…

However, thanks to the FaceApp, we can make it look like Herman smiled when the camera was pointing at him.

A happy and genuine smile works true wonders (as you can obviously see from this horrifying edit…)

Do you want to know how you can achieve a seductive, masculine yet natural smile?

Have you always wondered whether you should look into the camera when it comes to attractive profile photos?

Are you keen on further scientifically based Tinder profile tips?

Then feel free to sit back and read this article I’ve written for you:

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Tinder Trick #2: Do THIS if you want a fantastic girlfriend

A smile implies trustworthiness and self-confidence.

That’s why you always want to have at least one photo on your profile where you smile – if you’re looking for an amazing girlfriend.

After all, trustworthiness is one of the most fundamental prerequisites for appealing to women who are looking for relationship material.

No woman wants to swipe to the right a dude who looks like he’s about to cheat on her.

So what are other smart ways to let your trustworthiness shoot through the ceiling?

  1. Pictures with animals: A photo with a doggo signalizes that you can take care of him and take responsibility – which are sexy father qualities for women. (Puppies or other baby animals give you extra points! Because, logically, you have to be much more sensitive towards them otherwise, they won’t survive for long…)
  2. Pictures with nieces or nephews, where they seem to have fun with you: You can score big points for fatherhood with this. A smiling child by your side is especially attractive for women who are looking for a serious relationship and are totally down for children… You give them an insight, so to speak, into how fantastic you would be in the father role for your potential children together.
  3. Snapshots of you and a quieter hobby: Pictures of you meditating, cooking or doing a nature sport also create a lot of trustworthiness. Why? Because you seem to have a “balanced nature” and the risk that you’re a quick-tempered choleric person is much lower…

Each one of these pictures (and photos where you smile or laugh) will make you look less aggressive.

Be aware, however, that you will quickly come across as an effeminate slob if you just put on your profile photos of yourself smiling like a donkey on crack or playing with children…

Then you fall on the left side of the “AttractonGym Tinder scale of enlightenment”. And you certainly don’t want to be on that side…

…unless you have a fetish for ending up in the friendzone dungeon all the time.

To come across as a strong man with backbone, it is therefore essential to give some of your photos a good portion of aggressiveness.

The golden formula for being glorious relationship material is thus roughly as follows:

50% trustworthiness + 50% aggressiveness = 100% relationship material

And I’ll show you in the next Tinder trick how you can add a little more aggressiveness to your pictures.

Tinder Trick #3: Do THIS if you want more Tinder sex or one-night stands

You’re currently not looking for a partner in crime?

Are you more the kind of person who currently wants to be free and maybe even thinks that a man is not a man if he hasn’t slept with at least 6.969 women?

That’s fine, too.

Each to his own.

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If you’re more interested in having more Tindersex, you want to be on the right side of the AttractionGym Tinder scale of the enlightenment spectrum.

You need to show more aggression.

But watch out!

By aggression, I don’t mean the act of dull, idiotic and brutal violence – like images of you beating someone or stealing your grand cousin’s lollipop.

Rather, I mean raw, unrestrained, masculine energy.

I’m going to tell you how to put this in your profile:

  • Don’t smile or laugh in your photos.
  • Frown and look away from the camera (by the way, you can find out in this article many examples of this and why it makes you look so damn manly)
  • Put your most masculine features well in your pictures: Do you have a sharp jawline, a distinctive Adam’s apple or a kingly beard? Then make sure that these features can be recognized nicely in your picture.
  • Research shows that muscular men are chosen more often by women for one-night stands, affairs and short-term relationships. So, if you have an athletic body, show it off (spoilers: half-naked mirror selfies look dull, tryhard and forced. So better take upper-body free pictures in an environment where it’s natural to be seen half-naked – for example, at the beach while surfing).
  • Use photos that make you look authoritative – for example, a picture of you giving a speech or presentation in front of a crowd.
  • Any extreme sport is good: You take risks and you have to be a brave mofo to practice it. This automatically makes you look more masculine. (Examples: climbing, martial arts, skydiving, skateboarding, snow sports…)

Use these kinds of pictures for your Tinder profile – et voilà, you will be seen more as lover material.


Don’t overdo it here. If you only upload “aggressive” images, you will quickly appear shady, unreliable and less trustworthy.

Women want to feel safe in your presence and not have to fear that you’re a secret serial killer.

So, mix your profile with more trustworthy pictures from the previous trick with more aggressive pictures from this trick. This way, you show more facets of yourself and are more interesting for a wider range of women (= MORE matches).

Tinder Trick #4: How to get her to text YOU first

So, you already know how to make your main profile picture 69 times better in 3 steps.

What you’re also aware of now is how you should build your profile if you’re more likely to be looking for a girlfriend.

AND which photos you should rather take if you’re looking for short term adventures.

But what do you do if you want women to text YOU first so that you don’t have to take the initiative yourself?

Well, if you’re wondering how you can do this, open your eyes, sailor!

There’s actually a way that you can get women to not only text you first…


But also make them want to keep the conversation going with you.

How do you achieve that?

Well, with a perfect profile text that inspires women to hit you up first.

So that you don’t have to brood for hours about which bio you can use, I tried out some of the most promising profile text ideas for you and added them here for you to copy:

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Tinder Trick #5: Give her that fairytale experience

This method is amazingly simple, effective and fvcking entertaining.

This way, you’ll make sure that you NEVER get lost again in boring interview questions that every average Joe asks her.

Have you ever had a conversation which went something like this…

What do you study?

I study psychology. You?

Cool. I study computer science… and where do you study?

In Guatemala. You?

Yeah… Every person on the planet has had that conversation.

Anyone who says otherwise is a shameless liar.

But how the hell can you even manage to add more spice to your chats?

It’s very simple.

By using words like these:

  • We
  • Us
  • You and me
  • Together

If we go back to the conversation of before and use the new words of our expanded vocabulary, it could sound like this:

I study psychology. You?

Psychology… cool. You know what we should do together?

No? But I’m sure you’ll tell me in a minute. 😉

We should open our own clinic for people with mental illness. But we’re going to approach therapy a little differently. Our clinic has to be one that every patient loves to go to. You treat the patients in your area of expertise while I take care of the entertainment program. 😉


It can be that easy to build a stronger bond with a lady.

Do you have to suck such a long story out of your fingers every time?


Is it the most creative projection of the future in human history?


But it’s sufficient. Think about the example above and how most guys deal with their interactions. You just need to stand out a little.

And by making “we” statements, you can do that. 169% guaranteed.

>>7 Tinder Tips for man Guide for more Matches and Dates.

Bonus Tinder Trick: How to get her number. Effortless + effectively.

You swap a bunch of texts with your match and know that the time has come.

The time for the next almighty step:

Exchange numbers and continue the conversation via WhatsApp with the intention of “scheduling a date”.


Make sure that you don’t spend too much time exchanging numbers with her.

Yes, many women enjoy chatting around. But don’t forget that Tinder is still an app where people want to get to know each other AND go on dates.

If you only want to text with ladies, you might as well install ICQ or MSN again…

“Okay, Dan. But how do I get her number?”

To rapidly increase the chances that a senorita will give you her number, I highly recommend that you do these two things:

  1. Don’t ask her
  2. Don’t ask her
  3. Don’t ask her

What do I mean by that?

As an attractive, sex-worthy and grounded man, you don’t want to ask her for her number effeminately, insecurely and pathetically.

So, forget about texts like this:

Heyyy, would you like to maybe – just maybe – have a coffee with me sometime? Please?! But only if it’s okay with you!! Could we like maybe exchange numbers?? Maybe?

And save questions like that:

Hey, do you want to go for a drink? And could you give me your number for that?

The first example is awful for obvious reasons. Guys who ask women for their number or a date like this sub-communicate low self-esteem, which can be very daunting.

The second dude is also in need of improvement. He formulates his date suggestion very politely and flatly. But this message certainly doesn’t trigger a “HELL YEAAAAAAH” reaction (unless she’s incredibly attracted to you for whatever reason). He also only gives his lady the possibility to respond with “yes” or “no”.

It’s not like you should give women no choice. But the more choices you give them and the less you lead, the less likely you are to get a date.

So, get her number by behaving towards her in a lighthearted – but still dominant – manner.

Alright, these were some juicy Tinder tricks.

Use them and feel the newly awakened power within you, young Padawan.

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See you there.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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