7 Tips on Texting a Girl to Unlock Her Attraction (+ Examples)

tips on texting a girl

How convenient would it be for you if you knew exactly how to seduce women on any messenger app you like?

No more ignored texts, no more unpleasant moments where you can’t think of what to write and no more rejections…

Bro, if you really want to know how to achieve exactly that, sit up straight now.

Because in this article, I’m going to show you:

  • 7 Essential texting tips for guys to get more dates scheduled
  • How you can profit from a clever marketing ploy to make her curious about you
  • Texting tips for guys: The #1 method, when you don’t know what to text
  • How you get her addicted to you through a secret dose of “TCH”
  • What world footballers have to do with flirty text messages and how you can benefit from it
  • Funny things to text a girl to stand out from average Joe
  • And many more tips on how to text with girls

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This situation is probably damn familiar to you:

You text with an attractive lady until it happens…

She sends you a message that makes you think:

“How the hell am I supposed to answer that?”

You feel as if the fate of the conversation depends entirely on you.

You decide to send her a slightly longer message, hoping she’ll find it interesting or funny.

Her reply?




(a more enthusiastic version of the classic “haha”… but still a completely useless answer)

Two facts about this:

  1. Some women will always remain disinterested and vice versa. After all, you may have completely different interests or a contrary sense of humor. And that’s perfectly fine.
  2. Most women don’t reply unenthusiastically because they’re boring or find you uninteresting… The problem is more with your messages. If you send her boring texts, she’ll reply accordingly short/ unimpressed. The reaction of a woman is a mirror of your action.

For women in the second category, you can change your results radically.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to work on today.

Remember for eternity:

You need to let women feel every emotion but boredom.

Many men seem to forget everything they’ve learned about seduction from the moment a text pops up on their phone.

Even self-confident seducers I know, who don’t struggle with approaching women seem to have difficulties as soon as the interaction continues via text.

(In the rest of this article I’ll give you several texting examples that you can use even if you’re relatively inexperienced in “mobile flirting”).


In this article, you won’t get any vague, impractical, wishy-washy guru bullshit tips.

“Just be yourself,” “Send her something funny” or “Give more than you take” – you’ll find my competitors giving impractical advice.

However, our site is and remains a bullsh!t-free zone.

Here you’ll only get tips that are proven in practice, easy to use and concrete.

And with that: Let’s go!

Texting tip #1: Profit from the most sophisticated marketing technique

Captain Obvious: You’re probably reading this article to learn how to flirt on text.

And maybe you won’t have to write to them anymore because your conversation is already taking place.

But who wouldn’t want to have promising openers in their arsenal of seduction?

For example, I have a text I call the “clickbait opener.

It combines the most powerful marketing techniques in one sentence and is so effective that I should actually charge money for it.


I like good karma, so I give it away without taking a penny for it.

Here I’ll show you exactly how to start texting a girl with it and with which two follow up texts you’ll achieve its maximum effect:

>> The 10 best Tinder openers to which you’ll always get an answer

You’re welcome.

Tip #2: Inject a strong dose of “TCH” (texting tips to keep a girl interested)


That’s why there are dozens of memes like this one:

But time for real talk.

This tip isn’t about any chemical compounds, but about how to add a fat dose of spice to your text conversations.

More specifically, it’s about how to make sure your messages have a seductive vibe and don’t come across as boring.

You can do this with the TCH principle.

If your message contains one or more of these elements, it’s good:

  • Toucan pictures
  • Chinese
  • Heroin references

Wait a minute; that’s not correct.

I meant, of course:

Humor creates a light-hearted, relaxed and carefree atmosphere.

Teasing and challenging, on the other hand, create tension. Immensely important tension.

One tip I can give you in advance for getting better at teasing is this:

If you find out something new about her, challenge her playfully.

She tells you she’s going to law school? Then say something like:

I see… So, you’re the kind of woman who will keep criminals out of prison in the future… My parents used to warn me about women like you. 😉

When you use a line like this in real life, it’s essential that you put on a big smile.

Otherwise, there’s a danger that she’ll misinterpret your line and feel offended.

With a smile on her lips, however, she realizes that you’re just teasing her lightheartedly.

However, when flirting via text, you can add a “;)” emoji if you’re unsure if she might misinterpret your message.

Let’s take another example to make this clearer.

Imagine you’re facing a woman dressed very femininely but wearing an outfit that has something of a cowgirl from the wild west.

Then you can tease her like this:

Wow, do you always walk around like that, or did you just come from a farm?

How do you think she would react if you didn’t put a smile on your face – or if you didn’t use a smile or wink emoji when texting?

Goddamn, right. She would most likely be offended.

With a broad grin or a simple “;)” while texting, you’ll cause a completely different reaction.

If she has a sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously, she might react with a laugh or tease you back lightheartedly.

This creates tension between you, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve. Because this is how flirting works!

Continue with this and continue to build tension. This will rapidly increase her attraction towards you.

>> How To Be Playful? 3 Must-Have Tips + 7 Examples.

Tip #3: Stop trying to score points

It’s striking that many men make the same mistakes repeatedly.

Among them, there’s a type of man who tries hard to appear “cool.”

He wants to be liked.

At all costs!

He has a deep need to convince others of himself.

It’s almost as if he’s constantly haunted by self-doubt.

Fears that whisper to him:

“Does the other person already know what I can do? Does he know what I’ve experienced and what I’ve been through?”

That’s also the reason why I often get questions like these (maybe they look familiar to you):

  • “She asked me this question. How should I reply?”
  • “How am I supposed to answer when she texts me?”

Bro, do you notice what’s happening?

These men are afraid to do anything “wrong.”


Because they permanently feel “not good enough.”

They need validation from others that what they’re producing is “good.”

In their conversations with women, they want to appear “cool” and overplay their actual insecurities.

But what if you stop trying to look “cool” 24/7?

What if you’re AUTHENTIC and share your true opinion?

Now there are different ways you can do that.

And one of the most effective ways you can integrate more HONESTY into your flirts, I’ll tell you now.

>> 33 Best Things To Do on a Date to Create Epic Memories.

Tip #4: Play the judge

This technique is quite simple.

Suppose a lady texts to you:

I’m going for a swim.

Then all you have to do is answer honestly.

Are you also a swimming enthusiast or do you share a passion for certain water sports?

Dope! Then she has just landed some points with you and you can text her something like

Nice! +3 attractiveness points for [her name]

Next scenario.

Imagine your beloved sends you this picture:

How can you respond to this?

Well, you can use the exact same “technique” and ask yourself first:

“Do I like pancakes?”

Of course you do. Everyone likes pancakes.

Well, unfortunately, you quickly become a predictable man if you give her points for every little thing you like.

So, occasionally, you playfully challenge her so that…

  1. Tension is building up between you.
  2. She has to prove to you how “airy” she can handle your “judgment.”

For a change, you’re going to take points off her for that.

But how can you justify the points deduction?

After all, pancakes are a gift from God.

You could of course, lie and say that you find them disgusting and would never want to stuff that sugary stuff inside you.

But lying is f*cking pathetic, unmanly, and unattractive.

At best, it’ll prove that you’re rotten to the core.

That’s why we’re going about it differently… more lightheartedly.

Authentic and honest, but still playful.

So, you can text something like:

Mmmmh, pancakes! Yummy. But unfortunately, they’re missing a good shot of Nutella. -1 for [her name].


The pancakes aren’t perfectly symmetrical stacked: -2 for [her name].


F*ckkk, these pancakes look really fluffy. +3 points!  

…and immediately after:

But unfortunately, at least three different freshly cut seasonal fruits are missing on it. -3.1 points.  

Or you use Harry Potter memes:

Flirting 101 with Professor Dumbledore


>> Seducing a Woman Over Text – 7 Examples of Building Tension.

You wonder what you can do if she complains about too few or minus points?

Then everything is going fine. Because in that case, you can be sure that your opinion matters to her.

Now I’ll give you two basic reasons why the judge method is so powerful:

  1. You create a humorous vibe through it.
  2. By teasing and challenging her, you create a desire in her to prove herself to you (this puts you in a stronger position because she needs your validation rather than the other way around).

Keep in mind that this isn’t a way to get rid of her.

You only want to bring more dynamics into your conversation and lead the conversation as a man.

Tip #5: How to ask questions without using any

Have you ever met a person where you thought at the speed of light:

“Pfff, this person is so boring… I need to get out of the conversation ASAP.”

I think we all know this situation.

Sometimes it happens that other people feel the same way about you.

And you know what?

You can prevent that.

What these deadly boring encounters often have in common are their superficial run-of-the-mill questions:

  • “Where are you from?”
  • “What are you studying? What do you do for a living?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Do you have a dog?”
  • “What’s his name?”
  • “How old is he?”
  • “How long have you had him?”


And then some people wonder why their conversation partner suddenly has to go to the toilet / home / to the bar / the housewarming party for the budgies of a friend…

So, what can you do instead of bombarding new contacts with unoriginal questions?

>> How to Be a More Dominant Man and Set Your Woman On Fire.

It’s remarkably simple:

You formulate the unspectacular questions into creative statements.

Where are you from?

  • “You look like a woman who grew up in the country among cows and chickens. Yes… I can imagine how you used to have to milk the cows first thing every morning.”

What do you do for a living?

  • “I have the feeling with you that you’re a creative woman… Yeah, probably the reincarnation of Picasso. I can imagine you’re an abstract artist who’s about to become world-famous, but right now, you’re still painting in your parents’ basement.

What are you studying?

  • “You seem like a cold-hearted businesswoman studying business so she can rule the world by building a huge corporate empire.”

What are your hobbies?

  • “With you, I feel like you’re a horse-crazy woman. You’re probably even a vaulting talent that can do triple flips on a horse. Yup… I could imagine that about you.”

How old are you?

  • “Hmmm… with you, my intuition tells me that you’re too old for me.”
  • “Do you have a driver’s license yet?

Do these statements have to be direct hits?

Nope. They can even provoke strong reactions when you’re completely wrong about what you say. Then your chosen one will wonder WHY you think so.

However, you’ll earn serious bonus points, especially if you’re right with your statements.

For example, I once correctly guessed a girl’s profession, her biggest passion and her zodiac sign.

Guess three times how (and where) the interaction ended.

Tip #6: How to arouse her with compliments

Imagine you’re a professional soccer player.

You make a bundle of money a match.

Several clubs are fighting over you.

Your Instagram account is inundated with fans who shower you with compliments about your skills.

People look at you with sparkling eyes as you walk down the streets. And if someone talks to you, it’s only because they want your autograph.

You’re in enormous demand.

One day you’ll meet someone you like. (via Tinder, in the club or whatever).

The person seems to you as if you could have a lot of fun with her.

Until she says this:

I think you’re a good soccer player.

A tired sentence you hear every day.

It probably goes in one ear and comes out the other.

On autopilot, you answer “thank you” while you want to change the subject.

Heads up, bro.

The reality I’m about to show you isn’t only that of many world-famous soccer players…


But also, those of most beautiful women.

Their everyday life isn’t much different.

Every day they read on their social media accounts how beautiful they are. Gorgeous even. No, they’re true goddesses.

Her inbox is full of messages from men vying for her attention.

In the streets, she’s stared at enthusiastically.

The only thing you achieve when you compliment women like that on their appearance…

…is that you classify yourself to them as another average Joe.

Another dude giving her the same compliments as everyone else.

On the other hand, if you really want to stand out from the monotonous masses, you have to give her more original compliments.

For example, for…

  • Her personality
  • Her charisma
  • Her style
  • Her humor
  • Her intelligence
  • Her penchant for playing World of Warcraft

By the way, I’ve written the ultimate guide for this, in which I give you concrete examples of how to attract a lady with clever compliments.

You can find it here:

>> Compliments for Women: #1 Guide to Make Her Melt for You

Tip #7: Logical thinking is for intelligent people – popular men focus on emotions (texting tips for dating)

After some research, I quickly realized that our readers are, on average, more intelligent than the average guy.

Because many of them are doing a job that requires a well-functioning logical mind.

As a rule, they have an extensive rational understanding and have the capacity to process complex issues perfectly.

So, most of our readers are smart dudes. Top!

Logical thinking alone, however, won’t help you much when flirting.

Because no matter how intelligent you are… maybe you already know that human decisions are based on emotional impulses.

Only IN RETROSPECT, they get rationally justified by us.

This is also one of the reasons why humor works so well when flirting via text.

For example, by making a woman laugh, you stimulate her emotionally, and her whole body will respond.

However, if you want to REALLY win a woman over, you must be able to catapult her onto a rollercoaster of different emotions.

How to give her the time of her life

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