The Art of Empowering vs Self-Sabotaging Love Quotes

love quotes and sayings

I just threw up.

Why you ask me?

Oh, I just saw some cheesy life and love sayings in form of ‘poetic’ pictures in my Facebook news feed.

And your body should react the same way when you see posts like this on your display:

The kitschy phrases and quotes manipulate you in the most subtle way, transforming you into an effeminate, emotionally unstable being who suffers from never-ending inferiority complexes.

But not after today.

Because in this article, I show you:

  • How to empower yourself with toxic love quotes and sayings
  • Decoded: Why ‘love u sayings’ and ‘life quotes’ negatively affect countless men and women
  • What cats have to do with inferiority complexes
  • Multiple love quotes case studies
  • Why Bruno Mars should be locked up behind bars
  • My #1 flirt tips to revolutionize your dating life
  • More about the these cheesy love sayings…

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Love quotes: poison for your brain

They’re at least as TOXIC to you as a bite from an inland taipan – the most poisonous snake on our planet

Fun fact:

With the secreted poison from ONE bite of this snake, you could theoretically kill 230 people.

This may sound a bit far-fetched, but I even go a little further.

Through the bite of a taipan, you’ll be dead after 45 all-holes-of-your-body-bleeding minutes (at the latest). Afterward, your pain is over, and you can rest in peace.

Corny love quotes and sayings, on the other hand, poison you in another way. They don’t necessarily cause to make you bleed out of your eye sockets, but they corrode your most important organ bit by bit:

Your brain.

For days, months, years.

Until the walnut-like mass in your skull works in a completely different way.

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QuoteBreakdown: This is how love quotes and sayings brainwash you

Look, brochacho.

I’m aware that ‘brainwashing’ is often associated with conspiracy theorists, who use homemade aluminum hats to protect themselves from extraterrestrial radiation.

But this wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I couldn’t tell you exactly why they have such a bad influence on your mental psyche.

That’s why I ventured into the dirtiest sweeps of the World Wide Web to present you 3 of the cringiest quote pictures I’ve ever seen.

Each of them we’ll…

  1. Examine carefully
  2. Rephrase into a quote / saying, which will help you tremendously with your dating life

Let’s go!

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Love Quote #1: ‘The Unentitled Boy’

Just one of billions cheesy quotes ‘for him’…

Affirmative. Motivational. Inspiring.

All this certainly does NOT apply to this saying.

”I don’t want to be perfect…”

 Okay, so far, the muchacho’s mental state seems to be fine.

“… I just want to be good enough for you.”


The worst has come to the worst.

The biggest wish of this guy is to be GOOD ENOUGH for his lady.

There are TWO things wrong with this statement.

Number 1 is his desire to be enough for his chosen one:

With this moment, he sub communicates that his life’s purpose is to please his ma’am.

Thus, he gives LESS priority to his biggest passions, his family, his best homies, and his profession than to the welfare of his beloved ones.

So, he would have no problem rotting miserably under a bridge in a rat’s nest as long as his lady is more satisfied with him.

Doesn’t sound like you have much self-esteem…

Number 2: He doesn’t want to be perfect but good enough for his mademoiselle.

What he sub communicates with this expression?

I’ll tell you:

A lack of self-confidence.

For whatever ridiculous reason, in his opinion, he is NOT enough for his lady.

He uses it to lift her onto a pedestal that he wants to reach at all costs.

Three cheers for inferiority complexes…

“Sounds logical, Dan. But how would this pile of excrement of a quote look like if he had an emotionally stable mindset?”

That question, bro, is a true symphony to my ears.

It would probably read as follows:

“A woman doesn’t have to be perfect for me, just cool enough.”

Let me explain what’s so genius about that statement:

  1. You’re turning the tables. A woman must qualify for you. Lift her to a pedestal? Pure nonsense.
  2. You feel good enough for her, regardless of her attractiveness. You don’t need a ridiculous reason for that. You’re a man; she’s a woman. If you get along well, you can procreate. You don’t need another reason.
  3. By wanting her to be ‘cool enough,’ but not perfect, you sub communicate: ‘I have my limits. A chica doesn’t have to be flawless, just share the same humor as me and be open-minded (or whatever your criteria are)’.

This mindset is bursting with self-confidence, which is incredibly attractive for women.

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Love Quote #2: ‘The Crackhead’


Does it already catch your eye, why this ‘inspiring picture’ should burn in hellfire forever?

That’s right.

“I’m happy…”

Glad to hear that, hermano.

“…as long as you’re by my side.”


Here the dear monsieur makes his satisfaction dependent on his madame.

He sub communicates that he is fundamentally unhappy with himself and his life.

It sounds as if he would rather set himself on fire and jump off a skyscraper with a rope as soon as his beloved separates from him.

If that indicates a healthy state of mind?

Hell NO.

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So, let’s rephrase this toxic scum of a saying:

“I’m happy no matter what. An attractive woman by my side is a bonus.”


…much better.

Why is this statement so good?

  1. Here the underlying assumption is that you’re happy from the bottom up. You don’t need material things to be more satisfied with yourself. You accept yourself and your life as it is.
  2. Every hot señorita by your side is just a bonus. You enjoy her presence. The profound conversations with her and yes, also the passionate sex. However, it is not vital for you to have some. After all, you are happy without one.


Love Quote #3: ‘The clingy pussy’


This gentleman is exceedingly creative.

But as soon as I look at his saying, every organ inside me turns upside down and wants to leave my body from the throat of my ‘feeding-hatch’ through my esophagus.

“If I were an animal, I’d be a cat.”

Nice to know…

By the way, if I were an animal, I would be a Southeast American hair jelly, which drifts around brainlessly through the ocean…

“Because I love you and will love you until I die… in all eight years following up.”


In this poetic gush, there are precisely three damnable things:

  1. This señor must value his life so little, that he wouldn’t mind being a yowling cat right away. Doesn’t sound like he has a lot of self-confidence, huh…
  2. The only thing that matters to him in his life isn’t influencing the world positively. No. As pure modesty in person, it’s enough for him to shower his chosen one with his love. Which kind of sub communicates that he considers himself as someone who isn’t ‘of use’ in anything else.‘
  3. Possessiveness-level = over 9,000: Our compañero wants to have his ma’am ‘9 lifetimes’ for himself, just to love her. Otherwise, his life seems to make no sense to him. Getting to know other women, if she breaks up with him, seems to be completely out of his reality. An attitude which sounds more oppressive than romantic…

*cracks his fingers*

Let’s transform this baby:

“I love you unconditionally. But as soon as I realize our love is one-sided, I respectfully part with you.”

Yeah, I know.

You’ve probably been hoping for me to exchange the ‘cat’ of the quote with another animal.

However, if you are looking for animals, I highly recommend you turn on Discovery Channel – you won’t find them here.

Take pride in the fact that you have a mind to ponder your actions and aren’t a bush chimp that instinctively throws its enemies with its excrement to mark its territory – without having control over your behavior.


It wouldn’t help you seduce women, either.

Makes sense, right?

And now I’ll show you why this mindset is AWESOME AS F*CK:

  1. By giving unconditional love to your partner in crime, you allow her to be herself in your presence with all her quirks and tics – without you condemning her for it. You can both be authentic to each other 24/7 and don’t have to suppress any parts of your personality. Sounds like a fulfilling relationship, huh? 😉
  2. However, as soon as you realize that you are the only one who wants to keep your relationship alive, while your mademoiselle doesn’t show you authentic love, you part with her. With this, you sub communicate that you have high self-esteem. After all, you are a man who has personal boundaries.
  3. Break-ups don’t mean the end of the world for you. Rather, you see a past relationship as a wonderful era that is sadly over. Because you have the deep confidence in yourself to meet other women who love you and with whom you can also have epic experiences, you will respectfully part with your girlfriend without any anger being involved. After all, there are billions of other women on our crazy blue planet, and this is exactly what you’re aware of.

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Hasta la vista kitschy love quotes and sayings

Perfecto, brochacho.

By now, you understand why love quotes have a considerably bad influence on your psyche.

The more often you see them and ‘play’ them to your brain, the quicker it starts to believe the written diarrhea.


Because our subconscious mind CAN’T filter everything for us. Too much information is hailing into our baloney brains around the clock.

News. Internet videos. Pictures. Movies. Series. Lyrics of songs.

There are too many opinions and too much information that can no longer be filtered.

Maybe your eagle eyes catch sight of toxic sayings, and you close the browser.

But a few minutes later, ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars is on the radio.

You love that tune. However, your brain gets conditioned at the exact moment your ears hear the lyrics.

I quote:

“I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah)
Throw my head on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah)
I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah)
You know I’d do anything for ya (yeah, yeah)

Oh oh, I would go through all this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for ya baby,
But you won’t do the same”

Awesome. A sound inferiority complex exclusively for your ears.

The point is…

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Instead of being constantly NEGATIVELY manipulated by infinite sources, do the following:

Recondition your brain for your own benefit.


For example, by writing down a list of positive affirmations:

Here you record statements about yourself, which you read aloud to yourself every morning and evening. This might sound a bit woohoo wishy-washy, but through repetitions, you help your subconscious mind to change your thoughts positively .

Negative clutter in your head gets ENORMOUSLY reduced.

You transform your synapses into powerful wingmen.

Want some inspiration?


  • I exude strength.
  • I’m independent and happy.
  • I’m strong-willed and self-confident.
  • I’m eager and can master the biggest challenges.
  • I’m charming and humorous.
  • My life is great.
  • I accept and love myself as I am.

Affirmations are one good way among many to transform yourself into a more attractive self.

“I see Dan. But what else can I do to become a more sex worthy man?”

Excellent question, bro.

Create your own core of inspiration

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