7 Keys to Understanding Women: THIS Is How They Think

So you want to know how women think.

This is understandable because reading women can be damn difficult.

One moment she totally sweet, the next she is deeply disappointed.

She says “yes” but means “no.”

Ah yeah, and she treats men who want the absolute best for her like dirt while being in love with an asshole…

Why is she so complicated?

At first sight, the behavior of females seems to be free of any logic. But if you look closer, you’ll see patterns.

I will share these patterns with you today, so that you end up understanding women better than they understand themselves.

What you will learn:

  • Understand female psychology: What science says
  • The difference between men and women: Know it and you avoid years of pain
  • Why women create drama and how you deal with it like a boss
  • A look behind the scenes: The brutal reality of a Russian model
  • What are women attracted to decoded: Do THIS to seduce women
  • And much more insights on how to understand a woman (mind)…

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Tip #1: The big difference between men and women

There is a reason why men don’t understand women.

It’s because they assume that women think just as they do.

We live in times where thousands of people scream behind their screens, curse me in 20 different languages and send me five hate-mails a day just because I say there are fundamental differences between men and women. Then they try to take me down by disregarding the context and putting what I say or write in a negative light.

But you can write as many hate-mails as you want, the truth remains the same:

Men and women are NOT the same.

To deny that means to suffer, to understand that means to seduce.

It goes without saying that they should be equal in terms of rights and opportunities but on a biological and psychological level, clear differences cannot be denied.

In childhood, they are still very weakly developed, but as soon as puberty kicks in, the boys get sticky underpants and the girls have to use tampons, these differences become more and more obvious.

There are a lot of things I could list now, but one difference is particularly significant if you want to take your love life to the next level:

Women are more emotional.

This could be the reason why women are more prone to depression and anxiety than men (source: Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience)

By the way, men are more prone to drug abuse, attention deficits, and an anti-social personality… but back to the subject!

Other studies indicate that women can experience stronger, negative emotions (source: Department of Psychiatry, University of Montreal).

“Not every woman is the same, Dan. This is an unfair generalization and pigeonhole thinking”

I hear many protesting now.

Of course, there are some women who are less emotional than the average man, but hey, there are also people with twelve fingers, and yet we learn in anatomy that a human has ten fingers.

Tip #2: One emotion every woman HATES

One reason why women are more emotional than men could be because there are more dangers for women, or at least these dangers are more severe for women.

That would be the most obvious explanation of why they are more sensitive.

Let me tell you a story…

I once attended a self-help seminar in Miami. There I learned an eye-opening lesson about the reality of a woman I have never really thought about before.

The speaker asked the large hall with a total of 3,000 people:

“Of all the men in this hall, who has felt like he’s in danger in the last 30 days?”

I thought about it vigorously but I could not remember any situation.

Out of 1500 men, 30-50 raised their arms. That’s about 2-3%.

The speaker repeated the question, but this time he addressed the women.

I could not believe my eyes because the difference could not have been more drastic…

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Almost EVERY woman in the hall put her hand up – at least 95%.

When I returned to the Netherlands, I interviewed a few female friends about it. Here are their stories, giving you an insight into a woman’s reality:

“One time I was on a train and this creepy man sat down right across from me. He stared at me the whole time… Not once did he take his eyes off me. I didn’t dare say anything or leave because I was afraid he’d get aggressive.”

“My friend was drunk. So drunk that I had to help him to walk. I couldn’t carry him. A group of men approached us. They offered to help, but I had a bad gut feeling about them…”

“When I was walking home from a club, a man followed me. I tried not to be scared, but every turn I took he took too, so I called a friend to at least have someone on the phone.”

Each of these situations would be less frightening for a man, as his increased muscle mass, especially in the upper body, allows him to transfer more kinetic energy into a blow.

What these insights show is that security is an essential need for women.

If she feels uncomfortable in your presence, she will leave the conversation faster than you can say “Bill Cosby”.

It doesn’t even have to be you. Last summer in Barcelona for instance, I talked to a woman and wanted to get closer to her.

The conversation got more intimate, I pulled her close, confident eye contact, our lips almost touched…

…when suddenly a drunken homeless ruined everything by intrusively begging for money.

As a man, you’d think:

“No problem, once that shady guy’s gone, I can kiss her.”

But her sense of security had disappeared and so had our moment.

I had to take a step back and rebuild the attraction.

So make sure a woman feels safe and protected in your presence.

Tip #3: Why serial killers receive love letters

Sometimes you walk through the city and you see a gorgeous woman…

… holding hands with a man who could easily be a Level 100 Mafia Boss.

He looks angry, probably on steroids, and is covered in tattoos.

“If women care so much about security, why do they get involved with guys like this?”
ne could ask.

But the reason why they are attracted to these type of men is simple, and I will explain it to you by using an extreme example.

Two men who committed such terrible crimes that I won’t even mention them here received hundreds of love letters in prison.

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How is that possible?

Researchers have studied the psychology behind it. Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Goddam describe murder as “an effective way to get women’s attention”.

They add that almost every serial killer receives love letters from numerous female fans.

The phenomenon of being attracted to serial killers is called “hybristophilia“. Women are significantly more frequently affected than men.

There are several reasons for this but two of them are particularly crucial if you want to REALLY understand women:

  1. Women want a beast

I know… it can strike you like a lightning bolt if you didn’t already know that.

My mother also taught me that women want a nice man who does everything for them. But nothing is less true and you will keep faceplanting until you finally realize this truth.

The movies “Beauty and the Beast” or “50 Shades of Grey” also refer to this fact.

Many women have a deep need to find a man who radiates a certain “you don’t want to mess with him!” vibe.

  1. Women are more emotional than men (I cannot repeat it often enough)

Let me put it this way:

Let’s assume that people are cars and the emotions they can feel are their engine.

In that case women would have a V8 engine with 800 hp and men a two-stroke engine with 50 hp.

Tell me: What would you do if you had a car with such a powerful engine?

Right, you’d want to experience its power firsthand. You would want to know how fast the car can accelerate and what maximum speed can be reached.

Women who write serial killers hope for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

It is obvious that this is an extreme example. If you now think that you have to become human garbage to seduce women, you did not understand my point. The lesson here is that you should let women feel a variety of strong emotions.

A woman who feels nothing is like a car rusting in an old warehouse.

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Tip #4: Love and hate for a lapdog

You probably have a buddy in your circle of friends (or maybe you’ve let it come to that yourself…):

When you go out, it’s Pit Bulls Night Out.

Beer is flowing in streams, politically incorrect jokes make for resounding laughter, and in the meantime chicas bonitas are seduced…

Anyway, an epic night is guaranteed.

But suddenly he has a girlfriend…

(Need I say more?)

He joins less and less often, and makes excuses like:

  • “I agreed with my girlfriend that I had to be home before 01:00.”
  • “I go out with my girlfriend and her friends today. Sorry.”
  • “My girlfriend doesn’t want me to go out tonight.”

It’s getting worse and worse and it won’t be long before you don’t even get to see him.

She is pulling the strings. The Pit Bull turned into a lap dog.

A month later, he is suddenly back…

The reason:

His girlfriend threw him out on the street. Dumped him like he was an old pair of shoes that wasn’t hip enough anymore.

“Why is his girlfriend leaving that cute little lap dog on the doorstep? Why did she break up with him?”
– You might ask yourself…

Her reason:

“You’ve changed.”

Your buddy is desperate and can’t understand:

“Yes, I have changed. FOR YOU. You wanted this. I have adapted to your needs!”

Women often want to turn you into a lapdog. It is clear why: Lapdogs are sweet and gentle. It is easy to control them.


Women don’t really want this!

At least not in the long run.

You are welcome to adapt to them like a Pit Bull who is learning new behaviors.

BUT UNDER NO CONDITIONS (!) should you allow yourself to be turned into a lap dog.

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She doesn’t want a lapdog. Otherwise, it feels to her as if she suddenly has to take care of you like a mother.

She wants a Pit Bull that can be tamed to a certain degree, but retains his freedom and sense of responsibility as if these things were precious diamonds.


They are even more valuable than all the diamonds and women in the world. So stay the proud Pit Bull that you are.

Tip #5: Drama, Baby, Drama!

It’s a typical situation between a man and a woman…

The woman comes into the living room like a storm, where the man sits on the couch with his legs stretched out and a beer in his hand.

She is furious:

“What the hell is this? Sitting around being lazy and the garage still isn’t clean. You said you’d clean it up!”

The man has had a stressful day at work, and besides he doesn’t understand the problem.

“Why do you care about that stupid garage? The car is always parked outside anyway. Whether I clean it up today or tomorrow doesn’t matter at all,”

“But you promised to clean it up today!”

The woman is clearly disappointed.

Do you also think that the woman makes a mountain out of a molehill?


The woman has every reason to be angry.

The problem is that men are distracted by the superficial outrage. On that level, the woman’s behavior doesn’t really seem to make sense… I mean, why the hell does she need the garage all of a sudden?

But if you delve deeper into the woman’s motives and discover the cause, you will realize that her drama is not unjustified. After all, the man promised that he would clean it up, and he didn’t.

This seems like a small thing, but how can a woman trust a man’s word if he can’t even keep harmless promises.

It is therefore, a violation of her trust.

So how do you deal with female drama in the right way?

It’s very simple.

An attractive man analyses whether there is anything he could do NOW. If there is no such thing, he remains calm, because he knows that she simply needs his attention.

She wants to be understood and appreciated.

Why do women create drama?

Since you’re here to understand women better, I’ll explain.

There will always be some relationship struggles, and they must be dissipated.

Men often drown them in alcohol, get into fights or gossip about their girlfriends in front of their buddies.

Women are less prone to physical aggression (this is partly due to lower testosterone levels), which is why stress tends to lead to psychological terror such as drama, manipulation or gossip.

One is no better than the other.

But hey, it’s not always this dramatic. Sometimes she just wants to see how important she is to you.

That is why a lot can be achieved through a loving hug or attentive listening.

Ah yes, passionate sex also helps.

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Tip #6: Women are insecure

Back when I was a student, a new girl joined our classes:

A Russian model.

A true miracle of nature. I don’t know how to describe her, because every word would limit her beauty.

I was still a virgin at that time and considerably bad with women.

All the others pounced on the Russian beauty like a pack of wolves…

It did not take a minute for one of them to carry her bag, another one showed her around, and one even offered to teach her privately what she has missed so far.

I was waiting for one guy to plank over a puddle of mud, so she wouldn’t get her high heels dirty…

Undoubtedly, she had a strong effect on men but it came with a price: her beauty was intimidating.

None of the boys had dared to flirt with her.

It’s easy to feel like you’re not good enough around her. Because how could you ever compete with a woman like that?

If you ask me, these men made a horrible mistake: they did not look behind the scenes.

Because every evening she drank half a bottle of vodka on the balcony and smoked a complete pack of cigarettes.

She stayed there until 4 o’clock in the morning until she was numb enough to fall asleep. Of course, she rarely managed to get up early the next morning, so she missed all her classes and was eventually expelled from school.

I don’t know what she’s doing today, but I think it has a lot to do with sitting at home and making selfies for Instagram…

Not really what you expect when you see her for the first time.


Beautiful women often appear to be flawless. But behind the scenes we are all just people with insecurities, fears, problems and flaws.

Yeah, women are people. Crazy, right? 😉

I am sure that even Scarlett Johansson asks herself these questions when she meets a new man she likes:

  • “Does he find me attractive?”
  • “Does he like me?”
  • “Is this dress good enough?”

Never underestimate their insecurity.

Women are just as afraid of rejection as men are, no matter how many sexy selfies they post on social media.

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Tip #7: Guess what, women love sex

If you’re thinking: “Oh no, Dan. I knew that already”, then let me congratulate you – you’ve unleashed the sex beast that’s inside every woman at least once.

But many men have never managed to do this, and they are starting to believe that women need sex less than men… which, of course, is complete nonsense.

It is obvious why a woman has to hide her sexual side: the cost of sex is higher for her than for a man.

Not only does she risk getting pregnant, she also risks ruining her reputation.

That she pretends to have no sexuality can hardly be blamed on her.

However, if you are a sexually attractive man who knows exactly how to arouse immense lust in her, then you will discover:


My final gift to implement your new insights

So now you’re understanding women better than they understand themselves.

That means it’s time to take action. Whether it’s finding a girlfriend, saving a relationship, or experiencing adventurous night outs.

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May you do well.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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