Top 10 Creatively Unique Date Ideas To Make Her Say ‘I Love You’

unique date ideas

No matter where you met her, now it’s prime time.

You have a date.


I will show you:

  • 10 Unique date ideas to get her heart racing
  • How you can give her a rollercoaster of emotions, taking her attraction for you to a new level
  • What you can learn from Macklemore about memorable dates
  • A simple hack that will melt the heart of your chosen one
  • What the Ghostbusters have to do with original couple ideas
  • Effective flirt tips to get her excited about any date suggestion
  • And much more (first) date tips for men on how to date a woman…

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Pro tip:

The following date ideas can be simultaneously seen as fun activities for couples. So, if you are in a relationship each of these date ideas can help you spicing up your partnership.

And with that I welcome you – to the blog post dedicated to a myth-enshrouded question…

If you’re a Homo sapiens with emotions (and not an apathetic serial killer), you are probably a little nervous.

You’re wondering:

“What the hell am I going to do with her?”

And you know what?

I like that you care about that, amigo.

Because 99% of all dates are boring as f*ck.

The problem with that?

If you take a woman out on a lame date she’s been on dozens of times in this form…

… you run the risk that she may not want to see you again.

Women can be cold as ice when it comes to that.


Because if you take her out on an average date, she’ll assume you’re an average dude.

Another replaceable guy she’ll forget very quickly.

Even if you have had several dates with your chosen one – or are even together with her by now…

… it is inevitable to spice up your relationship regularly with fun ideas and date activities.

Otherwise, she’ll look for a better option in the long term and find herself a another man who can offer her more variance…

“What the – well, Dan… I’m certainly not up for this.”

Don’t worry, bro, I’ve got you covered.

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Unique date idea #1: Go on a winnings hunt

Screaming people train their gag reflexes during wild carousel rides.

7-year-old rug rats bite their milk teeth off candied apples.

And beer enthusiasts drink ‘hop juice’ from buckets.

A visit to the funfair guarantees you and your date one thing above all:

A rollercoaster of emotions.

So, you can…

  • Challenge other in a can knockdown (the loser buys a round of drinks)
  • Smuggle a bag of roasted almonds onto the Ferris wheel and philosophize about the meaning of life while enjoying the amazing view
  • Cling to each other in the chamber of horrors while skeleton dolls and white sheets jump at you

Most of the time funfairs are crowded, so you must get close together.

After you have strutted around the area with hooked arms and inspected all the attractions, you can end your evening in the nearest cocktail bar.

Or even better: Mix your own cocktails at home.

This way it is almost impossible that the date won’t be a complete success.

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Unique date idea #2: Go thrift-shopping

♪ ♫ ’I wear your granddad’s clothes
I look incredible
I’m in this big ass coat
From that thrift shop down the road’ 
♪ ♫

Since Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ at latest, we all should be aware that a trip to a second-hand shop can only mean one thing:


Find each other ridiculous outfits for the next theme party.

Or play America’s Next Top Model and have a photo shoot with crazy partner outfits.

The genius thing about this date idea is that you kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Many women love shopping and get a real dopamine rush just by entering a clothing store – so your chosen one will be probably excited about this date suggestion
  2. By searching for each other’s outfits or by matching them, this rendezvous brings an enormous feeling of togetherness with it

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Unique date idea #3: ‘Who let the dogs out?’

You and your flame cultivate a fondness for four-legged fur balls?

Then pay a visit to the nearest animal shelter.

Every day dozens of doggos are waiting to be taken for a walk by animal-loving Homo sapiens.

The perfect opportunity to grab a picnic basket, fill it with sandwiches and juices and spend quality time in the park with a dog of your choice.

Not only do you do something good for the dogeriñhos, but you also have a wingman at your side who shouldn’t be underestimated.

With a cuddly four-legged friend your lady can’t help but melt away experiencing a cuteness overload.

Unique date idea #4: Join a paintball battle

Fire in the hole!

Back you up as you eliminate all your opponents with 360-noscope shots as if you were Counter Strike figures come to life.

With a good game of paintball, it’s not just your opponents you blow up with paint grenades – it’s also your adrenaline level.

By having the chance to play in a team, you’ll experience a certain Bonnie and Clyde factor.

In addition, you can show your señorita your protective instinct and iron courage (or rather your world-weariness).

This date idea brings you closer together as a duo in a badass way that your chosen one has probably never experienced before.

Unique date idea #5: Ghostbusters 2.0

Speaking of thrills…

You two have a thing for horror movies?

You would like to give your date a certain portion of ‘memorability’ and not just hang with her in front of the TV?

Then I have a date proposal for you that you two will probably remember for the rest of your lives…


Take part in a ghost tour and play Ghostbusters.

From abandoned castles to ghost towns, your homey Google makes it easy to find tours nearby your city.

If you want to do that without a tour guide, you can also simply search for abandoned places that are open to public.

Thrills are guaranteed.

Unique date idea #6: Awaken the Picasso in you

Pablo Pica-who? With this date idea you even let Picasso fall into oblivion.

Organize a canvas/a big sheet of paper, some brushes and paints and tell your date to dig out an old shirt – because today you paint third-string Mona Lisas… or something like that.

Start a painting competition in which you wildly interpret the works of your counterpart or create together an abstract work of art that even Vincent van Gogh would be proud of (or for which he would turn over in his grave)…

… and let your creativity run free.

There is no more stylish way to get to know each other. 😉

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Unique date idea #7: Make your own ice cream

Even Rudi Völler, the first man on the moon, swore by the magic of ice cream (169% historically correct)

With traditional ingredients, you can give yourself and your date a taste orgasm in a class of its own.

By the way, on websites like Allrecipes, you can find ice cream recipes that even a child could manage to make.

Pro tip:

If you are both particularly keen on experimenting, then practice creating your OWN ice cream. Mix exotic fruits together or make a diabetes bomb out of dozens of Smarties and gummy bears.

Unique date idea #8: Have a passion marathon (perfect for a weekend date)

This date is one of my personal favorites.


Because it’s f*cking simple and automatically brings enormous variety to your rendezvous.

All you have to do this is this:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and cut it into strips
  2. Ask your lady to write her favorite activities on the strips while you write yours down (activities you can do together)
  3. Wrap up your clippings and throw them in a box
  4. Alternately draw one to three clippings (depending on how long your marathon is to go)

Et voilà – your passion marathon can begin.

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By the way, one of my favorite combinations so far is this one:

Visit the nearest zoo, followed by a PlayStation 1 session (long live the good old days) and finish the day by trying out exotic Kama Sutra positions.

Of course, the last part is more suitable as a proposal for fourth or fifth dates if you have already had sex more often (or are already in a relationship).

Unique date idea #9: Try crazy Kama Sutra positions

Speaking of sex.

Listen, bro.

If you keep doing the same thing repeatedly in your rooms, it’s no wonder that one day the passion between you guys is gone.

With this date idea, you refresh your relationship properly.

New positions can be a lot of fun.

My secret tip:

On sites like, you can find countless inspiring ‘contortions’ for you and your lady.

The advantage? They are even sorted by difficulty. So, an ambulance won’t be necessary.

Unique date idea #10: Plan a trip… with a twist

You know them.

Quotes like these that adorn the Instagram profile of every work-and-travel Lisa, who seems to have attained enlightenment through her trip to Australia.

And even if their googled quotes on their #throwback selfies are more worn out than the limb of Johnny Sins, they have something true about them:

The moment you arrive at an unfamiliar place, your senses intensify.

Your survival instinct is activated – it wants to discover the unknown environment.

Perhaps you have heard globetrotters describe how their travels make them feel more alive.

Well, that’s why.

So, grab your mademoiselle and plan a trip together … but with a special twist.

When choosing your destination, you print out a world/ America/ Europe map (depending on your budget) and hang it on a pinboard.

After that, you both throw a dart each and decide where you will travel to.

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Of course, a certain openness is important for this date proposal. However, the advantage of this method is that you can travel to places you might never have considered.

And who knows, maybe they will turn out to be epic.

Pro tip:

By the way, through Airbnb you can find fantastic and inexpensive apartments even in the top locations of every big city.

Bonus date idea: Recreate your first date

Kudos to one of my former students.

Thanks to him, I can give you another brilliant date idea.

It works best when you are already in a relationship with your flame or had at least 10 dates.

He used it for the first time with his ex-girlfriend, who had developed a serious eating disorder, due to which the feeling of infatuation between the two got a bit lost.

Nevertheless, both were highly motivated and tried to keep their fire burning.

And with this date they succeeded.

He introduced it as follows:

“Remember how great our first date was?”

After she answered that question affirmatively…

“How would you like it if we just recreate it? It’s not supposed to be a bland repetition. Let’s just pretend we don’t know each other and have our first date.”

“Of course, we choose the same place and time as before!”

Enthusiastically, his ex agreed on this idea.

At the beginning, he was still worried that it could only be a cheap attempt to reawaken old feelings.

But with the fresh mentality, both could see the situation from a new perspective.

They flirted all night long and later made passionate love in his apartment.

Their relationship rut was forgotten rapidly…

Date ideas don’t do you any good if you forget THIS…

Now you are perfectly equipped to give your chosen one a unique date.

However, even the world’s best date suggestions are of no use to you if you don’t know how to seduce a woman properly…

…at best you’ll end up in the eternal purgatory of the friendzone.

A place where you certainly don’t want to find yourself (again) – especially if you see excellent relationship/ wifey potential in your lady.

But this wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t tell you exactly how you do it.

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