The Vacation Romance That Never Ended – 10 Ways To Make It Happen

Dan de Ram

31 Aug 2020 by Dan de Ram

You’re on vacation and you met an incredible woman.

Or perhaps you just came back home and you want to maintain your vacation fling.

Regardless of your situation, in this article you’ll learn everything you ever need to know about holiday love!

You get:

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Let’s start this article to make your holiday love a real success.

Whether it was a very boring campsite in France or a spectacular backpack journey in Asia:

You met and connected with an incredible woman.

Now the big question is: how do you keep your vacation romance going strong after the holidays?

How do you create a relationship that’s meant to last?

In this article you’ll get all the answers.

Now, there are basically two situations you can be in:

It doesn’t matter which situation you’re in: in this article, we deal with both scenarios.

The first part of this article is about situation numero uno (you’re on holiday) and the second part is about situation #2 (you’re already back).

Let’s start right away with the first situation.

Situation 1: You’re on vacation

I envy you, homie.

As I’m writing this article, I look out the window of our office. It’s cold and rainy.

God, I miss the beach.

Anyway, this is not our number one priority right now.

Let’s see how you can make your holiday love a memorable experience.

Let’s start with the first tip.

Tip #1: Use your brain’s third hemisphere

“Just so you know Dan, brains only have two hemispheres”

– The neurological expert.

You’re absolutely right, man.

Still, nowadays most people seem to have a third hemisphere in their brain:

The Cerebellum Smartphonum.

“Dan, that’s not real Latin.”
-The Classic languages expert.

Again, you’re right.

The brain’s third hemisphere is the phone. (Science confirms.)

Your phone is going to help you make your holiday love the most romantic experience ever.

How? By using these apps:

Use them to find creative (and affordable) date ideas.

This way she’ll never forget these beautiful holidays with you.

Now, if you need some more inspiration, I got exactly what you need.

Read this article:

>> Top 10 Creatively Unique Date Ideas To Make Her Say ‘I Love You’

Tip #2: Live in the now

I know what you’re thinking:

“Did Dan become a positivity guru or something?”

No worries, I didn’t. Let me explain myself.

When it comes to holiday loves, many people make the same mistake:

They can’t stop thinking about the end of the holiday.

Big mistake?

Not only are you on holiday, but you’ve also met a beautiful girl who makes your holidays the time of your life.

Man, hear me out:

For a lot of people, holiday loves are one of the most beautiful moments of their lives.

(Hell, the Musical Mama Mia is based on holiday loves.)

Now, if all you can think about is the end of your holiday, that’s a real shame.

Research has shown that people who live in the present are happier.

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking:

  • The holidays are almost over, soon I won’t see her anymore…

Instead, use this positive way of thinking:

  • This romance is great and I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest.

Tip #3: Take pictures together

As somebody once said:

“A picture says more than a thousand words.”

– Somebody. One day.

When I look back at my holiday photos I see so many shots of me with the girls I met there.

I advise you to do the same.

Capture your moments together.

Not only is it fun to have pictures of epic moments in your life. But taking pictures is also an effective way to maintain your vacation romance after the holidays.

Imagine she’s sitting at home alone watching Netflix in a few weeks and suddenly she gets a romantic picture of the two of you:


She is immediately reminded of the great connection you had. This will come in very handy if you want to keep the relationship going strong.

You’re also doing her a favor: You’re taking her back to the amazing holiday atmosphere with your photos. That’s very nice of you.

Tip #4: How to make her miss you like crazy

As a teenager, I went on holidays with my friends for the first time.

I remember very well what my uncle said to me before I left:

“Have fun! Don’t forget to take a Bible and some condoms.”

I never got the joke about the Bible. But I did take some condoms.

And I’m glad I did.

Why? I don’t think you need me to draw you a picture.

Sex can be great. But sex on holidays? It’s out of this f*ckin world.

Providing that you know how to satisfy a woman in bed.

(Good) sex is the best way to keep your holiday love going strong.

Here’s an example to illustrate my point:

This message was written to me by a Russian girl I approached in Barcelona during the day.

Note that not only does she say that she wants to see me again…

She also wants to see me back in bed with her.

And I did see that girl many times after that.

This, dear reader, is the result of getting good at sex.

Give your vacation romance the time of her life. She won’t forget you anytime soon.

Here’s an article on how to become a real pro in bed:

>> How to Please a Woman in Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

Tip #5: Vacation romance: The dark side

Holidays are great. Women are great.

A combination of the two? Absolutely wonderful.

But no matter how fantastic holiday love is, it’s crucial that you realize that vacation romances also have a dark side.

Remember when I told you you should live in the moment during a holiday love?

It’s such a shame to be wasting your time constantly thinking of the end of the holiday.

But the reality is that one day you’ll go home…

So you should prepare yourself to part ways soon with that amazing girl.

“No Dan, I can’t do it! We’re a perfect match. We can stay in touch via Skype and WhatsApp and all, right?”

Look, man.

I totally understand you. I would have felt the same way if I’d met a great woman on vacation.

It feels like you’re made for each other and it hurts as hell to let her go.

But do you live far away from each other? Different countries, even?

Then letting her go is probably your best option.

Don’t get me wrong: It hurts a lot at first. But after a few weeks, you’ll feel better.

Long-distance relationships are tricky. Hell, relationships in general are tricky (Although they don’t have to be.)

On top of that, you met her on holidays. On holidays everything is fun, relaxed and easy.

But when you see each other again in “real life” it might not be the case….

Let’s say you do pursue something with that girl.

You see each other every three months or so.

That’s cool. But the rest of the time, you’re on your own looking forward the next moment you see her.

That’s not healthy. You should live your life to the fullest in the place you live.

Now, I am aware that some holiday loves can grow into happy relationships.

But I do think it’s a shame to stick with one specific holiday love for years, while there are so many other nice women you can meet in your own city.

“I get it, Dan. Still, I want to maintain this relationship.”

Fair enough. If that’s what you really feel, then I suggest you go through the second part of this article.

Situation 2: You’re back home

Hello, reality: The holidays are over.

After an emotional farewell, you and your dream girl had to part ways.

And now you want to see her again. You want to keep that vacation romance going.

But how do you do that now that you’re back home?

That’s what you’ll learn in the following tips.

Tip #6: The Coca-Cola principle

Do you know Coca-Cola?

“What? Of course I do. What kind of question is that?”

Exactly. Everybody knows Coca-Cola and its lovely Santa Claus.

And why does everyone know Coca-Cola?

Because Coca-Cola can be seen and bought everywhere.

From New York billboards on Broadway to remote deserts in Morocco: Coca-Cola is everywhere.

You’d think that a popular company like Coca-Cola doesn’t need to advertise that much anymore.

But nothing could be further from the truth. The company never stops to advertise.


Because they want to be seen by everybody, all the time.

That’s why Coca-Cola is such a timeless brand.

Use this Coca-Cola principle to maintain your holiday love:

“Want to stay in her heart? Then stay in her sight.“

Make sure she is regularly reminded of you after the holidays.

Stay in touch with her. Send her pictures and some texts. That will reminder her of the amazing time you had together. So, again: Take photos with her during the vacation.

Now, if you suck at texting, you might mess up the connection you have.

Luckily for you, tip #7 is completely dedicated to texting.

But first…

How to meet women when you’re travelling

Perhaps you’re going for a trip in a warm country to escape the cold in winter. Or you’re going away for a week or two somewhere close to where you live.

Do you want to be 100% prepared for your next holiday?

In this case, I suggest you take a look at my Transformation Kit. It has all the tips you’ll ever need about getting good with girls. It will help you for your next trip and make your holidays a memorable time.

Get it here, it’s free!

Let’s keep going with the texting tips…

Tip #7: Make her an app addict

Not so long ago, people had to write real letters to keep in touch with their vacation romance.

Fortunately, times have changed. It has never been so easy to keep in touch with someone, even if that person lives on the other side of the planet.

But the thing is, texting is an art. Some people are good at it, others suck.

Of course, I’m sure you don’t want to see the connection you have with that girl fade away just because of your bad texting skills.

That’s why I’ve listed a few important texting tips you can use to keep your holiday romance going strong.

Remind her of how much you connected

Would you like to put a big smile on her face every time you text each other?

This tip shows you how.

Always bring the holiday back to your conversation.

Your photos (see tip 3) will help a lot. But you want to go even further than that.

Make your smartphone work like a time machine that brings her back to the holidays.

You can do this by:

Don’t be boring, please

A lot of men suffer from the texting boredom curse.

In other words: in real life, they can have a nice conversation, but over text, the conversation are even more boring than an afternoon of detention in high school.

So how do you avoid having boring conversations over text?

That’s a good question. Because it’s such a broad topic, I wrote a full article about it. Check it out here:

>> The 9 Keys to WhatsApp Flirting + Easily Stealable Texts

The power of voice messages

Let’s suppose your holiday dream girl is back from holiday. She’s home all by herself. She misses you.

Now, she’s going to love it when she gets a message from you.

But do you know what is she going to love even more? Hearing your voice.

And that’s exactly why voice messages are great.

Hearing your voice will remind her the connection you have. Much more than a text.

Voice messages allow a more fun and personal way of communicating than texting.

(Talking on the phone on a regular basis is also a great idea, of course!)

Tip #8: Avoid making this mistake

Here’s a hard truth about vacation romance:

“They’re usually not meant to last.”

You meet a nice girl on holiday. You like her, she likes you…

You hook up. Life is beautiful.

Then the end of the holiday comes. You have to say goodbye to each other.

“Let’s meet somewhere after the holidays!”
– You promise to each other.

The truth is, chances are both of you are going to come back home and go on with your lives.

And soon, seeing each other won’t make as much sense as it did when you parted ways.

But let’s suppose you do see each other again.

Things can get tricky.

False expectations are a dangerous consequence of vacation romances.

Because everything on holiday was so great, fun and relaxed, it seems logical that this is going to be the case when you meet again.

But maybe it won’t.

Holidays are another reality. Have this in mind if you decide to meet again with that girl.

“But Dan, are you saying I should never see her again after the holiday?”
– The concerned reader.

No, man, that’s not what I said.

If you really want to see her again, go ahead and do it.

But I don’t want you to make the same mistake a lot of people make after a holiday romance: creating false expectations.

It’s the same when you’re super hungry and you walk past a McDonalds.

A Big Mac meal seems like a great idea….

…then halfway through the meal you’re reminded of how sh*tty is the food there.

So, whether we’re talking of McDonald’s or your holiday romance, remember:

Don’t create false expectations.

Tip #9: How to deal with a long-distance relationship


You met your dream girl on holiday and you didn’t break up with her after the holiday ended.

In fact, you met a few times already. And the dates are going terrific.

You guys are madly in love, and you want to have a relationship.

That’s beautiful.

But there’s a slight problem:

If you live far away from each other, how are you going to manage the distance?

Earlier in this article, I said that long-distance relationships are often tricky.

Well, I still think that’s true.

I didn’t say there were impossible though.

Here’s an article with 9 tips to make your long-distance relationship a success:

>> 7 Expert Rules Make Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship Easy

Tip #10: Don’t let your flirt engine run cold

When I got my driver’s license, I set one specific goal for myself:

“Make sure you drive at least once every two weeks.”

So many people get their license and then never drive again.

The result?

They never practice and in the long-term develop fear of driving.

“Eh Dan, what does this have to do with my vacation romance?”

Good question, reader. My point is:

I’ve met a lot of men who stop flirting after their holiday love.

They meet a beautiful girl on holiday, then come back home. Days and weeks and months pass without them seeing each other.

So they text and skype a lot.

Once in a while they see each other… But that’s all.

In the meantime, their sex life is drier than the Sahara Desert.

Now, I get it. You just came back from holiday and you’re still thinking about her 24/7.

I understand you don’t feel like meeting other women. It’s totally cool.

But there are limits, man.

If you’re not in a long-distance relationship, at some point it’s crucial that you go out there to meet other girls.

Don’t spend the rest of your life stuck in the past.

In the end, that girl might move on.

And if you haven’t met any women, this is going to hurt. A lot.

So it’s time to date some girls again. Go out and meet some girls!

Here’s an article to point you in the right direction:

>> 15 Hotspots to Meet Women Near You that Are 100% Your Type

Why meeting other girls is so important?

Take a look at this mail we received the other day (name has been changed for privacy reasons):

Dear Dan and the rest of the AttractionGym team,

Hopefully you can help me. I met a great girl 3 years ago on a dating site. We chat a lot and occasionally we call each other but we haven’t seen each other yet. Every time I try to make plans, it turns out she can’t. Sometimes we’re so closed to see each other and she cancels at the last minute. How can I get her to go on a date with me?





3 F*cking years. Holy sh*t.

My niece is 3 years old now. So Hans is after this girl since my niece was born.

That’s 3 years of your life that you throw away and never get back.

How to get the most out of your precious time

The above story is exactly why it’s so important that you keep meeting and hitting on other women.

Without even noticing, you become so obsessed with your holiday love that you don’t even think of all those other beautiful ladies (who actually live much closer to you).

I’m not going to let you do that, my friend.

If you want to have a long-distance relationship with that girl, that’s great. I wish you all the best.

But if you don’t, then don’t wait too long and start dating other women.

To help you do this, I’ve got something really cool for you.

It’s called the Transformation Kit.

It’s a toolkit with the best flirting tips out here, both for real life and online dating.

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