5 Shocking Insights on What Causes Attraction Between Man and Woman

I have thought about it for a long time…

Why do so few people know how the game between men and women works?

Some are honest and openly admit that they have no idea, but, unfortunately, these cases are exceptional.

Most people think they understand how the wheel spins.

Every man in a relationship thinks he is a dating expert, and every woman is firmly convinced that she knows exactly what she finds attractive in men.

But when I listen to the fairy tales about attraction or read articles from my competitors, I realize how few have a profound understanding of what attraction is – let alone how to increase it.

What you will get:

  • 5 Insights What causes attraction between man and woman
  • How to make her attracted to you
  • The important differences between attraction in man and woman
  • Why 80% of men are not attractive (and how you can belong to the attractive 20%)
  • Why you should never listen to women
  • Why my sister doesn’t smell like teen spirit
  • Why it is not easy to be attractive to many women and why that is a good thing
  • And much more…

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Let’s be honest

I forgive all these people I just named, because I was once naïve and ignorant too.

I had no clue what I was doing, and I’ve probably made every mistake in the book.

But I learned…

For years, I did nothing but seduce women and teach men to do the same. I’d be a fool not to know how attraction between man and woman works after all this time.

And today is your lucky day, because I will share 5 insights with you so that you no longer have to gnash your teeth in the dark.

You will get all the know-how on what causes attraction between man and woman.

And tools to create that attraction right infront of you eyes.

What are you waiting for?

Follow me through the portal into the deepest depths of the psychology between men and women.

Tip #1: Attraction is sexist

Study shows attraction between male and female beings has existed way longer than us humans. It is not a phenomenon of modern times; it has been a driving force for literally millions of years.

Just as the laws of nature determine that the apple falls to the ground when you drop it, they determine what we find attractive.

And, yet, many people act as if these laws do not exist.

They do not want to admit that they do, or they’re arrogant enough to think that they are above these laws.

Instead, they enjoy the idea that love is magical…

They write romantic poems, believe in abracadabra, destiny, and soulmates, or produce gooey films that actually involve magic like Ariel or Cinderella.

Life ain’t a Disney movie, homie.

What we call magic is nothing but chemicals in our brain that are only released when your counterpart meets certain criteria.

When you behave in a masculine way (in the right way), you will meet these criteria, and women will find you attractive.

I can already hear the social justice warriors:

“What?!?! Dan! That’s a big generalization! Not every woman is into masculinity. Feminine men can also be attractive. And have you ever heard of homosexuality? How can you just lump them all together like that, you sexist pig!”

And continue to follow up with insults they deem appropriate.

Okay, let me back up a little.

Of course, there are women who are not into masculine men or men who are not into feminine women.

But these cases are much rarer than you think.

Just as an example: statistics have shown that only 2.2% of men describe themselves as “gay” and 1.1% of women as “lesbian”.

I have compared different statistics, and all of them come to a similar conclusion. Even if the number is larger due to unreported cases, you can expect that about 5% of people are homosexual.

There are all kinds of sexual preferences. I once heard about a guy making love to his toaster…

But I am not here to judge. I am all for letting people do what they think is right and noble at that moment.

Nevertheless, given the statistics, a generalization is appropriate. After all, at school you also learn that humans have ten fingers, although there are exceptions to this.

When a feminine pole meets a masculine opposite pole, attraction arises.

Make sure that you are that pole.

When I look at men of our generation, I realize that true masculinity has become rare.

They shave their legs, expose their ankles, and listen to Ed Sheeran to fall asleep.

That’s because somewhere they picked up that men and women are equal.

Or worse: that masculinity is TOXIC.

You know what I find entertaining?

That I am regularly attacked by feminists for pointing out the differences between men and women, although science has known them for decades.

But for reasons I cannot explain, it is “hip” nowadays to blatantly ignore scientific findings.

Let me give you an example of how science works:

Men work longer hours than women.

On average, a man works 8.2 hours and a woman 7.8 hours per day (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Is that always the case?

No, of course there are women who work longer hours than most men.

But, if you had an arbitrary man and woman in front of you and had to guess who works longer, you would have a 65 percent hit rate if you always chose the man.

That doesn’t sound like much to begin with, but…

The differences between men and women become clearer when looking at the extremes.

If you had to guess which one of them is a workaholic and works 80-hour weeks, you would be 99% right if you always chose the man.

Let me drop more scientifically based differences between men and women, even if it’s beyond the scope of this article:

These are facts, and facts don’t care whether you agree with them or not; they remain facts.

Why am I showing you these differences?

Because I think they are important.

To deny them is to suffer. To know them and to act accordingly is to seduce.

So, if you want to increase your attractiveness, you have to learn to act (and look) more masculine.

You want to know some signs what causes attraction between man and woman?

Here you go for you as the man:

  • Intense, confident eye contact
  • Taking your time when answering instead of responding impulsively
  • Speaking in a low voice
  • Not hesitating to touch
  • Not doubting your words and saying what YOU think is good and right – not what others think is so
  • Leaving your “I’ll let her make the first move” tactics at home

All these signs have one thing in common: they all display masculinity.

Now, of course, there are other ways you can become more masculine.

If you want to increase your masculinity, you should read this article:

>> 7 Ways to Get a More Masculine Edge (to Balance the Feminine)

Tip #2: The surprising influence of genetics

Okay, time for a confession…

When I say “create attraction,” I assume that the conditions are already in place.

However, this is not always the case. It is not possible to create attraction from air. We are victims to our genetics.

And that’s a good thing!


Because there are women you shouldn’t make babies with, even if you find them visually attractive.

Your genes can be too similar.

For example, I have a sister who other men would describe as attractive.

When I hear this, my winky goes inside like a vagina.

Because I don’t find her attractive at all. I wouldn’t even touch her with gloves on.

And that, my friend, is the wonderful work of nature.

It prevents me from mating with my sister, which is great, because our potential children could have all kinds of disabilities.

For this reason, incest is prohibited in most Western countries—for good reason.

Why do other men find my sister attractive, but not me? This cannot be taken for granted.

One reason for this is smell.

You probably don’t realize how much importance you place on good body odor.

Look. I love my sister…but she smells like shyt.

Not because she actually stinks (at least I hope so), but because our immune systems are too identical.

The more different your immune systems are, the better you can smell each other, the better for potential offspring.

So, when a woman tells you that you smell good, that’s a damn good attraction sign.

It is also interesting to see how much we men pay attention to symmetrical faces.

Women think we don’t care about faces and only have eyes for asses and tits.

Yeah, why should we fool them… that too. But research has shown that men actually pay very close attention to the face.

Why? That fact is not self-evident either.

The reason: a symmetrical face is evidence of good genes. (source: faceresearch.org)

Genetic researchers have established a correlation between facial symmetry and “healthy” genes.

Seems like we men are less superficial than women accuse us of being. We’re simply thinking about the potential children. 😉

Since you clicked on an AttractionGym article, I know you expected practical tips.

But this time, I gotta let you down, bro.

Of course, you can influence your smell through perfume, and a woman can have her face made more symmetrical through cosmetic surgery, but the possibilities are limited.

You can’t change your genetics. At least not yet.

My point here is this: attraction between man and woman is not always possible.

Again and again, I witness men chasing particular women for months, even though the women only see them as friends.

Yes, perhaps you will finally manage to conquer her with your attractive behavior, but maybe your genes just don’t match. If so, then it’s better to talk to the next woman as soon as possible.

 “But Dan, you make it sound easy but meeting new women is hard. Where am I supposed to go?”

I got you, man.

I wrote an entire article on the best places to meet beautiful girls. Check it out:

>> 15 Hotspots to Meet Women Near You that Are 100% Your Type

Tip #3: Why 80% of men are not attractive

You will never hear me say things like “the right one will come” or “every pot will find its matching lid at some point,” because I live in the real world.

I don’t care if these statements gave you hope in the past. I have no problem confronting you with the brutal truth.

If you want to continue living in Disneyland where love falls into your lap, I advise you to click away from this article immediately.

Not every pot is going to find a lid. Not all men are attractive. In fact, most aren’t.

Check out this survey from OkCupid, where men rated the attractiveness of women’s profile pictures and vice versa (look at the dotted line):

As you can see, on average, men generally find women attractive.  Some are women are even rated as “very attractive”.

With women, it’s different.

80% of men were rated between “average attractive” and “not attractive“…

Also, the graph ends by going toward zero, which means that apparently there are VERY few super attractive men around.

This is a shocking statistic that is also reflected in women’s partner choices.

There seems to be a Pareto distribution.

That means that 20% of men sleep with most women, while 80% usually go away empty-handed.

The saying “There is a lid for every pot” may sound nice and fair, but the reality is different, my friend.

Although there are almost as many women on our planet as men, the distribution is more like a pyramid:

20% of men are successful with women; 80% are not

How to get a lot of women to find you attractive is anything but self-evident. It takes a lot to pull that off.

And every man knows that. That’s why they high-five each other when they’ve managed to get a woman in bed.

Women exert strong selection pressure on men, and most men can’t meet the standards.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that humans are fascinating creatures. We are extremely adaptive.

We can learn from the mistakes of others. We can imitate positive role models. We can tell ourselves heroic stories and let them inspire us.

And that allows us to climb that mother-freaking pyramid.

You just need to know how it works and take the appropriate steps.

Ready for the next tip what causes attraction between man and woman?

Tip #4: Why it is good that you have it harder than women

Women are cheered off the cliff.

Whether a young, attractive woman is…

  • Intelligent or not
  • Interesting or not
  • Motivated to work on herself
  • Modest or not
  • Lovable or not

… she will ALWAYS have men around her who desire her.

And have friends who comment under her profile pictures: “OMG you are the prettiest <333”.

And while this is good for the ego, it is bad for personal development.

When you get validation from all sides, the brain thinks: “Hey, you seem to be doing fine. Keep it up!”

These women do not even notice that they have to work on themselves, and as soon as they grow old and their youthful attractiveness and validation fades, they feel lonely and miserable.

Suddenly what caused attraction for men is gone.

It’s different for men. Thank God.

If you are not in control of your life, you will have little to no success with women.

Your level of attractiveness as a man is an indicator of how far you have progressed in your development.

Anyone can be rejected by three women. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

But, if you’re rejected by 100 women, the women are right, and something is wrong with you…

And then it’s time to put in the work.

Unlike women, you will be highly motivated to do so, because the alternative is masturbating into a sock for the rest of your life.

So how do you go about working on yourself?

It’s a broad topic, and it requires you to start doing some research from now on.

Guess what? I wrote an entire article about it.

Check it out and thank me later:

>> 10 Simple Things That Improve Your Life TODAY!

Tip #5: Why you should NEVER listen to women

Aaah, yesss… a nice, provocative headline. Just the way I love it.


We humans are not transparent to ourselves.

You think you know exactly what you want?

Then you’re more naïve than I thought.

More than 99% of what you do is subconscious. You don’t know your entire self, and you probably never will.

For this reason, you should at least be skeptical when a woman says, “I like this and that in men.”

It’s not like she’s lying to you.

She just doesn’t know her deepest desires, so what she says is not reliable.

What is much more reliable is her behavior.

If you really want to understand women, do not listen to their words; analyze their behavior.

Don’t ask her for tips on how to become more attractive to women. You are welcome to try, but you’ll always get the same answers:

  • He must be nice.
  • I want him to look after me.
  • Muscles are not important.

Or some other blahblahblah that has never helped anyone.

She says that as a man you should always be nice to her, but she always falls for the same assholes?

Well, then you can assume that kindness isn’t as important to her as she claims.

Because men all over the world listen to women’s advice instead of paying attention to their behavior, they are confused and have no idea what women REALLY want.

How to attract women wildly

Now you know five important things about what causes attraction between man and woman.

I gave you some tips on how to increase your attractiveness.

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Sayonara, bitches!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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