What Do Women Like in Men? The 7 Most Attractive Qualities

In this article you learn:

  • What does a woman like in a man exposed: THIS is how you attract her
  • What makes a man attractive? 7 must-have qualities
  • Why Peter Pan is a psychopath
  • How you keep from throwing yourself off the Eiffel Tower because you don’t understand women
  • And much more what women like in men…

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What do women look for in a man?

You see it?

That big question mark over your head?

I would close my mouth and put on goggles now, my friend.

Because today I’m going to cut it to pieces with my imaginary samurai sword.

And you don’t want to get a splinter in your eye, do you?

This question mark has arisen because you listened too much to the kind advice of people around you.

Like your mother’s, for example:

  • “Always be nice to women.”
  • „Just be yourself.“

Sorry mothers of this world, but I would rather have my little toe cut off by an Italian mafia boss than follow this advice.

(By the way, why ‘Be yourself’ is the worst dating tip ever, you learn in this article).

But I’m not done yet.

“Don’t even try to understand women. It’s impossible,” said your father…

… while he made himself comfortable on the couch your mother had banished him to (again) and while she replaced him with a new vibrator.

Opinions, opinions and even more opinions.

Nothing tangible, based on scientific knowledge and years of coaching experience.

Just like what you’re about to read.

Say goodbye to your question mark, because I’ve already sharpened my samurai sword.

You’re welcome.

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What are women attracted to? Easy, to THESE 7 qualities

#1: Multifacetedness

You wonder, how you can turn on a woman?

How you can make her heart beat faster, stop her breathing shortly and get her panties wet?

What’s the secret for that? An expensive car? A big bouquet of flowers? A box of chocolates? A full bank account?

What about external beauty? That’s got to be good for something. Or what about artistic talents like Picasso?

Maybe until now you thought it was these things that drive women wild, but no. With all that you’re just scratching the surface.

It’s much deeper than that.

What women look for in men is…


Women want to experience strong, positive emotions.

She may be invited by a rich schnook to the most prestigious restaurant in town, but while she’s sitting there…

… she thinks of the man who challenged, confused, aroused, made her laugh and think.

This is the story of Titanic.

“Rose, you are red, violets are blue, like the Titanic, I’m going down on you”

Of course, you can dismiss it as a cheesy love story and you would probably be right about that, but we have to be more sophisticated than that.

This film has won eleven Oscars and attracted millions of people to cinemas around the world.

Even today, women watch Titanic when they feel like crying half a liter of tear fluid.

And rightly so.

This film contains a universal truth that shouldn’t be ignored:

Love isn’t a rational decision.

Jack is imperfect for Rose in every way:

  • He has no manners
  • He’s poor
  • He doesn’t have a high status

And yet he manages to conquer a woman’s heart from one of the wealthiest families.

How does he do it?

He triggers the most diverse emotions in her through his multifaceted approach.

If you watch the movie again, see how she reacts to Jack. You’ll notice that she cries, laughs, worries, is very impressed and sexually aroused.

This doesn’t mean, by the way, that material wealth and status aren’t desirable.

It means that there isn’t anything more exciting for women than an emotional adventure.

It’s simple.

If you are rich and manage to trigger strong feelings in her in a fancy restaurant, she’ll love it.

If you have little money and manage to trigger strong feelings in her in a down-to-earth karaoke bar, she will love it.

But if you don’t succeed, you can shove as many materialistic things up her ass (metaphorically speaking!)…

… because then on a Sunday morning you’ll receive the ‘surprising’ news that she feels no chemistry.

The word ‘chemistry’ says it all.

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Emotions are nothing more than chemical messengers that are released in our brain.

If every time she sees you, as many hormones are released in her body as when she peels a potato, it means that she will NEVER fall in love with you.

Or that you stay in the friendzone forever.

Or that you can’t get a woman into bed and start doubting yourself

Fortunately for you, these dark paths can be avoided.


By triggering EMOTIONS in her.

Alright, just checking.

And how you can achieve this through attractive, masculine qualities, you’ll find out in the rest of this article.

#2: Leadership skills

Of course it isn’t enough to let a woman experience only positive emotions.

Our fallen brothers from the friendzone could sing songs about it…

No. She has to associate them with you too and know that no other man can make her feel this way.

You must be the source of these emotions.

And to be that source, you as a man have to take the lead.

This is fundamentally important.

You could do everything else wrong, but if you are good at taking the lead, you’ll still get results.

One reason why dating or flirting is often uncomfortable or boring is that most men don’t dare take the reins of conversation.

A friend of mine complained to me the other day:

“Women are so boring. All they talk about is their work, their studies, or their favorite show.”


Funny that they talk to me about their craziest sex experiences, their favorite positions in bed and their deepest desires…

It’s largely up to you whether women bend over backwards with laughter and reveal their biggest secrets to you, or whether they show you only their boring side.

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It’s time to take responsibility and leadership.

Women find hesitant and indecisive behavior unattractive. It’s associated with small boys. Certainly not with a confident man.

Let’s go through a scenario together to make the importance of leadership clear to you.

Suppose you’re in a bar and you want to pick a song on a jukebox.

“Should I pick a song?”

Whew… my toenails are curling up.

In this scenario it would be much more attractive to simply stand up in silence and choose a song with conviction. Then you turn around with a smile on your face, look at her and she will LOVE it.

  • Because you don’t hesitate, you just do.
  • Because you are the source of her positive emotions.
  • Because you’re taking the lead.

Another example:

Imagine it’s your birthday.

Person 1 says:

“Hey, happy birthday! Because it’s your birthday, I thought I’d do everything for you. I invite you. Whatever it is, I’m in.”

Person 2 says:

“I’ve thought of a surprise for you. Friday we’re going away for a day. Don’t ask me where. I’ve already planned everything. You just have to pack your things. It’ll be epic!”

Which of these two gifts would you consider more exciting?

Which person appears more masculine?

The answer should be obvious, so…

#3: Physical strength

I know that you’re taught the idea that men and women are equal.

And yes, we at AttractionGym are also in favor of equality.

But letting men and women enjoy equal rights has nothing to do with the fact that they’re equal.

In fact, there are significant differences between men and women.

It starts with external features that are the result of a completely different physiology.

Our bodies function differently and these are the foundation on which the house of our personality is built.

I remember it well…

In my time as a personal trainer I once had a client.

When I showed her a back exercise and told her that as a woman it’s a very good performance to do a clean chin-up, she suddenly got angry.

“Are you saying that women are weaker than men?”

Um… yeah, I do.

Studies show that men are on average three times as strong as women.

Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you’re worth less, my sweethearts <3

But to pretend that there’s no difference between men and women borders on insanity.

In fact, it’s precisely these differences that we find attractive.

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As a man, you certainly don’t long for a woman who is bigger and stronger than you. That’s a turn-off for most men.

Most people are attracted to a very feminine woman who has the following characteristics:

  • Beautiful, long hair
  • Healthy curves in the right places
  • Soft skin
  • No wrinkles
  • Symmetrical face

And women like masculine features:

  • Muscular body
  • Low body fat
  • Size
  • Beard growth
  • Angular face
  • Healthy level of fitness

Since it’s a masculine characteristic, physical strength is something that women find sexy in men.

In these peaceful times of our western society, it may have become less important, but all the thousands of years before, women were heavily dependent on it.

Today there are strict laws that make it illegal to physically overpower a woman (which is a good thing), but it still happens from time to time…

If the average Joe is three times stronger than a woman, it’s an evolutionary consequence that she develops the instinct to have a strong man to protect her.

If you want to be that someone, you can do three things:

  1. Go to the gym
  2. Pay attention to your diet
  3. Learn a martial art

#4: Emotional strength

It worries me when I see how emotionally weak many men have become.

We built cities. We have conquered battles. We have explored the world. We landed on the moon.

And now I’ve to watch a man lose his cool just because a woman didn’t answer his WhatsApp message right away…

A woman has no interest in playing your mama and taking care of your emotions.

She’s busy enough with her own, believe me.

Do you know what a woman finds sexy extraordinarily?

If you’re a tower of strength. Someone who, no matter how rough the sea is, stays calm and steady.

Showing empathy for a woman’s drama doesn’t mean taking over her emotions.

In fact, it’s better to stay as calm as possible.

Women love it when you can stay calm while they’re freaking out.

If you can be an unshakable rock even in stormy seas, she knows she can trust you.

Don’t take it personally, but women don’t like rags…

They want a real alpha male.

#5: Passion

Many confuse steadfastness with emotional coldness.

And I can’t fool you.

A cold man will probably get more women than an overly spirited man.

But passion is probably the best way to seduce a woman.

When you burn for something, it can rub off on them. It’s called the law of energy transfer.

Have you ever experienced that you laughed with friends and suddenly this one serious person joins in and the laughter is blown away?

This is the power of energy transfer.

The good news is that this also works with passion.

Fill your life with things you want to do. This creates passion in your life, which you can then transfer to her.

That could really be anything.

Suppose you love mountain biking. Then it’s a good idea to take her on a tour. Or at least to tell her about it.

Then you are completely in your element and draw her into your spell of passion, into which she likes to be carried away.


Pay close attention.

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Because you let her experience positive and intense emotions.

#6: Maturity

Do you know Peter Pan?

You know, that psychopathic kid who presses himself into tight green leggings and doesn’t want to grow up.

For reasons I can’t explain, he thinks it’s cool to be a kid forever.

I like to refer to many self-proclaimed ‘pickup artists’ as Peter Pan.

Even after years they still run around in shopping malls, talk to women like on an assembly line and brag about their ‘lay-count’ (= how many women they have banged) in dubious internet forums.

I’m not saying you should stop seducing women at some point.

I’ll probably do that until I’m old and gray.

But don’t you think you are out of the age where you have to distinguish yourself like Peter Pan in front of other boys to get validation?

Don’t you think it’s time to think about the consequences of your actions?

No, there’s absolutely nothing cool about not taking responsibility.

Women like mature men, not giant babies.

But what is maturity?

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Does that mean you should grow a mustache, smoke a pipe and always read the newspaper in the morning?

No, I’m talking about emotional maturity.

And you develop it through the following things:

  • Gather as much experience as possible
  • Think about where you see yourself in five years.
  • Think about your values that you think are important
  • Don’t tell lies just to achieve a short-term goal
  • Try to act and speak as thoughtfully as possible (I know this isn’t always easy)
  • Control your emotions

#7: Adventurousness

Let’s say you met a wonderful mademoiselle.

You show her your Lord of the Rings action figures every Sunday and she loves it.

You think:

“Wow, I finally found a woman who shares my passion.”

So, you’re looking for a way to make her your girlfriend.

You decide to simply do what you’ve done so far – after all, she seems to have reacted very euphorically to it.

Of course, you don’t want to bore her, which is why you might want to unpack your Lord of the Rings Director’s Cut DVDs, make fresh popcorn and sit on the couch with her.

She’s a feminist and since she loves to talk about it and you’re also for equality, you talk about women’s rights every other day.

The first three months of your relationship are absolutely amazing.

But then…

…you hear from her less and less.

You try not to make yourself crazy, but then you receive the following message:

Hey, honey. I had a great time with you, but we’re just not right for each other. Sorry.

Your whole world is collapsing because you can’t comprehend it.

“She loves Lord of the Rings… and our talks about the #metoo campaign… What’s up?”

You think about booking a flight to Paris to throw yourself off the Eiffel Tower, but just before you transfer the money to Lufthansa, you hear it:


A new notification.

“Ah cool, maybe it was just a bad April prank and she just apologized,” you think, naive as you are.

But instead, even your last shred of hope is being drained.

It’s a Facebook notification:

Mrs. Right is now in a relationship with Jeff Fuckboyson.

You throw your smartphone out the window, fly to Paris, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, ready to jump…

…but then…

…you realize exactly what I’ve been trying to get men to realize for years:

The woman you’re still in love with is probably kissing a man right now who is doing more amazing things with her than you did back then.

Your heart stops for a moment and your memories of your relationship are rewound before your inner eye.

You see pictures of how you painted your Gollum figure together and how you lay in your bed for hours.

You scramble down the Eiffel Tower again, grateful for the clarity and the new hope that comes with it.

You go to the nearest internet cafe, open the Facebook profile of Jeff Fuckboyson, whom you used to hate so much, and congratulate him heartily.

Because you see a lot of pictures:

  • Him and her at a sunset
  • Him and her in Indonesia.
  • Him and her at a The Offspring concert
  • Him and her winning the Nobel Peace Prize
  • He and she were the first humans on Mars

And all this within a week.

And what did you do with her besides Lord of the Rings and sex with her? Nothing.

I’m aware that this story is grossly exaggerated from beginning to end, but I’m sure you understand exactly what my point is.

And that’s good, because that’s what so many men do wrong.

Most men get lazy once they are in a relationship.

And I can understand you, my friend.

We men are simple creatures. We don’t need much. Give us our #1 passion + an attractive woman + sandwiches … and we are happy.

But women have a different way of thinking.

They crave emotional stimulation and adventure.

If you don’t give her these things, someone else will.

To avoid this, do the following:

  • Think of each of your dates as a first date. Never stop seducing her.
  • Plan one evening a week, on which you do something special
  • Spend as little time with her as possible. If you see her every day, she has nothing to look forward to and no news to tell you
  • Avoid routines.

That’s how you manage to keep a woman addicted to you forever.

So. Here you go.

7 qualities that make you an attractive male (and drive women crazy with).

I know that this is a very abrupt end now, but I decided that you’ve already received enough free tips for today. Do I look like a charity?

But I’ll give you one more powerful advise, which was not covered in this article.

You can find it all and more in my free Transformation Kit.

See you on the other side,
Dan de Ram

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