7 Qualities What Women Want in a Man

Listen, my friend.

Women are human beings.

They have needs, just like you and me.

And yet many men pretend that these needs don’t exist.

That’s because they’ve picked up somewhere that men and women are equal.

I’m the most convinced advocate of equality you will find, but I would never make the fatal mistake of treating a lady exactly like a man.

If you do that, I can promise you some unholy times, amigo.

I’ve already written several articles on this topic and I thought that this was the end of the matter.

And yet I’m still being asked new, smart and stupid questions every day.

Today I will destroy the myths about women once and for all, so that I finally have my peace.

In this article you learn:

  • 7 things that women really want from men and find incredibly attractive
  • How to become an alpha male (and the man of her dreams)
  • Shocking scientific studies about the psyche of women
  • How you make sure that women respect you (THIS is what women like in men)
  • The hidden wisdom of Pinocchio and how you can use it to seduce women
  • And much more what women want in a man…

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Why hardly anyone knows what women look for in a man

Women are complicated.

Not only countless, confused men claim this, but above all science.

Even the world-famous psychologist Sigmund Freud gritted his teeth on the question:

What do women look for in man?”

He admitted that despite his 30 years of efforts to fathom the woman’s psyche, he couldn’t provide answers.

What men want is usually very clear.

Our sexuality points to this.

A study came to an interesting result:

When you show heterosexual porn to a heterosexual man, something moves in his pants. At the same time, his sexual pleasure increases at the same rate.

But if you show him homosexual sex, his dick will remain limp as a pants leg.

It’s different with women.

No matter how ‘stable’ their sexual orientation is, their genitals react to both lesbian and gay porn…

Damn, they even get wet watching monkeys have sex. I’m not kidding. Look at this study.

I can imagine that this realization was a shock for the scientists at first.


Although a genital response could be measured, the women stated that they were hardly or not at all sexually aroused…

Is she wet?

Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s sexually aroused.

But what does that say about the psychology of women?

Researchers today are still trying to make sense of the data collected.

If neither the scientists nor the women themselves know what the female sex wants, then it’s impossible to understand them, right?

Not quite…

The difference between me and a scientist is that I actually go out and seduce women.

When you’ve flirted with as many women as I have, you eventually see a pattern.

If these are also scientifically substantiated, then you know that you’re on the right track.

Today I will share these patterns with you so that women are no longer a mystery to you, but predictable.

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What do women like in men? THESE 7 things

#1: Intimacy

I stumbled across a quote on the Internet:

“A real man doesn’t share his bed, but his deepest thoughts.”

I don’t know who wrote it, but my guess is either a woman or a virgin man who ends up in the friend zone all the time.

Women long for intimacy and emotional closeness – more than men do.

Considering the biology of women (which one should), this isn’t surprising.

While the man squanders up to 600 million sperm cells per ejaculation and could thus impregnate the entire world, the woman has only one uterus, in which usually only one sperm cell can implant.

Darwinism assumes that man has two universal primal instincts:

  1. Survival
  2. Reproduction

A woman has no evolutionary advantages, nor can she have more children if she sleeps with many men. Therefore, a strong, competent man is all that is needed to trigger those primal instincts.

So, it’s logical that intimacy is more important to women than to us men.

We don’t judge women for that. We love them for it. So don’t let women judge you for wanting to sleep with as many women as possible. By the way.

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There’s another indicator that intimacy is damn important to women:

The more intimate the relationship, the more likely they’re to come during sex. This is the conclusion of this study.

Does this mean that women can’t enjoy casual sex?

Far away from it, homie.

Women love meaningless sex as much as we men do.

However, they put their reputation and security at risk.

Consequently, they need an environment in which they feel safe. They need to know that they’re dealing with a trustworthy sexual partner and that discretion prevails.

If they can be sure that the sex will be good and they won’t be harmed, then they’re more inclined to let out the sex demon that slumbers within them.

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How you can give her intimacy and security:

  • Kiss her tenderly and passionately: It’s a mystery why we humans kiss each other at all. It has nothing to do with reproduction and an amazing amount of bacteria is exchanged during a kiss. A kiss is pure intimacy.
  • Give her validation: We all have our insecurities until someone tells us, ‘Wow, good job… So, for example, when you kiss, tell her she’s an outstanding kisser.
  • Caress her: That’s also a very intimate gesture and not something I would do with any woman.
  • Make her feel special: For example, by asking yourself what you find special about her. Whatever the answer is – say it and be amazed how well the compliment will be received.

#2: Protection

Don’t believe the feminist fairy tales.

Men are stronger than women.

How much stronger?

According to this study 3x as strong.

The following graph even shows that almost every man is stronger than almost every woman…

And not only that.

Men are also significantly taller and heavier.

Suppose the average woman gets in the ring against the average man.

Then she would face a bigger, heavier and stronger opponent.

Not exactly fair.

You would be a fool to bet on that woman.

And don’t come with: What if the woman can fight better than the man?

Sorry, but such things only happen in Jacky Chan movies.

There are a few women who can defeat many men. But there are also many men who can defeat ANY woman.

Everywhere in magazines, on TV and on the Internet you read about the strong, independent woman.

I’ve no idea what that means.

Adult women are usually physically weaker than my 12-year-old cousin.


Women aren’t stupid.

At least most of them don’t.

They know very well that they’re weaker, so protect themselves from men differently:

By being ice cold.

They walk around with an intimidating resting bitch face and seem aloof.

Women like to play ‘hard to get‘. That way they avoid problems.

But when it comes down to it, they long for a strong man who can protect them from the devilish outside world.

And if you’re with a woman, as a man, that’s your job too.

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Protect her.

A personal story:

I once wanted to watch the third part of the Hobbit trilogy with my ex-girlfriend in the cinema.

A sea of fellow men had the same idea, which is why the queue in front of the cash desk was accordingly long.

A large wannabe alpha pushed in front of us intrusively. I don’t think it was his intention, but he pushed my friend aside.

You see… I’m a chilly dude at heart. But if you hurt my friends, the fun will have a big hole.

So I tapped him on the shoulder and said with a deadly serious look that didn’t allow any discussion:

“Hey, bro, you can line-jump if you want, but NOT in front of us.”

He looked puzzled at first, but then he obeyed and got in line again.

My girlfriend told me after the extremely hot sex we had at my place after the movie how aroused she got at that moment.

You don’t have to use force to protect a woman.

A death gaze or confronting someone calmly is much more effective.

I’ve solved the problem in a socially intelligent way and that is exactly what women in critical situations want from men.

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#3: Competence

I’m not here to sugarcoat things.

If I was in the matrix and had the choice between the blue pill (= a beautiful lie) and the red pill (= the brutal, unfair truth), I would choose the red pill. Anytime.

And I hope you would, too.

There are flirt coaches who pretend that dating is always fun and great.

“Just say this line, use that flirting technique and you can have any wom-“


Don’t talk nonsense!

Women select hardcore.

There are a lot of guys out there who would sacrifice their left arm to finally have a girlfriend and yet are involuntarily single.

At the same time, there are handsful of players who sleep with most of the women…

All women want the most competent man. No one wants an incompetent man. Not even the most incompetent women…

The problem I’ve with these flirt coaches is that they teach men to let rejection bounce off them or ‘at best’ to ignore it completely.


That way you’ll stay in La La Land forever.

If you’re constantly rejected by women, then something is wrong. And it’s certainly not because of your pick-up line.

Because what a woman wants to tell you with a rejection is: You aren’t good enough.

Or rather: You aren’t yet the man you could be.

If a woman rejects you, you don’t have to worry about it right away, but if 30 women think you aren’t good enough, they’re right.

Instead of ignoring rejections, you should see them as indicators.

Maybe you aren’t competent enough. Maybe there are things you should fix first.

But what do I mean by competence?

“Competence is the ability and skill to solve problems in certain areas and the willingness to do so.”

Competence is therefore the opposite of uselessness, laziness and whining.

But how do you become competent?

Now you ask the right questions, brochacho.

Take a minute, stand in front of the mirror and think about what you’ve to offer a woman.

  • Don’t you’ve any money?
  • Don’t you’ve an education?
  • Do you detest your job?
  • Are you always drunk?
  • Can’t you express yourself well?
  • Don’t you know how to talk to women?

Then you should reach up and grab those things by the balls.

Do whatever it takes to get your life back on track.

You may not be able to achieve much in one day but imagine where you could be in half a year.

And what an effect you can have on women.

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#4: Being treated like a princess

Being a gentleman still works (but only if you’ve all the other attractive qualities to a certain extent).

When I’m out with my girlfriends, I…

  • hold the door open for them
  • help them take off their coat
  • don’t let them carry heavy things
  • pay the bill
  • treat them like a lady


Women feel feminine this way.

Have you ever felt extremely masculine? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Women feel similarly when they can let out their feminine side.


If this is just your ‘trick’ and the only ‘trick’ you can do, you might as well leave it. Women are allergic to it and it would have a negative effect.

But treating women with respect isn’t a bad idea.

Be prepared that some women will think they can get away with anything if you treat them like a princess.

Then they test your boundaries, act like a bitch and see if you’re man enough.

When that happens, it’s time to be less nice.

She’s being ridiculous? Then confront her.

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#5: Unshakableness

This tip sounds a bit paradoxical at first but try to follow me.

A woman wants an unshakable man.

A strong man who’s there for her and with whom she can cry without it upsetting him.


Because women love emotions.

They need them.

We men can do without it, but women get a kick out of it.

However, here comes the crucial part:

They don’t want you to take her emotions too seriously. They won’t like that. They have girlfriends for that.

They want a man who’ll stay calm and can handle it when she goes nuts.

It’s a skill they’ll test you for over and over again. For example, by saying:

“Do you say that to every woman?”

“Is that your best pick-up line?”

“You don’t even look after me anymore.”

“Why don’t you go to your other women?”

With these sentences they want to find out if you’re mentally strong.

Be their rock.

#6: To be desired

Women want to be desired by a man.

They want to experience the wild passion of a man.

That’s why flirt tips like…

  • ‘Never be too direct with a woman.’
  • ‘Don’t let her know your true intention.’
  • ‘Don’t be too sexual.’

… are the most mind-boggling bullshit you can possibly think of.

If you’ve seen one of my videos where I approach women with a hidden camera, then you know two things:

  1. That I‘m sometimes EXTREMELY direct
  2. That it works excellently

If you haven’t yet grasped the psychology of women, these videos can shock you.

But why I get the numbers from the women so effortlessly is mainly due to a simple fact:

I make no secret of the fact that I’m into them.

Women must feel desired in order to be able to engage in the seduction process.

So here’s what you do:

  • Look her in the eyes with a ‘What I would do to you if we were alone right now…’ look
  • Touch them gently (I get a headache when I see how grossly motorized most men touch women…)
  • Create sexual tension
  • Allow yourself to be turned on by her

I would like to say a few words on that last point.

Do you also find it totally hot when a woman is getting more and more towards the climax because of you? When she moans and can no longer control herself?

This is because sexual pleasure is transmissible.

That means you can really turn a woman on when you desire her. But of course only if she finds you likeable, otherwise you’ll soon look like a sex offender.

To turn her on, and make her crazy about you, I suggest you have a look at my free Transformation Kit.

#7: The truth

Almost everyone has seen the Disney movie ‘Pinocchio’.

But very few people haven noticed the innumerable wisdom of life that is hidden in this film.

I will break down one of them in this article, just in case you missed it.

Pinocchio is a living marionette.

We also use this word for people who aren’t independent and who let themselves be controlled by others.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

A fairy promises him that she will turn him into a REAL boy if he demonstrates two qualities:

  1. Courage
  2. Honesty

So, the lesson is:

You will only become a REAL MAN if you’re brave and honest.

These are two important values for your life, but also for women.

Women know when you’re dishonest. They have a sixth sense for it.

I often see men who approach women on the street and answer dishonestly:

Do you do this often? Do you often talk to women?”


It’s dishonest and cowardly. And therefore pathetic.

A lie often seems to be the easier solution in the short term. In the long run, however, nobody gets away with it.

The woman wants to know what your intentions are.

Many men find it difficult to be honest. After all, the truth might put a woman off, right?

But often exactly the opposite is the case.

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Because women appreciate your honesty.

Have you ever noticed that there’s hardly a hero from sagas, stories or films who’s a liar?

This is no coincidence because honesty is a heroic act.

And this act is extremely arousing for women.

Now you know what women want from men

If you give women these seven things, you’ll notice they…

  • Cheat on you less
  • Crave your presence more than ever
  • Can’t wait to get in bed with you

That’s the theory. Now you just need to put this into practice.

Don’t forget your bonus download under this article.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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