15 Powerful Examples of What Girls Want to Hear

what girls want to hear

Does she roll her eyes while you speak to her?

Do you want to know what to say to your girlfriend or women to appreciate or compliment them, or in general?

Maybe you want a few sentences that’ll create some chemistry between you?

Today I will teach you exactly (with examples) what women like to hear from YOU.

You will get:

  • 15+ examples of what women like to hear
  • 3 Things a woman wants to hear from her man
  • The #1 conversation technique that triggers love comments for her
  • The ‘on date’ special: 2 exciting questions to ask her
  • Mistakes most men make – definitely not things what girls want to hear
  • And to start off, the most important tip…

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Tip #1: Things a woman HATES to hear

Hey you.

Have you ever been in a relationship? Or approached a woman on a night out?

Well, I have some bad news for you, pal.

Because most girls snooze their way through boring conversations. So chances are, the same thing is happening to you.

No reason to be worried.

I am going to give you examples of things to say that women appreciate.

Let’s start by preventing yourself from making this Average Andy mistake:

Playing it safe

She is standing in front of you.

You see her as a potential girlfriend or future wife.

So you are afraid of ruining it, and I understand that.

And that’s why you decide to discuss ‘safe’ subjects with her.

Unfortunately, ‘safe’ usually equals ‘boring as hell.’ Like you’re trying to serve her a cocktail of melatonin, warm milk with honey, and benzodiazepines.


That’s why I am giving examples of what you do want to say.

Remember: If you meet a girl, you want to make a great first impression.

And science says that a first impression is made in less than one second!

So read this article carefully and apply these tips right from today.

Pro tip:

Obviously I can’t reveal everything, my very best lines are safely stored (for members only) 😉 But here I’m giving away 17 sweet lines.

In your fear of ruining it, you say tedious things like:

  • “How are things at work?”
  • “So, what does your daily life look like?”
  • “Any nice plans for the weekend?”

The irony that the Average Andy doesn’t get is this:

… By ‘playing it safe’ you are instead making it UNSAFE for yourself. Because a woman will lose interest if you keep shooting her boring questions about work.

I get it, you want to ‘keep the conversation going.’

All the while, an edgy joke, direct compliment, or tricky question will be something she will ACTUALLY want to hear.

What women like to hear… is when you speak from a place of clear intention.

Which means NOT from a place of any of the following thoughts:

  • “I don’t know what to say … so I just ask a boring question.”
  • “I hope I can impress her with my intellect, logic and fun facts.
  • “Is she even into me?”
  • “She’s distracted/gives short answers, crap, what do I say??”
  • “I don’t know what to say, what would she like to hear?”

Because what do all these thoughts have in common?

Think for a sec…

*tick tock, tick tock*

Time is running out.

If you speak from the intention mentioned above.

You’re speaking from:

  • Place of fear.
  • From a ‘need for approval.’
  • A desire to please her.

Not attractive.

And unnecessary.

Now, THIS IS what a woman wants to hear from you:

Tip #2: Things women LOVE to hear

When you speak to her.

The following applies to all women:

  • Your girlfriend
  • A fling
  • Your friendly friendzone friend
  • A woman in a bar or club
  • Your best friends’ grandmother
  • Someone from school or work
  • The girl next door

The thing that spikes every women’s interest, is speaking from a place of giving.



Look, broseph, I can give you all the funny lines in the world. But if you deliver them like a wet noodle, the message will barely come across.

So speak with the intention to make her laugh, make her day, and contribute value to the conversation.

You can even tell this dominant joke to a woman.

But it will only succeed if you deliver it with the intention to provide FUN.

“You shouldn’t ask too much from a woman… actually, there is only one thing I desire from a woman. And if she gives me that one thing, I won’t ask her for anything again.”

“Oh? And what might that one thing be?”


Say this with a big grin.

It’s a playful joke that you are telling to bring some teasing dominance into the conversation.

A small side note: 

You might know by now that teasing is crucial to make a date memorable.

So how do you tease properly a woman?

Because it’s such a broad topic, I wrote a full article about it. It’s right here:

>> How to Tease Women – 7 Ways She Actually Likes + 11 Examples

Notice that you will be way better at keeping conversations going this way.

What else are things girls want to hear?

Tip #3: Comments that make her go ‘awww’.

You want specific things to say to her, right? For example to your girlfriend, or to girls while talking to girls in the club…

Gotcha. Here you go my friend.

“You seem kind of young, but at the same time you have a very mature expression in your eyes.”

”You have a very feminine energy.”

“I love the red lipstick, not many women dare to wear that nowadays.”

Say such things…

only when they actually make sense and fit that particular lady.

For example: When she’s repairing a truck in her overalls, it’s kind of weird to say that you like her feminine appearance.

What girls are looking for is that you speak from the ‘heart.’

If that’s too cloudy for you, keep this in mind:

Don’t be rude, be honest, verbalize what’s going on in your brain.

Which brings us to the next tip of what do girls like to hear.

Tip #4: Let others fail for your success

A brilliant (and epic fail) example.

Earlier a buddy told me:

“When I am at the checkout, and something won’t scan, I always joke,” oh, it must be free.” But then I saw a meme on 9gag that cashiers apparently hear that joke all day… And there I was thinking I was being original.”

Not funny.

This same feat happens to a lot of guys’ conversations with women.

One day I’m flirting with a woman in a club. She looks very exotic. So, I ask where she’s from.

Turns out, She’s from Kazakhstan.

A friend of mine comes over to the bar for a moment, he also asks where she’s from.

She answers again, “Kazakhstan.”

Predictable as he is, he says this:

“Ah, the same country as Borat!!!”

He said it like he’s the first one to ever come up with that joke.

She rolls her eyes and turns back to me.

She’s heard that joke a 1000 times bro.


  • If her name is Rihanna… don’t start talking about that famous singer.
  • If her name is Ruby or Kiki, don’t start busting out lyrics by the Kaiser Chiefs or Drake.
  • If she’s from Colombia, don’t begin with Pablo Escobar (believe me, I’ve lived in his hometown and locals don’t like to bring up that past)

So, what does a woman like to hear?


Girls want to hear your social intelligence. Show her that you get it, all those idiots are always starting about the same crap.

So, is her name Ruby?

“I apologize on behalf of all men, for all the ‘original’ guys who sing Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby ahaa-ahaa-ahaa”

This shows her that you understand her, and you’re showing her in a funny way.

In some cases, like the girl from Kazakhstan and Borat… You know she’s heard it a million times before. So it’s best to not even bring it up.

Now, here are some things you do want to bring up.

Tip #5: Things a girl wants to hear from her boyfriend

Have you known her for a while?

Is she your girlfriend or a girl you’re dating?

Then a few specific things are right to say.

Sometimes you might forget, but even the kindest and most beautiful women are often a bit insecure.

Then there are a couple of things to consider.

It’s hard to imagine, but even the most beautiful, kind-hearted women in the world are often insecure about themselves. One of the most beautiful women I have dated was actually insecure about almost everything.

Sound crazy?

Imagine this.

Because every man wants to date her…

…She can’t tell if people like her for who she is … or whether they like her just because of her looks.

What do you think she likes to hear?

So, what is my point?

Even gorgeous women can be insecure, and you can make her feel better by saying the right things.

One of the things your girlfriend might be pondering is:

“Do his friends even like me? They might think I’m lame.”

Unless they have literally told her.

She probably wonders what your friends think of her. Luckily there is a great way to make her doubts disappear.

Your friends are probably going to give their opinion about your girlfriend when she’s not around.

Good and bad things.

So when they say cool things about her… tell her!

For example:

“Hey babe, so the boys couldn’t stop talking about those wings you made for the football game last Sunday. They all wished they had a cool girlfriend like me.”

Saying this takes very little effort but it will completely light her up.

Everyone is always curious about what others say about them. Especially what they say behind their backs.

Knowing people praise her in her absence will be a major confidence booster.

Tip #6: What compliments girls want to hear

Most guys say the least creative stuff as a compliment.

Usually, the compliments girls get to hear are:

  • Very general and uninspired
  • Focused solely on her appearance
  • Cliché-de-la-cliché


Nice, all those compliments.

But as I once fell asleep during a tantra sex party in Ibiza…

…all the good, eventually gets boring.

The same with getting compliments.

(By the way, once I gave a woman a compliment for which she still thanked me years later … If you want to know how to do that, read the article below about giving compliments.)

>> Compliments for Women: #1 Guide to Make Her Melt for You

So how do you give compliments that girls love to hear?

Avoid the previous mistakes we discussed…

…and turn those around.

Which means you want to make your compliments specific, personal and original.


Don’t tell her she is ‘looking good today.’


“You are elegantly dressed today, you remind me of a [fill in something specific].”

Fill in anything that comes to mind in the parentheses.

For example:

  • American version of Iggy Azalea when she first came up.
  • Japanese Geisha
  • The girl that works at the local Walmart

Just kidding, you obviously would never say the last one.

Now you don’t always have to be super creative.

Remember this:

“Those white earrings are cute, looks great with that dress.”

Is much better than:

“Hey, cute earrings”

Let’s continue with things women like to hear when you’re having longer conversations with them.

Tip #7: Conversation techniques to seduce her

Years ago…

I had a lame summer job at a bungalow park

Back then, I couldn’t flirt with a girl to save my life.

And at that park, there was this one dude who got all the women…


Because he was so ugly, it hurt my eyes. Not that I’m very good looking, but I was in awe of him, vibing with every girl.

So, I decided to swallow my pride.

And ask him:

“What are you doing with all these girls, man?”

He said:

“You just need to make a lot of plans with her. Suggest doing a lot of funny things. It doesn’t even have to be serious.”


After years of experimenting with flirty lines, techniques, and the deeper principles behind seducing women

… I built this into a real technique.

At AttractionGym, we call this future projections.

It’s where you make a projection of what the future looks like, being together as a couple.

Women love to hear these things.


Many men only stimulate her on a platonic level with all the talk about politics… work… facts…

Which can be okay, but eventually grows boring.

When you make a future projection, you are stimulating her on a deeper level!

By stimulating her visual senses, she begins to empathize with the story that you sketch.

At this point, you’re stimulating her emotional brain.

In her head, she is picturing you and her (being) together as a couple. Which automatically creates feelings that she will link to you.


This is exactly what happens when you fall in love.

Because you imagine how you do things with the woman you love: hugging, going on trips, waking up together and making love.

So, for example: If you are just looking for a quick hook-up or fling. Then don’t create false expectations by trying to make her fall in love with you.

Here’s an article to help you get a sex hook-up. It’s specific about Tinder, but be free to apply the tips on other contexts:

>> 10 Tips to Get a Tinder Sex Hookup in 4 Matches + Examples

Quick summary:

future projections -> Just think of some funny plans you can make with her in the future.

It can be as extreme as planning a trip around the world together (not seriously of course).

Or something more realistic, like checking out a hip new juice bar together.

So now that you know about future projections it’s time to put your skills to use and work some magic.

Pull out your phone, pick one of your ‘works in progress’ or Tinder matches and ask her on a date via text, by using a future projection.

Don’t have any warm buns lined up in your text oven to ask out on a date?

Use the next tip to tip the scales from: boring reactions to ‘take me on a date, please!!’

Tip #8: What women like to hear over Text, WhatsApp or DM

The real world is just a little bit different from the online world.

If you holla at her in real life, she will ALWAYS give a response…

It might be a shitty one, or, depending on your level of game, a very good reaction.

You never know, right?

But you will at least get some response.

Over text, it can suddenly be quiet. And you will be stuck listening to the ignoration station.

Pro tip:

Here’s a list of 22 flirty text messages you can start using right from today:

>> 22 Flirty Text Messages (+ Examples) That Will Make Her Want You More

So, what to send…

What does a woman like to hear online?

Many men think they have to ask numerous questions. Or report cool things about their own lives.

Completely wrong.

The best way to make your conversations more enjoyable (online and offline) is by targeting the conversations towards her interests.

  • So does she like psychology? Send her a fascinating article about this.
  • Does she like cats? Send her to a silly cat video or picture.

(Half the internet is full of it.)

Gotta love the cat memes.

What we have not yet covered is one crucial part:

The right questions you can ask her.

Tip #9: Questions that girls want to hear

As long as you stay away from the boring questions we discussed earlier…

There is hope.

Because there are, of course, a lot of cool things to ask.

Girls really like to hear and answer an original and personal question.

Science says that asking more personal questions on a date results in a closer relationship between two people.

So copy these example questions:

“What is the most exciting thing you have done in the last six months?”

By giving a specific timeframe from which she has to make a choice, you make it easier for her to name something interesting. It is easier to answer than “What is the most exciting thing you have EVER done?”

Another example of a question that she will like:

“If you had to make a choice between a super handsome man (but dirt poor…) and another guy, who is not that handsome, but super-rich … Who would you choose?”

Women always enjoy answering these types of dilemmas.

This way, you randomly come up with fun conversation topics.

It’s an excellent way to challenge her.

While at the same time talk about a fascinating topic: relationships.

And now, the most important tip…

In this article, you received many questions, lines, examples what girls want to hear.

But let me be very honest …

This only makes up 9% of all the attraction that she feels for you.

Because in the end, attraction is created by things like body language and deeper principles of seduction.

To help you with that as well, I put together a free Transformation Kit.

Download it for free and start making women more attracted to you, right now.


Your Bro,

Dan de Ram

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