Here’s What to Do When a Girl Ignores Your Text (+ Examples)

what to do when a girl ignores your texts

You’ve been stood up? You propose a date, but she cancels? This article shows you how to deal with situations like this like a boss and flip the script.


  • 5 Tips what you can send to get her attention back
  • The real reason a girl ignores your texts
  • The best way to deal with someone who’s ignoring you
  • No reply text examples you can use to get a reaction
  • My best texting tips so she will never ignore you in the first place
  • Many more tips how to deal with a woman that ignores your texts

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Why she doesn’t want to meet you even though you got her number

This might sound familiar to you: You talk to a nice woman, confidently get her number and think: Damn, I’m a boss!

You go home proudly and text her. But she seems to be a different person. A few hours ago she sounded totally enthusiastic and now she suddenly texts without any enthusiasm. When you suggest a date, she comes up with all kinds of excuses…

One possible reason: You haven’t built up enough connection.

>> 7 tips to easily connect with girls.

Women aren’t completely uninfluential but the responsibility for this lies mainly within YOU, the man.

You lead the conversation and thus determine whether you create a rollercoaster of feelings and intimacy, or whether you only talk on a superficial level.

Be aware that you’re not necessarily special to a woman just because you chat with her. She gets a ton of messages from other men the same day, believe me.

A woman can find you funny… However, if you haven’t created anything that connects you two, she’ll forget you quickly.

How to make a connection? Click here and you’ll know exactly what to do.

Why she’s canceling the second date

So, you already had a first date and you think you had a good time with her.  But now you wonder why she cancels all the other dates?

There’s a simple reason that will shock you: You didn’t sleep with her on the first date.

But Dan… It was a nice first date, and just because I didn’t sleep with her, she doesn’t want to see me anymore?”

Look, bro. I’m not saying you necessarily have to sleep with her on the first date. But what I’m saying is that it’s no wonder she doesn’t want to see you anymore unless at least the attempt was evident.

You’re a man who has a healthy sexuality and functioning sexual organs. That means if you haven’t at least tried to get her into bed, that’s a sign that you’re not a man who knows what he wants.

And that keeps her from trying to give you another chance.

She’s not responding to text messages on online dating apps like Tinder (or doesn’t want to meet you)?

A common case: You text with a great woman on Tinder, but she doesn’t want to meet you at all.

What are you doing wrong?

The three most likely reasons for this are:

  1. Her

This will blow your mind now, but women do have lives.


  • She’s very busy
  • She’s ill
  • A person close to her is sick
  • Her cat died
  • She just discovered her lesbian side

You don’t know the background.

If a woman doesn’t agree to a date, this doesn’t automatically mean that she wouldn’t like to meet.

  1. You got caught up in texting

Remember how flirting looked like in middle school? You text thousands of text messages, but nobody does anything serious?

This reason resembles is the adult version of this. You’ve already sent her more than 30 messages and you haven’t been given her number yet? Then you’re no different than when you were in grade school, bro.

Enough with the Tindergarten!

>> 7 Must-have tips to flirt over text!

  1. You text her the same ordinary messages like all the other guys

One reason why men don’t get dates on Tinder is that they can’t seduce women via chat.

They write her the same messages as the other guys and therefore come across as deadly boring.

Fortunately, that’s over.

Because once you’ve seen my free Texting Masterclass, struggling to seduce women over text is history.

How to get a girl to text you back when she is ignoring you:  5 tips

Your date’s canceling the date. She calls, says something came up.

Or even worse, she gives you a cheap excuse via text.

Worst of all: She doesn’t cancel but is nowhere to be seen for miles around.

First: Shit happens. It’s part of life, and if that never happened to you, then that means you’re not dating, bro. Look into my eyes and stay fucking cool, alright?

Second: nothing is lost if you don’t let yourself be made a fool. A man has an incredible attraction if he remains calm and doesn’t let himself be pushed from his throne. Don’t let that happen!

There are some things you can do now to make sure that she definitely wants to make up the date.

After these 5 simple dating tips you’ll know exactly what to do.

No reply to text – Tip #1: Focus shifting

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, I’ve a better suggestion:

Focus on something positive!

Visit your friends, go to the gym or best of all: Meet other women!

Look out! Important general dating tip: NEVER call her if you’re in an emotional state.

Okay, you’ve got your focus on something more positive. Now what?

If she gives you an excuse why she can’t come, show understanding.

How to deal with someone ignoring you – Tip #2: A flawless text that keeps her interest alive

Most men react like this when their date cancels:

Okay, so when can you meet?

Okay, can you do tomorrow night?

No problem. Is your Friday already planned?


You don’t think it’s at all great and fantastic. You only show understanding, especially when she’s open and honest with you. Often, you have a feeling whether this is the case. And don’t forget that she’s also uncomfortable about canceling on such short notice.

What’s your role as a man? To show her that you can handle situations like this positively. And that you’re not so easily thrown off track.

In other words, you let it bounce off you.

Tip #3: Seed the next date in her

Some time ago I approached a girl on a train station.

We had a great conversation and felt a good connection to each other.

However, after I proposed a date and she agreed on it – she cancelled it on short notice, felt extremely sorry about her not making it and proposed another day.

But then as the day of our rendezvous came closer, she canceled it again…

She wanted to have dinner with her parents as she already rescheduled it with them several times due to a lot of stress at her job.

A side note: I liked this girl. I found her reason for not being able to meet with me a little weak. I felt displaced.

But I know from experience that it’s always better to stay relaxed than not to lose your mind. After all, I don’t know her yet and I don’t know what her family situation is like, right? Maybe it’s super important for her not to cancel her parents.

This way I stay positive and chilled, but at the same time I make myself aware that a woman will meet me if she’s really interested in me.

I respond to her excuse as follows:

Don’t worry. Have dinner with your parents. There are still a lot of days, on which we can be badass together. 😉

What does that mean exactly? Well…

The lady reacted positively. She was also interested and yes, you guessed it: I ended up in bed with her.

If she cancels your plans without giving a reason, these are two answers that will make you seem relaxed and test her at the same time:

Cool, don’t worry, I’ll see you another time

No problem, then let’s meet when you’re less [busy/ far away] 😉

Tip #4: The unbreakable man

Instead of texting a relaxed message, you can also call her. The best time for that is around 8:30. You show more balls with a call than with a text.

But be warned: A call can be a deal-breaker in this case.

If she doesn’t answer, you look extremely needy and desperate!

However, when she answers, you can show her by the calmness in your voice and your good mood that she’s dealing with a man who’s like a tower of strength: unbreakable and grounded!

Have a ten-minute chilled conversation. Don’t suggest a next meeting right at the beginning.

At the end you say something like:

“We should meet again soon. Next Monday at best, how’s that with you? Then we’ll go…”

Exciting first date ideas can be found in this article, by the way:

>> 35 Exciting Date Ideas: How to Have an Unforgettable Date

Tip #5: What to say when someone ignores you on text (+ how to get someone to text you back)

Alright, bro, you already kissed goodbye to panicky thoughts like:

“Shiiiiit!! She ignores me!! Should I give up on her?”


“Stop ignoring me, woman!!!”.

And know by now you won’t be the first, nor the last person, that this happens to.

Here I recommend that you consider how much she’s in your circle of friends. If not: Bite the bullet, because you don’t have to fear that you’ll get a reputation as a “creepy nag”.

However, if she’s in your circle of friends, it’s advantageous to be relaxed about it.

Here is a step-by-step-guide that shows you what to do if she doesn’t respond to your messages, when to give up on a girl and how to get a girl to text you back:

>> 5 Most Common Causes She Doesn’t Text Back (So You Can Fix Them)

But let me share with you my favorite way to deal with situations like this:

I’m reorienting myself. I give my attention to women who are more interested in me. I value myself and my time enough and don’t chase after a woman who’s obviously not interested.

And I suggest you do the same!

You got this.


Dan de Ram

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