What To Talk About On A Date – 7 Topics That Make It Effortless

Dan de Ram

25 Aug 2020 by Dan de Ram

Beads of sweat are dripping from your forehead…

A freezing cold shiver goes through your body…

And your heart’s pounding even harder than before a skydive…


It’s because you’re facing her.

She wears a cute cocktail dress that emphasizes her curvy body and looks at you expectantly…

All the while, you can’t even get a single sound out of you.

“What should I talk about??”

This is the only question that is raging in your skull like a hurricane.

You would like to sink into the ground—no, even better, into the earth’s core.

Because with every additional second of awkward silence, your nervousness grows immeasurably.

And your chosen one seems to be losing interest in you.

If you only knew how to break the ice between you.

Or even better: you knew a way to melt her away with your words.

Listen, bro.

If this dilemma sounds familiar to you, I congratulate you!

“Huh – wait, what?”

Yeah, you heard me right!

Because in this article, I show you some of the most effective conversation tips you can use to attract beautiful women.

You learn:

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What to talk about on a first / second / third date: The best date conversation topics

Saturday night.

You’re sitting across a spicy señorita.

By now, a good 30 minutes of your rendezvous has passed while you ask yourself for the hundredth time:

“What should I talk about?”

Until it happens…

Your lady suddenly looks at her phone and says:

“Oh, my God, I almost forgot. I have to meet a friend in a few minutes.

Her guinea pig Freddy died a year ago today.

We all gather around the shoebox in which he is buried to remember his death.”

Or her roommate had allegedly lost her key to the apartment and has to get in it to go to the bathroom because she had eaten too much spicy curry the day before, which she can’t take well.

But of course…

There is hardly anything more painful than being dumped with a cheap excuse.

But don’t worry.

Today we make a man out of you, to whose lips she sticks more to than a suckerfish on an aquarium pane.

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Tip #1: Once upon a time in your childhood

One of the easiest, most entertaining, and most relatable topics you can talk about on your date, are the good old days when you were a rug rat.

You probably have dozens of experiences from the past at your fingertips, which you can use to lighten up your conversation.

Tell her about it.

Share an embarrassing story that was extremely unpleasant for you at the time—but about which you can laugh about by now.

One of my embarrassing stories, which I like to share, is from my primary school days.

On a buddy’s birthday, we played spin the bottle. When the bottle pointed at me, I had to let my crush kiss me.

My ’challenge’ caught the attention of all guests.

Because I was so overwhelmed by the situation, I eventually ran away, and my crush kissed another dude. My heart was broken.

Through these stories, your lady gets the opportunity to get in touch with your vulnerable side, and simultaneously, you give her permission to reveal similar, embarrassing stories to you.

Laughs are guaranteed this way.

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Tip #2: ‘Season’ your conversations with emotions

We men tend to think logically.

The result:

We want to communicate our experiences with as many numbers, data, and facts as possible.

“First, I came here. Then this happened, and then I went there and did this…”

A fantastic conversation partner is someone who gives his conversations a powerful boost of two things:

Emotions and drama

Why do you think so many women are into shows like Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, or other soap operas?

All soaps have one crucial thing in common:

They offer a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

One moment everything is perfect and full of love between the protagonists, and the next moment he cheats on her while she is forging a plan of revenge.

Let’s get back to my primary school story, which I roughly described earlier.

I could tell it rationally:

“Yes, when I spun the bottle, I had to let my former crush kiss me. But because I didn’t dare, I ran away, and she kissed another dude.”

The story itself is quite nice, and maybe you’ll get a little grin out of her face, but with some tweaks, her reaction could be stronger.

Pro tip:

When you tell a story, remember how the experience felt to you. What thoughts went through your mind? Add details to paint a vivid picture of your memory in the mind of the person you are talking to.

Compare the previous version of my story with this one:

“In fourth grade, we played spin the bottle on a buddy’s birthday. So, 12 brave kiddos got together in a circle.

Among them was my crush—a sweet girl next door who effortlessly managed to make me stammer with just one look.

With every spin of the bottle, my nervousness grew. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that I would only have to watch the others doing the challenges.

But then it happened:

The bottle pointed at me.

The challenge?

I should let my crush kiss me.

Ironically, she even seemed happy that the bottle pointed at me. She seemed almost relieved.

Obviously, she didn’t think I was so bad either (which of course completely slipped my mind at the time, because I couldn’t read her sign of interest).

When other guests got wind of the challenge, they gathered around the already large circle.

With a big smile between my cheeks, my swarm finally came towards me.

She closed her eyes, pursed her lips to a kissing mouth, and slowly approached me.

My hands got soaking wet, my pulse shot up to 210, and my heart was beating faster than a jackhammer – until I jumped up being overwhelmed by the situation and shrieked, “I can’t do this!!” and ran away.

I remember exactly how the whole circle pointed at me with fingers, and a burst of deafening laughter broke out.

And as if that wasn’t unpleasant enough for me, my crush kissed someone else instead of me.

My heart was broken into a thousand splinters.

Shit. When I think about this today, I could piss myself laughing.

I didn’t realize then that she was just disappointed when I ran away from her.

Of course, she kissed another dude. She probably thought I found her ugly, haha.

I mean, what would you have done in her shoes?”

What her reaction is now:

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Tip #3: Voyage, voyage! ♪ ♫

Do you remember your travels?


Then tell her about your most memorable moments.

Moments like when you felt free or trips that may have turned out to be a gigantic flop.

This way, you show her that adventures with you are guaranteed, which women find incredibly attractive.

Furthermore, you are hereby awakening strong emotions in her.

Fun fact:

The emotional receptors of our brain CAN’T distinguish between real stories and fiction.

And this is exactly the reason why we almost shit our pants when we watch a horror flick, for example. Although objectively speaking, we are just sitting in a chair staring at a screen.

Tip #4: A simple trick to get HER to talk

During the date, you, as a man, should ALWAYS take the lead in the conversation.

At the beginning of the date, your amount of talking should be higher while she listens to you carefully.

As the date progresses, you want to increase your ’listening’ portion (meaning: let your lady speak more).

One technique to achieve this:

Imagine her telling you this…

“I love watching TV shows.”

What do you think the answer to the average dude would be to this statement?


“Oh, yeah, I like TV shows, too.”


“Ah, what’s your favorite show?”

Most likely a boring comment or a predictable question.

What you should try next time, though, is this:

“TV shows, huh… I’m curious. Tell me more about it.”

Like a general, you hereby dominantly—but still politely—demand her to tell you more about her passion.

She continues the conversation while you listen to her carefully.

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This way, you can save yourself and her a lot of boring questions and answers.

Pro tip:

If she tells you enthusiastically about her favorite show, you can tease her in between. For example, if she tells you that “Friends” is her favorite show, you can say something like that with a smile on your lips:

“Friends? Really? I’d rather stick my hand in a running blender than watch an episode of it… But anyway, go on… What makes this show your favorite?”

Tip #5: ’Would you rather… or…?’- Deluxe

Alright, bro.

With this tip, you playfully put your date in a dilemma.

You’re going to give her “Would you rather… or…?” questions she has to choose between.

A game in which you can easily get sexual.

After all, you’re only playing a game.

Here are a few sample questions:

“Would you rather be invisible or be able to teleport?”

“Would you rather spend your life without shows and movies or parties?”

“Would you rather have 10 million euros and never feel love for anyone again or earn a constant, normal salary for the rest of your life but meet the man of your dreams?”

“Would you rather have bad sex every day or just once year sex at all, which is fantastic?”

Pro tip:

Ask your date after she has chosen an answer, WHY she chose it. This automatically results in an exciting conversation.

Tip #6: Give her original compliments that would make even Jadis blush

Would you like to flatter her bossily without looking like a needy pug?

Then give her unique compliments like these:

“You know what I really like about you? That you have such an energetic feminine vibe.”

You seem so mature, despite being so young. I like that.”

“You’re doing something most women don’t dare to do these days… You’re wearing bright red lipstick. It’s very elegant.”

These compliments are far too effective to share with you for free, but so what, I’m in a good mood today.

However, beware:

Use them only if you genuinely feel that way about your chosen one.

If you’re using compliments in the hope that it makes her like you more you can bet your life the exact opposite will happen.

Women sense it when you’re not honest with them. Write that in big letters behind your ears.

You want more promising compliments that will excite her and make you stand out of most men?

Then click here:

>> Compliments for Women: #1 Guide to Make Her Melt for You

Tip #7: Are you too cute in your conversations? Do THIS

Many men catapult themselves straight into the gloomy dungeon of the friend zone because they are simply too nice.

For example, they agree with their lady on everything that comes out of her lips – although they actually have a different opinion.

“I like longboarding.”

“Ewww… What? Only third-string YouTubers do that. Dressing up Baby born dolls is way cooler.”

Now that you mention it, you’re right. I used to love longboarding, but now I also like to throw Baby born dolls into cute costumes…”

Well played, amigo.

You have just swallowed your entire personality and masculinity in one go.

Polarity is a basic prerequisite for attraction.

It’s like magnets. Take two and hold the opposite poles together.

What happens?

They attract each other.

Even my five-year-old neighbor, who has never heard of physics, would understand that.

When seducing women, you can polarize by starting with…


Being true to yourself and your ma’am.

She says:

“The Big Mac is the best burger at McDonald’s.”

Then tease her and share your opinion shamelessly:

“You didn’t just say that, didn’t you?! The Big Mac is, at best, ’meh.’ The Royal TS is the real number one.”

She tells you one lousy joke that you don’t find funny at all?

Then don’t laugh at it and try this:

Look at her expectantly, like you’re waiting for a punch line.

This makes her more nervous (in a positive sense), and her attraction to you increases towards the ozone layer.

Attractive women are used to guys reassuring them for pretty much everything that comes out of their mouths.


If you tease your mademoiselle or disagree with her, do it with a smile on your face. Otherwise, you will only irritate her and take the lightheartedness out of your conversation.

To get some of my favorite teasing lines, check out these 23+ examples.

The secret topic for what to say on a date: Me + You = We

Prize question: What do most people like to talk about most?


Do you really want to log in your answer?

Okay, um…

You can see if you’re standing correctly when the answer turns green.

*Answer option D lights up*


At every rendezvous, you can observe it: He shares a story about himself, and she shares one of herself.

Both want to give as good an impression of themselves as possible.

He’s in his bubble, and she’s in hers.

However, a real feeling of connectedness doesn’t develop.

So, what would happen if both created a common bubble?

A bubble in which both forget everything around them and are only focused on each other…

A ’we’ bubble

I’ll tell you:

They would begin to feel more attracted to each other.

It’s as if they were Bonny and Clyde— a duo that can take over the world.

And to create this myth enshrouded bubble, the next time you talk to a woman, do the following:

Create a future projection in which you both appear.

For example, if she told you she has a thing for Harry Potter movies, tell her:

“You know what we should do together? … A Harry Potter movie night. I’ll get us a projector while you get the popcorn. We’ll throw ourselves into wizard costumes and challenge each other to see who can recite the most scenes. Yeah, that’s exactly what we should do.”

Pro tip:

Your future projection will be even stronger if you give your girl a fixed role in it. Of course, you shouldn’t turn every single topic into a future projection. Otherwise, they will lose their power because it gets predictable what you’re doing.

The most valuable tip you’ll ever get…

You got half a ton of information now.

The next time you’re in an embarrassing ‘What should I talk about on a date?’ situation, you know what exactly you can do.

Apply the tips that feel most natural to you at your moment.

All the examples I have given you in this article are incredibly effective.

However, good topics for a date are only one part of seduction.

If you really want to master your flirt skills…

I highly recommend you checking out my free Transformation Kit.

It consists of three documents that will shake your reality.

In these, I share my most valuable dating advice with you.

And with a simple click of the blue link, they are yours in a few seconds.

Hasta la vista, and see you next time!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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