15 Tips That Turn Women On (Things Girls Surprisingly Love)

As long as we know, in locker rooms and bars all over the world, men have been keeping busy with the same question:

Who has the biggest d*ck?

What turns women on?

In this article you will get all the answers to this pressing question.

You will find out…

  • The 15 most important things that turn women on.
  • Loads of lines, insights and techniques to give her an unforgettable experience between the sheets.
  • Pandora’s box: the secrets of female arousal that only the select few know.
  • Why sex is just as normal as your ear (and how this will help you to turn women on).
  • And much, much more…

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After reading this article you’ll know exactly how to turn a girl on and make her crazy with desire!

What turns women on? The 15 most important answers…

Have you ever tried taking an amazingly hot shower for less than a minute?

Or have you ever planned to go to bed at a reasonable hour only to find yourself staring at your phone until the wee hours of the night?

These are the kind of things that fall into the ‘easier said than done’ category.

Turning a woman on falls into that same category.

You see, for guys it’s easy.

A simple photo stock image of a hot girl is enough to set the wheels of our sexual brain in motion:

For women, it’s different. For some reason, they don’t get turned on as easy as men do…

There’s multiple reasons for that (which you will learn in this article) but one of the most important ones is this:

Most men don’t have a single clue what turns women on. 

Frustrating for the many women that walk the face of this earth.

But also pretty annoying for all those guys that don’t leave a lasting impression between the sheets or are treated to the following words, every night:

[QWOMAN]“Sorry dear, not today. I have a headache.”[/QWOMAN]


Luckily, this can be fixed.

Female arousal will be a piece of cake. Because these 15 tips will tell you how to turn a girl on:

Tip #1: Stimulate her brain

Recently I met the perfect person who will help me explain this first insight to you.

I went up to a woman – during the day – when I got out of the bus. (The heavy duty of being a dating coach doesn’t stop during the daytime)

We had a little chat and she told me something brilliant!

Her company is a platform for sexual audio stories. These stories build up slowly, only to erupt into an intense climax.

Their target audience is mainly women, though men listen too.

The insight here being:

A big difference between men and women is where men mainly look for fast, visual stimuli, women prefer slow, fantasy-filled stimuli.  

That’s why men would sooner look for pornografic movies and women massively read 50 shades of Grey.

I’m not saying that men don’t care about context or women don’t enjoy a good looking guy. But here we see a difference between the sexes that is crucial to realize:

For a woman, her most important sexual organ is … her brain. The tips in this article will tell you exactly how to turn a girl on by stimulating her brain.

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But first, let me give you a simple tip that changed my sexlife radically…

Tip #2: Create the Ryan Gosling factor 

The movie Crazy Stupid Love has an interesting scene that can teach you a lot about female arousal.

In the above-mentioned scene Hanna (Emma Stone) has a date with Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling).

In this movie, Gosling embodies a lot of attractive male qualities such as composure and confidence. Obviously, this makes Hannah very attracted to him.

But the moment where Hannah is speechless with arousal is when Monsieur Gosling takes off his shirt:

This is what I call the Ryan Gosling factor.

Look, you really don’t need to have a Photoshop body like Gosling to turn a woman on.

But if there’s anything that gave my sex life a big boost, it’s this:

The gym doesn’t only work wonders for that ‘wow’ moment when she takes your shirt off…

It has another very important advantage:

A fit body shows that you take care of yourself and you take yourself and your health seriously.

And there are few things as attractive for a woman as a man who does that.

No, a six pack and your guns hugging the sleeves aren’t going to instantly make her jump you…

But it will work to your advantage big time when you take her to bed.

Get the Ryan Gosling factor. Hit the gym, bro.

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Tip #3: How to turn her on with words

Pop quiz!

What will get a woman turned on the most?

  • A: By stimulating her body
  • B: By stimulating her brain
  • C: By putting on a latex Gimpsuit

Oh… ehmm… tough one…  is it B?

Bingo! You have been paying attention, my dear reader. In the first tip you read that her brain is her most important sexual organ.

But how do you stimulate her brain?

Well, to answer that question, let’s take a look at a WhatsApp conversation from one of our coaches:

Oh damn, is it me or did the temperature just go up in here?

This WhatsApp conversation is a perfect example of how to turn a girl on over text.

Our fellow coach made this woman desire him like crazy. So crazy that she almost begged him to come to Estonia:

He made this woman – who was thousands of miles away from him at the time – extremely aroused.

Not by touching her. Not by kissing her. But by stimulating her brain.   


By using his words.

Words are a heavily underrated but very effective tool for stimulating female arousal.

By using the right words, you create an exciting sexual image in her head.

You don’t do this by immediately saying you want to put your meat inside her.

Go slow, also in your wording. Raise the suspense by beginning on an ‘entry level’ and gradually build it up. Give elaborate and detailed descriptions.

Tell her how hot she makes you. Tell her what you want to do with her and how you want to do that.

You can do this over text (if your contact has reached that level!) like in the screenshots above. But this works just as well in real life.

For example: as the true poet that you are, turn her by whispering an exciting scenario in her ear.

She’ll be like putty in your hands before you even put one foot in the bedroom.

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Tip #4: The power of consent

“I find it so hard sometimes…  when I ‘m on a date with a girl and everything seems to be going well…

I feel this tension between us but I’m never certain if she wants to have sex too…

Out of fear, I decide to play it safe. The result is that we have a fun date… but nothing more.”

This anecdote came from the lips of a man I recently coached during one of our seduction courses…

He was struggling with a question that a lot of men find difficult when it comes to female arousal:

When do you know if she’s ready for sex?

The answer to this question is painfully simple:

By asking her.

Yep, that’s how easy it can be.

You see, most men make it unnecessarily difficult for themselves when they want to get her  in the mood.

No matter how hard they try, there will always be this gnawing little voice in the back of their head that says:

“But does she really want this? Is she okay with this?”

You ignore this voice and mess about as best you can… without any result. Or you get uncomfortable and stop all together. Making that final hurdle to having sex only bigger.

You easily solve all this by taking the tension that’s IN your head OUT by literally saying what’s going through your mind.

For example:

“Hey, I’m not sure if you like this, so by all means, let me know.”


“I’m getting really turned on and I want to sleep with you. Do you want that too?”

Pro tip:

”But Dan, isn’t it really awkward if I ask that?”

No bro.

You will only make it more awkward for yourself if you don’t ask that.

And in the worst case scenario, you will create problems for yourself by going on when she actually doesn’t want you to.

That happens sometimes when someone ‘freezes.’ This is not uncommon in sexual scenarios. The excitement or nerves can be so overwhelming that he/she doesn’t know what to do or say.

And by asking her and taking the initiative, you alleviate a lot of your own tension as well as the other person’s.

On top of that, it can be extremely arousing for a woman when you ask for her consent in a relaxed way.

That’s because on the one hand you’re very clear about your intentions: you’re a sexually attractive man who wants to sleep with her.

And on the other hand you show a huge amount of social intelligence by asking what SHE wants and putting yourself in her position.

This is something that -these days – a lot of men can learn from.

On to the next tip.

Tip #5: Learn to kiss like a pro

There are two important things you need to know about kissing.

First of all: if there’s one thing that turns women on, it’s a man who knows how to kiss.

Second of all: most men simply ruin it when it comes to kissing. That’s mostly because they don’t know when it’s the right time for that special moment.

In these moments they play it ‘safe’ and they don’t kiss her at all, steering the conversation slowly but surely to the friendzone…

Or, they kiss her in the most tactless moment and get rejected.

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Tip #6: Make her feel desired

A very interesting scientific research was conducted among women to learn more about their sexual arousal.

In this research the group was asked what turns women on the most.

One of the most common answers to that question was this:

I want to feel desired at all moments instead of used.”

Hmmm…. interesting. What did the ladies mean by this?

With ‘feeling desired’ they meant things like:

  • “A man who appreaciates my body and compliments me on it during or before sex.”
  • “A man who holds me tight and completely embraces me during sex.”
  • “A man who is thoughtful, who treats me with respect and does everything he can to make me feel loved.”
  • “A man who respects me and my sexual preferences.”
  • “A man who makes sound during sex so I hear that he likes it and is enjoying it.”

Are you taking notes my dear broseph? Because these apparently small gestures make a HUGE difference between the sheets.

But there’s more!

The women in this research put ‘feeling desired’ in stark contrast with ‘feeling used.’

This is what one of the women from the research had to say about it:

“A sex-crazed guy grinding on me while making moaning sounds is something completely different than making me feel desired. Especially when I make it clear that I don’t like it and he still carries on… that’s even more of a turn-off.”

Besides, these women said that feeling ‘desired’ after sex was almost as important as during the deed itself.

That’s because after sex, a hormone called oxytocin is released in her body. Commonly known as the ‘cuddle hormone.’

It’s this little hormone that makes women want to cuddle and chat after having sex.

Too bad a lot of men are ‘done’ directly after they ‘finish’.

But you will only make a woman truly aroused when you understand that she wants to keep feeling desired. Also after the sex.

Keep lying next to her. Hold her. Make her feel loved.

That will score you points.

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Tip #7: Dare to be direct

One of the most important insights I ever had about female arousal was during a night out.

I met a beautiful girl when I was at the club. We were already chatting at the bar for a while when I said the following:

[QMAN] “You know, the way I see it, we have two options:

Or we stick around in this club for a while and have another drink… 

Or I take you back to my place and we’ll have crazy, passionate sex for the rest of the night.”[/QMAN]

After saying these words, I looked at her with a friendly smile. She went quiet for a moment.

Then she softly bit her lip…

She didn’t answer me at first but she slowly moved her mouth towards my ear.

[QWOMAN]“I want you, now. Let’s go to your place.”[/QWOMAN]

You see, there are multiple ways to turn a woman on but sometimes this is the best way:

The direct way.

Take for example the following conversation I had with a girl on Instagram. I had just matched her on Tinder and not seen her in real life yet:

That’s how much of a turn-on directness can be.

Pro tip:

Slowly build up how direct you are. The sooner you will know if she likes it or not.

You have a bigger chance of going over the line when you’re incredibly direct and sexual out of nowhere. So, do this with women who you know a little bit and you KNOW they’ll appreciate it.

How do you know if she appreciates it?

Build up the flirting slowly but surely, that’s how you find out if she likes your flirty comments.

For more info, download the free Texting Tips.

Tip #8: This is how you become a pro in bed

If you want to become absolutely legendary between the sheets, I have a few short but direct questions for you.

  • Do you want to learn how to make a woman come harder than she’s ever come before?
  • Do you want to know how to initiatie sex without being turned down?
  • Do you want to discover how to make a woman addicted to you?
  • Do you want to find out what secret buttons on her body you can push to make her absolutely crazy?


Then I have good news for you:

You’re the perfect candidate for the SexGodMethod.

Read all about it right here.

>> What Women Want in Bed: 10 Ways to Be Her Sex God

Tip #9: Go slow

99% of all men make the same huge mistake when they try to turn a woman on.

This error in judgment is mostly due to the porn industry that gives us a poisonous and distorted perception of sex.

Because if you look at porn, you would think that all women get turned on by hard and fast sex.

But the opposite is true.

Women in fact love slow, gradually built-up sex.

This also has to do with the different ways in which women and men get turned on.

Men are like a light switch: one flick and they’re on. Female arousal on the other hand works more like a dimmer. They turn on slowly.

So, if you really want to make a woman aroused beyond imagination, think about having foreplay for 30 or even 60 minutes.

Kiss her body. Tease her. Don’t give her everything at once. Build it up slowly.

And when you eventually do have sex, don’t go Sonic the Hedgehog style like in the pornos.

Don’t go too fast. Build the sex itself up slowly as well. At first, go for slow but powerful thrusts.

Make sure you’re continuously at 70 to 80%, slowly build it up to a climax where you can give her the full 100 percent.

Go slow and give her an unforgettable experience.

Tip #10: How to turn a girl on the first date

Good news:

Your first date does NOT have to consist of:

  • An awkward hug when you say hello
  • A conversation that’s more boring than a double period of Calculus
  • A painful ‘kiss’ that results in you getting the cheek


Already on the first date, you can make her wild with desire. In fact: my most exciting dates ACTUALLY were first dates.

So, how do you make sure your first dates become an arousing experience for the both of you?

You will find out in this video:

Tip #11: Make sex as normal as your ear

Recently, one of our coaches told me a funny story. Funnily enough it contained a valuable insight about female arousal.

This is what he said:

[LONGQUOTE]“My dad recently told me how my grandfather explained to him the concept of sexuality when he was a teenager. 

This was quite difficult for my grandfather considering he was raised catholic and sex was taboo.

But anyway, he had a sit down with my father and said this:

Son… sex is very normal… it’s just as normal as… ehm… as your ear!”[/LONGQUOTE]

So, remember well: sex is just as normal as your ear.

Now we can laugh about how silly this sounds but his grandfather had a point:

Sex is extemely normal.

And when you convey that to a woman, the likelihood of her being turned on by you will be much higher.


Because most men are super awkward about sex. They see it as a ‘forbidden topic.’The result: Your awkwardness about it will make HER awkward as well.

That’s exactly why it works so well to treat sex as something extremely normal. Dare to talk about it. Make an over-the-top sexual joke here and there.

Touch her every now and then so she sees you’re completely OKAY with physicality.

By doing all these things you’ll create a lot of sexual attraction. And that is quite arousing (and much more fun than having Nice Guy Frienzone conversations)

Note: also here consent is key.

In other words: if you see that she’s clearly NOT comfortable with sex, take a step back.

Don’t worry, you didn’t ruin it. It could just be that she’s not ready for it yet. And sometimes she’s really not ready, which is totally fine.

You will learn more about consent in this video:

Tip #12: Be dominant in the right way

Did you know that knowing how to please a woman in the bedroom can literally save your relationship?

This point became even more clear to us after Coach Arnoud had a phone call with one of our clients. He had the following problem:

“It’s not going well between me and my girlfriend. We almost never have sex lately. On top of that she’s very distant and aloof. I don’t know what to do.”

Arnold gave him this advice:

“Tonight, show her who’s boss in the bedroom. Take full control. Completely dominate her. You’re the boss in bed.”

The next morning our client called Arnoud and told him this:

“It was incredible! I’ve never seen her so turned on! This morning, she even told me that she wants to have my baby!”

This, my dear reader, is the power of being dominant in bed.

You see, ideally a woman wants to fully let go. This can only work if she is NOT the one who’s running the show.

You are.

Being the leading, masculine man that you are, you take charge and you show her dominance. Think about doing this:

  • Tell her what to do
  • Lift her up, move her or throw her on the bed
  • Pull her hair
  • Tie her up

But pay close attention: do this in the RIGHT way.

What is that right way?

Simple: it starts with a ‘c’ and ends with ‘onsent.’

Ehhmm… consent?


Look, if there’s something that turns a woman on it’s a dominant man between the sheets.

But ‘dominant’ is very different from ‘crude.’

As soon as you see, hear or notice she really doesn’t like it, you stop. It’s not rocket science.

Tip #13: Let her talk…

This is a fun one.

I had a cool date with a beautiful woman the other day. Our ‘picnic’ had slowly turned into an intense making-out session.

I heard her breath becoming heavier and noticed that she was slowly getting turned on…

And then I whispered this in her ear:

[QWOMAN] “Tell me what you would do to me if we’d be alone in my bedroom right now…” [/QWOMAN]

She gave me a very elaborate and detailed description of what she would do to me.

With each word, she got more turned on…

(And she was not alone 😉).

She kept doing this until she nearly begged me to take her home with me.

This works wonders on dates but also when you go out.

Especially when there’s already clearly a sexual tension between you. By letting her describe what she would do to YOU, you immediately activate her sexual brain.

On top of that, now you will be certain if she’s ready for sex.

Pro tip:

Do you want more of these lines to make her absolutely smitten about you?

Then download the free cheat sheet with numerous example lines.  

Tip #14: Use your tongue

“The pen  tongue is mightier than the sword”

This oh-so original proverb hits the nail on the head when it comes to female arousal.

You see, we men make a big mistake. We think that our third leg is our most powerful weapon between the sheets.

Shame. Because exactly the following is what brings her the most pleasure:

”But Dan… I really think going down on her is gross.

Then, my dear reader, I have a clear message for you:

Too bad for you.

Research has shown that most women can only orgasm through oral stimulation.

So, your third leg will not get you very far if you want to make her REALLY crazy, my friend.

Looking for specific techniques to make her go wild with your tongue? Read this article:

>> How To Satisfy a Woman in Bed: 7 Tips for Breathtaking Orgasms

Tip #15: Her secret fantasy

All women have something in common that most men have no clue about…

Whether it’s that sweet lady behind the register, that respectable librarian or that woman from the bus stop…

They all have a deep sexual fantasy.

It’s not without reason that a book like 50 Shades Of Grey was a bestseller.

It plays to (subconscious) female sexual fantasies.

That doesn’t mean that women will talk about these fantasies freely. After all, most women find it too exciting to show that sexual side of themselves…

And that’s why it’s such an effective tool to turn a woman on.

Find out what her sexual fantasy is.

Is it exciting to ask her this? Yes.

Will you ruin everything if you ask her this? Not at all, as long as you do it in the right way.

That means: ask her when there’s clearly sexual tension between you two. This is a particularly valuable question when you’ve been dating her for a while or you’re in a relationship.

She might tell you something that you would have never thought of…

If she’s still too anxious to tell you, you can tell her YOUR sexual fantasy.

This doesn’t mean that you have to make each other’s fantasies come true straight away.

Just talking about it is already very arousing. And on top of that, it’s a question that most men are too afraid to ask.

Man, is she lucky to have you.

This is how you become every woman’s dream man

Women these days don’t have it easy.

There are but few men like you who take the time and effort to REALLY turn a woman on.

That’s exactly why it will be even more to your benefit if you master all the other elements that are required to properly seduce and date women.

Think about…

  • Approaching women effortlessly
  • Developing James Bond-like charm and wit to make women go crazy for you
  • Knowing exactly what to say in each situation
  • Making her addicted to you via WhatsApp or Tinder

You can discover all this and more in the free Transformation Kit that I developed for you.

You can download the kit for free by clicking on the link below this article…

That’s how you become an unforgettable experience for every woman.

Good luck my bro.
Dan de Ram

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