The 9 Keys to WhatsApp Flirting + Easily Stealable Texts

Whatsapp flirting

I have no idea who you are.

I don’t know if you’re a man, a woman, an alien, or whatever.

But since you have clicked on this article, I assume you’re a man who gets numbers but hasn’t got the hang of WhatsApp flirting yet.

Am I right? Then this article is for you.

What you will discover:

  • WhatsApp dating: The #1 ingredient to turn numbers into dates without any effort
  • How to make her addicted to responding to your WhatsApp flirting messages
  • What you need to know before you press “send”
  • 3 Things you should avoid in any case (most men do it wrong!)
  • More WhatsApp flirting tips…

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How to Flirt on WhatsApp

I sometimes go through screenshots of WhatsApp conversations other men sent me to get feedback.

I don’t watch TV, so you could say this is my form of entertainment.

Sometimes I get a laugh, sometimes I bang my head against the wall (especially when a very solid conversation was ruined through a stupid mistake), and sometimes I even learn something.

But most of the time, I cringe about the fact that most men would do ANYTHING to get some oh-so-precious attention from the woman they like.

I don’t write half as many messages as they do, and yet their dream woman goes out with me instead of them…

(I am aware that I come across pretty dickish right now, but you get my point.)

Their text messages always look different, but they are equally bad:

Hey, how are you?

Hey, beautiful


Hello, how was your weekend?

I like to call these type of men, ‘how-was-your-weekend-Willys.’

And I can tell you:

A how-was-your-weekend-Willy will not survive on WhatsApp.

Do you feel addressed?

Not to worry.

Do you have another texting problem?

I got you.

Whatever your challenge on WhatsApp, today, I’ll make a true chat champion out of you. Or at least a better one.

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WhatsApp Flirt Tip #1: The Right Mindset for Flirting on WhatsApp

Flirting on WhatsApp is not a serious process.

It’s like a game.

  • When a woman doesn’t respond, it doesn’t automatically mean she’s not interested.
  • When your jokes don’t land, nothing is ruined.
  • When she blocks you, you won’t die.

Yes, it may take time to master this game. And no, it’s not always going to be fun.

But if you take it too seriously, and stare at your smartphone every two minutes just to check her response as soon as possible, you’ve already lost.

So much for your attitude, but I want you to think about this:

Why are you texting a girl on WhatsApp anyway?

  • Do you want to go out with her?
  • Do you want to entertain yourself?
  • Do you want to try out sexting?

Whatever your goals are with this girl, what you should avoid at all costs is becoming her chat buddy – unless that’s exactly your thing.

(I’m not saying I understand, but my job is not to judge.)

You can’t build a deep connection via WhatsApp anyway. There’s only so much you can do because you can’t rely on things like:

  • Voice
  • Body language
  • Scent
  • Eye contact

So when I text a woman I am interested in, I either do so to (A) flirt with her or (B) arrange a date.

Small talk, getting to know each other, and exchanging philosophical quotes via WhatsApp are not wrong, but you can very easily overdo it.

These things are more fun on dates!

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WhatsApp Flirt Tip #2: The one ingredient to turn a number into a date

Many men forget about this ingredient. They end up wondering why the girl doesn’t like the WhatsApp soup they have been cooking for her.

The best ingredient for a reliable soup can only be one thing:

A solid foundation.

Before you get a girl’s number, make sure you take enough time to build that solid foundation.

Most men skip that step. They see the fact that they got the number as the ultimate proof that she’s interested.

Without wanting to disappoint you… okay, yes, I do want to disappoint you:

A number doesn’t mean anything.

Sometimes women give out their number just to get guys to fuck off.

Yeah, that’s the truth…

And I hope it hurts, so you never forget it.

Don’t get me wrong; you can easily get a number in one minute and still succeed on WhatsApp. But what I want to avoid is that men ask me:

“Huh, Dan, why doesn’t she respond? What did I do wrong?”

… and then expect me to make things right for them.

In 1/3 of cases, I can help you, but without a solid foundation, even your almighty bro is powerless at times…

So consider that you might be putting too little emphasis on the foundation.

Make sure she gives you her number with a certain level of enthusiasm.

When you text her on WhatsApp, it’s a fantastic idea to remind her of that enthusiasm. There are countless ways to do this. I will give you an example, but don’t come to me and say:

“Hey Dan, I tried your method, and it didn’t work.”

Because what I’m about to show you won’t work for you if you use it as a tactic. It will only work if you genuinely enjoy doing it.

In any case, you can, for example, while she is storing your number on the spot, take her phone out of her hands (make sure to get some form of consent) and save your number as “Man of your Dreams” or “Martin Sex God” – or whatever you think is appropriate.

Guess what appears on her screen when you text her for the first time…

Right, the name you chose for yourself.

And, ideally, she will smile because she immediately remembers the likable guy who poured this great foundation with her.

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How you used to flirt on WhatsApp…

How you will flirt on WhatsApp starting today

WhatsApp Flirt Tip #3: Your first message


Remind the woman of the feeling she had when you both met.

What you definitely want to avoid is that she feels like she’s chatting with a completely different person.

So remember the girl you are dealing with on the other side of the screen.

Sending the same type of messages to all women might succeed occasionally, but that’s like throwing a huge fishing net into the sea: maybe you are lucky, and your standard net will deliver a good catch.

But if you feel like taking a more strategic and, above all, authentic approach, it is not a bad idea to visualize the woman in front of you before you text her.

Make use of the inside jokes you have made together, remember the conversation, her preferences, peculiarities and so on…

And then send her a first message, specifically tailored to the personality that only works for her.

An example:

Yes, I know… this message is a bit direct. Very direct, in fact… But so was our conversation in real life.

Would this first message work with all women?

Certainly not.

And that’s precisely the idea.

WhatsApp Flirt Tip #4: Make her addicted to responding to your messages

It is important that you do not overwhelm her through numerous messages. Also, avoid answering immediately every time she reaches out to you.

I mean, she doesn’t do that herself, right?

So keep it cool, cowboy.

You have all the time in the world, and you certainly don’t want her to think you don’t have a life.

Especially at the beginning, your messages should not look like novels. Make them as long as necessary, but not a word longer.

You have to give a woman room to invest. And you don’t give her that space by constantly sending her fresh and endless messages.

When you occasionally send her a longer message (which is not wrong in itself), she will suddenly appreciate it, because she knows that you are not one of those pathetic guys who need to write whole novels.

(If you have been one of those so far, forgive my inappropriate language, but somebody had to say it…).

Of course, some women enjoy it when you ask her how she is from time to time or tell her about your day. And if you enjoy doing that, do what you have to do. But in God’s name, do it only when she goes along!

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WhatsApp Flirt Tip #5: Don’t be a needy B!tch

How are you?

What are you doing?

When do you have time?


You alive?



What are you doing?

You’re a man, damn it. And men don’t lose their minds just because a woman doesn’t respond to a text message.

It amazes me how well women can smell the tiniest drop of neediness through a simple text message.

So pull yourself together, soldier!

Some women don’t text back for a whole week…


Then you take your time as well. As soon as she texts back more enthusiastically and frequently, you can do the same (if you still want to).

This may not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear.

WhatsApp Flirt Tip #6: The science of emojis

Re-reading your messages before you press “send” is one of the simplest and most powerful tricks for flirting on WhatsApp – if you can even call it a trick.

I have no clue why so many men don’t do it. Maybe they want to save time. Or perhaps they are too lazy.


When you re-read your sentences before sending them out, you can easily avoid three things:

  • Poor grammar
  • Typos
  • Inauthentic messages

Women can easily forgive you for typos and poor grammar, but they will never forgive you for inauthentic messages.

What do I mean by that?

Many messages look like this:

I wish the guy who sent this message would have re-read it first…

Keep in mind that women always read a message with a certain voice in her head. And how does the voice of this guy sound? Probably something like this:

You can use emojis, but always make sure you take the time to think:

“Hmmm… does this emoji really reflect the way I genuinely feel.”

If it doesn’t, don’t send it!

I mean, what is this? How can the sun be shining while you can see the stars? And what has the ribbon to do with all this? Is he laughing about his question, because he realizes how dumb his message is? Or is he celebrating the fact that he officially sent out one of the worst messages I have seen in a while?

You don’t know.

Because his use of emojis is so chaotic, it is hard for the woman to recognize his authentic personality.

The same goes for words or responses to basic questions like “how was your day?” by the way. Don’t just respond with “good,” if your day wasn’t that good.

Take your time, tune into your body, and “feel” the message before you send it.

That way, you make sure that you come across as authentic.

Research shows that authenticity is linked to high self-esteem and healthy relationships, so don’t ever estimate the power of authentic texting.

And, of course, you also want to express your authentic humorous side…

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WhatsApp Flirt Tip #7: One ingredient that makes texting EFFORTLESS

Now that I’ve been such an asshole the entire article let’s have some fun again.

I have already mentioned that seduction is not a serious process. Flirting should be fun – for you and her.

So if there is no humor in any of your messages, chances are you are too boring for women.

Humor is the art of enjoying life.

There is no shame in showing her that you have mastered this art.

An example:


My message is, of course, tailored to the specific girl again. After all, I know what I’m doing.

Some women wouldn’t appreciate that kind of humor. Since I joked with her about her being a high-quality escort lady on the day we exchanged numbers, I knew these messages would land.

Another example:

It looks like this girl has been my girlfriend for a long time, right?

Not at all…

I talked to her for five minutes, and after exchanging a few messages, we already texted like we have loved each other for years.

This is simply because I made the joke that she is my wife just when I met her. These type of running gags work well on WhatsApp and allow you to receive messages other men would never get, especially not that quickly.

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WhatsApp Flirt Tip #8: The art of subtle flirting

If you just blindly copy my sexual messages, the chances of it working are not zero, but quite low, honestly. Keep in mind that (A) I know what I’m doing, and (B) I tailored the message to the girl.

Usually, chats can take a while to get sexual. But, like I said, you have all the time in the world.

A friend of mine once got this message:

I can’t wait to see you tonight. I’m ready to inject my sperm into you.

Her reaction?

She made fun of him in front of her friends and I.

And, of course, she never saw him again.

It’s awesome to be sexual but do it subtly.

A better message would have been:

I’m looking forward to tonight, put on your best dress so that we match 😉

If you want to build sexual tension, it is much more effective to imply something rather than mention it directly.

WhatsApp Flirt Tip #9: How to get the date

Do you remember your intentions on WhatsApp?

Right. Flirt with her, or arrange a date.

Now let’s talk about how you’re going to set this date up.

As long as her messages seem enthusiastic, you can assume your date proposal will be appreciated.

But what’s the best way to suggest a date?

Note that I wrote “suggest a date,” not “ask for a date” – that’s a huge difference.

My advice is:

Dont ask for a date. Suggest it. Directly, shamelessly and confidently.

You need an example?

Okay, because you asked so respectfully.

So that’s how you do it.

I could go on and on about flirting on WhatsApp. Or really any messaging platform. It’s pretty much all the same.

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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