9 Best Places Where to Find Your Type of Girls

And with that, I welcome you to the blog post dedicated to a concise question that slides into my inbox almost DAILY.

A ‘problem’, which in 95% of cases is initiated as follows:

  • ‘Dan, I just can’t get something out of clubs…’
  • ‘I live in a small town…’
  • ‘I work up to 70 hours a week at times…’
  • ‘My relationship ended recently and I’d like to make new acquaintances…’

Each of these lines signals the following:

“Goddamned… I have no clue… WHERE can I find girls for dating or HOW I can integrate meeting women into my stressful everyday life”.

I will show you my secret favorites in this blog post:

7 extraordinary places, which are massively undervalued and which your probably never had on your mind.

You’ll get:

  • 7 Best places to find girls that are exactly your type
  • Why the right place helps with finding the women you actually want to meet
  • The #1 key when you’re out and about
  • How to use the world of online dating to find your dream girl
  • Bonus: Everything explained what comes after the first encounter
  • Much more where to find women…

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But before we get started, I need to get something off my chest.

A harsh truth that almost all dating coaches on this planet shamelessly conceal from you.

A realization, without which, all knowledge, about the best places in the world won’t help you a bit…

How to find a woman: The #1 key

Listen, bro.

I don’t care if…

  • You live in a more godforsaken place than the Sahara
  • Or you work 12 hours a day

… if you want to REALLY change your love life and not just rely on endless swiping on dating platforms à la Tinder, one thing is inevitable:

An iron will to want to become better in seducing women.

I mean hand over heart:

If you’re not even willing to do something proactively to get your dating life under control…

…then even the most innovative seduction tips won’t help you.

I suppose you’re familiar with obvious solutions to some of your problems:

  • ‘If you live in a village populated only by goats, make sure that you move in the long term or find alternative cities to which you can travel to regularly.
  • ‘If your everyday schedule is full, use your lunch breaks/cut some of your free time or 30 minutes of your sleep to go and get to know women.

However, you may be like the Past Dan and search for THE magic pill that changes everything and saves you any effort.

But, surprise…

>> 5 Copy-Paste Ways to Start a Convo on Tinder + Examples.

This pill doesn’t exist.

So, before you read any tips, ask yourself two crucial questions:

  1. How much do you REALLY want to become better in seducing women?
  2. Are you willed to give it ALL to implement my tips and, if necessary, to make ‘sacrifices’ for them?

If you can answer both questions with a ‘Yes, sir!’, then congratulations.

After all, you can be sure that your life will change if you keep doing something about it.

By continually honing your seducing and dating skills, you’ll gain a superpower:

You build up a selection of sexy women fighting to get into a relationship with you.

So, that it’s impossible for you to settle down with a mediocre woman who…

  • You just met by chance
  • Doesn’t even match you
  • And with whom you end up in an unfulfilled relationship for the rest of your life

… Because secretly you can’t even stand each other, and you only stay together for your children’s sake.

You can’t find anyone better than your partner anyway, you might think – which isn’t a false thought neither if you have never trained your social skills.

Makes sense, right?

To become better with women is a decision.

And now that we have clarified that, let’s get to the promised extraordinary places where you can meet attractive mademoiselles.

How to find girls – Place #1: On the university campus

Are you looking for more open-minded young women?

Then a visit to campus is ideal for you.

Depending on which university you go for this purpose, you can even filter the interests of your chosen ones.

From business studies to medicine or sports science.

Universities often have several buildings, which are sorted by subject.

As many students spend their university life far away from their often dogmatically minded home, where they have been hastily judged for their actions…

… they tend to give less f*cks they to what they do in their new home.

>> How To Court a Woman Successfully? 7 Tips to Make Her Fall For You.

Therefore, they are often adventurous.

Also, it is not uncommon to have parties on campus where you can get close to many cute ladies.

Big plus point: If you’re not a fan of partying, campuses often harbor a location that literally blossoms, especially in summer:


Here you can meet sunbathing chica bonitas in a relaxed environment.

Place #2: In a course

Whether you prefer:

  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Cocktail mixing
  • Working out
  • Acting
  • Karate
  • or whatever…

For almost every passion on this planet, there is a class/ course.

You’ll meet like-minded people.

The decisive advantages here are:

  • At almost every course, team play (for example, in the form of teams of two preparing sushi) is the order of the day and so it’s inevitable to make new acquaintances
  • In any case, you will learn a new skill or improve one
  • You’ll have a blast in every way!

Place #3: At exhibitions / in museums

Is this art or can I throw this away?

True to this motto, you will meet many artistic connoisseurs in exhibitions, as well as tourist or excursion student groups who can hardly wait to go home because they are so bored…

There is so much to discover at exhibitions and museums that you will never run out of things to talk about with women you meet there.

As a loyal AttractionGym-Bro you have probably already read this article and you already know exactly how to never run out of things to say – however, even in the worst case you can always integrate your surroundings into you conversation.

“What do you think the artist wanted to portray with this oil painting?”

Or interpret the wildest things into it:

“I am firmly convinced that Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sorrowing Old Man’ represents the expression of the artist when he first looked in the mirror after realizing that he had REALLY cut off his ear.”

Let your creativity run free while you amuse yourself lightheartedly with your lady and get closer and closer.

By the way, via your homey Google you can find the craziest museums and exhibitions that are close to you: From sex museums to an exhibition of plastinated bodies and tattered body parts.

Place #4: In the laundromat

Yeah, you heard me right.

Apart from the fact that many laundromats offer free wi-fi, you can meet all kinds of women there.

Especially younger mademoiselles, who don’t have the space or the money to afford a washing machine.

So, you can easily make new contacts while you’re having your boxer shorts washed.

Place #5: At the airport (or train station)

“At the airport? Are you serious, Dan?”

Hell yeah, amigo!

There’s probably no place more international than the airport.

>> 15 Tips to Charm a Woman so She’ll Give You Her Heart.

From blonde Swedish women to feisty Colombian beauties.

Especially at large airports you have the unique opportunity to make the most exotic contacts.

Among them are often many women who wait for family members or friends to return home and somehow have to kill their time until they arrive…

… and also women who have just returned home and – before starting the final stages of their journey home – are enjoying a meal in an airport restaurant.

The big advantage of this is that you can invite the ladies you meet here to instant dates as the airport usually has dozens of cafés, (fast food) restaurants, bars and so on.

So, you can easily change the location together while you get to know each other better.

Pro tip:

On a smaller scale, all the advantages I just explained to you about airports also apply to train stations.

Try it out and be overwhelmed by how many attractive women you can meet there.

Place #6: On a marketplace

“Fresh mackerel! Fresh oysters! …Special offer today!”

I can’t deny one thing:

I love marketplaces.


Because I have a fetish for having my ears screeched by market criers?

Possibly. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But the reason for my fetish is rather this one:

Marketplaces attract health-conscious chicarinhas like fresh blood attracts a shark.

Between fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and culinary spices, it’s easy to establish a conversation.

After all, most visitors stroll leisurely along the stands to discover tasty ingredients and are often not under time pressure.

The optimal conditions to get to meet (single) women.

Place #7: At conventions

From E3 to the car conventions.

At conventions, you can meet countless visitors who share similar passions.

The gigantic advantage:

Conventions usually have this festival atmosphere.

As soon as you enter the halls, you feel like you’re in another world.

Visitors from all corners of the world are impressed by the elaborately decorated stands and numerous snack bars and chill areas invite you to relax.

You can meet sexy cosplayers at games and comic conventions who can’t wait to meet a confident man like you.

You can simply invite them to an instant date, just like in an airport or train station.

After all, conventions offer an unbelievably huge range of catering and recreational facilities.

Pro tip:

By the way, on the page ‘Fancons.com/’ you will find a list of all German trade fairs of the year.

So, let’s go: Search, find, invite your bros and go on a memorable adventure!

Place #8: At weddings

A large social circle has many advantages, including this one:

You get invited to weddings.

>> Texting Etiquette 2020: 7 Golden Rules to Win Her Heart.

A fairytale-like event where you can meet dolled up beauties in pompous robes.

Besides a generous buffet, the guests dance and celebrate in an amazing atmosphere.

Love is in the air.

After all, the evening is dedicated to a couple who do just that:

Loving each other.

And this is your chance.

Because many women are more open-minded at weddings than at traditional celebrations:

They are touched by the wedding ceremony and want to experience a climax in the evening after the emotional rollercoaster of the day – so they aren’t averse to making an acquaintance with their potential Mr. Right (you).

So, get yourself into your finest suit and make sure you don’t approach the woman who caught the bridal bouquet (as long as you don’t plan to get married). ;P

Place #9: Single Events

All of your bros have a heavy schedule?

You don’t want to keep bumping into women who are already taken?

Then I have THE solution for you:

Single events.

In almost every city you on the globe you can find a large repertoire of different events.

From speed dating to barhopping with a mixed single group.

Even if you’re still a little reluctant to approach women, in these events you’re usually thrown into a team with a woman.

Have fun exploring!

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Let me summarize for you, brochacho:

By now you know 7 (extraordinary) places where you can meet attractive women.

However, if you don’t even know how to approach and seduce them, even your knowledge of interesting places is of no use to you.

That’s exactly why I want to give you a companion:

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See you on the other side.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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