15 Hotspots to Meet Women Near You that Are 100% Your Type

Where to meet women near me

I get these mails on a daily basis when men want to meet women:

  • Dan, I live in a small village.”
  • I work six days a week and only get to go out on weekends.”
  • Clubs are just too chaotic for me, Dan.”

Perhaps similar thoughts have crossed your mind before.

After all, it can be tough to meet attractive women every day.

Especially if your job takes up a lot of time, you live in a ghost town or you must avoid clubs because the flashing lights give you an epileptic fit…

But you want more dates with hot ladies, one-night stands à la Nikki from Spread or just a fulfilled relationship with one girl.

Where the f*ck can I meet attractive women?” is probably the key question resulting from the remarks above or your thoughts.

Stop pondering away, because in this article I tell you:

  • ‘What are places to meet women near me?: How the movie Roger Dodger shook my reality and showed me how I can found beauties everywhere
  • The 15 best places to meet beautiful women
  • ‘Don’t shit where you eat’: My opinion on meeting women at work
  • How you can meet hot girls around the clock even with a busy schedule
  • More insight about places to meet women…

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Where to meet attractive women near me?

That is an excellent question.

Because if you don’t have a clue where you can meet filigree beauties, even the best seduction skills won’t help you…

It’s as if you know exactly which bait you can catch which fish with, you have a fishing rod that goes with it and all you lack is a place to fish.

You know what, bro?

I get you.

Too well, in fact.

I grew up in a tranquil cow town where the number of cows is equal to the number of inhabitants.

If you set one foot out of the house there, you might (with luck) see a bale of hay.

Adjoining small towns?

Yeah, at least I had those.

But what was so frustrating was the fact that these towns have the fewest singles in all of the Netherlands.


Even though my past-me suffered from approach anxiety, I made it my life’s mission to find the best places to meet women.

Even in the place called Nowhere.

And now, after many years of shameless research and wild rummaging, I can give you a strong answer to this legendary question.

Sit up straight and turn your phone notifications off. You want all your attention for this.

Illusion Destroyer – Roger Swanson

He loves her. She doesn’t love him.

He puts chocolates in her mailbox. She feeds them to her domestic pig.

He wants to jump into a tuxedo to marry her. She wouldn’t dream of it.

But he fights for her attention until she finally realizes that Mr. Nice Guy is the right one for her.

Yeah, that’s how about 95% of all Hollywood schmaltzy flicks portray romances.

They’re perfect examples of how you can NEVER seduce women IN REAL LIFE.

The result of this behavior (best case scenario):

But among the countless icky films, I found one a few years ago that was supposed to reveal to me the probably greatest insight in dealing with women.

Roger Dodger, a movie that was only rated 7/10 by IMDb, turned into one of my favorite movies with this concise quote:

“Sex is everywhere.”

That was the answer of Roger Swanson, a dogged entrepreneur and womanizer, to the question of his virgin nephew Nick.

He wanted to know from his uncle how he could finally lose his virginity.

Many men are fooled by a certain illusion:

The illusion that women are a scarce resource on our blue globe.

This faith is especially strengthened if you live, for example, in a small town where everyone knows everyone or if you’re too busy with work.

But if you know the places where you can meet them even when you’re short of time, you’ll come to a realization:

Hot women are everywhere.

In most cases, however, we men are simply too blind to notice them.

And now I present you the best places to meet charming señoritas (sorted by time of day).

But before we begin, it is essential that you understand THIS…

This is how you find your 10/10

To increase your chances of finding your Mrs. Right, one factor is crucial:

Be smart in choosing your places.

You’re more into athletic women who value their health big time?

Then you probably shouldn’t be looking for them at the closest McDonald’s…

So, before you throw yourself into the fray, here’s what I suggest you to do:

Get a pen and a piece and write down the qualities you want your dream woman to have.

Are there any behavioral patterns that you generally detest (such as disrespect towards people and animals)?

Yeah? Then write these down too.

If you haven’t had much experience in dealing with women yet, you might still be undecided about which type of woman REALLY suits you.

To help you decide, I’ve written an article about which women you should DEFINITELY stay away from:

>> Spot Manipulative Women: 3 Most Common Signs She’s Trying to Control You

Okay, bro.

It’s time to show you the best places to meet women.

Where to meet women during the day?

Are you ready to put on the glasses of unlimited knowledge?
Perfect, let’s go.

Spot #1: In the supermarket / shopping center

He walks to the refrigerated shelves and spots a cute ma’am next to the vacuumed Harzer cheese.

They bandy looks.

They both turn red…

…but no one dares to approach the other.

Only when she walks out of the shop he sprints after her.

Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?” he asks her, completely out of breath.

Yes, I’d love to,” she replies with a smile while she slips him her number.

Yeah… Hollywood came to say hello again.

We both may find this scenario kitschy – but for many women this is an absolute dream scenario.

The result?

They secretly wish for such an ‘encounter’.

Of course, you don’t have to run after her like a dachshund, how Mr. Schmaltzy just did.


You, as a dedicated reader of AttractionGym blog posts, do things differently:

You approach women, you like, proactively when you see them.

How you do this correctly in every situation and how you don’t run out of words, I’ll show you later.

Almost every place, like the idyllic cow village from where I come from, has at least one supermarket.

No matter if party animal or shy bookworm – at this place you can meet every kind of woman.

After all, everyone has to fill their fridge regularly.


There’s even a shopping mall in your neighborhood?

All the better, hermano.

More people = more choice.

And because there are several shops in the halls, you can filter your search according to your own interests.

You prefer well-read women?

Then up to the escalator – on the first floor is a book shop.

If you’re wondering what to say to women you meet, a compliment is always appreciated. From there you can easily transition into all kinds of topics depending on what’s on your mind. I have a whole list of compliments women adore right here:

>> Compliments for Women: #1 Guide to Make Her Melt for You

Spot #2: The Park

Almost every city has green spaces.

With a picnic blanket on meadows, with a book in your hand on a park bench, with sweatbands around your wrists while jogging or maybe completely relaxed while walking your Chihuahua:

If you stroll around the park, it’s almost impossible to not meet women who have time for spontaneous dates.


Because you don’t chill in a park when you have an urgent appointment.

If you get along well, you can invite them directly for a coffee, for example.

Nice bonus on summer days:

The parks are flooded with tanning women.

Spot #3: The Gym

You don’t have to approach her while she’s on the abduction machine, spreading her legs…

But apart from that, the gym is a great place to meet especially women who care more about their health and don’t feel ‘too good’ to ruin their freshly painted nails.

Especially in the cardio area (on the treadmill, on the cross trainer, on the bike, or in various courses à la Zumba) there are many women on the go who want to keep themselves fit and slim.

Further advantages:

  • You already have one thing in common, namely to spend sweaty hours in the gym
  • You don’t have to panic if you forget to ask her for her number – after all, you’ll most likely meet there regularly.

If you get along great, you can even make each other your training partners and get your body in shape together.

Bonus: How to meet women easily

I’m giving you a ton of spots to find exactly the type of women you vibe with.

But once you’ve found her, you still need to walk up to her, mumble some words, and get your flirty-game on.

This can be quite a daunting task for many men.

Not if you use my 12 Lines that Hook.

As the name suggests this neat little kit contains 12 you can use to walk up to any women and strike up conversation.

Not only that, I’ve added a complete part of what to do and say after you’ve said your initial words.

Quite a no-brainer to check out, don’t you agree?

Get my 12 Lines that Hook for free here.

Spot #4: The (University) Library

You want to meet younger women?

You prefer to end your evenings in comfort with a glass of wine?

Optimal, bro.

Then I have the solution for you:

In university libraries you kill both birds with one stone.

You can even tell which subject she’s studying from her ‘Algebra for Dummies’ book.

By the way, besides the Uni-Bib there are also town or village libraries that you can visit.

Spot #5: In Associations/ Clubs

Associations, Dan? Really?

That’s right, there is hardly a better ‘equal interests/passions filter’ than associations.

Whether you have a passion for…

  • Skating
  • Games
  • Athletics
  • Stage-acting
  • Tennis
  • Breakdancing
  • Fishing
  • Boxing
  • Bowling
  • or Rick Astley songs

… for every interest there is an association or a (fan) club somewhere.

So, if you already have the opportunity to pursue your hobbies and at the same time have the chance to be surrounded by feminine beauty:

Go for it, bro!

Spot #6: At work

“Don’t shit where you eat.”

Many self-proclaimed ‘dating gurus’ advise against hitting on your work colleagues.

And yet I’d like to give you this tip.


I speak from experience when I say that countless happy couples meet at work. Not only that. Research found that a lot of couples stem from the workplace.

In the company where I worked before my glorious AttractionGym career, this is almost commonplace.


The most distinct people sit together in the smallest spaces and are almost forced to get to know each other.

However, there’s one factor that plays an important role here:

The size of your company you work in.

If your date goes well and you end up getting married and begetting seven rascals – thumbs up!

You both work in a small business?

Then take a more subtle approach to the flirt.

For all the ins and outs about flirting at the job, check out this article

Spot #7: Fairs / Conventions


IAA (International Motor Show)?

Venus Convention?

At each of these events there are countless women hanging around, who again have one crucial thing in common with you:

A passion for the theme of the fair.

Now you can finally seduce your Chi-Chi in a Goku costume.

Or meet a busty mademoiselle after shooting a selfie with Mia Khalifa.

It should be as easy as a feather for you to start a conversation because of your common interest.

Spot #8: While you wait

“Mrs. Smith next, please… Mrs. Smith please.”

At the doctor’s or the grocery store or wherever the hell:

Besides concentrated sulfuric acid, there’s hardly anything more corrosive than…

You see an exotic lady?

A perfect chance to turn boring waiting time into a memorable moment.

Of course, you should be more discreet in your conversation, after all, the waiting room or a waiting line isn’t the noisiest environment.

So, adapt to it and save your ‘You are F*CKING sexy!’ for more ‘busy’ locations.

Spot #9: On the street

Epileptic light shows, music that causes tinnitus and people running into you:

Clubs, bars and pubs don’t really turn you on?

You want to meet women who don’t go to clubs regularly?

Well, you better open your eyes next time you take a walk in the city, bro:

The streets are often a kind of buffet when it comes to beautiful women.

You have a stressful work week?

No problemo:

Treat yourself to some fresh air during your lunch break and inspect what the world has to offer you on the streets.

Where to meet women in the evening/at night?

Spot #10: At the club


I love clubs:

Figure-enhancing cocktail dresses, high heels that emphasize long legs and sexy smokey eyes.

In the club dozens of women compete mercilessly to see who can dress up the hottest.

They not only put a smile on my face, but also a euphoria between my thighs (#hedidn’tjustsaythat).

Do one breakdance move after another or imitate Michael Jackson’s moonwalk – in this location you can really let off steam and meet gorgeous women (for example by asking them to dance).

Moreover, there’s hardly any other environment where it’s so easy to get a one-night stand (if you’re looking for that).


Well, because the night is like an adventure for women:

At first, she may joke with her friends, they all drink a little and take over the dance floor.

They let themselves be carried away by the positive emotions of the night.

They often look for more and more fun.

And who do you think can literally provide a climax of their night?

Right on, bro:


What, you like shyer women?

This may come as a shock to you, but:

Yes, also these kinds of women are going occasionally into clubs.

It’s a place where the most diverse personalities come together.

And as you already know by now: More people = more choices.

Spot #11: Bars / Taverns

Clubs are too noisy for you and you would rather have a drink in a quieter environment with a beautiful woman?

Well, then I recommend you bars and taverns.

Here the music doesn’t blow your ears away, so you can talk in a way more relaxed setting with her.

Some bars even offer karaoke – an ideal way to sing a duet with your new acquaintance.

Spot #12: Parties You Organize

You really want to challenge yourself to meet attractive women?

Then do this:

Organize parties regularly, especially when there is nothing going on in your area.

Just make sure you don’t create an open Facebook event à la Project X, we know how that can end.

For example, suggest to good friends of yours to come to your place every Thursday evening and offer them to bring two cool friends (preferably single women of course).

As a host you can freely decide which music is played, which snacks you offer, and which fruit punch is mixed.

There is a no faster and easier way to become more popular in a village/town.

As Uri Geller might say:

The stage is (all) yours!

Where to meet women at any time?

Spot #13: Dating Apps / Sites

What could be better than eating a pack of cheese Doritos while watching a new episode of Rick & Morty?

I’m telling you, bro:

Swipe, swipe, match!

Online dating is the place where people meet nowadays according to research.

To flirt with women while sitting on the toilet in sweatpants and slippers.

Damn – that’s true satisfaction.

However, if you don’t know how to text women originally and have at most an average profile, your 24/7-right-swiping won’t help you.

So, I strongly advise you to check out these articles if you want to meet women online:

>> 7 Tinder Profile Tips to 10x Your Matches (Even if You’re Not Brad Pitt)
>> My Tinder Experiences: 11 Must-Have Tips from my 300+ Tinder Dates
>> 15 Best Topics to Talk About with a Girl (Texting/Dates/Tinder)

Spot #14: Public Transport

You commute every day by bus or train?

Then leave your phone in your pocket and take off the headphones.

If you hadn’t been staring at your cell phone the whole time, you might would have noticed that the cute brunette in the seat across kept looking over at you.

You’re already on the way to your goal anyway, so you don’t have to spend additional time in ‘searching’ for women.

Spot #15: Friends

Good friends are a true blessing.

You can not only mourn with them about your deceased dwarf rabbit and experience unforgettable adventures – no.

They can also help you make new contacts with fantastic women.

Most men get to know their partner through their homies.

This is often because most men would never dare to approach a beautiful stranger.

So, if you want to meet attractive women through your friends, go to as many social events as possible (birthday parties, house parties, barbecues, etc.) where you know that women are also invited.

Then just get a buddy to introduce you.

You can’t get into a conversation any easier than that!

Insider Tip: Festivals

Tomorrowland, Hurricane, Coachella – you name it…

Festivals are worth gold if you want to meet attractive women.


Because you’re completely anonymous.

If you approach one of them and things go disastrously wrong with her, you simply take two steps away from her and voilà suddenly seven new beauties are standing in front of you.

Anonymity is one powerful wingman.

Whatever happens at the festival stays at the festival – except for your herpes, if you’ve done tongue acrobatics with too many women.

If you’re clever, this is what you do:

You leave your tent at home.

Yeah, you heard me right.

Our coach Laurens does it regularly.

Through this challenge he literally forces himself to meet women with whom he can spend his night.

If he doesn’t succeed, it means one thing:

Overnight party with earthworms.

And as far as I can remember, there hasn’t been a night where he has had to attend this enticing earthworm overnight party… bummer.

What’s next?

Great, now you have all your questions à la “Where can I meet women near me?” answered and also can proudly claim “I know places to meet women near me!”

But what do you do after you approach her?

I like your ambition, bro.

You want to take control of your life and know how to make the most of your new opportunities…

That’s why I’d like to send you my free Transformation Kit that will help you to loosen up even the most boring conversations and make women crazy about you in any situation.


Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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